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• . '. .. . • eo I.. t' ..... : .'.: 1'. ."' .. ..... GIVE YOUR THE'"SWARTHM ... '" . SUPPOt(t· . -,". . SALVA • i ATION .ARMY . " .. i VOL XVIIf-No. 14 SWARTHMORE; PA., F'RfbAY, APRIL 5, 1946 $3.00 PER YEAR FUSSELL SUPPORT .' .:. - , . .GAINS MOMENTUM . Lifetime Resident Independent . Fight I• n The~ommlttee fOl· l\101·r1S H. !t'usseil for COngl·ess hus iHSulld the following st;a.tement: The hundreds of independent Republicans who origlno.Il·ybacked the' only Independent candidate for • J Health Notice Because of the ·occurrence. of Diphtheria. In nearby areas, par­ents of· ohlldren who have not had 3. negative Schick test with­In the last 2 years are urgeati'y requested to have.a Schick test done as soon as possible. AUTHORESS WILL ADDRESS MOTHERS Congi-css. on the Republican ticket. Local Writ~r of Chil~ Morris H. Fussell, report tremen- S ed dOU~' enthusiasm and widespread 'dren's Books ch - gains throughout. all sections of uled for April11 the county. 'I Ill-founded rumors have been Mr3. Theodore Paull~, authol· : ~;prea.d hi cer~in sElctions by both' of "This Little ·Boy 'Wont to Kin­the · County mafhine ancl ~he State de'rgarten" ~vll1 be the guest speak­machine that Mr. Fussell was er at the Swarthmore' Mother's withdrawing :rom the fight. Tho Club meeting, April 11, at 8 p.m. eontrarY.lstr:ue •. We. have just be- Her topic will be. "How .to Meet gun the fight. "Te do not'have the a Publisher." .~. ' unlimited funds that the two ma­chilies possess, 'but we .... will carry ollr message every homQ in the' county tha.t we can reach. Mrs. Paul·Un·s ··Kuren is Three'· Is no}\, ht th-e proceSD ot publlca­tlon. Shu bas also lvritten' two ar­ticles which will appear shortly in Parents Magazine. WDMAN'SC[UB TO . . HEAR AIDA GINDY Jr • Club Bridge Benefit Cancer Research to Aida Gindy, graduate of the Amerioon University of. Cairo, Egypt. and one of twa students in the countl"Y to held Amel·ican State Oepartment Scholarships,' will be the fcatured speaker at the April 9 meeting of the Swarthmore Wo­man's cliub. She wlll ·talk on "Wo­lIlin of Egypt In the WGI·ld To­day ·'. l\U&l Glndy Is working for her M: A .. degree at BI·yn 1\1awr, and il'l the Ih'st social work student to be sent by the Egyptian govern­ment. She addressed the National Com'cntion of the Y.W.C.A. in At­lantic CIty in Mal·ch. Hel· worl. and bacKg"ound hayc given her a sympathetic understanding of lne Arab point of view. She will Ile presented by Mr.s. J. BUI·rlss 'Vest. chairman of Inter­national Relations; Mrs. Kenneth Reed anel Mrs. Harry Millel' will Red Cross Drive NeedslVew Gilts With the 'wlndlng up of the Red Cross Drive In sight. SwarthmoI:o Is falling short of reaching Its quota. of $15,000, having collected U3-,595. It generous peoplo who al'C willing. to Increase their contri­butions will send their checks to Treasurer: Harold Ogram at the Swarthmore National Bank aad Trust Company it will be greatly appreciated. The borough has generously supported this difficult cam­paign. Let's gO' over the top, if possible. Let us back up the 800.000 wounded veterans in the 1921 hospitals. COUNCIL ORDERS SPEED TRAP SET Police Report Cars Stolen, Night Prowler HEALTH SOCIETY IN 25th YEA.RlEA Woman's Club Scene • of Anniversary . Party .. '.rhe ComDlunity Healill Society 'Of Central Delaware County wiJI celebratc its 25th anniversary with a tea from 3 to 6 p.m. Thursday. AprIl 11, at thc Woman's Club In Swarthmoro as a feature of "Know Your Public Health Nurse Week," Abeut 150 invitations are being l!Vlued to former staff members. former members, nurses in the area and representatives of clubs and agencies Interested l:l the organi- 7.ation·s health program. Members of the tea committee arc: Mrs. B. W. Collins, Mrs. Wllliam U. Geh­ring. Mrs. Charles 'v. Lukens, and lIrs. William H. Thatchcr, chair­man. I·'rancEs O'Brien, president of the Society and Mrs. Arthur. G. Bako.·, former preSident. both ot Ridle)· Park. will pou.r . . Mrs. . Thomas S. Safford. ot Strath Haven Tnn. who organized the society and served as first prcside;}t. now hon- OUl-posttlon Is th!:\.t· the ~oters of Delaware County arc' enUtled to vole for one' oondhiatewho has not. been' hand-picked by one man or by 1I,''Smali group ot I>rofessional She formerly taught kindergllr­tAn at Media Friends School. be hostesses. 1\Irs .. P. 1.. Whitnke.· Bo.l"Ough Councilmen and Mrs. Dwight Cooley will pre- I rcgular sossion Monday orary preSident. wiil be guest of met in hono~ for the .day .. night, In . B h \' Since the organization in March, ., '. . politicians. The' County machine's SCHOOL BAND TO PERFORM FRIDAY Hide at the tell table. the Council cham bel'. . oroug 1921, with onc nurse on duty, the candidate. 1\Ir. Dewey, is independ­ent oC the State'machine. Tho State machine's candidate, Mr. Chad­wick. Is ind~pendent of the County machine. So far does theJr freedom run, but no further. Tho last min­ute jeckeyingso apparent in the choIce of. the McClure candidate Is matched by the. lant minute hanc!-pIcJdng of Mr. Chadwick by the Martin - P.ew'- State machine At 8:15 (In April 9 the JuniOi' Hall. . community Health Society. has ex- 8th .' Annual Concert Fetes Jenny's Return Woman's Club Is sponl\Orlng a • I brid~e and fashIon show for the benefit of cance.· rescarch. Fash­ions dlsplaycd· wllI be from the shop 'o~ Marie Donnelly. There wlll be door prizes and refreshments. Junior Section members Bobble Blllkiston. Jean' Evans, Anne Coch­ran and JUnior Adviser Mrs. John Pitman will be the .mod~ls. group of "independents". The. Swarthinorc High School FOr' years It hll'S bel'rt claimed nund will celellra.te the",~tUl;n of. + , GiVEN D1SC8ARGE .. that the Republlcnn party on a its leuder John Jenny by giVing . S/S~ Charles C. Brogan, Jr., nationwide scale nceds the Infu- its eIghth annual concert on Frl- SOi'l of Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. sion ot younger men, with vigor day. April 12, In the auditorium or Brogan of Guernse'Y road has re­and with younger ideas. Even the the College avenue ·schoo). Those celved his 'discharge at {t'ort Dix, two machines admit this to be true who pave attended previous con- N . .1., atter serving toree years 1:1 ·~vej.ywiiei-e·, . that is, except in certaof these talented young. mu- the ArmY, of which 17 months Delaware County. We, h'owever, slcians anticipate anothcr colorful were spent overseas. He served I know that !'tlr. Fussell will bring and exciting o,·eot. with the Combat Engineers in Ger-to Congress an alert and vigorOus From Its very inception eight many. mind, free from control by any years ago the Swarthmore Band old-guard organiZCltion. He has no hu.s· surprIsed and delighted the poUtical debts to pay to anyone- people of the. borough. Even dur­In either machine, County or state. lng the wal· when its full time dl­We are .• Pl"Oud aRd happy that he rector ~as alJ.eent and the burden has refused to withdraw, despite Of leadership had to. be pressure from both sIdes. part-time instructors, the quality ·'·'·'The·voters ot·a' county· such as ot performnnce was maintained at ours, with population, wealth, .in- a high lovel, and last yeo.r's con-dustrles, end production greater cert was the usual success. . than some states. having made The characteristic fcatul·e of the contributions to the war effort sec- I~nnual concert is its interesting ond to none, are entitled to more val·iety. The 1946 event will be no consideration than the professIonal ('xcepUon. There wUI be stirring politicians Bee fit to .trust them mllitary marches bIy Sousa. Leon­with. We say it is not enough to ard, King and Goldman; stately OUT OF SERVICE Cpl, !\Oy J. It'al1l, Jr., son of llr. Roy J. Fahl of North Chester road received his discbarge from the Army Air Corps at Fort Dix, N . .1., March 26. Roy served overseas about 30 months in New Guinea; Morotal. Dutch East Indios; Ma­nila: Tokyo: Hokckldo Airport and Chistsoe. He was conncct~d with the Army Air Communications Ser­vice. Hoy plans to rcturn to 'Vash­ingto: t and Lee Universltr· CHAPERON give them only the "choice of and ceremonial marches b~ Lake The chaperons for the eig-lith "Hand-picked A versus Hand- and Beethoven; selections and ov- gl'ade dancing eias.'! which mcets picked B~' every six or eight years; el·tures from the musical comedies Saturday evenl;tg In the Swal'tll., It Is not enough to restrict the vot- of Romberg and Herbert; classical morc Woman's Club will 'bb Mr. er's ·choice to Tweedle-John or works from the pens of Chopin, and Mrs. Waltet\ GUN; n~\d 1\11 .. nnd ·.rweedle-Joe; It Is not .enoigh . to Rlmsky-Korsakoff, and Verdi; tone Mrs. F. It'. Long., offer only those men who are ac- poems and suites. Then there will The 11 th and 12th g.·adNI ILlso ceptable to the Boss or the Bosses; be the Inevitable novelty numberll Dleet tomonow evening. "'lIlal·d P. Tomlinson, south' pa:lded until it now serves the bor­Chester road resIdent. appeared OUghs of Morton, Rutledge, Ridley \ before them to request that his Park, Sw~rthmorc, and tho town­daughter and be per- .ships or' RldlC',Y and ·Springfleld. mltted to live in a trailer parked The prese::J.t staff consists of a dl-in the rear of the Tomllnson home, rector, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Groff, The reqU(!J3t was denied as a. vlo- and five staff nurses, Mrs. Louida lation of ~he zoning law,' Powell, Mrs. Mary McConnell, Mrs. The reque!J1; of Paul B. Banks of Ann Harkins, Mrs. Erma Young Harvard avenue for exteJl8lon of and Mrs. Mildred Strayer. Mrs. the non-conforming use of the Lucretia. Sawyer' serves as office "zotUttg" ~\v- in 'hIs garage wasra- secretary •. · Mrs. _Elizabeth Ptllm- . . . . .. mer who retired last faU, was dl-fused. rector for nearly eight years. Council. amended a section of the bulldlng ord.inance by ellminat­' fng the requirement that all new buUdings must have basem*nts. Because of the many complaints of .reckless driving in the borough, Council ordered a speed trap es­tablished. and Instructed the bur­gt'll.. i to attm.d to the matter. Bor­ougp Secretary Richardson was ordered· to inspect sidewalks and . order their ,repair wherever nec­cssary. the borough to have the work done at cost when such ~ .·cquest was made by the llrope.·t'Y owners. Police reported tW(I cars stolen ,In the borough during MB.I·ch~ One taken March 17 from 1#0 P. War­ner. l...afayette avenue was recover­cd in Galesburg, Illinois, the other a l\lercury sedan taken from a local garage was recovered the next day in Swarthmore. Thc police also reported that a Promotion of health. prevention. of disease and providing skllled nursl;l8' care for .the sick In their homes are the objectives of the so­ciety. School nursing service pro­vided on' a part time basis to :Mor­ton, Rutledge a.nd Ridley Township ilubllc schools and to St. Rose of Lima and Lady of Peace Parochial Schools, is an important phlU!e of the health program. ImmunIzation of' 900 students against diphtheria aftcr the first case 'was reported in Morton is an example of the value of the school work dO:Je by the nurses in cooper­ation with Health and Schmll au-thorltles. No further cases havo devolollod up to date. The Soc1e~ is cooperating with (Conti.nued on Page' 8) DR. WIND TO TALK ~!:~te:::,\~~;~:a:!.i::~~~td ;U~~C:l~ ION VATICAN ART morning by ruse of a plea for help. I having discovered that a lone oc- R h I Fresco Is (Continued 011 Page 5) ap ae it Is not cn6ugh to deny the voters which always been the de- WH-ILE--MANY----W--A-T-C-H-E-n------- the chance to cast their ballots for light of young and old. Subject at Meeting House Sunday a. rcal independent, to represent The traditional pattern of the aU the people of the county. Band·1i concerts would not be com- Therefore we are earnestly back- plete without solos and duets by ingMorrls H. Fussell for Repre- the 1I10r.e advanced members of sentive In Congress, as. the only the several sections. This yca.· ]<'.·ed independent candidate. We rejoice Behenna, trunip~ter, and John to see so many" good RepubIlcans Foster, trombonist. will perform a -indepe.ndents as well as former polka duet with the triple ton­adherents of the County machine guing and the musical ernbl·oide,·y and the Sm:t~ machine-joining us which mR"ked the professional in the fight to elect a. free and performances of such famoUfI mas- I uncontrolled representative. We ters as Hel·bert Clarke and ArthUl· call_ upon all Republicans to join Pryor. with us. (Continued on page () THIS WEEKS CALENDAR SaturdaJ', April 8. 7: 00 • ·,:O •• ~ -The Silver FleeV' •... ..•.• •.... .... Clothier Memorial Sunday, April If . 11 :'00 A.M. . Morning Worship ......... :.............................. Local Churches '1.:.10 P.M. Dr. Edpr Wind ............................. . Frle:lds Meeting House .. ~Jonday,.A!lrll 8 , 8:bo P.M. Annual Meeting ................................................... Pl!\.yers Club TUesday, April It .' 1:00 P.M. "Women of Egypt In the World Today"· .... Woman's Club 9:10 P.M. VlaItors Night .............• ...•..... . Sproul ObfJervatof4Y 8:16 P.M. Brldge-nd Faa'bton Show ...... •........ .. t ...... . Woman's ,ClUb . ' " . - . ._. ,. -~J', AprIIt, " '-. '. ' 8:00 P.II. ])an .McCowan •............. .......... •• ___ ••..••. ___ ._ Woman B Club ':00 P.II. WOman."8 Club Chorus Reheaftl!l'l .•. ~-••• - R. 8. 111181c RooQl - .. ' ............,.. AII'IlI1':' '.' 1:00 P.II. Mother"s' Club __ ~;.. •. _._ •.•••• ~_ ••• •••• __ ._ .. WOmlUl'8 Club ·1.:".· ••" - . ...........0 ,... W~. .. _...,. .. __ ~ .. Offt.ce , . ... - . . . .. . .... .. - . , . On Sunday evcning, April 7. at j: 30 In the F.·lends· Meeting H OU>;C', D.·. Edgar ··"VincI. 'Villiam .\.~an ~iclHII1 Hesearch P.'ofessO!· ill the History of Art, Smith Col­',' t~.~, ,,'ill gil'e an UllIstrnted le(;­tUI" e lin the meaning of Raphael's !~'Cllt frc!-l('o in the Vaticau. The :::l'hoo! of Athens. D.·. 'Vind has I~n in'ternatlonal reputation as a lead-ing scholar in the Renaissance field and also as a distinguished lecturcr. Receiving his Doctor's de­gree in Philosophy at the Univer­sity of Hamburg in 1922, h~ has had a long career in the allied de­partments of philosophy and art history. not only !n Europe but also in the United States, having been on the faeulties of the' Unl­\" ennty of North Carolina. Yale Uni­versity. Chicago University. and lIJew York University. ~e is par­ticularly not~d o.s editor In chief Mrs. Birney K. l\lorse nours the registmtlon slips Into the b~ ot the Warburg Institute Journal. bucke& from ...... eb WOmnD'S Club President, Mrs. ~k R. ~Iorey, The ~ve!l.. ~nde~ the aus­drew the pftiiewlnnlng Dame at their receut Clnb-~ AnUquCSplcea of th~ Benjw;n1n Wen 80- ftir.'· At Ief$ Camlp. cregoo. ~t of ~ club jUDior aectIoD.. ciety and the Fine Art8Depart-wldcb lIdI.,. aAaecl1be rat .... c.'IOIIIIId&tee holds the BohemIaa pass d8e8 ., . . .. .. ~ ~ tile co~ award ~~ .••. \he ~._~. ~~ ~~. t~r. ment of ~~lIlore CoI.leee. ~ , ',' '. . ~ • • I •• • ..; . \.

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.J .• • • 1.' t 1j ~' ••, ,.,J. l' \:.,;~ (;',11:':1.'\1 ,, , .. ' 'j i,., r "I " .... r ~~ ... I ... \..) J i \,' :::) \!:-1.Y t h TIl(: r (] \ ,~ .• > . . ,/. ». ,- ."-.. ~\ ... ,' YOUR THE·SWARTH MO'REAN GIVE SALVA. ATION SUPPORT ARMY VOL XVlI4-No. 14 SWARTHMORE, PA., FRIDAY, APRIL 5, 1946 $3.00 PER YEAR FUSSELL SUPPORT GAINS MOMENTUM Lifetime Resid'ent Independent Fight in The COl1llllittet' tUI' :\lol'!'is II. i"us;;I'1I f,)I' COII.'::I'l·"'S has issued thl' f()lIowin~ st~1 (('uJen t: The hundreds (If independent \tepllhlicalls who ()"i~inlllly hackell the only ilHiI'pelHlcllt e:tlldidatc COl' CongrpsH Oil thl' H"puhlkan tiel,ct, :\Iurris H. "'lIs,;plI. repo,t tl'(,II11'II­dous I'llth usia Sill and \\'ides\ll'eatl ~ains throughout all spdinns of thl' county. lII·foullded l'U11101'S haYI' heen "''''clld in ce,·!:till "eet ions hy hoth Ih.· Count'/' nral'hilll, al1,l the Htate machine 'tlml \ )1,·. "'ussell WIIS wit\l(lrawill!': froll' till' light. 1'he contt'ary i" tl'lH'. \\'e han' just hl'­;":- lIn Ihe Jlg-ht. "'1' do not have the IInlimiteli funds that the two ma­,' h inm, IIOSHCH". hut we will carry ClIII' mes~lge into C\'CI'Y home ill I he cOllnty that WI' ca II ,·each. H ealtb- Notice Because of the occulTenceof Diphtheria in neal'hy areas, P:lI'­ents oC childn.lll ",'110 have not had a. negativc ~chicl{ test with­in the last 2 years are urge:ltly requested to have a ~chicli: test done as soon as possible. AUTHORESS WILL ADDRESS MOTHERS Local Writer of Chil­dren's Books Sched­uled for April 11 :\11':;. Thcodol'p Paullin. authol' of "This Littl .. 'Boy \\""nt to Kin­dl'l'~ ar-tcl!" will Ill' th,' ~1I1'St slleal,- 1.'1' at thl' :-:w:lI·thIllOI·C :'Ilothcl"H ('11111 III l!ctinJ.,:" .. \pl'il 11. at S p.lII. 1I"I' LOlli(, will h.·, ""01\" to :\11'1'1 a Puhlisher." :\'I'!'. Pallllin's "K ... I· .. n iH '1'111'"'''' is now in th,· PI'OI't'S" of puhli('a­lion. Shl' has also WI·itlt'lI two al'- Pal'pnts :\ra~azinc. Shc COI'IIl""ly tal/ghl l-:illlll'l'g:, 1'­,,," at ~ledia F,'iellds Schuol. SCHOOL BAND TO PERFORM FRIDAY WOMAN'S CLUB TO HEAR AIDA GINDY Jr. Club Bridge Benefit Cancer Research to ,\i.ia (:illtly. gnllluat,· uf lhe .\ IIIPI'inlll IJni\'I'I'sit~" of Cairo. E;.;-ypt. alld OIW of two "llItil'lItH il\ till" ('ountI'Y to holll AlIlI'I'i",Il' ~tat'· Il"'p·.lI·llIlI·nl Hl'!lOlal·slril'''. will I,,· th.· f .. allln·d spcal"'I' at tI ... ,\Pl'il !I IlIl'dill~ of til(' ~wal'lhlllol'l' ,,',,­lIIall's Cluh. Hhl! will tall, on "\\'0· 'lI~lI of Eg'\'pt ill till' \\·01'111 To. clay". :\1 i!;" (lintly is wIII'I,inl; fOI' h"I' ;\1. ,\_ tI('g-I"'p al HI'YlI ;\1:1\\ .... anll is Ih.· lil'"t sodal \\'orl, "llIlIl'nl to lop !'1'1I1 h~' .hp 1';:C;YJltiall g-.,,·el'll- 111"111. ~III' (t1hlrt'"sed th.~ !':alional C'o'I\"'lIt:oll of Ih" Y.\V.C.A. ill At­lanlk (';Iy ill :\1" ... ·11. II,'" \\,01'1, aile] "ari~gl'oUlld :1;"· ... gi\'PIl Itt-I" a "~·"IJlatlH·ti'· 1I1!"('l'slall"ir~;.: or Ill(' .\I·alo poinl or \·iew. Si,,' will he IlJ'l'scntt'll hy ;\11''':. J. ilUITj,.:S ,,' .. ;;t. ehail'lllan of Int"I'­, ll:otilllwl 1:""ltio!ls. ;\11'''. Kt'nlll'th H.·"rJ ;01101 .\11'1-;' 11::1'1'), .\1i11.·I· I\"ili !II' ho!'tl·ss'·); . .\II'!'. 1'. I.. \\'hilak"I' 'IIHI ;\ll's. Inrlght "ool .. ~· wiil " .... - I si,l,· ;.1 t h,· Ipa tallie. ' .\t X: H. on April !, thl' .llIniol·: I \Voillan's ('lui •. is :;11I.l/sol·ing- a: I hl'i!l~ .. :t lid f:o!'hlo!l "how fo,' tll!" "pn.·fit of "allef'I' 1·I·sl'al'(·h. I"ash- i I ion" l)iSI'laY.l'd,' will he, ~I'Olll t1.W . shOll of :\la!'II' I )OIllH'lly. I here Will --------------- -------- Red Cross Drive Needs Nell) Gifts \Vitlt thp winding up of Ihe Hed CI'OSS 111·i\,,· ill :-;i;.;" I, Hwal'lhlllo,'P i:-; fallllll; :-;hol't of I'eaching It,.: 'Iuota of ~15,OOO. ha\'ing coll('cted $1 ::';"'" If g-ene,'ous peopl.. \\'ho :11'(' willin;.;- :0 inl'I'l':uw tll('il' eunt,.i­huliulls will spnd thpil' e!IPclo; to '1"'easlll'pl' H:u'oltl O~l'a III at t"h(' Hwal t hili 0"(' ~alional Bani, a:Jd 'I"'ust CUIII pany g""all)" al'lIl'('(·iated. it \\" i" hl' 'I'he hOI'lIll;.;-h has :~l'n""()llsl~' r SIlJlJl"I·t .. d thiH difficult cam­i pai;.;-n. Ll't·~ g-o O\'cr thl' top, I if Possihl... I.l'l liS hacli up 'I the SIIII,IIItO \\'ollndl'lI '·I·t'·I·:InH in I th(' l!t!! I hospila Is. COUNCIL ORDERS SPEED TRAP SET Police Report Cars Stolen, Night Prowler HEALTH SOCIETY IN 25th YEAR TEA Woman's Club Scene of Anniversary Party Th .. ('ollllllunity Ih'alth HoeiC'ty of ('(·IIt.nll 1>1'Iawa ... • Cllllnly will ,·pl .. l>l':lt .. its ~r.tI, anni\'e"s:lIT with a Il'a :-1'0111 :1 to :. ".111. Thlll·;;day. A\lI'il 1I,:t~ th .. "'olllan',. Cluh in ~\\'al'thIllOI'" as a f"atlln' of "1,lIow Yo III' 1'II1llil' I-It'alth NUI's" \\'l'l·I,." About I ;.It ill\'ilatiolls an' heillg" i",.,," .. d to 1'0 I'lll l'I' staff lIIelllhel·H. 1'01'1111'1' 1I11'lllh"I'S, 1111l'SI'S in thp area a lit! I"('PI"'''''ntativl's of "llIhs anti agl'nl'i"s intl·I',·st(·tI i:, tht' ol'/.!"ani­;: a tion's hPH) t h p,'og-nllll. ~I (,lllbl'l'S "r Ih,· t"a ('Ollllnitt,·.· an': )It·s. I:. " .. ""lIills. )11·s. \\'illi:1I11 H. G('h· I"lll!.!". ~II'''. ('h:l1'l('s \\'. L11I,pIIS, and :'III'''. \\'illi:1111 II. ThatdJl"·. ehail" Illall. 1··I·an(·, s O'BI·il'lI. J>1'(~sidPnt of Ih,' ~~"I'i"ly and ~Ir''':. '\I·thlll· G. Bal'PI·. fOI'lIIl'I' !,,·psi,iPl1\. loot h of Hidl .. )" I'a 1'1" will PUll I'. ;\1I·s. 'I'hollla;; H. Saffol·d. of Stnlth Ilan'l1 co Inll. wi ... ')J'g-alli;wll till' soei!,!y an') s"I'H',1 a;; lin;t 1,,,,·;;;'1I·;lt, now hon· BOI'"u~lt (',,"n";llIlI·n lII"t I "I'al'~' 1)J·(~sill .. nt. will hp ~ll('St or in \ 11,,11'/1' 1'0" I h" day. ,·,·gll!al· sl'"sion .\Iolltlay. night. ill Ih .. ""lIlldl Hall. 1..:01·01lgh Silll'" I Iw o.-;..;-ani;:ation ill 2\J;II'ch, I!':!I. with on" n11I'S" 011 duty, fllP : "Ollllllllllity Hl'alth ~ol'i('ly has (OX- \\'ill:lI'lI I'. TOJlllin;;"Il. sOllth pa:ldl'li IIntil it. now S"I'V"S dIP hor'- 0111' positiml iH that the \'otel's Clf Delaw:u'l' County :11'(' c'ntilled to vote fo,' 0111' c'.ln,· who has not heen hallll-llieli:etl loy one lIlan m' hy a ~llIall !.;TOUJl of III'ofeHsional IlllliticiallH. 1'1H' COllnt" 'llIal'hino's (':1 ndid.tte. 2\1t·. Dewe)", is illlleJlend­!' nt of the Stat,· llIaehinc. The ~Iat(' mal'hine's canllidate, II I'. Chad­wick is indcJlenlll'nt of the COllnty machine. So fllr does theil' fl'cedolll I·un. but no furthel·. '1'11(' la:-;t min­lite jocli:cying- H(' app:u'cnt in the choice oC the McClllre l'andidatc is I11lttched hy thc last minute halld-pic.klllg of Mr. Chadwick Ill' the Martin - Pew - State machine group of "independents". 8th Ann ual Concert! he .1001' pd: .... s anll I'l'fn·shmell~<;. Juniol' :-:,·I·tiOIl 1111' 111 b"I's Bobble CIIPstcl' I'oa<l I·(·sidellt. appcal·e.d loughS of .\IOI·tOIl, itlltil'dg(', Hid) .. y hefol'(' thl'lII to I'elllll'sl that hI); I l'al·I,. Swal'lhlllor· ... and the town­daught!', · and son~in-Ia\\' he PCI'- I ships of ItirJle~' and Hpl·iugfield . mitted to live ill :L tl'ailel' parked The pn·Hp:.t staff t'onsists of a ell-ill thc rca,' of the Tomlinson home. 'I'll(' rf!fj Ilest was denied as a vio­lation of the zoning law. rector, :'I1r·:-;. 1';li?alJl'th Ann GI'off, and nl'(' slaff 1I11";;I'S, Mrs. LOllidil Powell, ;\I,·~. :\Ian: l'olcConn,·lI. ;t,I,·s, Fetes Jenny's BI:ti,i:,tlln, ,1 .. :1'1 I'; \':1 liS, Alllle Coeh- Return ran lint! ,Jllllilll' Ad\'iHI'I' :'III'S. John Pitlllan will lop I h('", Thc reques~ of Paul B. Banks of Ann Hal'" ins, :'111'8. gl'llla YOUllg Ha"vlu'd u\·enue for extension of and 1\I1·S. :\Iildl'ed Stl'ayCl'. 1\lrH. 'l'he ~wal'l hIIlOI'" lIi;.;-h Hdwol thC' non-confo"mill~ uSP of thc Lucretia Hawyel' sel'ves as officI' Fo,' yellrs it h; .... },p(·n dahll.,11 nall,l will (·"'ch,·al.· tlH' ""Iul';' of that. thc Hel)UhlieuJI pal·ty 011 a Its It'udl' I' .Juhn ,Jenny Ly gh'illg nationwide sealC' nperls the infll- its eig-hlh annLlal eonce,·t 011 I·'I·i­sion of youn~C'I' 1111'11. with vi~ol' day. Ap,·it 12. ill th., auditol'iulIl of anll with younl;('" ideas. I'~\'en till' U'" ColI(~g-t' avcllIw Hehool. 'I'host' two l1Iaehines admit this to he true who hu\'!' attcndecl IIl'c"iuus {:un­- cverywhere. that is. cxeept in eel·ts of t1H'>'e tal!!Ilte!I young /lIU­Delaware County. ,\re , howevel', sidallH alltieipatc anotlll'l' colorflll know that MI'. 