Why did Kit kiss Jade in Willow? (2024)

Why did Kit kiss Jade in Willow?

This is an out gay romance. Willow

Willow is an American high fantasy adventure television series based on and serving as a sequel to the 1988 film of the same name. Produced by Lucasfilm, the series was mostly filmed in Wales in April 2021, and premiered on the streaming service Disney+ on November 30, 2022.
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creator Jonathan Kasdan told Decider that the reason Jade and Kit kissed in the first place all the way back in Episode 1 was because it was “built into [his] DNA.” “It's built into my writing DNA. That is the kind of impulse my father would have.

Is Kit in love with Jade in Willow?

She can't commit because she's been in love with Erin Kellyman's knight-to-be, Jade, for her entire life. As the series progresses, the two characters finally come to terms with their mutual feelings by declaring love for one another in the midst of a quest to rescue Kit's brother, Airk (Dempsey Byrk).

What episode does Kit and Jade get together?

'Willow' series Episode 5: Inside Kit and Jade kiss scene - Los Angeles Times.

Who is Kit's dad in Willow?

Princess Kit Tanthalos was a Daikini noble, the daughter of Queen Sorsha of Tir Asleen and Madmartigan.

Who is Jade in Willow?

Erin Kellyman as Jade, a knight-in-training. She is the long-lost daughter of General Kael, and Kit's love interest, who joins in the quest to save Prince Airk. The relationship between Kit and Jade makes the series "the first true franchise on Disney Plus to really center a queer story", according to Polygon.

Who is Kit supposed to marry in Willow?

The series introduces a rebuilt Galladoorn through the character of Graydon (Tony Revolori), who is the prince of Galladoorn who Kit (Ruby Cruz) is supposed to marry.

Does Kit marry the prince in Willow?

Madmartigan vanishes on a quest, and now that the kids are all young adults, Princess Kit is supposed to marry Prince Graydon of another kingdom to strengthen an alliance. Kit doesn't want to marry the prince since she is in love with another woman, Jade.

Who are the queer characters in Willow?

Now, Willow is ready to finally offer audiences some legitimate queer representation with a central romance between Princess Kit Tanthalos (Ruby Cruz) and her knight errant, Jade Claymore (Erin Kellyman).

Is Jade actually Elora?

I was shocked Elora remained "Elora" and we weren't given a major twist by the end of the season by being told Jade was the true Elora all along. It felt like the hints were truly piling up: Willow's whole thing is misdirection.

Who is Jade's love interest?

In Mortal Kombat 11, it is revealed that she is in a romantic relationship with Kotal Kahn, the pair being together before Kotal Kahn was betrayed by Shao Kahn and experimented on by Shang Tsung.

Why isn t Madmartigan in the New Willow?

But Val Kilmer will not be in 'Willow' and this is due to two important reasons. On the one hand, his illness. In 2017 he was diagnosed with throat cancer and, although he managed to recover after intense treatment, he ended up losing his voice and currently communicates thanks to a device.

Are Kit and Eric twins in Willow?

Airk (played by Dempsey Bryk)

Eric is Kit's twin brother and after being kidnapped, is the reason for the group's epic quest throughout the first season of Willow. “Eric is a prince,” Bryk tells us.

What happens to Willows wife and son?

It's an exchange made even more impactful given the casting choice of Annabelle Davis, Warwick Davis' real-life daughter, as Mims to his Willow Ufgood. In one heartbreaking exchange, we learn that Willow's wife is dead and his son ran away, leaving only father and daughter.

Will there be a season 2 of Willow?

Disney+'s Willow will not return for a season 2, but the future of the series based on the 1988 Ron Howard fantasy film remains up in the air. As a part of the Lucasfilm legacy, a continuation could be revisited in the future.

What happened to Scorpia Willow?

Jade's (Erin Kellyman) sister, Scorpia (Adwoa Aboah), abandons the adventuring party so that she can free all the slaves. However, we never hear from her again. Season 2 should bring Scorpia back and explain if there was a revolution in Skellin and if the slaves are finally freed from the Trolls.

Who is the evil lady in Willow?

The Witch-Queen Bavmorda was created for Willow, a 1988 fantasy film directed by Ron Howard, produced and with a story by George Lucas. She was portrayed by veteran actress Jean Marsh, who had already portrayed the witch-like character of Princess Mombi in Disney's Return to Oz in 1985.

Are Airk and kit twins?

Prince Airk Tanthalos was a Daikini noble, the son and eldest child of Queen Sorsha of Tir Asleen and Madmartigan. He was born one minte before his twin sister, Kit Tanthalos. He is the grandson of Queen Bavmorda and King Tanthalos IX.

Is Kit In love With Matthew?

In the show, Kit Marlowe is in unrequited love with Mathew. The real Marlowe never married and died tragically young in a tavern brawl. Kit isn't human, but a demon who mistrusts Diana because of the ancient rivalry between the magical species.

Who are kits parents in Willow?

The young royal bristles against her over-protective, duty-oriented mother, Queen Sorsha (Whalley, reprising her film role), who pushes her daughter toward a strategic marriage with a prince (Tony Revolori). Kit's other parent is the legendary Madmartigan, who disappeared when she was a child.

Did Willow end in a cliffhanger?

Other than that shocking post-credits scene between Graydon and the Wyrm — which serves as a major cliffhanger suggesting there's still more evil to defeat — the future of Willow is uncertain.

Did Sorsha love Madmartigan?

After having a vision of him, Sorsha's earliest memories of her father resurfaced. It was one of the factors that caused her to turn against Bavmorda and to Willow's and Madmartigan's side. Sorsha truly fell in love with Madmartigan when she saw him wearing her father's armor.

Who is the red headed baby in Willow?

Twins Kate and Ruth Greenfield are the only ones credited with playing baby Elora Danan in Ron Howard's 1988 fantasy adventure starring Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer, with a story by George Lucas.

Is the movie Willow Lgbtq?

Not only is there a lesbian romance in Willow, but it is: Not queerbaiting. Just queer.

Who represents LGBTQ in Disney movies?

Continuing from the late 1980s, villains in Disney films which were queer coded began to appear. Gaston and LeFou in the 1991 film Beauty and the Beast and Jafar from the 1992 film Aladdin were created by an openly gay animator named Andreas Deja, and sang music by Howard Ashman, who was also openly gay.

Who is Elora's love interest in Willow?

Elora grew up modest and humble. However, she caught the eye of Prince Airk. They started a romantic relationship in secret.

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