World of Warcraft News and Raiding Strategies (2024)

Tyrande's Slience
Finding the outcry over changing the name of an unreleased ship a little silly. Nothing is lost by changing it. No reason at all to keep it. (CM_Lore)
When our options are "upset some people" or "don't upset some people" with literally no other factors that's an easy decision. (CM_Lore)
I think it's far more silly that you actually listen to the "outcry" of people complaining about the ship's name to begin with...
So you're offended that we don't want to offend people? I don't think we can help you. (CM_Lore)
There are TONS of things that could be considered more offensive in the game, but everyone knows its only a game.
Eh, this change hurts nothing, makes some people happier, and took *maybe* 2 minutes to do. Pretty straightforward IMO. (CM_Lore)
stick to your guns for once
Offending people for no reason is not a "gun" we'd like to "stick to," sorry. (CM_Lore)
Meanwhile, if you ignore them as any sane person should, you make sure that they don't have power.
We're talking about a 2-minute change, here, not the FUTURE OF WORLD OF WARCRAFT or any such silliness. (CM_Lore)
I'd imagine it's more of a perceived lack of integrity and / or caving to people inventing insults where non exist.
I don't get how sticking to our goal of making our game accessible to everyone is a "lack of integrity." (CM_Lore)

Raid Finder
That's good to know. I know LFR isn't popular but I like it just to see that end content.
It's pretty popular (Muffinus)
Well, that's good to know too. I suppose I meant.. 'not popular' in regards to the people who easily rage in it.
Curbing toxic behavior is an interesting topic. Open to discussion for improvements. (Muffinus)
just cos lots of people do something doesn't mean they enjoy it
What would you like to see improved? (Muffinus)
give people the chance to *learn* things, not a blind Zerg.
Challenge: every time the group wipes, someone gets really super mad, verbally. (Muffinus)
Then let them be mad and ragequit. Why cater to those who don't want a challenge?
Has a negative effect on existing players, can cause a chain reaction. (Muffinus)
Then reward and promote good behaviour.
How? (Muffinus)
You could peak at league of legends - they are making a player reward system I think.
We're always analyzing other games, I want to know what YOU want (Muffinus)
Just don't repeat the horrible voting system of the forums - get downvoted by bullies and feel like crap. = no good.
Haha, easier said than done! Good discussion though, it's a tough problem, but worth talking about. (Muffinus)

Are Seals of Tempered Fate remaining the Bonus Roll currency? Does that mean we can stockpile them before HFC opens?
There will be a new bonus roll currency in 6.2. (WarcraftDevs)

Really enjoying the "where is this going?" threads re: story advancement in 6.2. A great story often keeps you guessing (Muffinus)
If the last 10 years are any indicator we know one thing for sure about 6.2 wont be involved.
Mekkatorque was in SoO, what makes you think he isn't interested in the future of Azeroth? (Muffinus)
You mean apart from the fact that he's the only Alliance faction leader that leads his people from a tent in the snow?
They have a huge workshop out there! Some day, gnomeregan will be ours... (Muffinus)

Pets and Pet Battles
so glad to see Hogs found a home in-game! One small request. Could we see Hogs get a new model, rather than a shrunken Hogger?
Hogger is hogger man! That's like asking my cat not to have a tiny head. He can't help it. And it's cute. It's really tiny! (Muffinus)

Reputation / Questing
How much time and money did that opening cinematic area take for WoD? Please don't ever do something like that again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Opening cinematic area? (Muffinus)
The tanaan jungle starting area. Its really a pain in the ass to level alts through
What would you like to see changed in an "epic intro zone" to fit that description? (Muffinus)
Nothing the damage is done. Just don't put one in the next expac please
"Just don't" is not entirely convincing feedback. (Muffinus)
ok how about if you've done it once(account wide) khadgar can teleport you past the quest chain but you sacrifice the exp?
What do you enjoy more about jumping right into SMV or FFR? What do you usually do first on alts? (Muffinus)

muffany idea what might be with the 615, 630, 645 follower upgrades, they are now useless for me
If you could turn them into one currency, rep, or whatever, what would you turn them into? (Muffinus)

Potentially interesting topic: how do you feel when you die in the outdoor world? Do you ever? (Muffinus)
I actually really hate dying in the outdoor world LOL. Fine with it in raiding though as it happens.
What if the area you're entering is elite, but you know there's a rare leveling weapon there? (Muffinus)
I love a challenge - and feel so sorry for how over simplistic the game has turned, in terms of levelling, talents, buttons etc.
Several things in WoD posed a challenge for me, mostly Wanted targets/leveling elites. I liked that. (Muffinus)

One piece of feedback i'd like to give on the current boss models is Archimonde is very underwhelming as he currently is
Often find that the fight makes the visual impact. E.g. Lei Shen. (Muffinus)

World of Warcraft News and Raiding Strategies (2024)
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