1"Llssl'lI will hdug- and cxcitillg ('n'nL 10 Conr:-n'ss an alpl·t :LIllI vigorous 1"1'0111 itH \· .. ·I·Y illl'cption eight mind, fret:! fl'OIll contl'ol hy any years ag-o tIlt' HwaJ'lhIIlOl'(' I land old-guard organiz(ltion. lIe haH no hus SUI'IIJ'il-wli and dclighted till' political debts to pay t"l ,iI1yonc- lleoillc of L1w borough. gven duro in either machine, County 0" State. ing the wal' \\ hnn its full tillW di­\\ T,: are proud anti happy that hI' 1·,)etOl· was ah!-!ent and tilt' hUJ'(ll'n has rt:!fllsed to withdl·:lw. dp:-.pite of lea(ler:-;hip had to IH~ calTied h~' l)rl'!lSUre f"om hoth :,i<ll'H. P:U·t·tillll· inHtl'lwtOl'S, the (Illality The voters of a county such as of JlI'I·forlllanc.~ was Illai ntained at ours, with popula.tion, wcalth, 111- a hig-h kvel, anI! lasl ~'("ll"H ('011- dustrles, olld Jlroduetion grC'atel' (,1'1·t was thC' uHual Sllce,,!,s. Ihan some states, having made TIlt' I'hal':u·tl'l·iHti.· l .. at.lI·,· of till' ('ontributlons to the wai' effol·t llCl'- annual COlll·I·I·t is it" intt·I'I·"till~ ond to nOlie, IlI'P cntitled to 1I101'e Yal'iet}". The I tl-l Ii e\'ent will hI' 110 eonllideration than tilt' professional ,·xe,'pUon. The ... · will 10.. :-;tilTing politicians sec fit to trust them. lllilitll"Y ma"clws 1~' Housa. Leon­with, We say it is .not enough to al"1, Kill~ and Go!dman; stntely give thcm only the chOice of anti "el'C'lllOnial mal'clws by I..ali:l' "Hand-picked A VCI'SUS Hand- and llC'cthovon: solcctions and O\'­Jlickcd BOO every "ix 01' eight }'l'arH; :·I·t.ll·PS fl'om Ihe 1I111sl(,:11 cOl\ledicH it is not ellough to l'ostJ'id Ihe \'ot- of RUl\Ihel';.;- anll Het'bert; classical l'I"S choice to TwC'edlc-John 01'1 \WII'''S 1,'0'" the pens of Chopin, 'I'weedlc-J Ul': it is not enough to Himsl,}' -1{0 I·sn.l, olr. and V I"'di; tone offer only those men who al'e ae- poC'ms ant! sllit('H. Then thel'e \\·,11 ceptable to the Boss or the Bosses; hI' the inevitahle nO\'('lty nmll hel':' ,,:hit-h !rH\,<' always hN'1l Ii;.:ht of ~·oun;.;- and old. '1'111' tnlllitional pattel'n • h,' of t hI' it is not cn611gh to den)' the voters t he chance to c:!!;t theil' haUots Cor a "cal in')ellendent, to repI'l'sC'nt all thC' IH'ople of the county. D.'I1'!''' .. on(· .. ,·t~! woul,l nllt hI' eOIIl· Thnrefol'p we arC' cal'ne",lIy hacl.- 1', .. 1,· without Holm' an" ,IIII'lS .. ~. ing 2\1,.rd .. H_ 1"llssC'll fOI' nep,'e- till' 11,0"" allYan.· .. ,1 11."1111,,'1'" of sentlve In Congl·e!'ls. as the only tit" ""\,,,,';,1 :-; ..... ions. 'I'lli" Yl'al' 1'1"'.1 indcppndcnL candidate. 'VI' rejoic(' Ikllt'nna. t '·UlIl}wtl"·. an" .Johll to "I'I' Sf) many ~oo" Repuhlicans Fostel·. u·OlIlI.onist. will pel'fol'lil a --indepnllllplltf; aH w(>1\ as formcr l.oll,a .h, .. t with th,' tl'ipl,' I'm· a.<Iller.'nts of thC' County Illachinl' '-:"lIil11-.: :11111 I Ill' IIlllsi"al "lIlhl'oiolt-l'Y and the ~t.lte machine-joining liS \\'h iell l\la,·I'l·,1 t hi' J1 1'0 f .. "si 0 11'. I , in til .. fight to pled :l fl'pc an.1 IlI'l·flll·/lI:ln."·,, •• r "'11'11 f:lnHH'" 'II:1S­llnconll'o\ l"'(1 l·clll'C'"C'ntativ('. \V(' t .. I·S :!S : 11·1·;,el·t (~Ial'k ... and 1\ I·th Ill' .. a\l u!lon ::11 H"Pllhlit':IIlS to join I 1'1·~·tI'·' wjth \:~. I (~ontinllell on Ilag-C' ") THIS WEEKS CALENDAR Satunlny, April 6 7: 00 &; ':00 P.!rL ''The Silver Flcct" ........................ Clothier ~It'mol'ia I Sunday. April 'i 11 :00 A.M. Morning \Vorship _. __ ..... _._ ... _ ....................... Local ChurchC's 7:.30 P.M. Dr. Edgar \Villd .. __ ..... _ ..... _ ................ Fl'ie:t.ds Meeting' Hous,' ~1()mIJl)', A!uil 8 8:00 P.M. Annual llecting .......... ___ .... _ ........ _ ........ __ ............ Players' Cluh TuesdRY, Allril 9 2:00 P.M. "\Vomen of Egypt in the \Vorld Today" ...... \Voman's Cluh 8:00 to 9:30 P.M. Visitors Night ............................ Sproul Obscrv&tor'y 8:16 P.M. Bridge and Fashion Show ...................... , .......... Woman's Club \Vedncsday, April 10 . 8:00 P,M. Dan McCowan ......... _._ ........................................ Woman's Club 8:00 P.M, Woman's Club Cborus Rebearsal ............ H. S. Music Room ThursdaJ', April 11 8:00 P.M. Mother's Club ................................................... Woman"s Club 8:00 P.M. Swarthmorean Wrapping .................... Swarthmorean Office G~VEN DISCPARGE zoning law in hi:; ~'iI'age was re- !'(·cl''!tar\.·. 2\11·s. 1':lil"~'1 h"t.I1 Ptun.- !';/S~t. Charles C. BJ'Ogan, J,'., son of 1\11'. alld l\Il'~. Chal'!t·s C. Rroga n of Guel'l1sc'y 1'0;111 has I'C­ceivNl his cliMch:u'g(' at I"ort Dix, N. J .. aftel' sel'vin~ (hn'£' years i:t. thl' A ,. 111 y. of which 17 months Cused. mer who I·('til·ed last fall, was di­Council amC'nded a section of rector COl' neal'ly eight yeal'~. the building ord.illance hy eUmlnat- PI.' omotion of health. Jlrev(,lItion . I of dlseaso and PI·o\,ldin;.;- skilled 'ing thc reqUlrcment that al new. f tl . k' t'h' nursl:t.g can' 0" Ie s'c In ell' buildillg's must have basem*nts. I . . WPI'C SIlent OVl·,·spas. Hn served I . ts homes are the ohJect!\,eH of the so- Because of the many eomplam clety. School I1I1l'sing servic(' 111'0- with tI,,· Comhat 1'~llgin('l'I's in 01'1'­" HIllY· OUT OF SERVICE epl. Hoy J. Fah!. .:1' .. son ()f .\il·. of .1'I·(·I.:h-ss dl'i\'ing in the borough. l'olll11'i1 IIl'dl'red a SlIced trap es­tahli! lhC'd and instructL·d the hlll'­~,.",,; III alll'lIt! to til .. IlIalt"I·. BIII'­Illlgh HI'(,,·('tnr'y ltiehardson was 1Il'(lel"'11 III illsppPt sidewalks and vidcd on a pa,·t timc basis to 1\10"­ton, Hlltled;.;-(' anti Hidle)" 1'owlIshi!' "lIillic sehools and to Ht. Hose of Lima and Lady of Peace Parochial Hehool:-;. is an impol'tant phase of Hoy J. Fahl of Nol·th Chest!'r "oad thl' health 1)J·(I~ram. /'(~eei\'cd his diHchal'~" f"OIn lilt' Ann)' Ai,' ('orps at I·'o,·t nix, N. J .. M:u'ch !!(J. Roy S"I'\·pt! (wel'seas about :HI 1l1l1llt'hH ill NI'\\' Gllirll'a: .\Iol'otai. nllleh Em.t Indit's: Ma· nila: Tol,yo: Hol,l'iddo "\irJlol·t 'lIlt! ChiHtsOI'. HI' was (·olln.·(·t .. ,1 wit h t he A I'my Ail' C01llllluni!':' ti"IIS :-:""­\ ·iee. I{oy 1.lans t.o 1· .. tUI'I1 10 \\'ash­ingto: l and I.e" '·ni\·I'I·sit~·. OI'd,,1' th ... i,· .repair whpl'e\'el' net'- itlllllllni?ation of 900 students (,SHary, till' hClrou~h to hav(> the against diphthel'ia afh'r the first wlII'l( dllll(, at cost whC'n sneh a ('as,. was 1'I'IIIH'teli in 2\lortoll is an 1''''1 lie'" wa!; lIIa<1.· hy till: 1"·OPp.·t',\" "":Implp of fhe value of the school ---_ ... _. __ ._-- CHAPERON I I OWIWI·S. I'oli('(' 1·"I)(II·tel! t WI> t':t 1':-; stolen .ill tlw " .. rough durin~ J\la.J'(~h. 0111' fa k"n ~I:u'ch l'j f ... m1 1.. P. \Val'- nl"" La fayette :t \-pnllC' was n'eovC'l'­I'll in na\l'sl)lll'~, 11IinoiH, th(' othl'l' :t :\11'1"'II1'y seda 11 tal,Pll fl'om a l"('al g-aragC' was I'eco\,erpd tI\I' Th.· l'IHlIH'I'On:-; fOI' thO' ";g 1.,1 h I' llf'xl lIar in HW<lI·thlllOI· ... ~I':ltle dancin~ daHs whi('h 1111· .. ts Sat.II .• lay "\"'IIL1g ill t I... ~\\"a ,.( II. '1'1 ... poli,'" a Iso "P1Hll't<'tl I h;. t a 11101'1' \\'olll:ln's ('11110 will hI' .\11'. IlIi)!"hl I'n.wlo·l· had C'l1t.· ... ·d a 111(':li alld :\I,·s. \\'"ltp,· (;il,'" and .\11'_ alld 1I,.si.It •. lI·\, aftt'" llli(lni;.;-ht Su.ntlay :'I1t·s. F. I". 1.11IIg-. I, '11111'lling hy l'USp of a ,,1 ..: 1 for' hdp. Th,· 11th :11111 l:.!lh )!;I·at!,·s '.1 I.e.. ... 'I h,a Yil'1'.~ t1isPo\'("'etl t hat a Ion" 0('- lllP('t lotH .. )J'O\\" ,,\·(·nin~. ! (l"ontinlll"11 011 I~ag.· :,l ------, _. __ ._----------------_. __ .---- WHILE MANY WATCHED ~rl'S. Hit'n('y Ii. :'I1()1'l'C' "filii'S tht· r{'I.:lsh·ation :<1111'; in.n th(' hl'I!'." bucket Irolll which "nlllnn·:. Clnb PN'!"i(knt, :Ur.;, Fl'aul. H. :\I(ll'f'~·. dl'«"w the lui7.(·winnlng JUlinI.' nt their I~'('ellt ('Jnh-s'~()nsorl'd .·lnU~\:('s Fair. At leU C"'l'olyn CI'C~ ... ()n. !1N'!:;Jd('nt 01 tltt' dub jlmior set·tioD which acth-ely aided the Inir's ('()rnmitt<'e hol(ls the Boh('rnillo gills. .. "ases whicb ,,-ere the oo,'('f:('(t al\llro drawo at tbe t'losing _ .. 100 of thf" lair. \\·,.1'1, .10:11' loy the nU"ses in (,OOIlC"­ation with Hpalth and Hehool au· t hOI·itips. furthm' eases ha\'" tl .. vdol,t'11 II P to dalt·. TIll' ~o('it'l'y is ('oopenlting wit h II " .111 ;.n lied 011 Pa;.;-c· 8) .- - -----_ .. ---- DR. WIND TO TALK 'ON VATICAN ART I Raphael Fresco Is Subject at Meeting House Sunday (Ill ~1I11";'Y ; : :! ,) ill Fd(·lId.~· :\1 t, ... t ing _'.·'al~ Xi,·l.j'u j~t.·!""t':trt.·11 Pi·t.f~'':-;:-;Ol· ;"'.' ;:i,",l"I'~" "I' .\1'1. ~iIlith ('01- ': .• \\-1: :"":1\-" ~~)) iJl;l:.;t"att",l Ip',­: li!'p ~I:'! i 1;,- lt~":I~liJ1:"! .,1' l:ai)!lat-I's "~'. ;:t r"I';':"t' in till' \!(,;lil. T'h .. ;:'", )p! I.:' .\i. ~lf·n;-.,. I'i". \Vill-! h'.l=-' :1.1 int"I'n;oli'Ill:O! "I'put:otion as a IP:ul­ill~' :-i1.'hoLI1· ill thi" r:.l·nai~:-,ant't" Iit~ld :tlld ;11:-:0 ~t!--i ;1 d!stinguisht'tl !t·,·tlll't·:·. ltt'('('i\'in;.:- his POl'!!)!"s <11'­;":- 1'('" in l'l\ilosol.hy al tl1,' Hnh-l'l'­!< it~· of lIam1ollJ'g- ill 1~12~. Ill' h:l" had (l lon~ I':I!',.,'" in tllP alli .. <1 <11'­pal ·tlllpnls <II' philosophy :111.1 :ll't histOl·Y. nol onl\' !1l 1'~lII·oJl'· hllt also ill Ih .. Fnit('11 ~I:!t .. s, ha\'ing l)"l'll on tilt' f:lI'l1lti.·" ()f the I~ni­\-" I'SitY of XOI·th Cal'olina. Yal .. l'lIi· '·"'·;;it:,·. l ~hk,:g-" l·niypl·:;i!y. anti "I'\\' Ylwk ,'niy,·!';:it)'. lip b par­ticularl)' noti'd ~\s .. II it..,· in dliC'f of the 'Val'11U I't.;- I nstit IItC' J ourn:l\' The lecture is gh'en unoer thc aus­pice!! of the B"njamin \Vest 130- dcty and th... Fin(> ArL'l Depart­ment of Swarthmol'(' College.

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a PERSONALS' I!IDIdgD J,.,. .. H. CallabBD, 0011 01 IIr. anit II .... J'am"" C. Calla­han of Garrett avenue lett last week tor the west cout to be COD­nected with "operaUoDB CI'08II­roada" after being stationed at the Pblladelpau. NaY)' Yarel for the past two weeks. IIr. an4 ..... IlL C. WIIlIoIl of O,den avenue returned Sunday eV8nln. from Sarasota, Fla., wbere they spent the winter months. Mrs. Mary Walt of Newburgh. N. Y.. spent the week-end of Marcb 28 vl8ltins her son-in-law and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. McBurney of Harvard avenue. Bobby McBurney' returned with his grandmother on Tuesday and spent a few days at her home. S 2/c Bill Ward arrived in Shanghai about- March 19. accord­Ing to word received by his par­ente, Mr. and Mrs. Wlllla.m Ward, III, of South Chester road. Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Lang aud sons Eben and Bob ot Maple ave­nue returned Sunday from a five day '!:-our . of the soutbern states going as far as Ashville, N. C. . Mrs. Clifford Banta. of Parriah road and »1'8. Thomas Banta. of Indianapolis. Indiana, arc leavh~~ tomorrow for Indlanapolls. !drs. Clifford Banta wIll make e. short visit with friends prior to return-ter road, returned Friday' trom a trip to Brlatol. Va.. where they visited Sullins Collegp aDd Vlrgtnla IDtermoDt Coll_ Ensign J. Da.vlel Weiland, '!Oil of Dr. and Mra. Henry J. Weiland of South Cheater rOB4 left 1I0Belay by plaDe to Join hlB ship the U.S.I!. LitUe ROck after spending an eight. day leave -4. bls home. Tbe ship and crew have just returned from a good wiJI tour around t.he coast of South America. Anne G. Bradford,· a freshman a.t Pembroke College, Brown Unt­versity, acteD as chairman of the ticket committee for the treshman class dance "Spring CaperS" which was held saturdaY'. March 80. Barbara Ann Crossen is spend­Ing the Spring vacation from Northfield Glrls SchOOl, Northfield, Mass .. with her Mother, Mrs. Theo· dore Crossen at 'Columbus, Ohio. She visited over the weekwend of ~farch 23 wJth Marlon Karns of Wellesley road and attended the Junior Prom at high school. .... Mr. and Mrs. c. R. Lougbead ot Thayer road left Tuesday for Charleston. W. Va.. to spend a week. Dr. WUliam O. LInhart of Pitts­burgh was the week-end guest of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rutan of Ogden a.venue. log home. Mrs. George H. Troxell. Jr.. of S llc wnUam E. Hartman rew South Chester road entertained at • turned March 21 to bls ship the'l a kitchen shower Mond~Y evening U.S.S. Ault at portl&ndt Me •• after In honor of Mi89 Elizabeth Rutan a 30 day leave spent at his home of Ogden avenue. .' on Dartmouth avenue. The Poet's ctrcle witt meet Mon- Mr. and Mrs. Wlllla.m .H. Brown day, April 8, at the home of Mrs. of Riverview road have as their S. Milton Bryant of South Chester house guests for a few days Mrs. roa.d. Mlss Edith PhUlps. head of Brown's brother-In-law and sister. the French Department at Swarth­M:-. und Mrs. C. V. Holdroyd at more Colloge will talk on French Toronto, canada, who arrived poetry. Wednesday and Mrs. J. Draper. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Clyde another sister. from New York, of Sw-.rtbmore avenue returned who arrived yeste~day. l).om8 Su~day evening from a two Betty Morse. a 8tude~t at WeU- mcr.lths trip to Ormond Beach and esley College arrived at her Y~le P8.88-A-Gr,Ue. Fla.,. Enroute home. Iiovenue. home yesterday to spend they vtslted a tew days wltfJ. friends u. 12 day Spring vacation. in ~Q~nolto, Va.. and spent the Flora Lee Is spending her Spring we'i'lt-end With Mr. and Mrs. Henry vacation trom WUsan College at Berltner ·of Washington, D. C. Mr. her home on Harvard avenue. apd Mrs. R. l\1c.hbum Qf Mrs. BirneY' Morse of Yale ave- WaabingtDn. r entertalnQd ~u~d~.y nue entertained the members of noon In honor ot the Ct/des; the Senior Mother's committee at· Mr.· W. G. Reese of Mi.. Holyoke tea in her home on Monday. Her place returns this evening trom a g-uests were Mrs. John Marshall, two weeks business trip In NoVf Mrs. George Sweet. MI'flI. Howard York state. fI!Icl tauJJ1Ite ... el 411 .. ot w .... - \PIIPo.H..!.,. 0: p .. ,. .... Wm9rrow 'Of Qtu.. Gard,II, 4 J., to ';"'t lin. Smith'. father II •• ,ram .. Haaenack after & week'. vlalt with Lt. Smith'. parents, IIr. anel ·11 ... )(orrls Smith of Cornell aVeDue. IIr. anel Mro. WlIUam Warcl III of SOllth Choetar fqad eBtertlllDed at BUpper Tuesday eveDing In hOBor Of IIr. Arthur Jack of Pitts­burgh who \a vi!lIUnc hlB brother. and sIBter. Mr. and :Mra. J. DeHaven Ledwar4 of Chester. Major H. Gra.y HutcblBou apd his wife, capt. Belay vana Hut­chinson arrived Monday from the E.T.O. to spend a few da.ys with Mr. and Mrs. Warren Berna.rd and Mrs. Bernard's mother, Mrs. 0.· Grey Hutchlaon of Rutgers avenue. They are earoute to their hom*o In' Maryville. TenD. ENGAGED Mr. and Mrs. Ralph V. H. Wood' of ·Rose Tree road, Media. have an­nounced the engagement Of. their daughter. Louise Wood. and Robert Ayres Sheppard, Jr., N.R. O.T.C .. son of Mr. a:J.d Mrs. Rotfert Ayres Sheppard ot Vassar avenue. Louise is attending the Univer­sity of New Hampshire. AIS Shepw pard Is stationed at Princeton Uni. verslty. Mr. and Mrs. John D. Fallen of New casUc, Pa., have announced' tne engagement of their daughter Lt. (Jg) Jeane Fallen (NC) USN to Mr. Theodore F. Cook, son of Dr. and Mt's. E. Fullerton Cook, former residents of the borough, now of Atlantic City, N. J. Lt. Fallea Is a graduate of the School ot Nursing, Johns Hopkin! University Hospital, Baltimore. Md., and Js now on duty DB a Naval Flight Nurse In ·the Pacific The­atre. l\fr. Cook, recently returned to clvtUan status after four 'Years of military service, is Personnel Supervisor with the American Overseas- A-trU-nes-. -_. CltOurHAMEL-JAMES Dr. and Mrs. Walter Freeman of WashIngton, D.C., announce the marrIage of their s1&ter, Mrs. Vlr~ ginla Freeman James of Rutgers aVQnue, to Mr. Phtlip Roger Crou­thamel. son of Mr. Adam W. Crou­thamel and the latc Ml·S. Crou­th~ mal. of Chalfont. Thp marriage wus performed In the Chapel of the '"'Presbyterian Church, Saturday. !.larch 30, at 4 p.m. in the presence of the im­mediate tamiUes. The Rev. David Kirk, Hrs. Norman Hulme, Mrs. Jessie Gllbert of Park avenue Norman Krase, Mrs. W. Minton and Anne Cochran of Keayon ave-Harvt; y and Mrs. W. O. Heinze. nue entertalned 1 2 guest s Frlda y Braun officiated. Lt. Comdr. WilUam Jamcs Cres- evening at a shower I n h ODor 0 f Mrs. James was given tn mar. .. J f .. . d ... W J Betty Laws of Harvard avenue. rlnge by her Mon. Wynne James, son, r., son 0 .lU.r. an .lUra.. . • HI and her. maid-of-honor and Cresson of Amher8t avenue rcturn- Mrs. Irvin R. MacElwee and ed March 29 from a trip to New- children, MarUlYn and Doaald of foundland, Labrador, and Iceland~ id:t. Holyoke place returaed Sunday DlU'lng this GO day trip, he carr:1ed evening from a week's trip to Ste-only attendant 'vas V~rginla Vic­toria James. her daughter. David Hewlett of Doylm~tow~ :. Hr. anel II.... C. w. Hartmaa, Ir., of Cheater are receivtns COil ... gratulaUons on ~ birth of • cla\1lJhter. L)/nn, Thuroclay. _rola 21, In Che"*"r "~It41. DO YOU IUIOW T ....... Cuw • ., AIf, .\ .... '1'1'1'_'''1 JIIft cA,.~ ..... RUSSELL'S SERVICE .... '"roar Ctt.r Lal' 'Ill • ., .. mll,," . aOptv "'nloo W" I'" h. PEOPLE OF SWARTHMORE Are your hearts as fine and beautiful as your town? I believe that they are and I hope to prove my faith in you. Somewhere in Swarthmore or its vi­cinity there must be an apartment where ~ an honorably discharged service man, ~.pd his wife and two children can live. ~ I am a student at Swarthmore. I want ~ so much to keep my family together and :.: have my wife and ehildren live here with ~ ~. me. You people have fought this war ' beside us soldiers-you have· bought '. bonds, given your money and your ,blood ~. to the Red Cross, and helped us in innu­i merable'other ways to achieve victory. i Now one of your soldiers 18 asking you to do one thing more. Some one . must have two or three roomS and a kit­chen and bathroom that you are not using. Will you le~ me rent them? , I know you will answer yes. Call Swarthmore 0605. MARY DUNlilLL • PRINCE MATCHIABELLI • CHANIlL , The Bouquet ;11;1 m < 5 z BEAUTY SALON • on experimental w. ork for the Navy vens P 0 I n to Wis. M 'I'B • MacElwee's acted as hest man for Mr. Crou- _ Bureau of Ships. He bas returned mother, Mrs. Joseph H. Collins re- thamel. :l r0- m z -! :c m ;11;1 to Wa.qhlligton. turncd to her home at Steveps The couple w11l reside at 209 0 Point atter spending several Rutgers avenue. Dr. nnd ~rs. J. Albright Jones months in Swarthmore. ___________ -' __ _ of Crest Jane were in New York MIss Virginia. Bartow of the UNITY ASSEMBLY r.fl < ::E 13 South Cheater Road c.n Swarthmore 0476 -. , • City Monday through Thursday, at~ending .tho American Academy ot Pediatrics meeting. Chemistry Department ot the University ot Illinois will arrive tomorrow to be the guest of M.r. and Mrs. George Karns ot Welles~ ley road betore going to the Ameri­can Chemical Society Meeting in American LegIon Room Borough Hall 10:30 A.M •• 1Yerf \VOOncsdn.)' CHARBF.R•T • SKYLARK • LUCIEN LE LONG. CHEN VU, Anne Perkins, a student at the University of Delaware will ar, rive tomorrow to spend a week's v~ca­tlon at -her home on Cedar mne. Informal Talks by ZElJA M. WALTERS Writer and Lectarer Everyone Welcome Anne has been elected poetry edi- Atlantic City. . Nancy Loughead of Thayer road I tor of tbe Cau!dron Magazine one FOR of the publications at the univer­sity. One of Anne's poems entitled "Midwinter Madness" was puhlish­cd tn the American Poetry, Maga-zinc. Mr. and Mrs. George A. Karns and da.ughters, Ma.rian and Elinor .f Wellesley road returned Sunday from Oxford, Md., where they spent a few days. Pvt. John D. Tippett, son of Mr. and Mrs. WlIliam A., Tippett. ot Harvard avenue arrived In Europe . about Fe~ruary 20 and is .now sta­tioned tn England. Mrs. W. Sproul Lewis end .aughter, Nancy of Swarthmore .. venue and Mrs. Crosby Black and .- daughter, Marjorie of South Ches- PERSONALIZED NAPKINS Emb ed Paper NapJdDs The perfect touch for entertaJnlng · . . ~loped edges with blue, red !l.Dd yellow borders and you,. name attnu::ttvely printed co*ck­tail or tea size (state size). 110 for $Z.OO ()()MPLETE PERSONALIZED SET · . ~ ot 60 napkins. 26 cotartuUl) dealgned paper guest towels ano 26 ooaatent . . • Everything you need for the rumpus room • • with· your na.m..e. .p rinted. ' .' SeD4 cbeeJ[ or JDOney order to II. I. B_ER •• • __ 1M ' V_ Dow"., Pa. PrIDt _,. tho -J'OU -.. • ',: J"oa:a;;!S BUI or THE entertained Emma Lee Taylor of MAGAZINE SPBSCRIPTIONS Plttsburgh.ns her week·end guest. Mt'S. Theodore Purnell and chlld- CaD ren Lynn and Suzanne of Cornell ave~ue returned Sunday from. a. Mrs. Uoycl E. Kauffman visit with Mrs. Purnell's hrother- Swarthmore 2080 In-law and slster, Mr. and Mrs. H. -::=::=======::===:::; J. Brenetfen of Lancaster and ! -. with Mrs. Purnell's parents, Mr. M E D ·1 A and Mrs. G. E. Wolfgang of Port Royal. M~. Purnell joined them In Port '~oyal tor the .week-end. Lt. and Mrs. Charles S. Smith ASPHALT TILE FLOOR Be WAIL LINOLEUMS ALL TYPES CHRoME 'I'RIMS "SHERWIN WILLIAMS" IPE OF' PAINTS aDCI VARNISHES HmEMARKS tL.l NOI.EUM SJIOP W. WINONA AVE. AT Ogil&1EB J.IIIt8 THEATRE Last 2 Days FlU. & SAT. Yvpmae DeCARLO Rod CAMERON In ." Frontier Gal" IN TECHIHCOLOR SUN ONLY­TWQ FEATURES Judy cA..N OVA "Hit the Hay" JimIWlNON I ... ··Out of tho DoDtht" MON., TUES., WED. Ray MOJ.AIG) . . .. ''TheLostWeekW'' . , ~. ,'~- ... ,. Of' ~. ,.' " . , . * Things dram .. ic capture the imagiaatioa, sometimes to the point of distorting the per. spective. This i. as true in mediciDe as in other field •• The sensational resulu with sulfa drugs and penicilliD are examples. Less dramatic, but responsible for .... - counted lives, are .the broader public health measures. Sewage disposal; swamp clearaoce; water, milk, and food inspection are but a few of tIaae triumphs. The physiciaD and the pharmacist have alway. heeD I ..... in the field of preveDtive medicine. This fIlct led James Brice to ol;o~e, "Medicine il the only .,ro£essi,OD ~.J I,a.bon ia; cessandy to desuoy the reason for its own e.blesa~" The igha.·hoWeTer, i. far from WOD. DiapaoUa U4I ~ ment of disease are still the primary fuactioDS of the .., • c' The .~te 6lling of presc:riptiODS ia our rap. r E , • as pharmacists. • Micbael's College Plu.tflU.ey .' ., ONTHE·~ . ... '\, ....... " " " " " ........ '\, ... "'" ...... '" .... " .... " " ....... ', .... ', .... ,',',,,,," ,'" '. ,',"'''' . , ..... f~;;;;r\lt~~l;;;.;;;t.:;. ;.; ijU.I.;~ ; .\.,. ~.~ l;;.;;.; ;.;... ~ ~.,. ;;;. ======~;;;;;;;;;_~:t~H~c .!,..~ · ~~'i.,~'~ . • or .. ",9. EA " ;. THHSWARrHMOltEAN' 'PUPILS PERFORM '-=:8=-~-''i'do:=·''-'.·= ,. ..... .....;.. ~ 1uJ-.'-I"" ""'....... i ...... y aT rrWAiilidORiJ. PAo The ftttb In a aeries of monthly llIVCo, .'I'I1II SWA&ii_OIU!llJ.lll'. oro.. ptnn.;sIlM:R recltaIa by pupllB of Dorothy Paul n awu 57 e .... waa held OD 8&t~ at the home Mn. BIi1t.,. Kon;;" cJii.li1ii&ii, ca1IB atteDUon 10 the m~ of the BoDlor Mothe .. 10 plan anel t1IBouea tho Spring CoDcert ID the lI_um· room of the IIIgh ochool, Thurocla,., Aprll 11 at 1:10 p.m. ThIB Is an Important meeUng. ot lira. Harlan J88IJUP, 0:1 Haver­• WiUC JO. TOLD. E4ltor IU..lUORIB TOLD,' uala'- BcUtol' tord aVenue. r.o.-e .lIcOatter _e Petraol. ADoe N. Coohrao , Noel BDl7der teacl an orlgl"al allaed ~ 8eooDd ~ Matter, S ... .....,. it, l.n, at the Post composlUon on "the life of' Franz oac. at Bwartbmore, Pa., uneler the A.ce of Karcb I, 187.. ·8chubert. Others appearing on the .Y .. '/1 ..... ~.tH­LUHCH,. _ DIHHn • .. . 111 ... • .... 1lII1O DEADLINE-WEDNESDAY NOON ProllT&m Illclueleel EelwiD Darrla, I Patey Blake, SaDely Ford, ChrlaUne 11111141 CA'. FRIDAY. APRIL S. 1946 ,'I Ford, Betty Spencer BUel Kathleen ~~~~==~~===:==============7=======~====~==============~ Jeaaup. , IIr. aDel ~rs. lIarvel WIlBon .... d OODS Marvel .... d La.!rton of Btrath Haven avenue apent PArt of last week In Klitord, Del .• vJ.a:lUnC Kr. W.tleon's mother. IIrs. Thom.aa WlisoD. Frauk Flaherty, BOn ot Mr. F. T. Flaherty of UDivondt)' place apent the week-end all the JJUeet 01 LaytOD WIlBon In Milford. , ,-------------- MJI~.LH. ..... I )laiaa Charcb Notea traDc" to JJreet conege students lQel LINDEN HALL REUNION 8und.&y mdrnhig' at the 11 o'clock aen1.ce the Holy Communion will be o_ .... ed. ThIB Church obaorvea open Communlon·-and all who love the Lord liilitis Chrtat are lavlteel to share in Qila Sacrament. The Com­munion Meditation wlll be IIAII Found,~D HIm."' all young people. . . The Board of Trustees will meet Tuesday eveDIlllJ, April 9, at 8 o'clock in the Church oftice. NoUce Is hereby given that Annual lIeetiBlJ8 of the Swarth­more PresbYterian CorporaUoD and Congregation WIll be bold OD stated date, ~e4nesday eV8nl:ur, Aptil 10, at 8 o'clock hi the Pariah Hotise. Members of the congregation Will be .guests ot the Seasfbh tor dessert All .departfuebts of· the .chu>cb School meet each Sunday rtiorning at 9:'6 o·clock. Tho Women's Bible ClBilBmeeta at 10 o'clock ID the Church ·transept.. The .Senlor Class ot the dhurch School meets at 1;10 in Dr. Braun's ofttce~ at.1:15 o·clock. MetI.odgt Chlircb Noles !~'he High 8chool-Fellowsblp, the cou...p .Student's: it'orum, &;ld the Young A.dtilt's Cltib WIIi ineet at 8 o'.c'itiCk .101" suPper on Sundayeven .. Ing. fdHowed by their aeparnte PrO­gmm';. Friday evenlblt, April 5tb, the congregation JVllI give a dinner and reception to our returning service men 9.nd wqme.,. In the Social Hall at 6.30 o·clock .. The returning ser_ vice men and women, With their wives, ,sweethearts or mothers will be the guestS ·of the ohurch. An excellont program has been pre­pared in.eluding the Phiiadelphla Male Quartette. ThOBe . de091rlilS' to present lllles or otber white nowers tor the dec­oration of the church on Easter SuJiday' mai-· communicate with Harriet B. Selfridge, Box 174 Swarthmore.· or "I'li the churcb ot~ flee, Sw. 0672. . The committee to n9minate El­ders, Tr~ees and Deacons at the Annual Meetl-:tg on Aprll 13, will meet Immediately after t11,e church service Sunday morning, In the ChOir Room. The Official Board wlli meet in the chapel·at the conclusion of the reception. The ChUrch School w111 meet on Sunday moraing, at 9: 4 5. Classes are provided for children ot all agoa and for a.dults. Memoors will be received Into the chUrch on EaJJte .. Sunda.y, April Zl. b.v transfer of church letter or on contession of faith. Anyone The topic of the Bermon at the morning service at 11 o'clock is "Your Faith Means." Tho smaller children may be Jeft 10 the Church Nursery during the 'hour of service. Mrs. Fred Bogar­dus and Miss Na.n Pitman will be in charge this week. _ contemplaUOg this decision should speak With Dr. Brat1:l after the Sunky service or dUring the wee.k. The Chancel Choir rehearses Thurad&y evenlnp at 1:45 o'clock, the Chapel Choir rehearses with !he Chancel Choir tor the next three weeks, ·and the Junior Choir rehearses Friday evenings at 7 o·clock. Wednesday. A~ll 10, is the monthtt,. meeting of the Woman's .Aseoclalion. 11: 16-worship Serw vice, Ilrs. Sam Ayres, leader fol­lowed by the BuslneBB meeting: lZ:30-Lu:lcheon pl""epared by Circle 6, Mrs. J'. B. Douglas, chair­man. The program Will be in charge ot the committee on Social Education, and Action. Marjorie Penny will be the speaker. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Anthon'Y at the Harvard avenue entrance and Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Pyle at the driveway-transep't entra:J.ce, will a&eist the minister In extend­Ing the greetings of the chUrch to the conlll'eg&.tlon atter the service Sunday morning. Mr. Don Jones will be at the Harvard avenue en-. {'lilJRCH SERVICES SWAk1'HMOJt~ PHI.~sIiVTBltIAN CHURCH ,",PV Ollvfft Jlrtthn. Minister t:" A. K..-:-Cburch School • 11:00 A. H.-Holy Communion. The Communion Meditation "As Found In Htm." ,:.. P. If.-Fellowship. A1~'IlODIST CHUHCH Roy N. KelM • 0.0 .. Minister. S:UN:'-."\'·Y ":45 A. M.--Church School. 11 :" A. )f.-Morning Worship. Ser­mon topic: "Your Faith Means." TR(NITY CHURCH n: .. v. (;~.' P.hrlatlall Anderson . SUNDAY APRIL 7' I:M A.If.-Holy Communien. ':45 A. II. - Church School 11:00 A. H.-Holy Communion. ~ THURSDAY 7:. A.. •• -:-Holy Communion . U·:. A. Il.-Holy CommUnion. TH8 RELIGIOUS ~OCIETY OF FRIElNDS The Men's Forum meets In the evening at 8 o'clock a:td the speak­er will be Lleut. Col. Fred Bogar­dus. All men ot the community are cordially invited to attend. T·he Woman's .Bocle~ of ChrlB~ tlan Service· will meet at lunc.beon In the Ladles· Parlors on Wednes­day at 12:30. 'I'hls wlll be follow­ed by the regular meeting In the Chapel, at which time t'he speaker will be Mrs. Ellen Dixon. a mis­sionary of the Church in qhina. Special preaching services wlll be held on Tuesday, Wedne"day. Thursday and. Friday evenings of next week at 8 o'clock in... the Chapel. This Is pad of our program In the Crusade for Christ. Trinity Notes There will be a celebration ot the Holy Communion at the eight o'.clock service. All departments of the Church School will meet at 9!15. At the eleve:t o'clock set-vice there wUl be .... another· celeoration of Holy Communion. .During the eleven o<clock service xoung. chUdren may be left at the Trinity Nursery School,· 214 Elm avenue, where they wlll be cared (or by competent help. Cho,=- School will meet on Mon­daly and Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. and again on Thursday at 7:90 p.m. 'I'here will be a meeti!lg of the Vestry in the Parish House at eight o·c)ock Monday evening. At 8:15 p.m. Wednesday the next BessJoh. pt "Sunday School on Wedw nesday Night" win be held. Holy Communion will. be cele­brated- at 7:30 a.m. on Thurday and again at 10:00 a.m. At 12:90 p.m. the women of the parish will hold thetr Lenten luncheon after whiCh the women's study class will meet. 8tTHI' \' S :45 A. M.-Adult Forum: Speake," John M. Moore; Subject ooJ esus In the Gospels." l1:N A.. K.,-Ileetlnc. Christian Science Cburch Notes '\~EDNESDA y !I :31 A. M. to 3:30 P. M.-$ewlng and flllntlng In' \Vhltller lI." tnii He 11 ••• f 'fl. '5c 811 .IIIRIII. P.LL .HI. Itllllll Mrs. Lloyd E. KaUffman. ot Dartmouth ave;tue, will be hoateas to the Philadelphia Branch of the ·Llnden Hall Alumnae Associa.tlon tor bridge and tea at her home to­morrow afternoon. Saturday, at 2 o·clock. COC«TAlL HOUIS j.6 '.M. Linden Hall.· founded by the Mo­ravian., 200 years ago, Is the sec­ond oldest glrla' boarding school in the United Stat... The bl-centen­-;). lal will be celebrated on .lune 16, 16. 17 and 18. OUR OWN Linde:! Hall Is In Lititz. \ Mrs. Kauffman is president of the group and extends an lnvltaw tion to anyone tn this community who maoy have attended the school. to meet with her on 'Aprl1 6. PARItING FACILITIES Continue 10' Serve Paul Williams. Donald and Har­old Ogram. Martha Kelghton. Mrs. A. R. O. Redgrave and Mr. a~d Mrs. Ferris W. Mitchell gave time tp wralJ Swarthmoreans for the local service men and women last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Lang ot Baltimore pjke. spent the week­end at Rye Beach. N.· H., as the guest of Major and MrS. Donald E. Lang. l\I"ajo.r Lang Is associated wIth the Atlantic Air Academy. " We have added oiIe more feature for the conveniel)Ce of our Patrons. Our own Parking Lot which is open every day until 10 P.M. Located directly opposite our Sansom Street entrance, OLIVER H. BAIR CO. DlltECtORS OF FUNEltALS 1820 CHESTNUT STREET R,lT tlnh .... 1581 You'll earn MARY A. BAIR, _'dont • GOOD WAGES right from the start, with "BELL • '. WHEN YOU~AIIT your busiDess-career with the telep~oae a.mpany, you earn while yeiu learn. Beginners are paid good wages ... right from the start, and regular and frequent increases insure their rapid advancement. There are many varied and interesting positions available with the telephone COlilpliily. Friendly supervisors are eager to help you get ahead. '. ... .. Once a girl has "made good" as a beginner, het fu~ business life is secure, foo at the telephone company there· are always atttactive positions available. to the right gitIs. Even when you have to move :0 a new' community or city or state, the chances ate good that there will be • telephone company near your new home. In addition to good pay and security, a job with Bell offers you the .dvantages of working with congenial associates in clean, pleasant surroundings, with comfortable rest·room facilities, a modern medical d~partment, sickness ~d accident benefits, holidays and vacations WIth pay, and a liberal pension plao. !f you're just about to start out in the busin~-world, or if you're look­l. Dg for new opportunities, why not stop in at one of the offices listed ~Iow. and IIlIk over yo~ problems and yout future with a friendly l.Dtervlewer? Such a call will not obligate you in any WIly. \ I [nu!It!'. Rox luncheOn. All are cordially Invited. F1RaT (~HURCB 0'" ~HRI8T • "CTll:N'I'19'I' .OF SWARTHMORE "Unreality" lB the subject of the Lesson-Sermon in all Churches of Christ. Scientist., on Sunday, April 7. The Golden Text Is: ''There Is that maketh himself r1ch, 'Yet hath nothl:>g: there ~ that maketh him­self poor. yet -bath· great riches'" (Proverba 18:7). THE 8fLL TELEPHONE COMPANY OF PENNSYLVANIA . Park Avende IW1Mf Harvard 8UNDAV 11:M A. M.-8urilhb· School. 11:1t A. II.-Sunday Leeson Sermon Wedftt!lSday -,ven~n. ~ meetlnlr eaeh week, • p. tri. HUdliili room open danS ... eept Sunttaya and hnUdayw 12 tl') • p.a Wedneaday evenlnc. 1 to ., :150 ...... tuld • to ':10 p.m. Church Edfw ... . ~ " AU ~ ~rdla;Itt· {n~ta4~ t~ , urn . -._a.T IL A&. . I.L .1 0_ 11:. C_HURo Cr H ., 'flU: 1:&~.. .. z::t.iIIIl~ ., '. Mr . .mel lira. T.Le!gh WlIHams of Harmrd avenue entertained 10 JJUests atd.lnner BatUl'day e'V8DIDg In honor of their week-enel· c..e.t. III ... 11'l' Agnes YOUhg and her n~ce Thomas Tamer both Of ltashlDI!toD, D.C.. who wm ,. married Sune ,In WUhIQlOIl • ]I .... WlDloD"i wtU he a 1>_ mal4·ID."", ~""I! :.. . : c'. • "A Friend'. P'oce to Work". ...... 315, McClatchy ...... 69tII a M S ....... "'pu~y .'09 Str ... Mp"" Diy· 57-59 Eo III .... Str ... NOI,k,.",., 1631 Arm Stteet • ........... a ....... "ch, •• 410YorIc ..... Philadelphia J.I Ithclu_ •••• or call 1ft • ...,. .. 1.«nOO • I •

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.. .. .... Dr. and Mrs. William T.: J!l1IIs of Walnut lane returned·th"·,~ee~ after ', •. tb~;. ~-'~~DthB .in Wlntei'\llirk; F1a. " ' , NEWS FRIo4Y.'APidL Ii,~t<i¥· FOLK PLAOES 4r,1!IEE'r I School :Band to', John Polk waa.the lOll. repre""n- Perform Frida" . taUve' of the SWarthmore High " . " School thlnclacla In the B,chotB:atlc '(Continued trompage 1) , Sel_ed Fruits and Vegetable.' "F FRESH" A larger assOrtment of finest flavar fruits and yegetable. b,rought to aur Markets as fast as modem transpar-tatlon can perform. ' , ASPARAGUS Callfomla L_a Ib 35c Oranges "'''' -,.. 5 '" 35c I Lettuce ... " .... , .. - ,012c POTATOESu~~'~~ A '.::45C: '~: 65C lenten Seafood. In Our Market. Genuine Chesapeake Bay SIAD ~u: Ib 23c' Fresh Roe wltl1 Roe s-Its ......... _lao 1025c I Flounder ....... ,.... ,039c Cod Fillets _.,.. '"33c Whiting Fillets - ,025c LAMB ROAST Banele .. Rolled Yoke Lamb ... CUI -,... .> 33c I Pork Rail ..... - ..... 28c Shldr. Chops ., ..... - '" 39' Tangues .-- .. 39c Rib Lamb Chaps ,> 43c Meat Loaf ...... ",,024c Flar ..... '<27c ~. III , ...... ' pk.~~ It's Healthful to Drink Plenty of FRUIT, JUICES Glenwood Grad. A Orape'"'lt :="29C ..... 1 0"". A O,. ... ~·,39C 0 ........ Iionded Jol .. ~'37' Orang. and Grapefrv1t PirJeapple PI'e~ .. lOr • ., ~i:; 4" CIalckea 01 Se. Tuna FIsb ~ 4" Aqaa Bi ..... rk Ber ...... ' .... , 17. IISaJ Cat Bed Beets N~'lh I.:&c RaMoi'd DlaDer Ve.etabl.. N~2 I.Se Warmdale Sweet Pe .. SI:T'anI N:,;,2 1.4C Ac ... e Whole Goldea COI'D N;.;! s4C IISaJ Flour Rf:.~. ~-;. ,7e fj#t4 BuI Macaroul ~~. 1.0. ,E •• par.ted Pea.he. C:'W';:'la Ib 550 A Favorite lenten Food EG4 :s SIL~!~:~ Seleded cadon44c af 12 , No .... IM and elated for ,.0 .... pNtectlon _-----------i ------- . $195 Family pkg. STUDENTS DEMONSTRATE ART The subUrban Art Teacher·s As· Boclatio~ conducted a program en­tttted The Active Art Class, at Con­vention Hall, tn Philadelphia iaat Friday. in connection with Scbool­men's Week. Under t'he direction of Claudia Hanco*ck, students par­ticipating at the Swarthmote Booth were Charlotte Hobbs. Winnie Rumble, Virginia Hay. Dorts. Black and Alice Hs.ty. The stude;).ts at­tracted a large audience and a great deal ot tavorable commenda­tion for their' demonstration ot original themes In colored chalk on wet paper as wen as for their figure, studies ot visitors on' the Convention Hall floor. The. audi­ence requested samples of the work and no little emharrassment easued when mnny insisted upon paying for the work. RENIORS TAKE EXAM Invitation Meet, held at "the "Unl- ·Allen Ender8. the Band's out-versity of .Penn!Jl;" .on Ma.rch. standing fh.iU!)t 1\"111 play ~ .~oo· 23." 'Running against stitt compe- torne by Chopin. u number which tltion "polkie" placed third In bis 18 sure to he l'e(;eh'ed with pleas­beat. ',but tatied to qualitY ··tor the ure and er.thusiasm, The "Flight flnals. UST EASTER GIFTS The Auxiliary ot the American Legion reminds the commuQity of the need for scrap .boo~ .stamp albums, paper napkins. cups, small magazines (size ~f Render's DI­gest) or paper covered books (not detecUve or mystery type) tor war harassed victims. at CoatesvUle Hospital. Also needed are playing cards. a small box of candy. or ne.J.· stb.rnped Eaater cards t.or ,the men at Perry' Point Hospital who are mentally disturbed because of war experiences. A tew donations have been re­ceived by MrS. O. D. Gilcrest ot Vassa.r a.venue and April 12 will be the last date. Telephone 3390-.1 for further information. All ,at these glfb:l will be scnt In Easter boxes to each hospital. The Awdllary gives candy to both of them, but a. large amount Is needed tor the hundreds ot patients who crave sweets. and the small boxes of can­dy serve as prizes at card parties. The' regular meeting wUI . be April 16. at 2 p.m. at the home of Urs. J. H. Jessup, Haverford f\ve­nue. The book ItWho Walk Aloheu will be reviewed. There will be no scwlng in ApriJ. Tells of Project • at the Bumble Hec" by nlmHky­Korsakotr wlll be played by H. Weston Clarke. Jr. who was re­' cently honored' by being chosen 6010 clarincttist ot the Ali-SOuth­eastern District Band ot Pennsyl­vania. " . Probably the ~ost 'spectacular number will be. an exhibruon or baton twirllog by Ruth Wagnel', drum major. and her .troupe of majorettes In the opening ot the second part of the' program. The group ot juniol' twirlers' ,haS, under the instruction ond discipline of the drum major, attalne(i a most remarkable skill in the dU'rlcult art ot rhythmic twirling. Thla will be Ruth Wagner's last concert and it Is certain to be a memorable event in the colorful hlBtory of the Band. BtU Patterson U. B. Merchant' Marine is expected to. .to­morrow from Hplland ·to Qenc! a few days with Mr •. and. lI11I. Earl Weltz ot College ave~ue. ,Bill'e family are now.' living in Ban ·Franclsco having fOrmerl,.. n ... ed at 8 College avenue. Mr. aDd Mrs. Fred .R. W~n of Walnut lane had as thetr gUests for a feVl da.ys last week JIr. Wil­Bon's b:rother and slaterootn .. taw Mr. and Mrs. GUY WIlBon of Barts ... ville. S. C. Mrs. GUY G. dcFurla. cbairman of the Chester Hospital "Hay Mar­ket "Pantry Shelf" committee' en­tertained the mcmbers of the com­' mittee at tea Friday atter.:loon In To Caesar was whispered, "Be­ware the Ides of March." To our sentora, it is rather. "Beware the sixth of April. II For on Saturday. Aprll 6, those who desire to apply for conege entrance, must take col­lege' entrance examinations. Many are .burni;}g the midnight oU and renewing their powers of recollec­tion. Most of them await the. fatal day with dread and trepidation. Those participating In the exami­natioDs are: Phil Alden. Kenneth Anderson. Caroline Balderston, Harold Barr. ElIzabet'h Bryant, Heather Champio:l. Ann de Furia, Allen Enders. Priscilla Enslin. car­oUne Flaherty, .John Foster, Jean Gemmill, Cllnton GoaUn. Ann Har­vey, Alice Hay, Frances Jenkins, Marian Karns, peggty Keene:1. Andy Kirk, Ba'rbn.ra Krase. Dick Linton, Marlyn MacElwee. Mary Marshall. Patsy Mccahan. Calvert Melton. Bell Nelson. Nyron Sharpe. Dick Taylor. Wayne Warner, Btlly Morse. Tom Hill. and Jane Davis. SENIOR CLASS ~IEETS The publlc is Invited to the her 'home on North Cheater road. Presbyterian Church, WedneB- Swarthmore members are Mrs. day, April 10, at 1 p.m. to hea.r James B. Cooper, Mrs. Henry R6rd. Marjorie Penny. director of Mrs. Walte .. A.. Landry, Gail Marie Philadelphia. Fellowship House, McCoy. Mrs.' R. Blair Price. Mrs. who Is speakinlJ on' the inter- George B. Sickel. Mrs. George W. racla.] work ot Fellowship Sweet, Mrs. L. P. Wray, and Mrs! About twenty minutes ,,,'ore P. J. Carey. Mrs. Sweet presided taken by the sonlor class on Tues- House. at the tea. table. daly morning. April 2, before the ~==============~~~~~~~~~=======, flrst period classes. The purpose -; of, the meeting wus to discuss sev­(' ral prcssl;tg problema cancer_ning .' , f g~duationl such ,as the' prugtlhm at Clothier Memorial. the dreBS ot the cla.B$ at gradua.tion and the speaker at baccalaUreate. Class vice-president Dick Shell}· presided, socretary Mar)-' Evans read the minutes of the lost mect­ing, and "trcnRurer Kenneth Ander­~ on Rllhmitted a treasurer's report. 1I0!'lTI']RTl'iG IJXDER WAY A short combined assembh" wns held '. 'I'ucsday morning, April 2d. for the pUl'pose of explaining I"OS­tering to the pupils or the ;'1lnth. tonth, and eleventh grades. Mr. spoke about the neces­Sit}' of caretul consideration of a Bubject before drawing up _next year's ~ CJHter. ANNUAL CONCERT By the HIGH SCHOQL BAND· Friday, Apri113, 8:00 P. M. (Aid of Uniform Fund) HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Admission 60c' Tax Included , \~- °Viii:iOj:tRK ~= \ .~ 2Sc M com~~~~~~~.~I~~~~.~I~~ ........ \ I 9 N ... • ..•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••. I Open House at CARNS I AIkI .. •• .... ,s ....... · .. · I I DAYS ONLY CItY or To_··,' ''';';'; ·.;.;.:';';';'·~";'add"u'hI'-·1 • Not A~= When ~t ~'::~!".lth ... ~f tha .. two mcuk.:!'.:.. __ .. Att.,l&pril pOlliA ___ ----- t __ ----------- o.t rid of"at tlNtlfeen .. . hi.lf) 1' ...... 1' witll tilt. popular toM .upp ......... Get your .... ,.,. .... packa .. tocIq at • 2Sc laYing with tho alto..- coupo •• J.,,'.,.k.. ............. ._. ,h . Pre-War Fla,,~. ENRICHED SUPREME Richer a .. .. BREAD HEAT ..... O COFFEE-Z::::.~ 9c w_• .r....."., .........r , .... .. otays ........... . SPRING SALE-SPEEDUP PRODUCTS SeH Shining rLOORWAX Alto wax window ...... ciIcII , 1.1 ... · _ etc. t.Ier to cIIcM 'PALM SUNDAY April 14th Your pretJence i:J 'reljuetJleJ -('Ob, let's not make it too' stiff and formal) just come and visit with us Palm Sunday and enjoy a preview of the gorge­ous Easter plants and flowers-No obligation at all. FREE PALM. Standljrd Decorative ARN Greetin~ Cards and Novelty Candles FLOWERS Phone SWR. 0450 "ORCHIDS ALWAYS" We Denver Baltimore Pike . , S.pringfield, Pa.· , , '. :- , Council Orders Speed Trap Set (Continued from page 1) , cupint was up In the lighted house. A quick lel9pho,ne plea' brbugbt ponce. A man was. appr.ebfmded Sunday mcrillng at Fltzgerald­, Mercy Hospital b'lit was not Id&!n.U­tied as tile P\Oowler. The recent request of the Rec­reation Association tor $8600 to cpver cost of a survey. was answer· ed by the following letter: Swarthmore h..ecreation Aesocla­t~ on, , Pcnna. Attention: Mr. Bloom Re: Municipal Recreation Dear Mr. Bloom. partial IUrvey can be mode by an Individual Or Indlvldualll who are profe_lonaIlY'Uitereated. In mu~ic­ipal · l'~creatlonal programs. It is felt that' a comin.lttee of loCal cit­Izens' can ascertain more ettectlve~ Iy ~hat i8 needed and submlt a proposed plan, after it has been demonstrated ttlat year-round I'ecreatlon, or some lesser pro­gram, wIll. be parUclpated in by u substantial number of people. 3. DW'IDI' your vlBlt, you re­newed · tbe suggestlon that the question be put upon the baUot:. The only question authorized to be placed upon tile ballot by the Borough Code. 18 tha.t covered by Section 2'106 which asks whether the Borough shalJ .acquire prop-erty for .recreational purposes. There Is no provision for asking voters. whether Borough shall Follow1ng your recent visit, the members of Borough Council have given; long a.nd - consld.era­tion to ,.our request tor an . Initial maintain a . recreation pr~gram \ appropriation su.ft'iclent' at least ic;- such as Y01J.r AssOCiation has in pay. the salary for one year of 0. professlonaJ director. whose pri­mary duty durJng that year would be to' make a comprehensive sur­vey ot the Borough for the pur­pose ot determining wbether the Borougb should the'r~tter· make an annual appropriation t8 main­tain eupe'rI"lsed recreation In the Borough. ot Swarthmore. You sug­gested that the satm-y of such dir­ector and· 8uch .8.fISLstants as he might need amount to ,3500, tor the year in question. which would stari September 1. 1946. The cost of 8umtner recreation would he about $2500, add!.tional, but your Association planS to raise that amount for the current season, or heretofore. The members of, Council decid­ed riot to take any acUon at this time. but to maintain an open mInd· on the enUre question. Meanwhile I W:IUI directed to write you tblB letter in.. an attempt to summarise tho prinoipal comments made durin« the ". dtscusslo~ In Council. The ad.-antages of 'Bupervise"d recreation are recognized by all but.·the difference .of! opinion con-' cerllS the extent of any Buch pro­gram and . how it shoul~ be paid for. Corudderable weight must be gtTen. to ·.the inforlf~I, p.o~~ w}llch your A8eociation' caused to be taken recentl,.. In which the heavY majority of families who answer­ed. weDt on record as favoring a ta.:J:-8UPJlorted recreation p.rogr~m, Among the questions raised by the Burgees and members ot Co.un­cll discussing your request. the following appeared to be most important: mind, ulthough the Borough h8b power, by Section 2724, to make an annual a~proprJatJon of as . much as 2 mills tor this purpose, should Council 80 determine. The County Comml881onc~'S have taken the posltlQn that only quesUono authorized by law should be su\­mllted at a municipal election. As private cltlzen8. several of the members ot Counell and others preftent at the meeting, expressed thetr willingness to contribute to the support of supervised recrea­tion in the Borough. or to the cost of an Impartial survey to determine the extent of the pro­grnm needed. As the body charg­ed with the" handling of pubItc funds however. Councn believes that the facts ot such. a survey 9hQuld be in hand for rev.tew be­fore giving co~sideratlon to in­clUsion of a year round recreation­al expense In the Borough budget. Very tMlly yours, Elliott Richardson Borough Secretary Letters to the Editor FORMULATE PLAN near Editor: The S:Iovarthmore Recre-atioll As· sociation conducted a poll .In th~ Borough to determine tho oplnto-a, of the ma.jorlty of r3sldents· with relation to recreation. Tabulation of the returns showed that on all Questions the residents were In fav-or of an expanded. program. Rec­reution it must be stres.qed is not llmttf'd to athletic: programs. . All activities of the Borough could be co-ordinated. We would then nave no cO:1fUcting schedules and all functions could be op~rllted more a.moothly and be better attended. The Association was Informed that throe seperate and independ­ent baseball programs were In tlie making. On this past Monday nlte a meeting was called 1Y.Y the Asso· elation a:td representatives of the American Legion, Hornets and the Citizens Athletic Association were invited to attend. 'The meeting was very successful and Instead of ha.ving . three groups endeavoring to put over three separate pro­grams. all merged and 8.a a result Swarthmore will enjoy a really ac­ttve program tor the summer. The American, Leglo;t wUI have a team of boys raliglng trom' 16 years to 17 1. Thore Is considerablo doubt about the neceaslty of . adding municipal recreation to the other activitlee ftPported by Borough ta.:z:ee. It b telt that existing school recreational facuttles are not be­Ing ueed as fully and 'advantage­ouel,. M the., might be. None of the llorough authorities can under­. tand the taUurs to adopt base.: ball •. for example, Into the school recreational program. Baseball ean be pl8,7ed. for a much longer seMon than football and many more 70'uths would be interested In playlng it .It given ihe oppor­tunlt,. .. Tbere are- several school fields that could be used all' sum­mer tor tbls purpose. at Uttle or no coat except for minor equip- , I It d ycars of age. The Hornets 'will ment,. There 'are public sp r e Id' put teame in tho field In the nge cJtI:aens, .... e ,believe, who WOU range of 10 years to -14 years 'n-contribute theLr servlces to super- elusive. All will compete 'v.ith vise such pl8f. teams of othOI' county communi- Those who have had chlldren tics. The Hornet..'1 offered to tho tn the "DubUc schools are partlcu- merged group Its equipment and larl.,. conscious of the lack of time the balance of funds tn Its trcas­such students have to participate ury. Mr. Lauder of the school staff In eupel'11sed recreation. Mr. Plt- W8.8 retained b'y the Swarthmore man ahd a. group ot fathers. he was Recreation Assoclatlo:1' to act as cooperatlng with .tn & recent local coach for the buebaU pr~rarn: project can supply ;rather convlnc- The Association Is very much elat­Ing e-.tden~ that great numbers of I ed with the splendid spirit of eo­our IIChool children would tind It operation shown and wish to ex­impol! lBible .to take advantage of I tend our thanka to all those indt­such a program' during the school vlduals who make up those organ­month&. lizotions. The Rotary club Is a1so I 80 very busy thnt J am at this time Ila~\.s must alwa'Ys bo tempered by 'that we,do all we can to retain ,our asking that all our citlzens mala~ ~ considering condlttons .ond .facts.1 young families as reeidents of the contribution to the Swarthmore "rh .' bOl'ough' . , Recreation Assoclntlon to raise esc are abnormal tlme~ and (lb- J ', •..•.•, t '.,re flmds f~r the pmployment of u dl- normal solutlons are ofte~ requir- It? we going to do about S. T. C'.arpe:1ter . , -.---'----- .. ector. The School Board. and. ed. As long as. a. Ba:titaO' nuisance Borough Council will be a:tked to Is not· created, conditions warrant appOint one or two of Its members the eXtra hOUSing provided by tbis Bobby BlakUJton of Elm ave-to sit with the Recreatio:J. .As8ocla.. traUer. Uon to select a Director. We do The root of the Issue is housing. not want to emplay anyone for this Other communities are trying to. work unless t"he chorce is made by B:Olve thl8 problem, and so should all three groups. We would llke Swarthmore. It 18 In the best In­nue entertained at a shower Mon­day evening.iD b onor of Be~t"Y u we of Harvard avebue. The gu.eats In­cluded Jelljlle Gilbert. Prlocllla GUes. Pauline Deacon. )4rE. Erneat to have a capable impartial person terests of the future of Swarthmore R. Laws and Anne Cochran. and one that Is not c)a.seed as a "professional"' to the extent that a one-sided report will be made re­gardleBB of the tacts. AU contrIbutions should be made by check to the Swarthmore Rec. reation AB80clatlon and maned to Mrs. Joseph ReY:1olds, treasurer. All residents of the community are In,1.ted to join the Recreation Association and w1ll appreciate It if nll our resld('nts become mem­bers and send fh~ir checks In the amount or '1.00 for a year's mem­bership to Mrs. Reynolds: Swnrthmorj~ Rcc1"(>uUon A!">8ocla­tlon- By , Horman M. Bloom, president. SEES NEEDS OF VARIANCES Dear E.di tor: I Mr. Tomlinson presented a vital IBBue 1:1 last week"s Swarthtnoreun. I I am writing In response to his rE'"­qucst for an ,expreSHlon of public opinion. JOIN The SwutIimore Reueation Al Ssoc-'el.iO n Be R Part of Your Recreation Progr~ Send Check for $1.00 for Year's . Membership to ~. JO~ REYNOLDS SwarthftiO reo PR. Store Call (Space contributed b)' Tour ~hhor) Be GROSS Phone 1647 for bonded mellllenger CERTIFIED COLD STORAGE UNITS • 2% of Your Own Valuation It appears that Sgt. Reynard had a problem.and 'he solved It In a way contrar:)" to Ordinance 299. I am not doubting the rights ot the Bor-ough otrlcJalR to apply Ordinance /::J J) n /? 299.'but I am doubting whether or Lomplele In:Jurance Loveraae ::tot. they nre fully cognizant ot ' , present conditions. The app)lca- Cor. State &. Jackson Sts. Media tI_o_n _0~_ ..~ 1l_ rulings and c~~"~_m_~~ .. 1,• ______________~ ~-._. ., -__ ~. .. -_--------.J' JAIl: ill the only place !or the confirmed "m..bug." He • more thaD & thief ••• more than • meniae, Often he'. a • .....,.,..,. &L ~ting cloaeIT with public authorities all over ..... oounu". TheNationalBoudofFire Underwriters iltlllpgedin thene-magtnckingdown of IU80Il ilia. It'. ooie of the wIiT your life ia oafori And did you know thue other facts • _ : p Your Capital Stock Fire Inaurance Compani .. 1Ia ... data o~ the ... ,,_ of williOM of fues ••• they 1Ia ... ~ WIth details of every bouse in every urban COIIIIIlUDlt;y ••• they work closely with /ire depart.. mentl! to impmve elllcienq ••• they. help establiah 11•' /• •• -- BuildiDg Codes to make your life and property saler. Fire waste in ,\merle&, during the war. would haft been 'IDO AuruL-Ml millimo tloIlar. JlII' roar,. .;,.,- .... not the fight aeainat m.. proved lID ..... e .M aiace World WarL ' And did you know average m.. inslll'llDCe rates have been >educed over to% in thirty y ...... ? .... that policies are Iwoad#r than everbeforeP ~d, e1Iicie,!t managp.ment baa .-uUtted tM CapItal ~tock Fire ~'!I! Compani ... _ i, .. sent to IPve you thia protection and aecurit,y at ... average und ... wiiting profit. during ...... :v-ra. 01_ IIum OM _ on every premium dollar reoeitoell. , . 11" bl!oin_ is to mind rour busin_ ',' • to _ that you have the right UlIIlraIlCe, of the piOpel' lind, and of onfIIcieDt _~ All through th.1ife of your policies I make it IDJ' 1nuiD_ to -... 2. We ~a.llze that the position: interested tn tho baseball program 70U faithfuIlJ and intelJigent1;y. . of .your .A.Bsoclatton is that the no.- and "'c look forward to it..q 'help, ture and exti!:nt of the .proposed We have also thi8 date received program Bhould the pro- a letter trom Borough Council ex­posed 81Il'Yey by the dlrector. you platnlng in detail :why- It does ;tot U8 to employ: The members want., at this time. to appropriate of cOnnell teel that that 1a begln- funds for the emplOYment of a di-rector to take over the entire rec­nlng at the wrong end and that the persona tnterested should bear reatlon I?rogram this coming Sep­the cost of' such survey to deter- tember and extending tor a period l Of. one year. The latter is being mine Whether we should bave published in another portion of this mumch'!II recreation. $1500. paper. repreeentll a substantial apPI"C- The Swarthmore Recreation As­piiatlon hJ' a boroUgh of our...... soclaUoa has no objection to ralll­" It' woUitl. of eo........ r.,qu... ..... In" Jng' the BUm: needed b), eontrtbu­.',"" ". ,in. tile tar' rate. :Moreov ..... ~qnB IqJjat'1II the will 'of Conn",l. tt Is trSnklT cIoUb_ that an ;l .. ~ T1ie peOple of "'lit, colOlmqiiilY '!'ore AUCE M. BAIRD, Old Bank BuDding. Swarthmore 0108 W. S_ BITI'LE and SON, Rutgers, 'Swarthm:o~ 01 II J , , E~W ARD L.. N~YES. 23 So. Ch~er Road,' Swuthmore OIl4·' . ._' .. '~Im'E;'TOLD" 33S~D~BtIl:~venue,. Swarthmore IsSS ,. . . •

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• I..GAI. NOTIC.' I..GAI. .• NOTI~ uill. NOTIC.I TRE.\SURER·S SALE OF SEATED LAND IN THE COUNTY OF DmLA· 'WAR.t<;. PENNSYLVANIA, FOR TAXES DUE THEREON JohneM. lin. Ida K.-Lot •• 08- borDo ........ 111.11. . John.... lin. Ilia ]I.-Lot·. .. bOuee. 01_ ........ t., .... SQder, Prank A .lno. O. BrICk-Lot W E. Kerion .1' N. ·from 'a. CUvl Boulevard, 4.0 • 16.'7, "".81.. _ ...... of BallIdq-lI7 An4.non AVellue. $11t.&1. MIDDI..TOWN TOWN'HI~ DwL,.rolm c.-LotIo u.... __ town ....... t.. " .... . Turner Sul>Pl7 Ce.-f. " N Oak ,AYeDU •• tI .... . K1u~ ·N __ Lrit 1'k .. : Cboetor A"ODUe, RhUe7 Park ",.8'1. .JIIoIr, WID. m.-Lo" 11-1. B. W. Cor. Tatea " Grant A .. enll. 'lS." •. FOR YEAR 1941 .JobnooDo Wm. A.-LotIo 18-1'. eo­IwDbla Avenue. ,11.0(8. Jon... Mary-LotIo 11-11, BIJr:, Eo Wortb City. ".40. Bhlalerl.._~ ... ull&-Strlp of __ nat OD ....,. A:yenge· trom Kan1ne to lIr N. ot Dermond-no frontap. 't& s 111. .... 81 • MORTON .OROUGH Smith...... Barab-Lol8 1ItI-a-4. ...... rMt Avenue. Fain ..... 'U.SI •. Toucbltono. Jl:ben JI. -': V~lca-­LOUr 8S-8-100. Honoy _ BUI. UL81. ., In acoordance with the Acts. of AI:­.. mill" 19. MIy lUI and 10 • .Juno A. D ... 1939" P. 1.. of tbe Coll1lilonwea1th oC· Pennsylvania, relatlnJr to the aa1e or Seated. Land In the County Qf. DeJaware, etc.. for taxea due and. un­pakl, 1 will otrer· at publlo Ale at the Court Houe In the Borouah· of ~edta. Pennsylvania. on .ron... Wm. H. .. II&ttl..-Lo.. 4T. 8.'. buQalow. worth C1~. '17.... . LInWood B. '" L. _ - Lot .. b ..........l .. ZlO _daD Aveau. NUt. Will........ ClIfton-Lot •• BIk u. HoU)'W004 A"t'enue, .fli~ Tyeon. Beteele -Houae and 1l1&cluohlN. Joeeph .. 14&-Ho_ .. Lot. m. .Id. lIoItor Stnet. ,,'.n. . BeII,'.lloben E.-Lot, &; aide . Brldp Street, . uua. V.1IIkllewlnnllt Helen....;. Lola 11-'-6. N·&' n-I, ,FaIrYI .... GarcIo .... tU.81. Lon., Elmer a: Eleanor - Lot • ~140nt TruIt Co.-l;IJ B. _ • boUIe, Xe,.ltone Road. " ••• &. :Mason. ThoL 14-Lot .. bouae. 11 'taylor Avenue. $49.4 •• ... un4. Garrett Boac! .. Darby ......... Ilot.7I •. Bowden. Bdwar4-Lot, S. Iide Benry Avenue. SO .. 96 E. of Burmont MatUole. Pantholeil-Lot I.. B1k 87.78 '" 110 ....... ,84.11. LL. WOTlh City. $1.81. O·Rourk., Thomae-Lola 11-11, BJJr:. Rodge .... Jam.s J.-LoU 478-'. Ed· mondil·A.venue. $4'.U. ~RIL 15. 1946 Q, Linwooo. Park. ".44. Oliver. Joaquin-Lots ..... Btl£: B. . PInt PhUa. B. '" L. ArIm.-Lola 1-1. BUt. D. Lombard7 Road, $44.88. at 10 o'clock A. M.. the folio_inc describfild pieces of land In said county or such part thereof &8 mA)" be Deeespe't"Y to satisfy the. amount of the· tues due and unpaid aca1nBt the same, and cooUn118 the sale trom 4a7 to tIay as the same may be found LInwood PaT'" ~9.0!I. Rlcet, PaquaJe-Lou • to 10. BIk. . HarrIty. Wm. p--ot'Ound E. 814e 4th Street. IS' W. ald. 4tb, hu .... E •. ,18.17.. • _ L ... _.:..., .R.obJ.neOn. Wm.-uvt _ v~_ow. Maguire. Wm • .r. & Mary. C.-Lo" E. lIide Bishop Avenue W. of BaIt.. &3 Booker Avenue. UI.'8. ,9.31. . Schenlder, Joseph - Lot I. Locust HcClook.y. .1. - Lots '.10. COr • Street, $6.61; . W""". .. p<!nnocJr:, '14UI. SchenUler, J'O!J8ph-Lot 10 X 160. McKee. Annl. .r; N.-Lola lIO·Ut. Locu.t Stroot, '6.76. Tyeon. Wm. T. & Wrla'ht-Lot 6: house, 36 Avenue. ,n .• a. 'I'lndaU, Anna ~Lot A b~ow, Hook Rood. tzU8. Plumstead Aventie, '29.98. TElQIS OF SALE The amIount of the taxes and costa moat "' paid on the day .,-hen the land. 1a BOld. otherwl8e the property wlU acaln be offered for we. GEORGE O. PHILIPS. Treasurer of Delaware County, Treasurer's Office, J4edla. ALDAN BOROUGH Faeelol&. Stella-Lot Nm. S. Wood· lawII, ,21.16. ASTON TOWNSHIP CO%, Lawrence-Lota 19-ZO. Blk. 10. Cheater Plaza, $11.68. Era7. Leo-~ of 13-14 to 19, Sec. C, C. ,1.4 •. Emy. Leo-Lots 26 .. 27 D. 39 cents. Em". Leo-Lo18 1 .. 10 .. 16. 20 to 81 inc.. Sec. F, $5. 'l9. - Erny. Leo-Lots 11 to 18. 3i-&-8. Sec. G, ,2,.27. Latshaw. Albert A. &: JOOna 14.­Lots 27-8-11-6. Sec. C. Beechwood Pari<. $13.46. Lotvin. Emile-Lot & Ha. 100 :z 200. Cheater Hst&. $124.:6. Leonard. James E.-Lots 39 to 49, Sec. J. Beechwood. Park Annex, $8.32. Leonard, Sarah B.-Lots 60. Sec. J, Beechwood Park Anne%, 39 centa. • O'Hara. Patrick & Beatrlc~;t.ota 22 .. 3-4. 46-7 ..... 9. Sec. Band 001186- Village Green, UJ.80. O'Hara, Patrick & Beotrlce-Lot n. Sec. B, Beechwood. Park. $1.03. ~oldB;. Walter J. 4: LIllian-Lota 8.'-10. Soc. C. Beecbwood Park Arm.,., 12.111. Wright. Raymond-Lote 16, Sec. D. Beechwood Park Annex, 79 cents. Yeager, Wm. L.-Lot 28~19-30. BlIt. 13, Chester PIasa, $18.S4. . Yeager, Wm. L.-Lot 31-1 BUt. 18. Chp.!lter Piasa, $11.45. BETHEL T!lWNSHIP CorSOD. PbDlp' Est.-lUO .A. 2 & S sty. stone hse.. hulk Road, 1171.38. CUaon. PhWp Est.-~ sty, atone ~ FaDlk Road. $40.0L Currie, Ralph A. & .Jan~Lot 8S • INp.g~ Hook Road. $1.60. e, l!'Tanclo-l3 Acrea, $SUII. IIIRMINGHAM TOWNSHIP Stockwell. David H.-Land .. BId&'. 15-364 A.. Smith Bridge Rood. ,61.91. CHESTER TOWNSHIP Coleman. .1aa. H.-1610 Verdun Avenue &: frame bouse. 1 .t;y., 115.07. Ford. Richard-Lots 108-9. Cit_tar Terrace UUs. He ... L Roy d",,'d Sallie-Hoe.. UI>­laad Road.. Z sty. frame house. p.r. '" bl4&'&. 1100.10. Maddock. Alfred H.taI-Lo" 1-1-1, Sec.' Q. 1 frame bo .... '20.16. Maddock. Alt"d-Lota 4-6 ..... Sec. Q, houae. tiL 11. PtoanD!. Sabaotlan - Lola 24-6-6. Cbelrter '.1·errace, ,19.& •• Stinson, Robert - Lots 0-'-1-11. BII<. D. aJamont V1Ua, U6.01. LOWER CHICHESTER TOWNSHIP St ..... " Rob.. H. & l!arat.-IIII Huddell Avenue. $18.4:1. Wood. Paul L.-Green Btreet. UUI. Wood. Paul 1..-1&18 BeaI. Stroot, $N.31. Wood. Paul L.-1378 Market Street, $14LIZ. Wood. PaulL.-160· N. of wormOW on Beale, $H.I1.. . . Bi'own. Mary &-161 Edward Street. $ .• UPPER CHICHESTI!R· TOWNSHIP Stili. IGa C.-Lola 18 to It, BII<. A. EAST LANSDOWNE BOROUGH Murphy, John EJltate-Lo" 1IIeIro. .. Avenue. d&.91. Ward. EII ..... tJ-1171 lI.1rooe Ave· nue, 11&.91. UUS. WUson, MtltQn T. &. SlL-Lots " to 49 & bungalow. '44.16. Wood, Paul L.-Lot and bunp.low. 42 Randall Road. $49.t6. . W.ITOII. Ralph F.-Lola 41-41. BJk, F. IIZ.n. • Woodall, .J. Reese-Lot &: houa~ .Johnson Avenue, $44.95. CLIFTON HEIGHTS BOROUGH KcGlnnls, JohD-Bouae, 111 :m. berk­ley Avenue, $61.11. Agatone. Orlando - HOUH, 21 W. WynclUr.. ,41.ft. • COLI.INGDALE BOROUGH Parsons, Anna-UI ml1s1de Avenue. ,91.33. JIert&ler. John B. - Lot. .Jackson Avenue. 40 x 107. $!8.U. Hert2ler .John B. - Lot. Jackson Avenue, 2& x 107. $19.15. Shlndell, Oneida N. - Houae. %34 Clifton Avenue, $132.81. Shore, Morris-Lot,. 1llaeDade, S.W. Cor •• 64 x Ill, S89.68. Whlterow. S. Macklin-Lot, Spruce Stree .. 211.58 " 114.60. U9.66. .Jones, Wm. &: Mary-580 MacDade Boulevard. $173.66. Michaels, Joseph-Lolli 22 ... '. Spruce Street. $23.26. Nlelda, Cheyney-Lote &03-5. Spruce Street, $58.16. CONCORD TOWNSHIP Barnett. Edg. O. - Land &: shop, Concord Road. $23.28. Bullock. Isaac-House &: lot. Booths Corner Rbad, $11.66. Reinhold, John G. & SaIUe-Lot 4: bldg8.. Concord & ThornbUlT. Line Road, $56.86. Slawter. Hllbert-Land &. buqaJow. Bethel Bm Road, $13.91. DARBY BOROUGH Homer • .John N. &: Hlnnle-907 For­rester Avenue,' $9.07. Porter. George W. &: CIara.-906 Summit Street, $17.63. Armstrong. Ethel E. - 830-2 Maln Street, $488.21. • lNrat Nat'] Bank, Darby - Ground, Cheater Pike &: Pine, ,292.93. Cox, Walter-Oround 260" from N.W. Cor. 4th &: CoIWJ'll. $11.16. O. ARBY TOWN. 8HIP Ale:zander • .JIIY Cooke-House au­J18- 120 Hook. barn and frame house. ,102.89. Chamberst WilHam S.-7 Aeru, C&l­com &:. HOOK.L ,178.86. De18.ware \.:ounty Trust & John S. Pew-t9-50 Cook & Bartram, frame bungalow, '80.03. f*cks, Andrew-12'l-8-9 Brennan 4: BonlJ&ll, frame house, $46.78. . Farrell. Rtchard-3U-& CUfton Ave­nue. frame. house. 346 Clifton Avenue. ,67.16. Gaither. Andrew-CUfton S. from Linden, barn & houae, '91.48. Linwood B. & L. .A88n.-2J9 Trlbbltt &: Lincoln. $11.4'. PhUa. Half Time B. 6: L. Aaan.- 308-9-10-11 Clifton. frame bungalow. ,61.19. People's Bank & Trust Co.-6S ... Flsber N. from Linden. '11.44. Quickie),",' CaroUne - 24-5 ::Matthews TTaet. ,IU4. . Sharon 1:1. & L. AB8D..-1'1 Burton Street from Linden, barn .& house, $TU8. Spencer. Abraham-H-t& Trlbbltt. frame bungalow. $62.89. Wayne B. &: L. ~sn.-Lots I .. e. Trlbbltt, trame house. SU.n. Whltesett. Amoa & Anna'-26 Green .. hill Road, Cor. of Hook, ,U.16. Cottman, Lavinia - 28-29 Bartram, N. from Laurel, frame bun«alow, $30.01. Butcher. Alonzo Estate-IOOf Pem­broke Avenue. ,n.3'. EDDYSTONE BOROUGH Slmpaon. William Eatate-Grouod. N •• Ide 10th Sir .... '6.28. Decktar. Loulo. W. side S!m_n Street. 'b.34. t EDGMONT TOWN.SHIP Luhy, Margaret-Lots ZS-29, Blk. B, Edgmont HII1B. $1.53. . FOLCROFT BOROUGH HarrIson, William H. Est.-Meadow Land, $25.68. GLENOLDEN BOROUGH RInes. Frank :T. & Florence-48 N. Bonsall Avenue. $14.49. E mer 1 c k • Harry--36 Rlllcrest. $14.64. Munce. Annie J.-Dwg., W. Know-Iell Avenue, $58.52, Ludwig, Bettl~ .:r.-Lot 100 It 39.81. Ashland. $S.78. LudWig. Bettie .T.-Lot. 135 It 281. Ashland. $23.40. Bonsall & Forbea--Coal yard, office & garage, $418.89. HAVERFORD TOWNSHIP Firat Ward Lucas, SlJae T. Est.-Lou 6& .. 8 ... 7. Bon· AIr R~ $73.72. Nellde, W. Cheyney-Lota 148-9. Claremont Boulevard, $18.4 ... Shannon, .James-l.3U A.. Furlong· Avenue. '59.90. Armstl'ong. Imelda B.-=-!i North Ma" noa Road, $32.16. Gallagher. Anthony-4-5-6-7. Blk. C. Maryland, $11.53. Third Ward· Baumann. Dorothy Van Allen-Loff 4M-5 .. S. ~ockland Road. $62.89. Fifth Ward Sllvert, David & Hannah-House, 644: Dayton Road. SlOO.22. Harrl80n, Hettlo-Rear 662 Dayton, 2'1.6 x 17, $9.22. Dougherty ....... Dennls-Rear 860 Mar-· ttn. Rear 14 of 68, 2& x 64.6. $2.32. Sixth Ward Tuck, Loulse-830 Aubrey Avenue, ,S7.56. OUvlere. Frances A.--6S2-855 Del­mont Avenue. $56.29. M~ntague. Harry -Lots 815-620. Kingsley Road. 157.60. Bean. Charles L. &: Pearl H.-Lots 679·80, Lawndale Avenue. $23.06. Seventh Ward Hamilton. Margaret D.-Lots 21-2, Leedom Road. ,66.44. Eighth Ward Higgins. Thomas ~F. & Helen 0.- 734 A.eburst ROad. ,2.91. LANSDOWNE BOROUGH Schneider. Frank-Lots 470-2. Bel­mont Avenue, $2d.18. Riccardi, John A.!..-Lot 482, W. side Ja.clt8on Stre~t, ,16.82. Schul... EMma K.-Lola 71-2. 205 Eo .Harshall Road. $'3.21. Tladesmen Nat'l Bit. &: Tr. Co.­E. Marshall Roa·d. S. allle. John H. GosttJDC, Sub. Tr -Ground, 61.03 :/: 46.22 " 31 '" 79.24. $.h9. NtcbolaB..z Paul H.-3S I\unnymede Brown, Mary R..-Lot .Ogden Ave.. UPPER DARBY TOWNSHIP Av.enue. $11"16.90 •. nue. 'No. 2t.- ".00. Bowland, C. H.-Lota 90-1. Walnut CUlson. Oaear N.-Lot U, Blk G • .& Clevenger, S. F. &: M. E.-t1 Cha.t.. Street, 'li5.«13. . btmCa.low, $1'1 •• 7. ham Road. $.IU.U. Murray, JOB~ph-Wl11owbrook Ave-carlson, N.-Lot H. B1k B. Haber. lda-Ground of S. ~arshall nue, W. side Plot II. rear of WllIow- Plffivlew, $6.19. Road. ,209.48. d brook between Stratforo & Bryn Jamea-Lou 10-11 .. 0, Blk. Scott. Wm. J.-Lot, N.W. st e lones Mawr, '147.92. Fl!'. ,6.1 Slreet, N.m. from Bormont Road. c~ .. Carro • Jam .... Harrrare~Lot .. ,9.97. . MARPLE TOWN$HIP .Jaoobss/OIm-HO- .. Lot, N. aide Newall Ireet. "9 .... "Dlclr.eI'8OD. OeoIWe-BoUe • Lot, N. old. School Stroot, ,11.81. . Unknown-Lot. N. 0\40 BdIooI Stroot. '11.11. HU4. Helen-Houe 4: .Lot. W. lide Wolnut Slreet, "S.11. NEWTOWN TOWN8HIP ADdereon, Tbomas • Ann, Lota 60,1. ,oil<. 11. Newtown Hillrht.. fl.19. FIaIt, Mary-Lola 1I·If. BIk. 1'. North- Haveb Road. $3.30. Hunt,· Joseph & Marla-Lota 1-t, BII'._~. Newtown Hch .... Woet Ch.s. ter HIle, ,9.86. Harvey. Leo & Marpze~Lot 160. Larchmont, North Green Valley lload. ta.l9. KInIr. Mar"""t & McGaUIgan. Sarah-Lola 67-58. BlI<. 9. Ch ..... ut Street. Newtown Helghtl. "'.93. McGetLlgan Belle 6. Jane-Lota 69- 60. Blk. 9. Chestnut Street, Newtown H.!&hla. $4093. . Pegler. W. G.-Lota 28-"-30. Sec. T. Larchmont Square, $4:.93. NORWOOO BOROUGH _.' carr, William Est.-iii Mohawk Avenue. ,66.01. J'arvJa. Margaret-Lota 283-'. Hook Road. 124.04. J'81"Vts, Margaret-Lot m. Cleve­land Avenue, 118.01. PROSPECT PARK BOROUGH B r 1. h·t 0 n. Samuel-Lote 1&4 .. 5. frame house. 312 Naaaau Boulevard. $.6.64. . Media-89th St. Tr. Co.-2S' of Lot 41 2nd Avenue, ,4.10. Medla .. 69th SL Tr. Co.-Lot 23. 2.85' of 21. Sec. M, S4.10. Landreth. WUllam L.-Lotll 4:19 to 422. IncL, 3rd Avenue; ,9,59. Med!a-69th St. Tr. Co.-Lot 40. 1.84:' of 39, 3rd Avenue. ,4.10. Medla.-69th St. Tr. Co.-25' of Lot 21. K. $4.10. Banks, Henry W. & Emma-641 Chester Road, 72 centL Banke, Henry W. ~ lilmm~a Chester Road, 72 cents. Irwin; Thomas &: Isabella-Lot 135, Pt. 116, 8th Avenue. brick house, $60.17. Roberts, Mary R. & Anna J. De­pue &: Mary E. Keefer-J,i of Lot 70. 11th Avenue. rrame &: stucco house. $111.10. Cnm, David & Maud Yql&-Lots, 16th Avenbe, 120 % 130 •. $33.07. Brll1 Con.tructlon Company-Lote 19-20. BUe.. N. l4adl80n Avenue. $8.20. , Brffi Conlltructlon Company-Lob, 1'1-18. Blk. N, Madison Avenue. 18.20. BrIll Con8tructlon Company-Lota, 9-10, Blk. G. Madison Avenue. S8.84. NETHER PROVIDENCE TOWNSHIP Barrett, Royden N.--Lota 8 to 12. Incl.,. Z Garden City. 118.06. ~ DiAngelo. Emldio-Lots 31-2 W. Garden City. $1.24. Durham. Homee E.-House. Vernon Street. $18.0G. Bolmes, Emma-Lot 28 X. Garden City. ,3.63. Hamet, Nettle-Lot It D. Garden City. S14.U •. .Jackson. Elbabeth-Lots 8-9-10 J. Garden City. $10.84. No]an, Eda Est.-Lots G-7 L. Gar­den City, $2.0G. Paclftc, Rosario-Lot 19 L, Garden City. 13.63. Pavloch, .John-Land. Brookhaven Road, $18.06. Peterson, Charles-2 HoUses, Wash­Ington Avenue, $10.28. Ruft', Stephen E.-Lots 11-2-3 ..... & II. Garden: City, $18.06. Geary, A. B.-Lots 7:"8 V. $7.24. UPPER PROVIDENCE "TOWNSHIP . Ben, Emily G.-Lots 25-6. BIt. N: Media. Annex, $7.86. Cunningham, Eva.-Lots 13-4. Blk. X. Media Anne%, $3.96. Dornblum, Isaac-Robin mn Lot. ,8.07. Glannatale. John - Lots 15-te AI.. Media Annex, $6.07. GrUIo. Salvador-Lots 34-6 Z. Me­dia Anne%, $3.95. Kaupp, Anna A.-Lots 15-18. BUt. N. Media Annell:, $6.07. Menutello.. Antonlo-19-20 Y. Jrledla Annex, $3.95. . McNamee. Annie 8.-6 lnk. ce, Me­dia Annex, U.97. Neuman, Georgianna-Rock Hou .. Rood. $98.03. Rankin. Joseph-Lot. 11 .. 13, BUt. X. Me.dla Annell:, $3.95. Schutt. Robert W. A.-Lots &-6-7-8 W. Media Annex, $1.86. Yacklna. Peter-Lot 6. Bllt. X. Me .. ~A Annex, $1.91. RIDLEY TOWNSHIP BIr"" '6.11. Corrino. Mlchell-Lo .. 1-1, BIJr:. Y. lIedla Annex. ".96. RAONOR TOWNSHIP Pranko Realty Com_-H' Black FrIar.Ro ..... $41.17. HarrIson, BernarcJ-3Jj Eaellua A ve- Due. $20.65. . Band.... .Joeeph D. .. _-1104 County Line Road, 118&.68. Secretary of Bankt,,,,,,,,I· Chamounl Road. 50" 110. $28.91. • ... Yo""". George ·M.-Upper ",,," '" Pble Roode. a& ·A. '577.76. RIDLEY PARK BDROUGH Finley •. Huel E.-Lotll 21 to II Incl •• Baldwin. $15.00. . Pear~ WIUIam A. & .1. K.-Loto 8- 9 !'lJ Che.teT Rood. U9.99. l'Ielson. Edwin K. EIIL~roUI\d. W. 'Rldley Avenue, '6.01. . Kite, M. E.-Lots 13-14-15. Rodgers, US.OO. . 62nd B. &. L. AlIan.-Lo... BII<. B. Partridg.. U6.GO. . Dougherty. Walter & Marguerite­Lots 4·t;, Thayer. $19.99. SHARON HILI. BOROUGH '- . FrankB, WJUla.m K. & Catherine­Lot. 1!:lmwood Avenue, '33~". . DoDBBhy. Donald & Charlotte-6S Florence Avenue. '56.61. SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP Graham, John W. Est.-U.OS A(lres N. atde Baltimore Pike, 891.43 W. ftom Swarthmore Avenue, $181.81. 6th Nat'l Bank-Lot 227. K.W •• Ide Brookside, ·Sec. •• $132.09. Fremont, Robert F.-*, acre rear S. W.· sfde BardwfCke Road •. UL6 •• Eggleston, Cbarlea F.--%: of &'l S.W. side Otcbard Road, Springfield. Farms Annex tIO.OS. Innes, Wilham T.-Innes Tract Lots 8 .. 10. E. side Maple. THORNBURY TOWNSHIP Law. catherine bunealow, $27.7&. Law, Catherine $6.04. & Ha.rry-ft'ame & Harry!.4.and TINICUM TQV-INBHIP Zack, Paul-39/10 E88InKtoa. U.&5 Fianaaan, ·A.nn1e-25.26 EMIngton ".46. Graham. HUCh-i6/15 Eaiogton $6.66. Langar. William C.-l/14 Eselncton $12.20. Horne. El1sabeth P.-IIII JD. of WanamiLker Avenue. 16.16. McConnell, WJlliam-Seat.. H, t .. % 134. Lester, ,8,87. D&la.ney.· John P.-3I/41 Luter '6.63. . lIcC'ellan. !ltv. B. T., "L'raatee for Varvlck A. M. Church-l'/n L""T $6.63. White, OIga-28-31/40 frame house Le8ter. ,If.60. Stinson, lsaOO11&-20/33 Lester. '6.53 '6 M.••c.C auley. WnUam---34/3t Leater Mazzaroba, Albert &: Emma.-tG/30 Lester. S6.66. McParland. .1 am e &-18/18 Lester $6.65. Ram 8 den, Barton-leIla Lester $6.6'. McKenna, Bridget-lS/19 L e 8 t & r $6.63. _ MilKenna, Brldget-20J19 L e 8 t e r ,6.53. Bunter ... Je.mes Est.-12 Acree. $1'.'. Ma1seed, John-13G s: 376 E. Elder berry Lane. $U6. KeUer. Harry .1".-18/11 Bartram Avenue, Esstngton. 1Ii.63. TRAINER BOROUGH . Bum .. John F.-Lots 1 to 4 lacl. Blk. L •. $13.49. Lee, VaJorle-3516 W. SId Street briCk house. $44.02. Moore, Francis .1.-1 to & D. t-U D ,18.1'(. - - UPLAND BOROUGH Bartholt, Vlne:ent .. Rebeeca.-lS Hill Street. $70.19. Castle. Augur EaL-Lan4. S. alde 8th Street. x 100. 65 cents. Penna. Title &: Trust Co. and'Tral\s fer to Agnell Dutty--CommOR· Court:. N. side 3rd Street. 25 x 68.83. ".56. YEAOON BORpUGH Barclay, Charlotte M.......aG iltdl!lr, ,8.68. Ba.rper, Harold 111.--32 FaIrview, U92.6.. . Joyee, Raumond T •• et ux-Lota "6- 48'1. ~ pf. 488. Longacre. Boulevard, U6.81. Cohen, SYlvla-919 s..rrta "\'v_ue. U",U. , Allo, Albert-Lots· 283.4, Swarth .. more Avenue, Folsom. ,15.7&: Boy Scop,ts. Folsom-Lots 2083 to 2066. bncL ~ta Z011-Z-3~4-6. 2071-2078, 2080 Manor. Lots 2081-2-3-4. Folsom. Pabnqui8t. Susie W.-Lot, "",.oembe Avenue. S10.69~ house. 4 Pleaaa.nt V. Avenue. '63.11. . Board of Penalone. Preabyterian Chestnut, Andrew-Lots Sf-&-8, BUt. Church-Lot, 1 Verner Tract. ,29.93. S. ".44. Borouab of Lansdowne-Lots 286- Dan8, Isaac &; A. L.-Lot '1. Waah- H'l-:-269-Z'f1.-3 ... t. Plulilatea.d Avenue, Inrrtoa 8Ireet, ".97. Li.nriclC>WDO HeI&lito, $74.84. American Unton Assn. pi Phl1a.~ Lot 116 x 14t, Weat Cheste.r Pike .. ~temer Avenue, Brookthorpe Um8. $10.17. Dorey. Wm.-l acre & bldg .• Robin­son Tract. La"Wt'ence Road~ 145.21. $193.01. . BoYS' Club, Folsom-Lots 3 to 14 Incl., Sec. A., Z6 to 2'l IncL, Folsom Manor, Sec. A, Includlnc Lots 3 to 37, Sec. B. Folsom Manor. Lota 1 to 8. inel. 8 .. 9-10-13~1&, Sec. C, I to 12 Incl. 16-16-19-ZO.21.21, Sec. D. FolSom Kanor. '765.69. CHESTER CITY Firat W.rd C4ncello, Mary-E. Avon a.o.w. S. bavts. Thomae F. _ Lots. ho1l8ei Borouch of LaDlidowne-Lots !'l6- side. t5 x 116.33. U.41. Johneon .. RMJt Avenues- $1.1t.Ca. 1-7-8-t, Sbadeland ATenue, '61.1 •• Del. Co. 'trust Co.-Lotti 108 to 110, FIrat National' Bank-Lots 22-3-'- 118 to 118, ,.1.48. 6 .. 8-'1. 8&c. B, Vernon Road. '59.8f. Del. C - .. - C Lots.J h Adeasl Aluander - Lots, S.W.s. 0. .......... 0.- 0 n80n Winfield Avenue. $1S'f.l'l~ Aven ... Galbralt!J., 330 It.l~$l8.'8. .AleUls Alexander-Lot. H.E. aide Del. Co. TTuirt CO.~Lot8"w. Cot. Sft~.ce ~.t,.' _ "S. '187.17. Rankin & Randall U.n. ~ - "_ •• - • DeL Co.· Tr'W!~ Co.-Lots .rltlT8 Pnlltlnt CTafla B. & I.. Asm ....... lt Blod<, 230 '" 238. 111.14. Tlmbetlake Road. '16.99. Del. Co. Trust Co.-Lots 177-119 4: Heckscher. Led .. a r 4-&31 Long . '81 to 1~ ~IO - Lane, Sl99.51. ..I -. .-. Free, Ralph H. & Dorothy-Ground Del. Co. ruat Co.-LoU no. 50 x &; building. Old Caledonla Mill, Oak- 1.10, $1.15. ,U8 8t Del. Co. Trust Co.-Lota 1I1-1J!, 4:4 vi~tfy. iUcbard-Lots. 149 PrImos " 120. $I.IG. . .I.~ . Del. Co. Trust Co.-Lota ttl to l"'t A~'\n, iii-.. So hta J'.-Lots 190 .. 1, tG! to 116. $21.35. B~OPllJ A_ '"_ Dol. Co. TTU8t Co.-Lo" 118-111. 406-7. Secane hIan_... . .... Galbraith Avenue. $I5.'l3. Weat., Robert . .......of union Avenue, (I~;' ~j:rw.M~Lo" 198. to 105. $4U~e. tloht: '1'.~ti.i.I:· /jf Ilt/nini!. Del. Co. ~otL~.-Lot. t18, oan· Devon· Lan. N.E. .I~.. m.,from Falr- _ A .... nae •• 1&. . rdliUt to Lbtol .' ..... ,t .111. . Del. Co. Trull Co.-Lot It. Gag. DaI .... m. S. F. ..Loul_14 CloY • b~ ~e;:;.~n.~_Lot ct. Randall· e1:'!~U:loa:" ln~'Aan.-J1 N. Pen- Av ....... '1.16 nocJr: Avenue, $144.64. Del. Co .. TTUot Co.-Loto IN U! lOll. JUt'ltet Btr B. • L. .... -11 N. OaIIbnlth A ..... ue, nl.l4. PennocJr: Aveaue. =:i.~ B. L L. Qorooch, A. J.-Lots l7.t. BIlL· 1[, North Braach ~ - OaTdeIl4ale. I Aan.--1S N. Pennoc1r: ....... ea. .... "".1:1. Gmlam, RulN\il'-fAto 11 • 11 _. ' _ . Liberty Bell B, .. L. .... - BIlla· JIIJr:. C. $17.t'I. ' OhID. -. fUt.a. .r ... __ ,~- ... BIJr: A. .,lr." ,. , II If-., - ~::u.:. Ai,-;t>t II .. ~ c:.:=. ... Lt'f~ ..,;: _W. Flaherty. Mlchael-8-9-ly, Sec. R. Broomall Sq~ .. 6th Avenue, $5.80. Hogan, PatrICK Est.---t:2-3 Broomall Gr:qve, Franklin· A venuf!,$14.61. Gallagher BrJdget-lAtt &: bldB' .• Anthon:v Avenue, Brooktborpe B., 'lUI. . t-andru'm. Wm. B.-30 Everwreen. Larchmont. $1.28. . McCloskey, John Est.-Lots !1 to 25, Sec. B. Broomall, 1st Avenue Square. $12.33. McCloskey, .John Est.-Lota 12 to 16. Sec. F. Broomall. 1st Avenue Square. $1.01. • McCloskey. John Est.-Lots 8 to 11, sec. F. Broomall. 1m Avenue Square. $8.01. . XcC1oak~l". =.n Est.-Lots 19 to It. Btm.. F, In. tat Avenue. Bq~ $IUD •. , ·~1;· . Ll!Itaa. Est.-Z3 Strohm . Tract. Davia Avenue. $9.43. Seifert. Kartha &: Rolle-Lots 3 .. t. See. O. lIrooman Square, sa.61. Franko Realty .Co.-!01 GreenhDl, N. BcIlrmont Roarl, ".14. JlcQulllton. J'ame&--68-1 Broomall Pk.. Summit Avenue, $L4G. M.DIA IIOROUGH If_.U""I"l: I"'Fr_u, ,, 110' !I-.. $1,11. . Lamb. LIIIY-U'I Pro\1dellco -. .... JI. caron, Chas. F.-Lots 1 •• 16 .. 16-17- 18, Bile. F. BerkJey Annel[, $29.63. CashneT". Grace F. &: Marie E.-Lots 13G .. 137-138. Seventh Avenue. Folsom, $17.22. Del. Co. Ice Co.-Plant & around, Holmes. $787.00. Meade, Edward B.-Lots 18 .. 19, Sec. 19, Oakland Park, $7.88 . Quinn. Bernard-Lot 2093. Taaker Avenue, Jt'ol80m. $26.66. Reese, Wllllam-Lots 28-29. Lincoln Street. Blk. O. BerkleY, $11.78. Reidinger. John. Boy Scouts of Pot- 80m - Lots 16-17-18-19- 2'1-28-30, See. F. Folsom, ''10.86. Sibole, Charlotte-Lota 123 to 13"' In("I •• See. A. Faraday~~ark, ,a9." .. Thompson, Davt~.lAlt t4. Holmes. '6.90. De1. Co; Ice Mf.. Co.-coat4 Poe1r:­ets. Holmes. ,U.38. Walker, Howard E.-Lots llft.4. Sec. 39. Rldlg_ Avonue, FoIIOlll. ,1.86. I.,c..a mpbell. Edw. m.-Loto t·&, Berk· $16.75. Brunke, HenJ'F .I: NeUle C.-Lot ttl. Rldle,. Park To ........ ,3.16. JlaHnfua. Gustave-Late. 41t-nO"!' tft·tU. Cor. YItIiInla .. ma_ A..... Rldl." I'U'Iii He'*"t& "UI. ~~ ~p~DIu ~ Itt .. l ... .!-!eI"!",",!!!llt • ~ . .&_ -, ..... m/I!It8; ftI,'IJ. . FTancl.. l!'Tank Ba.n4-<-304 ..... 11th Stre.t. $21.68. _ Del. Co. Trust Co.-!21 n. UI"d SlTeet, $10.95. KaDnon~ John-F.. 21st. S •• de Lots 36-1, ".&1. Garthwaite •. Jas. H.-E. tatll Street. N. side, 228 % 190 % 234 x 185. $14.". Brennan • .rohn A.. eL ux.-JI. 11th Street. N. side. 18.07. McClaskey, Chas. H. Jr.-a' ABeY between Lindsay & 24th. It x 36. $1.8 •• Cooper, Sarah-U14 Chestnut Street. $3.14. .Wood, John A.-IUO Ch •• tnut SlTee" $1.83. . Woo d. .J 0 h n ~'~-l'ln Cheatnut St_t. $t.B •• CUmm\nrrB. _\11<1& & Frank PI. Provf4e:nee Avenue. E. alae;. ... U~ Atmatron.. Imelda B.-S. W. ~ WorreU &: Sunnyatde. '16.01. Second W.N RumA)", Cu"Mrt .H. It. Tork-411 Eo 17th Stree .. ,4.41. ~ ... Plower. Wm. G.-E. !fth E"'&~ ~. rdde 69.81 x 1811JL5J. . cii. i_ 0~wnmt.. "G ... -~ • . Sb a ...... lU6. Rut- 3.J~ii':;" ~~b' ifan __ ~ • ., \ CLASSIFIED """"""""""'" N~WS NOTES 8wU??' .0 , ... wo.r IA.,M BROOKS BOROUGH OP BW.AJlTHIlORB . PRDINAliC» NO. t. AD ordlAanee turtJMr amendlaa- 0r41D&DCe No. 216 'POO I Oied ne:. cember '0. 11%1, ellrninatinl' eeI­Ian wh(.fe proper around -irmula. lion II provided. . . TIlE COUNCIL OF THE SOg • TIl .... w." ,~~~~·C~IW.b4~~t. WANTED DeL Co. Truot Co.-It W. Greham Street, "'Ii. .t.~...,,~ 'Ploaaon-lIO-1 Bevan Street, WuerekowaJd, Antonlo-lU B. 4th Streel. , ..... Fpurth Ward . IZ,:y:. ..... .JOI. T.-1ot Deshon .. Street, "If~h W.rd Tulor. I_ua C.-E. 9tb Street. lit " 171. lit.... . Mccam. loo. m.-411 E. lOth Street. 17.". . _". lJIr .... G. & Lilli. A. ...... Zl E. lUI>II ....... $5.4S. llobOOka.. AD t. 0 n e----620 McIl1valne Str~et, '1.4~. • 81~h W.rd Danso. Ancelo--ZU W. Front Street, ,U6- .Koul'7. Tltoe.-lO'1 I'rankllD Straet. '8.66. . 110m .. Cbarlell-lU Concord. Ave­nue, ,&.4L Broad, keGe 1.-11' .. 111 ConCorct AvenGe, h .•. Davirl, Tbo& F. '" Sara T.-SZO Bar. cia,. Street:. *11.15. .......... Fannl. & lIarr)'-411 liar· cJnaye ,.9 lIeet. $I'. It. Co. Ii: T'ru.R Co.-124: Penn. Street, '1.30. HarDiaon, Ruth Reynolds-1J8 Penn Street. $"'1.. Haas. A. Henry-tag W. 3rd Street, $4050. Seventh Ward Didio.!. BraDII: Mennie COncetto, et. ""'-41. W. Ir4 Street, ,non Wleaomd. Ha!IIr>-3r4 Sir.... S. al4 • Land enend.Jng to UlrIcb Street, z % 19& J[ 8.26, 18 oent& goJt bag In Sw&. 2907. WlANTED--Room or ment lor Swarthmore .search worker and wife. Evans. Swa.; 0ra00. WANTED-Woman wants pleasant at­tractive room or small apartment. Near tea I'O!'mB. Box B. The Swarth- Gaetona. hsone--CZi W. ant Street. Land :N. IIIde 3nt Street, 40.3' E. Xar- WANTED-Day'a work. References. Un Street, 18.34. Phone between 9 and 12. Swa. 1612. StDreaelltQ. r,2 8.J8o3.h xn -R28e.a16&. ' $'U1-8. SWI. .a·u . 15~~~~B~~t~ori T~ip~sy~ T~oo~dl~e'a Bakay. lIon,.-88 Park Villa Drive. Tel. Swa. 2122. i8 cents. Eska;y, Molly-89 Park VIUa. Drive. W ANTBD-Teeter-babe. Phone Swa. 4.6 e:ents. O~9G-.M. McCUUOUK~ Cl8.l'a 1l.-34· Park Villa Drive, '" cent& WANTED-SmaU electric refrigerator. EBkay, Molly-14 Park Vllla Drive, New or alm·oat new. Before .May 1. '16 ctmla. Tel. Swa. 0429. . lI'ryer8J.,,,,,,ea-SbedwiCk Street. 306 S. 5tlt et, Ian4, •. ,1.06. \VANTED--SchooJ board $Ccretary de- Ba-earden. PhtlJl)8-Lot 175' S. 6th ~h'es permanent residence. ·1 or 2 Street. &W. Shedwick, 1350' E. aide rooms, private bath preferred, but not Butlet 8treet, $5.18. . csaenUal. Furpfal)ed or untt.mJ.abed, ROBB. .JUae&-Between Ulr!ck Street with or without meals. Phone ·14edta :~~~eWBuN~Ogtr~~"i~ ~e::a~ 11_6_2_9 ._ _- ===-__ -".,------- win. CIa.... B.-Lot 66. Henry P'I>DIUl>NAL StreeL 46 cents. ~. rn"lo, Philome _ S26 W. 3rd Street, '18.11. Eighth Ward Chester Lodge No.. 66 American Or­der Sona of ltaly-1OO .... 11 W. Int Street, UB.H. '2hlJDa, ll'Iorence-l018 W. 8r4 Street, T..,aborrl._Lu!&1-1l09W. 9th Stroot. $lf.lO. Iron Worllers B. 4: L. ANn.-411 fvy Sireet. ,3.34. Ninth W.rd Ryan~ Jon S. S. A .Ilary-1804 W~ 2nd SUeet, 16.16. Pendel'lJaat, ThOLl Jr., Rd.· 1-1705 Mary Street, ,1.89; . Betts. CIuI.s.. et. ux,-1600 W .. 8th Street, ,a34. .' Dawns, lIyron-16Oi W. 8th Street. $3.H. ·La.ughUn. Ed",. D.-1501 & rear 9th Street. '18.34. VaJzone. Vhlcenzo & AnnJe--N.W. Cor. 12th &. Norrilll Streets, 16 cent& BoYeFj' WalteJo..:..-E. s. Tllahman. 180' N. or 10th, 'LOO. Dyer, Ste~ at. U-W. aide LockaJe;y street. 6'.43 s. of !nd Street. $1.&3. • Del. Co. BI4&'. AssD.-8.E. ald. Central Avenue. $11,06. Nlcho!.&.l Jaa. M.-401 Central A. .... e­nue, " ... Bower&, Fndrlck & Naomi T .-E. side Centra! to Tilghman, $161.68. Pederman. Loula-905-7-9 B a k e:r Street, ,. cents. lPe4erman, Loula-911 Baker Street. 30 cents. Harris. Wm. B.-W. side Baker 100· N. ef 4th SlTeet, $1.06. DlcllBon, Allee & Mary-911 Edwards Street. ,1.83. • Broomall, .las. M,-E. side Edwarda 80' N. .. 1Mb, $L63. • Louis, Lucretta & Tfteala-E. atde Ewards, I", N. of 11th. $1.06. .Trlppet1.::ehn E. & Daisy D.-224 Edwards t, $2.89. Baal'. Loul&-226 Edwards Street. 80 ceDta. Ryan, Jobn Est.--~n8 Edwards Street, ,a.H. 8mltll. Cfal'ence M.-W. sl4e Ed­wardtJ .Street. 100' S. of 11th, 48 cents. ·PERSONAL-Registered Spencer Cor-setlero. Mrs. Jm:sie McWnUams. Swa: '683, for apl;lOlntment. PERlilONAL- SprIng p10wtng done "WIth rotaWler which leaves ground ready tor seeds. Small or large gur­dena. Phone Swa. 1211 tor- arrange· ments. FOR SAlE FOR SALE--Slx cubic ft. Frigidaire. ~nor repairs needed. $25. Phone Swa. lU8. FOR SALE-Rudd .. automatic gas 19"a ter heater Blld 40-gal. storage tank. &'BB kitchen range and Ideal hot water boiler. Call Swa. '0916. FOR SALE-Four Ifnen sheets. pxcel- Il.llt quality, large size, marked M.C; 5 'Val nut dining-room chn.lrs, leather fleats; other chairs, Box 372 Swarth­more. FOR SALE-I.4lght weight. pre-war rubber-tired. baby carria,;.-e. $10. Phone Swa. 0844. LOST LOS1'-Shorl-tafled Siamese cat Wed­TlesdaY evcl;lr;g. AllY information desired. Lackey. Swa. 174:!. LOST-On wall at 731 Yale avenUl·. whitt.! walleL hlarch 27. Reward for rClunl. Phone S"wn. 2202. Wlmtlus. Eelw. & Amanda-W. slde Edwards. lar N. oC 12th, 46 cents. . 'LOST-Last Maddoz, Ja-.ea-U6-8 Abbott Street. tois~ shell week. two pairs of Tor­gla~ 1t1e8. Call Mrs.' Philip $2~il. Andrew-Lot. E. side Law Alden, Swa: 1244. Street. W N. Delaware Avenue. $1.08. ;~=:::=:::==========~ Ryan, .John J.-E. sJde Reaney Street, . 214-.3a N. of· 4th Street. $4.41 .. Tenth Waril Wp I, Samuel K.-Z3U W. 2nd _-.·11;53,· . Buewey, Jno. .J.--3rd Street. S. stde. 43' 1 .... n.M. KeJlnet1y. .John K.-9th Street. N. aide, 111 x 161. '8.36. AiMlerao'.!!. Hannah &-309 Yarnall street, ".D. . TholenfeJd, laadore-Enale Street, W. aide. HUS '" 100. ,9.89. Lyon. Samuel-N.E.· Front & Town­send, 1'.1 x 140, $1.6S. Eleventh Ward Delawal-t River Steel-N. W. Cor. Front 4k Wilson, 140 x 140, ' •• fL . DeL ~ Trwit Co •• U/w of P. H. 140_-1516 W. Srd S ..... t. U.41. IrvI.... J8& EeL &. ThOs. Leiper-· S. Ride 4th Street. 40' W. Thurlow. $8.66. '. 6t~9.r:!:et"it.~~n & Coth.-18U W. DIc1r:tnecm, Oliver B.-N. side 9th Street, 1l.U E. of Hayes, $18.54. Oeat:ftr Cambridge 1:1. &: TI'. Co.­a aide Wilson. 2%3.6 N. 01 4th Street, $7.11. r.a_noId. Wm. & Anna-ZG. HQ'a &b I~ $La _. Lolde-W. 0140 Lewl. Street, 104' N. of ~t. n.19. Do_ -c!< M. '" HUCh H. Ward-S.W. Cor. 4th'" Thurlow. U .. 1t. , . S mreoraJr:l, FruIt .. Ja_ :tilt! -N.m. Cor. _1"'''' $6.4L IlUU , PAINTING EspertIy Done O.u.L DAVE WOOD Media 0755 1 --- I BEU- GRINDER Lawn Mow. ers II SIIarpened by ftJacIUne Ott- Cools eIso ahar.,e..ed Sa_ Set and Filed Quick Seroice ' 10M-10th A ..,....w RUI'LEDGE, PAs Cjtl and Deliver Phone Swarthmore' 0128-;'" • .. a Baltblab Bea ...... La ... Mowed ~ H·"U.I' "'~A_ Jl-,P&. 14.... Ethel H.' Brew.ter. of West House on tht' C&JlI:pue ailed Tu_&y ab0&r4 the Washlllaton for London. She will 40 ....... h w .... k In lb. Brltlob Mueeum 4ur. I.Dg abt ';'ODtb8 oabbotlcal •. tr&,.el. In.- In the Brottiah Jalelil aDd makln .. her headqU&l'tera In London. OUOH OF SWARTHMOIUil INU ORDAIN: • EDWIN B. K" I FY. h. -':OlJB .EW 1i1 • .Ep » ... lila 8&. . CTra.. _ (0pp0aI1e N_ Slate -!ll_ .. 1 •• :) "PIIww a ... ter 17M ......... ha 11M » DC! .. ' ... 3S'_ G: [22. Ch all Bo., 0Nft SIMMONDS a ~, '_p SoUdted W. S. Billie a: Scm a_ OUI." ~ Fetete Notarr Publlo-..... _ce all kind New ,Or Old II "'OIlTON. REFRIGERATION Van Hom & Son. Treea .- Stumps RemoHd ~0I~1Uld~_ TeL Media »78-,1 or 0\110-W HARRY W. LANG Rap and Carpets Swa!thmo"' Q764 Rielley Pull: 3238 "c:upet maw it home" I • J)qn'& Walt Until 8priDg ~_toi1o_~g ... _. I .... _ .JIOtiD,C e'der. ... _ tor 1IJ)riDg. • • Qn-1- - E:Ilperieaced.. Mechanics WALTER V. LINTON. Coatractor ad Builder • Plan now the .home you want Desirable lob available Charles E. Fischer Builder Phoae Swanmnore 2253 • I MORTON R!!dRlGERATlON Appliance Service Commercial and Domestic­Prompt Servlce-Refriger. ators, Washers, Vacuum O, eaners, Radios 11 MIwtaa A"". ...I. .!. Mottou, Pa. I ._.._.. -;'":,·t::: ::~II~W:-_:.:~:•: .... ..... r 75" .11 .... • - I ¥ .... Ethel Stlla return.o to Swarthmore College toda7 after a two-month vacation In Cleveland, Ohio. SECTION L That Soetiou • ~l 4ft1- cfle XXIV f OnUnance No. Z76 ap­roVa4 Deoembor ... 1926 <M root '4>rth n au. &lDendJ.Q Ol:dinance.· IlUlJlbil .. -ed 41a, RPproved lteoullbe.r 2J. u:&i) be amended to read IIh tQdow~: SECTION S. FIRST . FLOoR IN­SULATION. Every building ueed ... a dweJU.... mUlt be adequately inzIul­ated agaJnet pound damp" and JII:~_~t roden.ts. vermin and ot.h~r· In~ ....,..- cond "ona. A slab ot rein­forced concrete, or t.QulvaJellt con­BtrUCUOD. with no air I:Jp.!l.oo bentlath !!u18U~rted upon proper foundations Dr. and Mrs. George H. Crose of Elm avenue, have returned trom a month apent In Maples. Fla.. approved by the BulJding ln~ ~tor. It the enUre construcUon oon­U:""" B to the bullding regulations of Mr. and· "MI"Q~ George Ewin8' re­turned Sunday evening to their home on Columbia avenue from a week's trip to AshevIlle, N. C. :Mr. Henry Hoot, of Lafayette _4 S. Prjnceton &".nuo .. return· ed Saturday trom a two-week trip to Los Angeles wbere he .represent­ed the Philadelphia. Naval Aircraft Factory and Aviation Supply Otnce, a.nd the Bureau of Aeronau­tics at Washington at the socletr tor AutomoUve Engineers in Avia­tion. He flew from and to Wash­Ington by NATS. Mr. and Mrs. Jay D. Cook and daughter, Sally of Thayer road and Mr. and Mrs. Benjamltl W. ColJlns of North Cheste:r road spent Sunday tn Allentown "i8iting the Cook's 8on-ln-Iaw and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. J. n. Sch urz llnd in Bethlehem with stocky Collins. a student at Lehigh University. Mrs. Roy W. Delaplaine ot Cor­nell avenue served as hoateB8 yesterday to the Readtng Group for luncheon. The Group ts read­Ing W.Ultam Allen White's auto­biography. Dr. Robert Delaplaine left Thursday, March 28 for Sayre. Pa .• to serve his lS-months Internship in the Robert Packer H08pttal. Mr. and :Mrs. Harry Wood and d.aughtera Mary and Anne of Cor­nen avenue will spend the week­end In Long Island. OASH FOR YOUR CAR '>Southern Dealer heore for n few' <lap WE GO THE UlllT Phone bet""eeD-6 .. fjI P. )01. Cheste. 4858 WANTED A Place to Live in or D(,,1I1' Swarthmore b7 veteran. w .. o wt1l be Jeft'erson lledlcal ~tu .. deBt ~ October. and wite who 18 now Swarthmore Col· lege student. Not fns.qy about the place it It can be fiXCll OIl. Very glad to exchange ser­vices I$l1cb as )"Drd work for reDt. or "t.C) slim ye&.rb lease • PIMse revl;r to Bm W. The Bwartlunol'Clln e oro~h. Otherwise, every build­Ing used. as a dwelUnl' m·lISt have ~ basem*nt, or a cellar under the ma­",,, r POrtion of the. hoU8e, or • cellar area of not Jess than 200 8Quaro feet 8.pd proVIsion shall be made fg.r prope; ventJlation. Basem*nt floors must be not leas than 4 feet below the &verage level ot the ground. and the dLst&nc."fl between the basem*nt floor and the lower, edges 01 the first .tIoor Jo.iall shall be not lees than « feet. : 194P6a. ssed thlll lat .A.. ....... .~,.. of April• A ~ D . BOROUGH OF SWARTlIHOR.· By: S. S. Rutherford " Pre&ident of CoUnell Attem: Elliott Richardson Borough Secretary Approved this 3rd day v; AJ-Iril, A. D. 1848 . John H. Pliman Bu~sa l-T .ESTATE OP GEORGE E. SILLO­WAY. ·deceased. late ot the Borough of SW&.I'lhmore. Letters of Admlni8tration on tht! above estate having been granted to the undendgr.ed. all peraoft8 Indebted. to the saId estate are requested to make payment, a.nd those having Claims to preser.t the eame without dela.y to ' CarOline Sargent Silloway Administratrix ",0. N. Chester Road Swarthmore, Pa. or to hcr attorneys Butler, Beatty, Greer & Johnson 1.1 South Ave., Media, Pa. ESTATE OF F. JOSEPH fICHWE[­ZEn, deoeaaed. late Of the BoroUg-B of Collingdale, Delaware Count)' Pennsylvania.. • Letters of AdmlnlatratioQ having. been &T'..lDted to the underaiped, aU ]Jer9Ona Raving claims or demands at .. requet;ted to make known the NIne and nIl persons indebted. to the aald estate are requested to make payment without delay to ' Sarah L. Schweizer· ·710 Andrews Avenue Collingdale, Pa.. or hf'r ILttorney Guy G. deFurla. Crozer Building Chester, Pa. AdmlnJstratrix IT-3·2:!" ADVERTI8BIIBn The School Dlsl!'let ot Swartbmor~ wUl receive bids at the School Dis' trlct office, College Avenue BuJldlng­up to • p. m .. I Thursday April U' 19i6. and open t.ho bids at' a meeting of (he Board at the School Dfetrfct Office on April 11. ISi6. at 8 p. m., or at an adjourned meeting of the School Board. (or coal fuel oil and grading (he Riverview' A.,enue flleld Speclflcatlons can be secured between 9 a. m.. and 4 p. m., daUy e:reept Saturday, Sunday and ho1ldaJ'B at the SchOOl DI.!:ltrlct office. The BOard re­Ber\ es the right to rejeet any or all bIds In whole or In part and to award contracts on nny Item nr Items making up any bid. 3T-3-22 Hilda LaI18" Denworth .Sec:retary ES'l'ATE OF LYDIA BIDDLE W1I L1AMS. deceased. ~ .. Lettet's Tes.tamentary on tile above .. tate have been granted to the under­ahmed, who request all peJ'8Ol18 bavlnat 1 claims or demands against the estate of the deCedent to make known (he I ELECTRIC SERVICE Radio &. Appliance RepairS PROMPT SERVICE Call Swarthmore 1984 HARRY A. BREHL Asphalt Driveways Concrete Work Beautify Your Home With aD Aspbalt Driveway Peter Di Nicola Phone: Swa 2526 I same, and all persona indebted to the decedcnt to make payment. .. Uhout delay to I' Richard Norrla Williams, 2nd Orchard Way. Wa7ne. Pa, . I or to his attorney Executor Clnrence G. Myers. ot Duane, Morris & Heck&clter 6T-3_1 I• 1617 Land TlUe BuUding Phllad~lphia 10, Pa. ESTATE OF JOSEPIDNI!! TAlLEY deceased, late ot Concord Townsltlp' Penna. • Letters Testamentary la tlIe above estnte having been granted to the­undersigned, all persons Indebted to­sa_ d estate are requested to make pa:\-'_ ment. and those having elafme to pre­sent same to lIoward W. Ta.lley Elizabeth Courtney or to their attorneY Morris H. Fussell . 12 South Avenue Media, PIL Executors tT_3-1 ESTATE OF OUSTAVB' SCHER. deceased. A. HBCK· Letters Testamentary OJl til bo estate have been granted to th: U~d v~ signed. who request all fir claims or demands ~::e ~~I" of the decedent to make known th· same. and all personF" :;ndebted to th! decedent to make payment, with t delay to I . au Florence Allan Heekseher and Maurice Heckscher ~ii~~~~~ii~~~~~~~i~ oFrr antok thFe. irT rautstocrontte ys Clarence G. Jlyel'St of Duane. Morris &: Heckedter 1617· Land TIU. BuDding Ih::ecutora Walters' Tree Sw,s, ad ~'h.trl.IIIC"• •ID II,"'" .P. ... ""UU" iii "il """" "" , PhUade:lphla 10. Pa. IT .. 2-21 ESTATE OF HART ADAlIS ADAMS, late of Bworthm .... n..Ja_ .... ·County. Pa., deoeaaed. Letters TestamentAry On the abo,·. estate have been granted to the un:!er­signed, ..;who request all perIKni8 havlDl" claims 011 deman4s .aca1net the .wte ot the decedent to make kno... tile Mme. and all P81'801lII Inc1ebted to the decedent to mUe .Pa7meftt, w:itaout dolay to All.. AdaIDI WOIIt 18 Benjamlft Weal Aveftue Swaribino.... l'L . B:we-a:t1'1x •

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8 . . ,' ... ., ?~'~- s viA at T." .io RE'.i."N PREDICTS RUSSIA' , AVOID WAR Rose Valley Group Will Provide May Club Bill Cyrll Harvey. prosldent of the ROso Valley Chorus. annOllnces se .. lectlon or the C8.8t tor the Chorus' prodUcUo'n of Gilbert & Sullivan's "Yeomen ot tho Guard", to be pre- , sen ted at the Players Club Mny 22 ,to 25: NOTEDEXeLORER -" COLLEGE GUEST 't~~-~i~~d ;i' th~' exp)oraUOD of the Ocean by 8ub~arlge. _.He has also made a. study of China, and jn the course of his work, hall travelled throughout moat of the world. Cherry Cites Long u. S. Friendship With Russia "Husain has had more wan than anY other DIllion In historY. but nO~le were conducted on the ene­mies' territory," Col. \Vtn. Cheny. Russian-born Philadelphia lawyer. who led a Cossack regiment agatnst Germany in the First World War. told a jotnt meeting of the swarthmore 'Voman'8 Club and the League of Women voters Marjorie MUne wlll play the part or Elsie Maynard: Sally McFadden ,vill appear as Phoebe M~ryl1, and Anne Prichard as Dame Carruth­ers. The I'ole of Colon:el Fairfax will ·lJc Hung by Frank Karlan. and Sprgoont l\[eryll by' Barron Hel­muth. Sir' Hubert Wilkins in Four April Lectures SIr Hubert Wilkins, world famous scientist and explorer. will be In residence at' Swarthmore College during the month of Apr.n, of' this year. During hill stat ho will give three '-formal. - lectures; w1ll pai'tlolpate In the work 01 the Marttn BIological Laboratory: and will ,meet informn.,ly ":.i~!t. a "arl­ety ~f student g.,oups to them tbe benefit. of his experience. . During world war II, he served as advisor to the United States .mIUtarY· authorities on technical and scientific matters which are, as yet unpubUshed. He Is the author of, "Undiscovered Aus­tralla". "Flying the Artlo". "Under the North Pole". and "Thoughts Through 'Space". on TUf\sda.,.. Col. Cherry. who I~ at pre~ent a member of the Intercultural Committee of the United Nations Council. spoke on "AmerIcan Sov­iet Relations." Russian hlstOl'y is not a story Donald Mac Rostic, who has ro­turn~ d 'to 'the ChoruB after three years H:!l'vlcc in the Army, will tako the part Qf Wilfred E;lhadbQlt. The role of the .Jester, Jack Polnt. will be played by Perdue Cleaver' who is also directing the production. Others appe>aring in the caRt wtn be Betty Peckham. Ke110gg Peck­hum. Hm'ford Crosman, Lewis Goodenough and RalP~l Leety. . of aggression, and there has never been conflict between her and the United States. In fact, Col. Cherry declared there have lJeen verY de­finite .1.:nunrltieS between the two Health Society countries In methods of territorial T expansion, In euUUl'al aecompUsb· In 25th Year ea nients. and even in Ideologies. \ (Continued from page 1) Both expanded by normal pene- the Ridley Township schools In ex­tratton toward tho Pacific 1n an nminlng puptls under the new corly day. R us sl a advanced State School Health Act No. 425, through Stberia and even down our Under this act eacn pupil ts entitled wcst coast until Rhc met Amol'tcans to a· complete medical and dental coming from the east to whom examination every two years, So owning the coast landR was vitally far dental defects head t~c Ust Important. Then she withdrew with dlscased tonsils and Visional peaceably, and peaceably o.grced defects maktng a close second. Sev­to the sale of Alaska so thnt shc- eral cases of heart aUments and or­was entirely removed from tile thopaedtc detecta, whl~h formerly American continent. mtght have been overlooked. have F.·om the b,O le II ley H,·.I go to heen discovered as a result of .these I l'xaminations, school, RQsslnn children eal'n Nearly 7,000 visits wore made by about the United States in n. friend- the staff nurses during the past ly way. Even tn 1904 nnd I~05. vear. Mrs. Grot! stated that every when Col. Cherry WaH tn school, ~all was answered during the past he said, the children learned more winter and wishes to remind the ahout the U.nlted States than Am- ImbUe that the services arc open erlean children learn about Rus!-l;1n. to all, eithcr O:l a pay basis or for They read AmerIcan authors and those who cannot afford to pa'Y. poets, And today tho masses of '£he financial support ot the SQCtety people In Russia remember bettor is derived from fees earned, In5ur­the good done by the AmerIcan nnce contracts. and the Commupl!}' ReUer AdmInistration in the first Cnest of Philadelphia and vicinity, world war than any struggles which may have occuned between , ou r diplomats. AT N. Y. FIE. D The threc"lectures will be given on three successive :,rh ur&4ays­April 11, April 18, and April 25, 'and are ope'n to the general public wIthout charge, Tho tirst lecture -will be, "Polar Exploration tor Commerce and Science": the sec- Sir Hubert Wilkins' visit will be one of the bigh points of the academic year at swarthmore Col­lege. and will serve to pro~e once again that the educational process call. be' stimulated and -improved by the p~rttclpatton of men who as scientists have learned to apply, their knowledge to the problems .o nd • ''The Artlc and its Significancd e fo'r World Af'Cal r8"; and the thLr , "polar Problems at tlie Future". Blr Hubert's vl8it to Swartll,.,. more will be under t.he aU,splces of the William J. cooper Foundation. Thts Foundation was established almost 20 years ago by W~IUam J., Cooper. whose wite was gradua.~~ ed from the college in the class ot 1876. The F,oundation w~ e8mb- 1tshed for the purpose of invlttng men and women of affairs whoso presence Qn the campus would add to the educntio'n ot the student body and the Swarthmore COM­munlt1, 'The Invitation to Sir Hubert W.ilklns to come to swarthmore :Is in ude with qnd of the basIc CdUC~­tlonal ,policie8 ot the college OU - Une'd in President Nason's report to' the Board or Managers., This p~Ucy Is to develop a better un­derstanding of the relatlo~shlP b~­tween the worlds or thought and p.ratlcal experience by bringing men and women who have demon­strated this relationship In thetr lite work. Sir Hubert Wllldns was ,born and educated .in Australla, EarlY. .-, icNaws HOW 10 KEEP ,...". i There ha& heen diplomatic mis- Theodorc F. Cook was dlscharg-undcrstan: ding between the two cu from mUltarY service ~anuary governments, however. The speak-. 17 as captain atter nearly tour er pointed out that the sending of ye~rs of total service. The last 24 American troops to Russta during months ·he spent in the Pacific the Revolution was regarded by Theatre of Operations with the Pa~ the Reds 6B a. distinctly unfriendly cUtc DivIsion. Army Air Trans_port act. for the Impression was created Commn-:td as Personnel, Organiza­that the troops were backing the tion. and Planning Officer. in his career he became Interested in flying, completing his training In 1910. His first contact with Artie expio.ratton the yeari 1913 to 191'1 when he joined SteranBaon's Canadian Artic Ex­pedition as a photographer. '2~95 Since that -time he has had a wide range of experience in Artic exploration and haa b_ccome well known for his nights over the Artte Ocean. culminating in the first'trans Artic flight tram point .-: Echo Glenn Tea' Hoase , , Wallingfor~~~?a. .. With well established clien­tele fully equipped and fur­nished including both busi­ness and real esfate with apartments and rooms above is now offered for pr'?mpt sale. A real opportunity. Terms and appoi~tments. Phone Media 1611 between 6 p.m, and, 9 p.m. (orner • ;._;- ; , Whites against the Reds. The Gov- Sin'co January 21 he has been ernment of Russin is still the aame Personnel Supervisor with the government. . It remembers~_' tOl;), American OVE'lrsea8 AtrUnes, an a1- that after "the first world war. a1- tfUate of American Airllne~ 'and though RUSSin had been one of the is stationed at LaGuardia Field,. ·Aliles territory was n from New York ~ittr. In tn~ ';text reltw, ".' ber by, · the Versailles treaty-p"r-o - -d-ay~s- h-e~ w-lrl .acavve roY Great Br t - ably th~ first time In hlsto .. y that ain, going to London by f~~' th: a victorious country yielded land make a personnel survey ; "'Barrow to' SpM!:bergen In April n·2S: He WaB ICnlghled sbortly thereafter wIth the citation "for ·15 years service .In ,exploration oul­ml_ naUng in the trans Artic flight". STREET FLOOR to a losor. Of the tendency of Russia to dominate neighborIng small coun­tries, Col. Cherry said Russia feels the need of creating a belt of friendly countries for security. ¥a.n)" of these lands wel'e histori­Cally Russian anyway. As for Il'an, he potnted out that 5/6 of the Rus­sian oil mdustry is withtn 16 miles of the border, and that to RU5.''!la It must seem an extremely dang~r­ous condition to have It.-I essential ott fields within easy l'each of a potential enemy. Col .Cherry believes, however, that Ru.sslo. will do anything to avoid war. "She is utterly Impov- , crisbed iri the flrst 'place," he de­clared "and 'in the second place she is an even stronger believer in the United Nations thun we. She knows that only by creating a sU- . per' stat~ can universal -peace be found," \ Mrs. Wa.lter Robinson. president of the Swarthmore League of Wo­men Voter!'!, in t rod u c c d the ~peaker. company. Mr. Cook Is tho son of former Swarthmoreans Dr. nnd Mrs. E. Fulle~ton Cook who now reside In AtlantiC City. N, J, IN ANNUAL MEET The Players C)ub holds its a:l.­nual meeting Monda}y night, April 8 at 8 p,m.. at tbe Club House, ~airvie"\V avenue and Che.ster road. Besides reptfrts of the directors of various departments of the Club, nominations for officers and gover­nors will be received from a com­mittee composed of Morris E. Smith chairman, Mrs. Edward M. Basse~t, Mrs. Edward :f. O'Brien, Roland K. Harrison. and Paul B. Banks. Thts ':lominating commit­tee welcomes suggestions for the various offtces, , Due to the large membershtp of the Players Club and the local In­terest In it as a community enter­prise. the incumbent officers hope a larr,re part of the memberShip will be present to learn about somt! of the Club's problems and to give their advice in solving them. _ ... 61*_ 'rHE DEW DROP INN In 1931 he sponsored a new ven- Let us help make better-your longe'r car run As few people will gel new cars this year it wioU be necessary to take care .of your present car awhile longer_ Extra wear and tear is caused by W"mter~­ing eonditiom. Our Spring Car Saver Special is designed to help get nd of "W"mter drag" and get your ear completely ready for warm. weather. Right Now your ear needs these IIGet Ready for: Summer" Seroices 1. 2. 3. (lHANGE TO SUMMER OIL Winter oll Is too t.biD tor wann weather. We 'drain tt-and refill with Summer t,-pe Sunoco 00. • CHANGE TO SmnlER GEAR LUBRICANTS Drain l.ransmisslon and rear reml witll Sunoco All-purpose Gear Lubricant spcclaUy made 10 resist high pres.';:;ure and hellt. (lHASSIS LUBRICATION Special Lubneant used to help keep out squeaks and wear. Won't dry out, won't wasIr out, won't squeeze out! Helps im­pro! e gas mileage. (JJIE()K OlL FIIIl'ER Inspect cartridge and cI1_ tor leaks. 6 (lLEAN AND ADJUST SPARK' PIJUGS • Dlr1.y spark pings can waste as mudl. as lout of every 10 gallons of gasol1De- 7. 8 OLEAN AIR FIIIl'ER hIS your engine breathe easier~.k"''''''II8'' dirt out or the carburetor. DRAIN ANTI-FREEZE AND FLUSH RADIATOR (lHEOK HOSE OONNIOOTION-ADD RUST RESISTANCE U 700 have permanent; anti-treeme. 8Sft " for Den Winter. Bring _ ow. _­taIDer. Extended Sunday Hours 12 Noon until· 3.00P. M. 4. 5. BATI'ERI!' SERVICED 9. (JJIE()K-UP OF TIRES '. . . , : SpecialPinner$l-.OO .~ , .," -:"". ;;;: ~.~ ., .. -"'~" Winter Is especIaIIf tough OD. baUeries. We • ,""* st& gth. dt"l8D termln,ls, add _Jell _fer. _OoWrrec&e 4..~.t.c ahIJsnog .".. ..I..m _prov_es 'lir _e DlDa-eel, it neetleil1, . , Swarth'N:4'e 1250 / • GIVE """""""­" If Al",,j'·"' ", "' •f ''.'· • COLI j.,' ,~,~ I, 1]1 n',\ 1:.Y ·THE SWARTH SALVA. YOUR·'·, REAN ATiON SUPPORT ARMY VOL XVIl-No. 15 SWAR11IMORE, PA., FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 1946 " $3.00 PER YEAR OLD TREE SOUNDS .' TQNIGHTS THEIR NIGHT SWAN K e e'p s Neighbors Inarticulate and in Dark ·'1 1.hink that I shan Dever ace • ." could have stopped right there unleas a number ot local to1k would have cared'to add "or bear" Wednesday morning in Swarth­more's latest tree tale. . At· 10:11 a C!outh Carol~ pop. lar, one of the tall trees that make this borough the Utopia of sbade worshippers was being remOved at the Kauft'man home on Dartmouth avenue when the ,wind swung' it around. and .despite its cabllng for cnttihg, crashed It· down Into the street bearing With It tei<iphone and electric wires servicing that section. _ of the residential district end a part ot the b~B1ne8s Sectton immediately adjoining. The Electric bompany immed ... iately threw an emorgency, line Into usc so that with the exception of 0. tew houses most. of the aft'e~ted are~ soon had Ughts restored. However. the damage to' telephone taclUtles was BO great that repair took conalderably longer.' There­tore, telephone order-takers .tn one place of business went hOlll.e for the rest ot the day. and The 8warthmorean moved the tele­phone end of its bUBln&SS on its most-rushed day' to the home ot a member of its staft'. Workmen took up tl~c tree butting··OB_ t.bB,horlzon_ tal 'a'nd removed it trom the line ot frafflc before. too many hours. A corner of the Mason Builders Supply building nearly a. block away was' torn off by the ripping down of the wires. An. automobile belonging to one ot the workmen was in the path ~f the fa11ing tree trunk and sustained considerable damage. BEATS INDIA TRACK T /5 _ J eftrey KI rk, Bon of Mrs .. Howard Kirk, of South Chester road, who has been In India for th~ past year rolled up the wins at the recent field: and traek meet ot the Kallghat Sports Club In Cal­cutta which he entered whJ.le on a furlougb,. Jctt, who achieved considerable fame in track events at Swarth­more Htgh School and later as a student at the Unlvurslty of Penn­sylvania. won the 400 meterlf, in the open event. the' 200 meters In t~e Allied Service events, and the indi­vidual cup for highest points in the Allied Service at calcutta. 'Ibwnstolk will crowd the school auditorium tonight at 8 P.~f. to applaud the Wgh School Band in its 8th annual concert. Always col­orlul aDd e ntertafDlng the widely appreciated lIlu.slclans are expected to achieve Dew triumphs under the bat,on 01 their POPular director .John Jenny, returned to biB c .... rges after war service In ttie Navy. IDstructor FIsh (let. ~nd row) and La,,-rence (right 2nd row) will play btho*roiru ignhiI wiBhpeeno s_a ble breonleds .b eDgirnusm to M I'laaj7o1r ette Ruth Wagner will app.e ar In her final con.c ert drill ror her Alma )(ateJ". It's a high moment In the • Merchant. to Meet .... _ .., .....' .._ __ ". .... .••. 1,,10,.' AUNIPRS _'_'" ~i . . ',' The Aprll dinner' session ot the Business As­soclatlon' Will be held at 7 o'clock next Monday evening, the l&th, at the Btrath Haven Inn~ JUNIOR CLUB AIDS CANCER RESEARCH 100 Attend Benefit Enjoy Stylish Models Too ,PERFORM Emily Pritchard Is Named Head of Club,Sunday' The election of officers ·ro.' tho yoo.r of the Swarthmore Junior MUsiC Club topk place- last Sunday, April 7. at ihe home of William Potts. 732 Yale avenue. Weston Clarke, outgoing presi­dent. -announced the results of the bulloting as follows; President, Emily Pritchard; vice Over 100 people attended the p.·estdont. Robert Fawcett; secrf'!­SprIng fashion show and bridge tnry. Eli'zabcth Foster; tt'easurer, William Potts; program chatl'man. held to raise (\Inds' for cancer re- George Hay, search by the Junior. Section of I For the evening's program of the Woman·s Club at. the club music George Hay had been ap-house on Tuesday evening. It was a gala e,vent. with the stage bright pointed chairman, with the p)an~ ning Including ··sub jlll\tor" and "I'('peat" performances, The ftr:st numbcl" played by Bet- Community Good Friday Worship .. Good Friday devotions will b,a conducted hi the 8warth,. more Presbyterian Chlll'"cb on Friday, April 19, from i2 to 3.00 o'clock. The ministers of the Swarth­more churches will conduct the worship and all . members of the community and friends are invited. The Rev. Dr. H. Lewis Cut~ ler will be the preacher. TRACES WOMEN'S ADVANCE IN EGYPT Lit era r y Dessert Next Week to Draw Many BAND STARS NINE TONiGHt' Event at School Is 8th Community Concert Nine seniors will make their last concert appearance this evening when the High SChool Band pre~ serita Its eighth annual concert at the Conege A venUe School. Several of them will underscore their traln~ ing and experte!!ce -In the Band by presenting Bolos and dUf)ts. Fred Behennn solo trumpeter will team up with .JOhn Foster trombontst In a 'brilliant brass duet; Allen Enders will playa Chopin nocturne with Alice Blod­gett of the faculty as accompanist, while Ruth Wagner win lead the twirlers tn an exhibition of her skill The progress made by and leadership. Other seniors with apple blossoms, Summer fashions ra~ged from p'athing Butts and play awls. to the loveliest of Egyptian woman during recent whose faithful services to the Band years In the' struggle for emancl- have been invaluable are Mary Fet­pation. was the ~ubject of an In- ter ctymbaUst, Jane Matthews, tlut­ty Lou Emery on the plano wa.'I tere~ting talk to the Swarthmore fst. Bob Hulmel clarinetist, and "Hungarl~n" by McDowell. After Woman's Club by Aida Gindy on Joan Biel'man and Nancy" Lewis, formals, this n quartette composed of Emily Tuesday. Miss GiDdy. a graduate both of the color guard. A black eyelet dress with a Pritchm'd, Hatay Turner, Bill Potts of the Unlverslty, ot Cairo. is one For the second tlm~ in its sbort On the same furlough he met his uncle and a~nt. Dr. and ~ra. A.. B. Coe, of Oak Park. DI., who were stolJPlng In -Calcutta, and also vis­ited Prime Minister Mallk Patlala, and daughter, Harjl, who was the college mate of J"eft:'s sister, Marian at Bryn Mawr College ~ few years ago, . daiSY cluster at tlie belt modeled and Paul WllUnms, sang two Bongs. of two holders ot United States history the Band has produced a by Bobby Blakiston. was among "Desert Song" and .. It~s ,a Grand State Department Fellowships now Southeastern Pennsylvania cham .. 'th e d resses which won especial Nil;rht for Singing". Mrs. Morris L in tbls count.o-J . pion. Four "J "ears ago Jack LInton admiration. Favorite among those Potts aceompanied the first num- After outlining the histOry ot won 'hIs honor as trombonist. tb1s Sunday Fire The borough fire company re­ceived a call Sunday morning from the home ot Robert K. Enders on Elm aVenue to ex­tinguish a fire on the roof. The tire, which .pparentiy started when a spark from -'tlJe chimney 1anded lon a dry shingle, burned a narrow'rrtJ:ip of rodt over the tront door. However. the main part of the tire was' contiJ:led to the tat' end of the house. Firemen qulcklJ' choked the flames and held damaBe to tile root only. CL nil to PaWic modeled- by :fean Evans was a. pink bert Charles Elston the second. woman's post,tion In Egyptian 80C- year it Is Weston Clarke, clarinetist and --.y formal. white a lety from 8( place of great lmpor- and junior In',the school. This hon- &4 - '1'eel Dunn. who gave the report, 0 hi h h· I to W cberry wool Lanz suit with navy tance in ancient Umes through r w c as· come eaton blu~ applique so cha.rmed its moI dchoese "ChFoni n and pointed up her one of retirement following Clarke Will add 1-eeJ" a·t Intere st t 0 hi8 Anne Cochran, that she determined remarks with tho recorded playfng adoption. ot the customs or Islam. solo performance of RlmekF-Kors .. at once tOo add It to her wardrobe. by Iturbl ot the "Fan.t s.-Bie Im- the speaker told ot the dltricult ako(['s "Flight 0 f the B urnb le B ee" A rose sh'ar'--kIn With white. promptu". "Vlolin'DuetU by Pleyel, tonight. - performed by Ruth Garrett (re- struggle to obtain equal education embroidery was moat becoming to tor women. There are now grad_ Taken altogether the concert cently qualUled for membership) will cnable Swa th I ·Mrs. :fohn Pitman. Mrs, Wallace uates in 1aw, medicine and soclal r moreans 0 Lippincott acted as narrator for the and David Spencer (by special In- work. but their number is small. learn at Hrst hand t;~ne e-oe" at op .. show. All styles modeled were vttatton). was. ~onowed by Shu- The have shaken Egypt, portunity this musical enterprise t Marie Donnel'-'8 s~op bert's "Ave Maria", soprano 8010 "188 Oin.1l- said, - even though offers tor the education of local rom ~ ,.II. by Catherine Elston. Charles EJ- m. ~ l-o'ung people. The 8pODSOrs or the Fruit punoh, .cheese and pretzel &ton accompanied his sister. Egypt did not take Part in them. Band have alWAYS loolied. Qpon, It sticks. and candy were served, and . Economically the contact with as, an educational pro-- --o~- Two piano selections were PI~- I h q' _ _ , .K eight door prlBe8 awa.rt1ed. . Win ed by Anne Hickman "Polonnalse" foreigners baa Berved to ra Beh er if_t . .. evep.,v child In the schoola an The Junior's nen, meeting, 8tandards of UVlDI'. Farmers ave opportunl .... to acquire a valuable be a' meeting with Mrs. Pitman' a t by Chopin and ''To Spring" by learned Dew skIlls _w hleb t h eoy are musical ed""u cation. h Id A rli 16 Greig. 'FolloWing these Bill .... tUI I t ctl Th d d f r hen home, to be e on .p . eager 0 pra Be. e eman 0 In parUcular the man ..... contrlb- 8 ·performed on. the clarinet the secreta.iiea for the BrItish and ~ at p,m. "Andante cantabne" by TIochsl- _~_ utOMl who belped nnance Its be- American armlea helped to _._ce ginning eight years D_ Will be Bm'EAVED kowaky and "Serenade"' by VictOr S ' _- the Independellce of women. ome gratified to_ dl8eover how weU the Herbert. a,ccompanled &n both by older EcYPtlanB were willing to· young people of the borough· ban II.... lIftderick W. IADIJ of 111'& Pot(8.. accept the _atlon and allow ,Ulltlned tbelr support. , The moYl .. at the eonee. thlhll Mapl. a .... u ..... oaIled to Altoll. The tiDal Dumber on the pro- girls to work l1li . IOOCretaiiea. In The Baad Will make Its I1iaaI -- are lIot _ to u.e pabUo m, P'rIolA7 b)o tbe death 0' ..... ........ for thIe tnte-.. .... enlq other _ til. glrIIJ rebelled at L:[::!~a~p~;_.e. ot· the _n on bec!a_ tIlq are .... a DU\ of miJGelo bL. B. ~ who WIllI Ch ..... 111_'. P81'forinan.. _taI...traUrt. the I: Do¥ "be.. It win JoID m .~ ......... __ ... ad. bI&IIF M_ 4lD'h1W ",-".1 of two plsao . aet_ou '"WbIte I~ a n_ .... 4 III hOnortng t_ who P'ftltbelr "meat of aDD... . ... ' ' "' ........ bF 0IIYe ; DIIacaD ...... 14eIt&./ Uvea In the .nice of theIr coua- J~~~.~'-'-"", ~-.

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INTENTIONAL SECOND EXPOSURE 8 THE ~ ; SWART HMO REA'N NOTED EXPLORER COLLEGE GUEST lUl'e aimed at the exploration of facing the world todu)'. the ArHc O('('nn by ~ubmarlnc. He IHtK abw made.' a Htudy of China, I ,lIlll in lht· course of his work. haB trtlv('lIed throughout most ot the Rose Valley Group Will Provide May Club Bill PREDICTS RUSSIA Will AVOID WAR c, ... i1 !lan'l'Y, IlI'eNldl'Dt of the UO,'lt. Vallc~' ChOI'IIf.l, announces sc­h'(' lion of til(' ('ast fOI" the Chorus' IlI'odlldioll of Olll}('rt & Sullh'au's "YlOI1H'1I IIf till' (lual'd", to 1)(> 111"('­:-; Pllh,tl at thl' 1'laY('I's Glu" ;\fay worlo, Cherry Cites Long U. S. Friendship With Russia ,',' 10 ""i' "HlI!'<:-:I<l lias hat! mol'" \\,:II'!'< tllan -~ 1Inl'J~;I:I(, ,\li'llt, will play tilt'llarl all\' otlu'r natlOlI til Iw.;tt)l·Y, hut \ !If Elsil- :'-1 ,YI1'II'II: !-'ally ;\1('io'nchh'll nUll" '\\(I'C 1I..'()J1clud"11 1)11 tIll' 1.'11('- "ill :1(11,,';(1' :l'" l'h(wTl~' :\)('I'yll. anel IllH'~' tt'I'rltOI'Y," (·o\. \\'111. ('IIl'ITY, ,,\UI\I' "dc-hal'.) ,IS Damp ('al'l'uth- 1:1I!'<}'i:~Il-b,lIn J'hilailll"hia la,'Y\'I, ~'I·}'. TII\. Ink 01 ('OhHWI I·'ail'fax Sir Hubert Wilkins in Four April Lectures SiI' II ubel'l WiII,;imi, world. ramuli!'> :-;cicnti8t .lIuI cXlllol"I:"r. will ht' in rcsitlt'llel' at Hwal'tlllnol"(~ ('OIl(lgP (1tH'jUg- the Ilwuth of Apr.n of thi!'> y(>al', Uti! ing hi~ ~ta)' he will ~i\'(' thn'(' fnt'mal 1t'clUl't':;; \\ ill parlidpatl' in th<" wurl{ of the :\I,u,tin l~iological LaiJul'alory; and will IlICl't inful"lllally with a \'ari­pLY of :;t1ll1\'l1t gTOUPS to g-,in! tlH'JIl I lip lWllcfit of his expt'!'h·ncl'. During world war II, he served a,!oI :ld\'lso.r to the United States IIIi1Ual'Y authorities on technical and scientific matters which arc as yd unpuhlh;hed, He is the aut hOI' of. "Undisco"cred Aufol­h'alia", "I"I:dng the Artic", "Under the NOI'th Pole", and '''1'hom;hts 1'llrou,l!'h Hpacc", \\ ho lett a ('OII"-:al'l, I·t':c;illlt'llt \\ 111 I", !'<11I1g' 1,y Frallk Kal'ian. alltl aha ~ Il:-:t ( ', l'I'1I ""'\.. in till.' l'~itst •<.•: , .... ~_,, .. ",' ,\hol \11 11.\' Hal'l'oll Ih'l· \\'01'111 \Vm·, tolll :1 joint )lIl'l'lill/.!" lIIuth. of Ihe ~wal'tl!lnl)rf' \Volnan's Cluh I JO'l:t!II ~l:l"H(,,.;tit', who 11a:-; 1'('­and tht~ Lc'aL:llt' ~.f \VOIIH'1l \'otPI·';'; lUI·llt.1I to till' ('hOI'\lH aft('l' thn'(' on Tu(>~tlay. t ·01. eh"'II·Y, \\ ho i.s at IH'c':-:('nt 01 Ill" Inh'I·{'ullul'a1 l'nitl'cl Xalions a 1I1l'IIlbcl' ('Ollllllttice of tll\' 'I'al!'< oS 'I'\'i~'" ill t hp Al'uQ', will I:I\;:(, th" 1,:ll't ()f \Vilfn'd ~"adl",lt. TIH' 1'011' "t t1H~ .J('stel', Jal'k 'I'll(> three ledllrl's will be given UII th,'('(' SUl'('t'l-'si ... e 'l'hul"sdurs­,\ pdl It. AJlril IS, anel April 2:;. allil an' UIH'n to OIl' g"l'lH'nll IHlhHc without {'harge, 'I'h(' fin;t h'cl1ll'(' ~ir 1Iullert \Vilkins' "jsit will Iw 011(' of tIl(' high points of tllC academic year at Swarthmm'e Col­legf'. and will serve to pI'ove once again that tll(' pducational proccss ('an h~ Mtimulatetl anti improved h\' the participation of men who a~ sci('utists havC' learned to a11PIY. their knowl('ug(' to the problems {'~)UIlI'i1, :;pokp Oil ",\ m"!'it'an ;';0"- ic>t Helations," l'I":I' "~I \\ ho i,.; I'I·n~llIdion. plap'tl hy 1"'('1"(111(' <lil','etU1J.!' tht' I{\ls~ian hi~tol y 1:-: 1I0t a stury If!· ugg-r{':-;siol1. allol 111('1'" has JH"'CI' 1"'I'n ('ontlkt Iwl\\Pt'n hl'" :lnd th~ , .. , I "t·" .. .., 111 r·wl l'nl, Cilcl'IT J IH t" .... < ,".~. " ()f1l1'1'''; nt'll(':ll'inl-! in tht, e:lst will l,P J~(·tI\· j'Cl'idl:llll, K(,lIogJ,.:' P('ck­:" 011, illll'toni ('I'osman. l.C'wj:-; (:flodpIlOll~lt :11](: Hall'll L(·I'\':'-. will tH', "Polal' 1':xplnJ'alion fot' COlntlH'I'C(' Hncl ~ki(lnce": the sec­ond, "'rhe Artic and its ~ignificallcc fol' \Vol'ld Affair's"; anti til(' third. (il'dal'l'u, tln'!'t' tU1\'\' IH'C'Il \·(·I·y 11('­lillll!' silllilul'ilic:-; "('{nt"'11 tlH' two t'()lIlltl'il.':~ in IIwtiwds C1f 1('ITitorial (,xllan~ion, in c.'ultlll·oIl al.·t·ulllpli~h. IIlt'lIt:;. :tilll c,·t 11 III ich't'log-1PS, 1:1)\11 ... ·xpanticd II .... 1I01"lllai pelll'­tt'aUClII towanl tip' j',\t'ltk in :tn t'HI',,' day. H u:-:,.; i a alhalll'l'll tllI·,;ugh Sih('!·ia anti t'\t'!! do\\ II OUI' Wt'st {'oast until :-:IH' IIIPl .\IIl\'I·I.·al1~ e{)lIlin~ fl'C)1I1 tho..: I':lsi to \\ h01i1 O\\,IHn~ Ol!' ('o.,~l lalld ... \\;1:' '·It-lIb' illll){)\'tant. '1'11t·u sl14.' "Hhdn'\\· IH'ar'f'al.l)" aTl'! 1"':'I~'C'.!I'ly tlgn.'l'~l to till' !'aie of .\l:tsl~a ~o that wa~ ('!ltkely !','1110\ pd I nH~1 ,\llll'l'kan conlinl'llt. :-:hl' till' 1"1'0111 tilt' lillI!' III' .\' 1i1:-;1 ~o 111 Heilool, Hu:-:siall !'hil~" ('Il 1l',tlll aluml thc lJt!it~'il ~tah's III a fl'i;'IHI­h" w:q" 1·~·('tI in 1 ~i1J.t Hlld I !HI5. whell CoL Chel'l'y was III !-H'l\O.)l, lit' ~aid, thl" chilcll('11 lc':II'llt'tl IllOI·t' allout tht' Unit('(l :-';wtt'S th:ln ,\111- ('I'knn chihll'(~n h';~I·n ahn1l1 Hn:-;sia. 'I')H'" r('ad Amel'll'all ant hOI's and I)Oets. And today Ow lIla~~WH of lH'oplc In Itw~!iiH ]'PIII('mllel' iJt'l\t'l" thl' good d01ll' hy thl' AmPl'iean Helicf A.timtnh;tl·atioll in thc nl,~t "ul'ld war than :my HtrllgglC's which nlay hun· Ot'('ull'('d 1)('1w,"'11 0111' diplomats. Tlll'I'e ha~ I,,"!'n ,li,llolllatH' liIIS­ulltl{. rstandlng IlI't\\'Cl'n tllt' two ,",O\'el'nlnC'nts, hOWl'\'el', 'I'hn spf'a 1.. . - Cl' I)ointed out that thl' s('nding- of .\merican troops to Hll:-::-.;ia tiUI'iIlJ,;" til('! Hcvolution was 11'g'al'Clf'(l hy till' H.cds Uo<J a. distilll'lly Illlfl'icndly acl, for the ill1ll1'('~sion waH en'atl'd that the troop}' \\ ('1·1' hacl<in/.: thl' Whites against tht· Ht'ds. , .. he Go\'­!' rnment of Ru,.;sia i,.; still Oil' ,.;alll(' J,;"ovt'l'nnlent. It I'PIIWIllllers, too. that after the first wor'ld W~U', al­though RusHia hall hCl'1l (l1ll' of tIlt, .Allie:-.;. territory was talcPIl fl'om hpJ' hy the V<'I'!4lilh's treatY-llI'oll­ably the firMt time in histol'Y that a '\'ictorious (!ountry yipldt'ti land to a loser. "Pula.I' Pt'ohll'ln:-; of thc I'•\ It 111'1.~' .. ' Health Society ~ir 1I1lul'I't's Vi.H I· t to .",\ ,,,• ,,,th- Tn 25th Year Tea (('untillllf'11 froll) pagl' 1) more will lit' nntll'\" til(' aUsI)ic{'~ of the \\'ilIiaJl1 .J. ('OOP,'I' (o"OulHJatlOlI, Thh; l"ounuatiull was ('~talllh;hcu Ihl' Hill)(-,· Tm'Ilf.lllip s(':hool~ in ('x­; llIllnJtlg . Pllpits l1nl1\'I' th(" 111'\\ Slah> ~I'ht)ol 1i!';llth .\d No. ·I:!f), 1'lIflC'I'thi"; :u·t "tl.('·h pl1Pil is cnlitl,,11 to a cOIII)l1c'h' IIlpllkal and dplltai t'x:tminati(1ll (''\"(,I'Y two ';.,'P:tl'};. HoC) Inl' IIl'ulal (11-1'('('1,.; Iw:uI the list \\ith ~lis('asl',1 tOllsilH and ,'isional cl .. f('('ts mal,iug- a clm;p sl'('ond. HI'\'­(' l'a1 ~':tSP:-l of 11I':lI·t aillll('nt:-; and 01·­tllOpa(' IIiI' tkfl,(·ts, whit'll fOI'llIl'r!y llIiJ.dll 11a \'c' h('~'n o'\'('I'look('d, lInv" h('1'1l cli";C'o'\!'I·t,tl a~ a I'psult of tlws(' a I 1I10S t ._O \• 'o~.:";,'~ ''.'. ·' ,'..'.' 0 hy• \Vill.ialll J. "X;II;linaIIOI1:-;. Nt'al'l\' 7 ,~"\ll ,·h.;its "·1.'1'" madp hy tllp stafr 11I1I'S~'S dllrlll~ thl' llast \'I'al' :\II'S, Gr'off staif'd that e\'('l'y ; •• 1I1 ·was ans\\'l'I'ctl dlll'jUg- the ImHt "inlpl' anti wif·;IH's to )"C'lllincl tIt<" pl1h1i(' thai Iht' S('I''\'h'(>s al'j' nlH'1l to all. t'itlwl' 0;1 a pay hasis 01' fol' thQ!ie who (';lnll~~t afford tn paY, 'I'h(' finan(,ial sllPport of the Hodet;..' is dprj\"t'd fl'oln f('l's ('lu'netl. insttl'­ant'I' ('ontr:lcts. and tlw Conllllllnity ('I)('sl of Phil:llh'lphill and \'kinih'. AT N. Y. FIELD Tlwotinn' F. "001 ... was dischhl'g­(. cJ from lllilituI"Y SCI'Viet' .1anu:u·y 17 as Captain after nt'arly four \"('ars of total :;cl'vicc", 1'1H' last 24 ;llOnthN Iw sll('nt in the Pacific TlltlatrC' of O,wratlon:-l with the Pa­t'ific Ili"i~ion, Anny Ail' Tl'anspOl't COlllllla:ad aR Pm'sonnel, Organiza­tion, and I'lannhlJ.{ Officer, Hincc JalllHu'y :! 1 he has been Pcr~onlH'1 Rll)lPl'visol' with the Amcrican Overseas Airl,incs, n.n af~ fll ' t of Amel'ican Au'Hnes. an Ia c. I F· ld j!; Htationed at r..aGl~lll'd a '1e " New YOl'li Cil~', In the ;lext f~\\ Ilays Ill' will leaye fot' Great .Brlt­. ',.) '''oing' to T ~ondon b~' all'. to .m~ a" lil', ..., a personnel . fOl' the Hlll"'('J' COlnl)any. Coopel', whose 'wife was graduat­pd fl'om Oil' ('ollpge in the {'lass of 1876, "I'hl' Foundation was eRt~h­lis) Wu for til(> IHIl'IHl"C> of iu\'itmg 1Hen It ,\,1 \\'O,'len ()f affain; whosc pl'('sell{'(O on thc e:lIlHHHi would add to till' cthH'ation of the student hotly anu 11 w Rwul'tilmot'c t'Oln- 1II11nit:~:. 'rllc ill'\'itation , 0 ,...,. '1 1· Illlhf'rt \V.ilkins to eOIll£' to Rwartlullore b , lint:' with onC' of tlH' hasi.c cducn- ItIiIo nal policies of the co II I;'!;e out - linc\l in PrC'Ri<lcnt Nusou'S rello~t to the Board of :\lanagen:, TillS policy it': to develop a .hC'tter un­(} el'stamling- of the relatlollsh.iP he- tween tht' \,• 0 1 'Id'."" of thO\l~ht and pratical {'xp<'l'ience h;.." hl'in.ldnf.;" nlE"n and wunu'n who lin\,("' d£'lnon­stl'ated this I'eintiullship ill theil' life work. HiI' Hulwl't 'Vilkin>; wa:-; horn and ctlucatcd ,in Austt'u!ia. F~arly in hi~ cal'eel' he 1I t'callIe 'In tcrcs• tcu 'n flving. completing- his tl'aining I . '0 in 1910, His fit'st ('ontact WI 1 A I'th- {'xplo.l'utiun came jn the when 11(': join("d AI'tic Ex-y<' al's 1913 to 1917 Stt'fnnsson'H Canauinn pl'dltion as a photographl"r, Rincc that tjull.' he ba::l had a ,,"'ide l'ang-(' of (>xperience In Artie exploration and has l)('cunH' well, knO\\'n fol' hts fLIghts OYer the \ Artie O(,('<1n. l'ulminating in t~c fil'At trans .. \ rtie flight f,rom Pomt: Barrow to Spit7.hcl'gen in Aprli 1928, H(' was knighted shortly thereafter 'with the citation "for 15 years service ,in exploration cul­minating in thc tmns Artie flight". In 1931 he sponsored a new vC!n- KNOWS HOW TO KEEP PKb •. 2.95 Echo Glenn Tea House Wallingford. Pa. With well established clien· tele fully equipped and fur· nished including both busi· ness and real estate with aparlmcnts and rooms above is now offered for prompt sale. Terms Phone A real opportunity. appointments. 1611 between and Media 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. (orner . 81_ ...... s Of thu tClld{'n(~y 01 Hussia. to tlOIllinate neighhol'ing ~lHnll coun· trl("s. Col. Chcr!"y l'ial(,l Hussia rcpl:; the npcd of cl'(':Ilin~ a he!t of fl'iendly counU'\t's fOl' :o;(>(·ul'ity. ),fany of thC'Sl' lands \\'l'I'~' hi~tol'i­(' ally Russ,tan unywuy. As fUl· Il'an. Ill' pl)inh'd 01lt thai r,{Ii of tllt, Hus­sian oil lIulllstl',Y IS within Iii 1Ililt,:-; of tllo border, and thal to llu;,:-\ia 1l IIlUHt see III an l'xtn'llh'ly dall~(">r­ous condition to hav(" its cssl'ntial nil tlelds within ('as), reach of a ~tr,. Cool;;: IS UW ~iOn of forlll(,l' Dr. and ~1rl'l. F nO\\ ,'('sidt' in ~wal,thnlorca ns Fullcrton C'ool~ who Atlan.tiC City, N, ,J. IN ANNUAL MEET Let us run help make better-your longer car \lott'ntial ~nemy. "ho Players C'1uh holds its a:l­n1lal nH'clin~ Monda')' night. AIII·tl ~ at S )l,tH .. a.t tl\(' Chth Homn'. . I r.l}(,stcl' l'Ol\fl. I.·ah'vi<~w HXpllllC' alll ". H H('sidl's l'(,llortH of tll(' dll'ect()r. of variouS lip pal, t nH'nt.s of th(' Club, nOll11. n,n t,' ons' for officcl'Pi and go'\'CI'- , ,'II be l'cceivpd from a. COIll-nOlS "1 . }' mith't' ('omposcd of 1\101'1'15 ,~. smith, chairman. -:\11'8, l~dw:.lrd, )1, nas.'lctt. '.,I I'S' . I".dw,'l nl .J . 0 Hrl('lI, no I: tntI \'"- . Harl'is" on and Paul .U , Danl(8. m1 h·lP i _...<. olllinatin ...-.,. conlllllt- As few people will get new cars this year it wioll be ,;,ecessary to t~e car~:~ your present car awhile longer. Extra wear and tear IS caused by Wmter. ing conditions. Our Spring Car Saver Special is designed to help get rId of "Winter drag" and get your car completely ready for wann weather. Right Now your car needs these "Get Ready for Summer" Services 6. , \ '01 ,ChP.ITY Iwlic"('s, 11owevcI', that H.u~!"iu Will do anything to :1\0111 \\'ar, "~he is uth'dy irnpo\"­("' ishcd in the tll'st plat'0," he dc­dal ·c.l "and I!l tlt~, ~('('ond plat'f' sll!' iH an eV('1\ :-;tn)ug('I' helit,\'t:t' in 111(' l:nited X:ttions til:! n Wt', ~Il(' l;:no\\s that only It;.. ('I'('ating' a SH­IH'I sla1t· ('an unl\'I'I'Sa I ))~'aCt' TIp found," t('o wclconl/..'s suggestions for tlw various offil'cs. . Due to the largo mmnbcrSlllll. of the PIa.y(~I'S Cluh and the local m­t(' rC'st in it a~ a ('ollnuunity entcl'­prisl', 111«' incum))C'nt offi('el's hOl;~' a large pari of th~ memhcl'::IllIP wi11 Iw PI·psl'nl. to Ip:u'n a])f)llt SO~llC' of tIll' ('lul1's 1H'ohTt'IHs and to g']\l' tllt'il' ad'\'ic(' in solving them. 1. CIIA~(a: '1'0 St':\I:\I1,:n. ()IlJ \\tinter oil Is too thin for Wtll'lU "'c drain it-uml l'('rm with tYile Snnnl'H Oil. \\Cath('l'. SUIIlIUt'I' Dirt:\· .snark lllugs ('nn waste a .<. ; mUM as lout of (,"cry to gallnn."'i or gasoline. ::\11'~. \\"ult,·1' Hohin~on. l'I'Psicl(,1I1 of 1111· :-:\\.tlthlOU,I!· J.,'a::.!u,' of \\'0- 11" n Yot!'1 :-" I 11 I ' q ~I 11 l" oJ t ht' .... w: .... THE DEW DROP INN Extended Sunday Hours 12 Noon until 3.00 P. M. Special Dinner $1.00 2. 3. 4. 5. CIIA:\,(a: TO Sl'lBIEH fa:.\H l,unl{ICA~'l'S Druln trnnsmis."'ilon ami ''C'lI· I'cfUl "ith Sunn('fl ,\Il-IUlI'lHL'"'l" (,;("al' I.ubrkant - ~1)('('ial1)' Imull;' tn 1'('sist high IU·('s ... m·(· alltt 11I'at. CHASSIS IJl'UHICt\'l'IO:\, SllCCinl I.ubrlc~mt uSC(1 to hcl., kt.'Cl. out S(lttcaks and "(':1['. \\'on't tI[',)' uut. \\OU" "~\.."ioll out. "nll't SfIUCClt~ out! 1I('I))s hn- 1)1'O\C l,,'1.lS mileag(', CIIJ.:CIi. Oil •• ,·I .... 'EH hlSllCCt. cartri(lgc nml check nA'ITEItY SEHVICED Wintcr is csl-.ecinU)' tough on butteries, "'e check stnmgth, clean terminals. add db.tilled wnter. 7. 9. CI.lI,:AX AIH I·~I1:rEH lJ£'ts )'0111' cuginc breathe ('asll"r-kCCfWi ,Urt ont of the ('nrburetol', UH,\IX AXTI-Jo'HEEZol,: HAllIt\TO" ell ECI{ HOSE COXSJo:l..-""TION-.t\llU n.rST HESIST.\XCE 11 yon hu\'c !)ermnnent nnU-fl"C(~7.c. _ ... ~ it fo[' nc-xt \Vintcl'. Bring yonI' uwn CJ("'~ tainer. CIIECK~UI:l OP TIRES Correct "s"itching" iml)l'O\CS tiro mUe­age. \Vc can also hn"c your tires recapp­cd. if needed. HANNUM & WAITE YALE and CHESTER ROAD Swarthmore 1250 " '" . J·tJ· j, ,... 1" \,.; c: .llt .. ,£.·,.: .• J.' 'I·'r·~l··' -~ .. • j, oJ ''J· t.f. ," lrt..J h ' , m,.rC 1 , • GIVE .' SALVA. YOUR THE SWARTHMOREAN ATION SUPPORT VOL. XVIU-No. 15 OLD TREE SOUNDS LOUD SWAN SONG K e e p s Neighbors Inarticulate and in Dark "J think that I shaH never see ." could have stopped right thel'o unless a nir.mber of local folk would have cal'cd to add "or 'hear" WcdnC'~day morning in Swarth­more's latf'.st tree talc. At 10:1'1 a South Caroltna. pop­J( U', on~ of the tall trees that make thIs borough the Utopia. of shade ',,"orshippers was being removed at the Kaurrman home on Dartmouth avenue when the wind swung it around, .mtl despite its cabling fol' cutting, ("rashed it down into the stl'eet bearing with it telephone and clectric wires servicing that section of the residential district und a part of the business section immedia.tely adjoining, ARMY SWARTIfMORE, PA., FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 1946 $3.00 PER YEAR TONIGHTS THEIR NIGHT "'Ill' 1';Jf'drie Company immed­iately threw an emergency line into UHe :-';0 that with the exception of a f('w }hlU:-;CS 1lI0st of the affected area. :.oon had IightH t'estored. However, the damage to telephone fal'ilities waR ~o great that I'epair I took conmderabIy longer, There­fore. telephone order-tal;;:ers .tn one ~ place of business went home fol' the rest of the day. and The I5waJ·thrnorl'an moved the tele­phone end of its hU81n(::88 on its JnO!)t-l'u~hed da~ ... to the home of a 1llC'llIher of it~ staff, Workmen took Uf· ~:' _. :n: L' ,~u!ttnp; on tll. hOI'izon· tal and I'('moved it from the IInc of truffle hefore too many hours. Townsrolk will crowd the school ntuUtol'hull tonight at H P.ll. to UIlJ))uud the lUgh SL'lwol naud in Us Hth anullal L'on{~rt. AhulY.s ('01- orrul anti e ntertninlng the ,,1(1cl)' tlJlJlrechlte(l mILo.;iclun.· .. arc cxpected to nL'lllc\'o new tl'hmlJlhs umIet· the baton of their lK)I)ulur tlh'ector tJolm .Jenny, returned to his chm'g~ nrtcl' WIll' scr\'Jl"c in the N~n·y. Instructor pjsh (len 2nd .. ow) un(1 1.H''''.-cnt.'C (right 2nd row) will ploy their Inillspen.oqlblc roles. I>rum ~lnJorette Uutlt \Vagner wtIl alllJCUI' in her nnni ('nnrel't drl1l 'OJ' her Almll .llntcl'. It's n high moment in the borougll when tbis bund bcgln.... . to 1))U),! A corner of the ~Ia~>on BuildCl's ~upply bullding nearly a block away wa.." .' l torn off by the l'ipphlg down of the wires, An automobile helonging to one of the workmen was in the Imth of the falling tree tl'l!nk and l"ustained ('onsidel'able d:ltllaJ.!"C'. BEATS INDIA TRACK T/;i JeffrC'y Kid;:. Hon of llrH. Howal'd "KIrk, of South Chester I'oall, '\,.-ho has bet'n in lndia COl' the past YNII' rolled up the wins at file l'l~c('nt field and tl'ack mect of the Kalighat Spo.rts Club in Cal­cutta which lie ('ntm'cd wlLile on a furlough, .J ... ffl \\'ho achh'\,cod considenthle faitH' in track ('Vents at Swarth­more High School and later a..'J a stUtl('nt at tilt' l'nh"JI'sily of Penn­sylvania. \ .... on thl' ,100 metel'S in the open event, the 200 meters in the Allied SerVice e\·ents. and the indi~ vidual eup COl' highest Jloints in the Allied ~cl'\'ic(' nt Calcutta, On till' H:Ullt' furlough he met his IlIwh' and aunt, Dr, and l\ll's, A, B. Coe, of Oak Park, 1I1., who were stopping in Cal('utta, and also vis­ited Prime Minister Malik Patiala, and daughtel', H:lI'ji, who was the collt:'g(' mat(' of Jeff's sist<~r, Marian at Bryn 1\lawt· College a few years ag-o. Sunday Fire The< borough fire company re­ceived a. call Sunday morning from the home of Robert K, I';nden, on Elm avenue to ex­tingui~ h a. fil'(~ on the roof, The fire, ... "hieh aplla.rently started when a spark from tlJe chimney landed on a dry shingle, burned a narrow ~trip of roof over the front door. Howev<"r, the main part of the firc was confined to the fa.r end of the house, Firemen quickly choked the flames nnd held damage to the roof only. Closed to Publi" The movies at the college this week are Dot open to the public because they ...... m .... 1y a part of a program which Is beIng given tor. the entertainment of college stud ........ Merchants to Meet MUSIC JUNIORS ELECT, PERFORM Community Good Friday W Qrship BAND STARS NINE SENIORS TONIGHT 'l'he April dinner session of thE" Swarthmore Business As· soclation wlll be held at 7 o'clock next Monday evening, the 15th. at the Stl' Hayen Inn, JUNIOR CLUB AIDS CANCER RESEARCH Emily Pritchard Is Named Head of Club Sunday' Good Friday deVotions will be cond ueted in the Swarth­rnol'n Presbyterian Church on I"riday. April 19, from 12 to 3.00 o'clock, The ministe.l's of the Swarth­more churches "vIII conduct the wor~hill and all members of thl' community and fl'lends al'C' invited. Event 8th at School Community Concert Is 100 Attend Benefit Enjoy Stylish Models Too O"er 1 00 people aUendt·tl the Hpl'ing fUHhion show and hridge hl"'ld to raise funds fur cancel' re­scal'eh by the ,luniot· Section of the "roman's Club at the cluh house oil TllC'sday evcning. It was "'h£' l'iec;:.ioll of olli('pJ'S 1'01' th~ corllin~ Y('(II' of th£' Hwal·thnlOre ,1unitll' :\lllsi(' Cllih took place last ~lmd:IY •• \I)I"il .. , at the houl<' of "'i1lia:1I I'otts, 7!l::! Yalp a"enUl'. \\'('stnll Clal'iH', olllcoing' pl'('si­lIpnt, annoull(· •. ·(] th(' 1'('slIit:-; of till' J"llIotillg' ax follo,,-'!':: l'I'('sillC'nt, Emil)' l'l'itt'hal'tl: ,·it,p J1I'('si·i<'lll. l{oilC'l't 1"lI\\'('\'lt: sc~I'('­tal ·Y. EI~zallc-th 10'0:-;1.-1'. tl't';I:-Inl"('I', \\'iJli:lm Potts: 1)10;";1·:1111 ch:lIl"111an. nt'OI'g'(' II ay, FOI' thl' t'\'(-·ning'!": PI"tIg'"I';11l1 of 1.1U:ih' f:t'(ll'~(' Ila)' had ht'l'll ap­poinh- d l'hail'11I:1I1, with th\' Jllun. a gala eyent, with the stage bright ni'l;; indWlill~ "suh j\ll~or" and with apple blossoms, HlIllllllC'r "I'c'ilt :It" IH I'f()I'll.anl·~'s. fasln. ons range d f,·o", b,"tl.,'".,g. s uits I Till' til·.~, t 1l11l11},(·I'. ill")l'cl h)" Hd- . 1;\' 1.011 bllll'I" un tli,' piano \\:t~ '\n<l rota\' sll,its, to t1lC' lo'."ehest of . II .. '1 ' ". 'UI11;-:lI'1<111 ') ,\lI·Pll\\"l'Il, ,\ftcl' formal;!;. .A hlack ey('let dl'eSH with a daisY cluster at tIl(' h(>1t modclcod In' Bohby Blakiston, was among tI~c dresses which won cSll(O('inl admiration, Favorite among thOse modeled by .Jean Evans was a pink and gray formal, whUe a ci1(,I'I'Y wool suit with navy hlue O:-ppliquc so charmed its model Anne Cochran. that she determined at once to add it to her ·wnrdrobe. A rose sharkskin with whJte ~mhl'ojdery was most becoming to ),r,.s. John Pitman. :\frs. \Valla('e Lippincott aeted as na.rrator for the show, All styles modeled werC fl"om ~rarie Donnelly's shop. Fl'ult punch, cheese and pretzel sticks. and candy were served, and cight door prizes awardf;!d, The Junior's next meeting will bc a meeting with 1\.[rs, Pitman at he~ home. to be held on April 16 at 8 p.m. BEREAVED Mrs. Frederick W, Lang of Maple avenue was called to Alton, 111., Friday by the death of her mother Mrs, L. B. Caldwell, who made many friends during several wlnte ... • vlaita here. M.... Lang Is expeete4 home th!a week-end. Ihis :1 IIII:(I'I!'tl(- ("OI"J)tl~etl of Bmily 1'1 ih'hanl. Ilats)' TUI'ner, BlIl Pott~ 'Int! Paul \\,illinllll'·:, sanA two songl-i. "lks('l·t Hong-" and "1t'H a Grand Xigill.. for' HillRing", )'II's, MOlTi!": J.... Potts :tt'colll)lani('d the fir:->t num­hl'l" Chal'lcs Elston the Hccond. 'I'eel DUnn. who g-:t\'e the report, chose Chopin and pointed up her 1'{'IIHu'ks with the recol'ded playing lIy ]tul'lli of the "Fantasie Im­prOHlI) tu", "Violin Duct" by Pleyel. P{'I'fOI'Illed by Ruth Garrctt (re. ('pntty (lllalified [01' IHclllhCl'.<;hip) und David ~P('IW('I' (h~' :;.pecial in­vitation), was followed hy Shu­bert's " ~raria", soprano solo by Catherin~ Elston. Charles El­ston accompanied his sister. Two piano selections were play­ed by Anne Hickman "Polonnaise" by Chopin and "To Spring" by Greig, 'Following these Bill Potts performed on the clarinet the ·'Andante Cantabile" by Tschai. kowsky and "Serenade" by Victor Herbert, accompanied ,in both by Mrs. Potts. The final number on the pro­gram for this Interesttng eVening was Charles Elston's performance of two plano selections uWhlte .Jasmine" by Olive DUncan and "Golllwog"a Cakewalk" by DebuBBY. Tht~ He'\', Dr. H. Lewi~ Cut­I£' r will be the preachcl', TRACES WOMEN'S ADVANCE IN EGYPT NiIlf> S('niOl'S will Inal.:c t1u·il· last ('OOI'PI·t aJ'ppal':LIlC'f' thiH eveIling­when thE" High SchOOl Ba.nd pre­sC'ot!' l its <'ighth annual ('oncert at flit' ('ont'XI' A "('lIue Hchool. Hp\'cI'al of them "ill IIlldel'sco}"l" thpi!' tJ'aiu­ing- anil (~xpel'iencc in the Band by IU't'sl'llting- l-wlns and dll(,ts. Lite r a r y Dessert Next Week to Draw Many FI'l't} Iklwlilla solo trllmpet('l' will tl'am 1111 with .Tohn [<'oster tl'olllhonist in a hrilliallt hrass t11l~t; Allen Endel's will pIa).' a Chopin no('tlll'ne with Alicc Blod­gett Ill' til(' faculty as accompanist. whill' Hllth \VagnC!' will lead the tWi!'It'I's in an t'xhibition of her skill and le:ukl'ship. Other seniors whos(' faithflJI 1j(Ol'vic('s to the Band ha\"(' I)(>en invaluahle arc Mary Fct­t(' I' ('IYlnhalist, Jane l\IatthewR, flut­ist, Boh lIulnl(' clarinetist, and ,loan Bi('I'IHan and Nane)' LewiS. hoth of tht, colol' guaJ'd. '1'11(' I'a lJ .. id IlI'ogress lIlade by i-:J,;",,·ptian woman tllll'ing recent y('ars in Illl> stl'uggle fOl' emanci­,. alillll, was Iht' subject of an in­(" I'(\~ting talk to the Swarthmore \\'oman'x Club by Aida Gindy on "u(':o:;<1ay, Miss Gindy, a graduate of the University ot Cairo, is one of two holders of United States State Department Fellowships now In this country. After outlining the history of woman's pOSition in Egyptian soc­iety from a. place of great impor­tance in ancient Urnes through one of retirement following adoption of tlle cnstoms of Islam, the speaker told of the difficult struggle to obtain et'[unl education for women. There are now grad­lIat(> s in law, medicine and sodal work. hut their number is small, The have shaken Egypt, ~[ifCS Gindy said. even though Egypt did not take part in them. I'~conomi('ally the contact with foreignel's has served to raise her standards of Jiving, Farmers have learned new skills which they arc coager to PI'aetise. The demand for s(>('reta.rjes for the British and American armies helped to advance the independence of women. Some older Egyptians were willing to accept the situation and allow girls to work as secretaries. In other cases the girls rebelled at parental restraint. In the work they learned' a new and new ideas. (Continued on Page 5) 1·'01' the Hecond time in its short histol'Y the Band has produced a Southeastel'n Pennsylvania cham­pion. l"oUi' years ago Jl',ck Linton won ilis honor as trombonist. this year it is 'Veston Clarke. clariiletist and junlol' In the school. This hon­or ,vhich 1m." . ! come to Weston Chwke wm add great interest to his solo performance of Rlmsky_Kors_ akotI's "Ii'light of the Bumble Bee" tonight, Taken aitogether tho conCf'rt will en:thl(" ~warthtnol'cans to learn at Ilr:->t hand tne grl'at op­portunity this musical enterprise offers for the edUcation of local young people. The sponsors of the Band havc always looked upon it as an educational program afford­ing cvery child tn the schools an opportunity to acquire a valuable musical education, In particular the many contrib­utors who helped finance its be­ginning ("ight years ago will be gratified to discover how wen the young p~ople of toe borough bave lusUfit'rl their support. The Ba •• d will make its final street appearance of the season on Memorial Day when it will join in honoring those ""ho gave their Uves In the service of the-II' coun­try.

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, z THE SWARTHMOREAN PERSONALS 8~er. M~. Ge~ge Van Kleeck of I Residents or the borouah tor .a Candor. N. Y. years the Llebeelul have ODe Lt. (jg) Ford Wiggins. USNR. daughter. Mrs. WllIlam Uthe. who formerly of V8.888.r avenue has o.r- witb bet husband and IltUe claugb­rived In San Francisco. caUt., from ter, Linda. make their bome with JoIre. John, H. Clark. Jr.. Mre. overseas and expects to remain on the LtebeckB. Thomas Rickert. and Mrs. Walter Freygang. of Esaex FellI, N. J., motored to Swarthmore Friday and viatted with Mrs. Clark'a sister Hrs. David T. Shaw of Ht. Holyoke pla.ce. Carol Maude Froebel returned to HolUns College. Va., Tuesday' after a week's spring vacation at her home 0Z\. Swarthmore avenue. at II. luncheon at bel' h~me. ThurS­day. Davl8 of Wellesley the west coast tn Inactive duty for Mr. Llebeck marked hlB 6Uh road entertained a tew guests at a month before .returning to hIS year with the Scott Paper Com­luncheon on Tuesday, home 1ft Lawrencevllie. N. J. He pany -In Cheater on the Snd of the Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R. Dana. Is the communicatlons officer on an month. He 18 noW consultant wlth Mrs. A. Q. 1£8 which rsaw··tts first acUon' in the company. and' was formerly of Elm avenue attended the grad· uatlon exercises of their son-ln- the invasion ot Okinawa and has vice_president. law, Dr. John H. F. Howklns from 81nce been on duty near. Japan and ----~--- Columbia Medical School on March China. TO WED IN MAY 28. He Is now serving hls intern­ship at the Bellvue Hospital in New York. Mrs. Russell Heath of Cedar lane spent Thursday and Friday In New York City. Mrs. Howard Tu~ner of Strath Haven avenue- returned home Sun­day after a week's visit with her father Prof. George V'f. Swett and Yrs. swett ot Melrose. Mass. Mr. Richard N. Daniel of Mt. Holyoke pla~e Is on a. six .. week Mrs. T. D. Maber of Rutgers business trip to Wilmington, calif. Merchant Marine, arrived llome avenue had as her week .. end guest. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel who have been Tuesday afternoon for a short Dr. G.race Howard. protessor ot Visiting with the 'Iatter's pa.rents leave with bls parents Mr. 'and Botany at Wellesley College. Mr.· and Mrs. David T. Shaw of Mrs. Jay D. Cook of Thayer road. . Mrs. John R. Hanna of Unlv~r- Mt. H01yoke place have purchased Mr. and Mrs. Warren R. G<ldfr.ey slty place entertained the members a home on State road which they of Vassar avenue wUl entertain of her luncheon-bridge c1ub on plan to occupy in th~ near future. Betsy Ernet of BalUmore. Md., as FrldaJ. Mrs. George P. Warren ot South their week-end guest. Bel8y will Mr. and Mra. James Lukens and Cli'ester road and Mrs. J. Warren attend dancing class Saturday daughter. Debby have returned ta paxson of Vassar avenue attended evening as the guest at Bruce their home aD Maple avenue from the .tnltlaUon. part ot tbe installa· Godtre,.. a months visit with M.rB. Luken'S tiOD ceremonies of a new Unlver- Lt. Jay D. Cook, Jr., who has been in China since OCtober. is on h1.8 way home and· Is due to arrive here the latter part of the motfth. Hls brother CIM. Joseph N. Cook wbo has been on duty in the pacif­ic for nine months with the U. S. The marriage of MIBB EUzabeth Rutan. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Je88e ~utan of Ogden avenue to Dr. William OraD. Linhart. Jr .• of Pittsburgh. son of Dr. at:1d Mrs.. William O. Linhart of Jeannette, will take place. Saturday, ·May 18, at ·8:30 p. m. in Swarthmore Pres-byterian church. . The Rev. Dr. David Braun win. perform the ccremon'Y. A . reception w1l1 follo~ at the Swarthmore Woman's Clpb: John Balr of Cornen avenue is mother, Norman Sloam in alty of pennsy1vania. Chapter of ENGAGEMENTS Mr. and Mrs. James Palmer Henry of "Walden." Wallingford, announce the engag~IQent of t~el,r vlsiUng his uncle and aunt. MI'. Naples, FIB. National Fra.ternity. De1ta Gama, 'and Mrs. H. P. Boggls. of Shaker Mrs. Frank D. Windell of West- which was held In Philadelphia UNIBTYo -A..S..S DEaMJlB' LY Heights, Ohio. dale avenue entertained at a. lunch- on Saturday. h to:30 A.M.. R~ve rJ' WednEs1ft.v Lt. WilLtam Webb ot South eon at her home Wednesday when Major Frank Davies w 0 ser-· ZELIA :)1. 'VAI11'ERS. Chester road and "Mr. Robert Hair the guests included the bridal at.. ved nearly five years with the U.S.' EVeryODe ~"COIDe and hlB son. John of Cornell ave- tendants of her daughter Miss F. Veterinary Corps. h~ received his nue will spend this week-end In Ellno~ WJndell whose marriage to Army dls.harge and while on ter- MARY DUNHILL • PRINCE FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 1946 daugbter NancY ·Crothers Hen...,. to Lieutenant Thomson HaatlDp Littlefield, 80n of Mr. and :Mrs. Raymond J. Littlefield of Swarth­more place. MI88 'Henry. who graduated. trom Swarthmore High School In the claBs of '41 W8..s graduated from Mt. Holyoke CoUege in the claaa of '46. Lieutenant Littlefield was grad­uated from Swarthmore Hlgb School In 1937 Jlnd from Dart-, moutb College in the class of 'fl. MI'II. Leon C. Blundtn of Park avenue announcM the ~ncagement ot her daughter, Barbara Jean to Mr. Arnold H. Redding, sOn of Mr. Frank W. Redding of Park avenue. Miss Blundln is a graduate of Swa.rth~ore High' School .... d at­tended Mary Washington College. Mr. Redding' graduated from Colunibia University and ta aectlOD engineer .In charge of aero ... dynamic and combustion research with Westinghouse. 'DO YOU 'lDfOW The Sare Care for An., A .... "';. ~ Trollttle' .JtI6T om. iK4a . RUSSELL'S SERVICE· . .lIke You C..,. LuI; a.· Dvatlo ..• eplat a.rdee WID Do II. MATCH'ABELLI • tlnhge pocono Mountains trout fish- Mr. John E. Gensemer, Jr .• win Mmrlnaalnld·aMverBha;a!:~:e~ h~a~a::n;: OZ . take place tomorrow. ..' Mr. and Mrs. LaRue HendrizsoD Mrs Louts J. Storck of Crest Cedar lane. l-of North Chester road wUl enter- lane this week "\flslted Mrs. D. D. Mr. Qnd Mrs. William B. Bullock. ..J min informally at dinner toip-o.r- Phillips of Adrian. Mich .• who Is Jr .• of Seaford. Del .. will spend the ~ roW evening. vacationing in Atlantic City. Mrs. week~end with the former's parents CI) T.he Bouquet CHANEl ::0 m < ~ Betty Ann HUlme returns .Sun- Storck and Mrs. PhilLips were for... Mr. and Mrs. WUllwn B. Bullock • day evening to the University of mer colh"gc roommates ut Bryn of Cedar lane: - Delaware after a week's Lt. (jg) Robert E. Rowand. :J Mawr. M d 0 Spring vacation at her home on Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Schwalm of U.S.N.R •• ar.rived borne on ay avenue. North Chester road who are having . from MemphiS, Tenn .• to spend a rn Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Horsey of their son-In-law and daughter Lt. to-day leave with his mother M'p' - BEAUJ'Y SALON 13 South Ch.t. Road Call ~ .0476' • r mz -I X m :-.:..0. Swarthmore avenue were recent M Elwood M. Rowand of Elm ave- :s '. ' Col. R. C. Dlcldnson and r8. IllIG hosts to Mrs. Horsey's brother and Dickinson as their guests. will nue. Wblle bere Lt. Rowand who sister-in-law, Mr. and MI'II. Gordoq. entertain at a co*cktail party In graduated from Jefferson. Medical B. Blrrel and daughter, Barbara ot their honor tomorrow afternoon. College In June '45. wlll take hlB CHARBERT • SKYLARK. LUCIEN LE LONG • CHEN YU Silver Springs. Md. Lt. Col. Dickinson Is on terminal State Boa.rd exams. Mr. and Mrs. A. Q. Davis of leave atter tour years ot semce Mr. and Mrs. Charles Israel of Wellesley road had as their week- with the Army Air Forces. end guest. Mrs. Craig Hagblom. of . Mrs. :T. Paul Brown. of Walnut Ardmore. Saturd~ evening• .~ r. la.n e. 1 Mrs. H. F. Toole of the and Mrs. DaviS entertained 16 din- Swarthmore Apartments. and Mrs. nel' guests In honor of Mrs. Ham-.~ Joseph Walton of Kenyon avenue blom. motored to Ba1t1more .. Md." Thurs- Doris Rowand. a. senior at the day of last week and spent the Pennsylvania. College for Women, day visiting friends. w.ul return there Monday after Lt. Col Harry H. McWlIUams spending a 10-day spring vacation and CPI. Jack McWllliams joined at ber home on Elm avenue. their mother. Mrs. Jack H. Mc- Mrs. Helen Hall of Park avenue will leave hy plane Wednesday next for a 10 .. day vlBlt with rela. ... Uves In Toronto. Canada. Mrs. Townsend Scudder of Con-cord, Mass.. formerly of Swarth ... more. who Is th~ guest of Dean and Mrs. Everett L Hunt of Elm ave- Williams of Benjamin West ave­nue ovel"" last week-end. Mrs. Peter Hay vlsited her mother and father-tn-ta.w. Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. Hay •. of Ogden avenue 1ast week-end. While her husband Is in Japan. Mrs. Hay former1y of Evanston. 111 •• is Itn­nue tor a few days of this week. Ishing her course at Antioch CoI­ls the gUest of honor on numerous lege. occasion& . Mr. and Mrs. Ha.rry W. scott of Mrs. .Phelps Soule and Mrs. Strath Haven avenue returned to Charles B. Shaw of Park a.venue their home Sunday . from a two entertained at a progressive din- weeks trip fo Fort Lauderdale, ner in her honor Monday eVening.' Fla. . Mrs. Hunt was hostess at a. I "Mrs. E. B. HolUs and daughter luncheon Tuesday, the guests later,' Leigh of South Chester road have l!"'0toring to the Longwood Gar- returned to their home from a. 10 dens. day visit with Mrs. Hollis' mother. :\Irs. H. W. Brinkmann. of Walnut Mrs. Leigh Neeper of Daytona lane will entertain at a tea this Beach, Fla. Princeton and College avenues re­turned Tuesday from an extended southern trip. While south Mr. and Mrs. Israel purchased a house in Miami. Fla.. and plan to move thet'e permanently this coming summer. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin :1. Faulkner of Dickinson nvenue will have as their., house guest Mrs. Harry K .. Werst of Forth Wortb. Texas who arrives Tuesday next for a visit. ·Mrs. E. C. Burton of the Swartb­more l.p artments entertained at a luncheon-bridge at her home Tues .. day. Ann Myors of Dickinson avenue and Kay Thurman of Cedar 1ane are winners of Dean's List flonors at Middlebury College. Middle­bury, Vt .• wbere they arc students. GOLDEN WEDDING Mr. and Mrs. Harry Liebeck celebrated their golden wedding anniversary Monday evening with a dinner at their home on Park avenue, then left to vacation in Atlantic.Clty. FOR afternoon. The guests w111 include Mr. and Mrs. Arthur j. Grover MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS members of a bridge club of and sons Arthur and Alfred of which Mrs. scudder was a former nlckln80n avenue returned Wed- Call nesday last trom a five day trip Mrs. Uoyd E_ KauffmaD to Boston. Mass .. and Winsor. Vt. Swarthmore 2080 member. Paul Cleaver. Jr.. of Hartford. Conn., form.arly ot Swarthmore is visiting his cousin l\{rs. J. David .Jackson ot Vassar avenue. thlB week. Paul was recently discharg­ed after serving with the U. S. Army in Europe. Mrs. A. D. Kniskern visited her son Mr. Phtup W. Kniskern and tamilY ot Riverview road whUe en­route from Florida to her home In Hastings. Mich. Mrs. Fred R. Wilson of Walnut lane entertained bet' bridge club Mrs. W. H. Gehring of Unlver- r:=:::=:::~:::=======:::-: stty place will spend the week-end with her daughter. Jean. a student at Cornell University, Mr. and Mrs. A. C: Howland of Guernsey road have as their gUest tor a short time. Mr. Howland's SPRING RUSH IS NOW ON - LINOLEUM ASPHALT TILE VENETIAN BUNDS Shaw. William' Paint Chrome TrIms ror all PUI'PC es ·In stock HEDEMARKS M'EDIA THEATRE Thursday - Friday Saturday JUDY GARlAND in The Harvey Girls LAWNS' GARDENS / DRICONURE • DRICONURB is a 100" all­orgaoic: fenilizer; Nota mixture of chemic:ab but nature's own plant food. Economic:aJ, aCe, easy to use. In large 50 lb. bag. (approxi­matelylbushelsl_ Ordertoclayfromyourloc:a1 dealer_ -Write direct for Free garden folder_ AtKINS a DURBROW, lac., les.A ....... ~., ~ .. Y_ 7,11. Y. THE DEWDROP INN Extended Sunday: Hours 12 Noon until 3.00 P. M. Special' Dinner $1.00 * The greatest inheritance you can bestow on your child is a sound mind and a sound body. Robust health of body is re8ected inevitably in the spirit.' • Careful nurture through the uying period of infancy and watchful care in childhd'od and youth are essential_ IndispensabJe' to the child' 5 welfare is your family doctor_ His competent guidance will skillfully guide your child through the health. hazards of the early years. Consult him frequendy­The ~nse is uiBing, the dividends in weU.bein~ . immeasurable. . . For re1iablepreseription service, call' on as. • LINOLEUM SHOP 1. W. WINONA AVE. .&2' .'RiMiER I'JI.rli: NORWOOD RiM. PIuk 371& I• n TECHNICOLOR Michael'. CcJHege rharina'Cy ::, ON' nm coRNER. , """""""""'" '" ;'''Hlmlll 1 Illn"!I!I!I~III!IH!I!l111I1115J1! " 1 ! J II 1111""1'-; I F:~?' R~m~~~~~~~~R~U~'I~~~1~9~t~6~~~~~~~~~~iT~H~E~S~W~A~~R2T~H~M~O~R~E~A~R~ ________ _ ---'--~~_-----..,-----..:3 lHE SW ARTHMOREAN " Revi .... Palm f'iacmioll ~ Wane ... l'VB~liU.8I11HIII!!m;" _ E1IMlBY PBlDA- A- - ......... 0-,;. . The Boroug Health Department .& ... D .... ~___·-.- PA. An ancient ceremony wUl be re... adds the namea ot SuaaD Gowing TBB BWA&iHHORl!l4M, INo.. PtJB"'SH filR vlved at Trinity, Church on Sunday of Parrlah road. Q'lmmy Noy .... of ~ Swa:C '" 0100 at 11 o'clock, when the aemee win Riverview rQ8.d. and Nickey Stuart Include the BIeaa1Dg of the Palms, ot Vaasar avenue i., their chicken PETER }l TOLD. Eclltor MARJORIE TOLD "';"""ete Editor the ProcC88lon. and MaUna. pox calendar list this week. show­Lorene McCarter .. Pelraol' Anne N_ Cochran Entered ... Second CJaa Hatter; JPDUU7 Jf. In., at the Poat OfQco at 8warthmore, PL, under the Act Of J4a.r0h •• 18'l1. Since the fourth century. the Ing a decline In thlB oUght but un­Palm Sunday procesalon and the comtortable Wn ... BI_ng of the Palms has been an important event in Chi1aten ... "You'" a.".. Spr/."" •• LUHCHES alld D/HHEIS al TIE III,C,11I1II1O DEADL;lNE-WEDNEBDAy'NOON II dom. PalmB, banners and croaees rl were carried in procession. The \b,===============:====::.;===:;::======J~ croS8 bearer, arriving at the FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 1946 Mias Molly Flynn who was active with the old Swartlimore Chau­ta,\ lqua. was entertalned over the week-end by Mr. and Mrs. Gordon lAnge of Cedar ~ane and visited Bome of her mauy friends here. KiBB Flynn Just returned from Egypt where ahe apent one and a hair years UDder UNRRA In charge of misplaced persona In that area.. She Is now In Washlngton as deputy head or the UNRRA 1I.Ia­placed Persons Bureau. SDIDI141 OaF. ",,/ C,dIM! .Lwllfl . PIII,,~eriaD Ch,_L "'_&__ . church door. knocked at the door • -.... ._ Methodi.t Church Nota with the hase of the ero ... .As the doon Oung open. the congregation burst into Bong singing "Olorla, Laua et Honor..'" The proceuioD would continue through the church. Of len the enUre village would form the procession. l •• ~ 'fl. lie 1111., 'fl. " 15e SERVICES' FOR HOLY WEEK Palm Sunday. April 14.-=on -"And Now .AJJ KlDK". Thunoday. April 18. 8 p.m.-Holy Communion. Meditatlon-"The Dark Nlght"_ Good Friday, April !t, 11 to • p.m­..."....' l'hree • Hour Community Ser­vice. Dr. H. Lewis Cutler. mtil .. later. Easter Sunday. ADm 21, • &om.­Youth Worship Servlce_ Sermon -"B~ht With the Llght"_ 'Easter Sunday. APrU 11. lO:f& a..m.~on-"And Vic tor 7 Remalns". , The Church School meets on Sunday morning at '.'6. Classes are proVided for . chUdren of aU ages and for adults. A special Palm Sunday program. bas beat prepare~ tor ~s service. At the morning service there will be bap· t18m and reception ot members. We Invite all d.lsclpleli of Chriat trom any ChrlsUan group, who ll\·e within a convenient distance ot this churcb and not have a church home nearby, to make tbJa their church home and enter into our fellowship. The topic of the morning sermon is "That It might Sunday morning after the aer. . be FtIltllJed." '!'Ice Mr. and Mrs'. Harlan It. JM­. up at the Harvard avenue en- The smaller children may be t ...... ce .... d Mr. and Mrs. Cbart"" left In the Church Nursery during E. Ul1colD. at the drive-way tran.. the morning service. Mrs. Theodore Sept entrance will 8IIIIiat the mID- Purnell and Mias peggy Brinsfield 4ater in extending the greeUDK8 ot will· be In charg'll! of the NurserY t1l.e church to the Congregation. this week. Mr. Donald Jones will be 'at the The Youth Fellowship will meet Harvard Avenue entrance to creet in the evening at 7 o·clock in the all college students .... d young chapel. people. 'Scrvlces ""m be held In the The High Bchool FelJowablp church on Thursday evening at 8 ,rill not meet for the next two o·cloek. at whiCh' Ume. the Sacra­Sundays. Meetings ~11 be resumed ment ot ·the Lord's Supper will be on Sunday. April 18. administered. All disciples of ChrlBt The SeBBlon will meet Friday are invited to attend and partici. evening, April 12 at the hotne ot' pate In the sacrament. Elder George M. EwIng. 11! I Those who desire to gtve Ltlles Columbia avenue, at 8 p.m. or other white . flowers for the Members will be received Into decoration of the chancel on the Church on Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday. or to make contrl­Apjll 21. Anyone contemplating buttons for 'the same, are asked to this decision Bhould speak with conununlc~te with Mrs. Otto Dr. ·Braun a~ter the Sunday service Kraus\.:Mrs. Harry Bernard, Mr. or during the week. .John C. Spahr or Mr. Ochlvlu8 Circle 8. MrS. George M. Allen. Narbeth. chairman, will meet at the home of Mrs.E. W. Crosby. 339 Dlckln­Bon avenue on April 17 at 2 p.m· Mrs. Robert Bradford will be co­hostess. Tb c moving picture "The Church's Basic Business" will be shown. c.trcle 1. Mrs. C. Swan chairman. will MacDonald meet at the home ot Mrs. Kenneth M. Reed. 680 North Chester road •. Wednes­day. April 17 at 1 p.m. CHURCH SERVICES SWARTHMORE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Rp\' nqvtd Rrf'lm. Minifd.",· Services for Holy Week ,:.5 PALM. SUNDAY, APRII~ 14. -t.... M.-Chureh School. 10 :45 A. M.-Sermon: "And Now as King." HOLY THURSDAY. APRIL 18 8 :00 P. M.-Holy Communion. Medita­ ·Uon. "The Dark Night." .GOOD FRIDAY. APRIL 19 12:00 P. M. to.3 :00 P. H.-Three Hour Community Service. Dr. H. Lewis Cutler, minis-ter. . AfIo::THODlST CHunCH Roy N. Kelsc:t. D.D .• MlnlB1er. SUNvAV 9 :45 A. lal.-Church School. Trimly Notes • Holy C"mmu~ion will be cele­brated at 8 a.m. Sunday. Chur~h School wUI meet at 9:4-6. At 11 o·clock. ~he service will Include the B1esslng ot the palms, the procession. morning prayer and sermon. The rector will preach on the topic: "The Problem of EvU." Palms will be dlstrJbuted at the A and 11 o'clock servlceB. Cboir School wUI meet on Mon­day and Wednesday at 4.30 p.m. and again on Wednesday eveninli at 1:30. . . On Maundy Thursday there will be a celebration of Holy Com­munion at 8 p.m. at which time the choir will sing the mass by Oldroyd. Litany will be said on Good Fr.iday at 10 a.m. The Community Three Hour Service will be held at the Presbyterian Church trom 12: noon until 3 p.m. The Rev. H. Lewis Cutler D.D. will preach. 11 :00 A. 1.I.-~:,~in.gtop~!:ors~!fhat Belt Christian Science Church Notes Might De lo~umlled." 7:00 P. lat.-Youth Fellow~hip. TRINITY CHURCH Rev. Gen. C"hrlMlhm Anderson. Rector SUNDAY •. APRIL 14 8 :00 A.M.-Holy Communion. S :46 A. M. - Church School 11. :.QO A. M.-1.Iornlng Prayer and Ser­mon Procesalon topic: "The Problem at. Evil." MAUNDY 'rHURSDAY II :00 P. M.-Holy Communion. GOOD FRIDAY 10:00 A. Y.-Litany. 10 :00-3 :00 P. M.--Community Three- Hour Service in the Pres­byterlau Church. THE RELIGIOUS SOCIETY OF ·FRIENDS ~nND' \- 9 :45 A. M.-Adult Forum: Speaker. John M.. Moore; subject. "Jesus In the Gool)818·· 11:00 A. M.-Meeting. WEDNESDAY 9 :30 A .. M. to 3:30 P. M.--Sewing and Quilting in. \Vhlttler House. Box luncheon. An are cordially Invited. FtRS'I' CHURCB 011' ~HRIST SCIENTIST OF SWARTHMORE' Park A venue Below Harvard SUNDAY 11:00 A. M.-Sunda)' . School. 1~:00 A. II.-Sunday Leaaon Sermon. Wednesday evening OleeUnl" each week. • P. m. ReadtllC f'O(Im open 4aIb' except Bunda" and hollda" 11 to , PeIL We4ne8l!ay event., 1 to l' :&0 l::: and 9 to ':10 p.m.. Church Edl- All ...... cordle\ly Invited to attend. WIIIIILEY A. Jl.. iii. CHURCH 1_'" _. IL H. :10-- ---or A. _ . s.iDii& -- 1,.. P_ JI..-Ooaieh ac...J:a. ServIce. aon P. lL __ aI s.rvtco ':Ie P. IL-_I.,. W ..... 1p. • , Are Sin. Disease. and Death Real?' is the subject of the J ... esson­Sermon In aU Churches of Christ. Scientist. on Sunday. April 14. The Golden Text is: "Why art thou cast down. 0 my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope in God: for I shaH yet praise him. .who is the health of my counte­nance, and m~' God" (P8R.lm 4:3:6). Wesley A.M_E. Church Notes Women's Day will be celebrated Palm Sunday. at the Wesley A.M.E. . Church. There will be three services all cort'ducted by the women of tlle local and out-of­town churches. The !Dornlng servtce will begin at 10:30 a.m., the afternoon· one at 3: 30 p.m.. and the evenIng at 8 p.m. Women ot the borough are cordially invited to attend, all or any. or th_ eem ...... Mr. &!ld Mra. Frederick We41er ....turned last Thul'llday to their bome "Sunnybank". Vaaaar avenue after a mow tFIP to M ..... Wedler's ro""... hom. In Charlotte, N_ C •• -_ppalllllr_ at _ftlio_... •p ointe or In- In Trinity Church. after the Blessing of the palms. a procession will form along Chester Road and proceed to the door of the church where the ancient ceremonies wnl be revived and the traditional hymn Bung. Banners, croaaeB. 1III IIIIIIIR ....... _u ITlnll co*ckTAIL HOU/tS '-6 ,oM. palms, and candles wlli be carried in the proceB8lon. The music for the aerv1ce will Include the uOrgan P.relude and Fugue In F Sharp Minor" by DietriCh Buxtehude; "Oh God Hear My Prayer" by Ludwig Krebs. and the pt,)8tlude '''From WHEN THE NEED ARISES Depths ot Woe" by J. S. Bach. The choir win Bing Psa1m $7. ·"Te Deum in B Flat" by C. Vl1- • l"rs Stanford; "JubUate in B Flat .. by Franz Schubert. and the anthem. "PBa.lm 150." by Cesar F.ra.nck. , OLIVER' H. lAIR CO. The publlc is cordlaUy Inv.tte:d. DIRICTORS 0' .UNIRALS Mrs. Margaret Y"rcado and children Cornelia. Marilyn. and Amy of New· York City spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Duane Terry of North .ehetrter road. Dr. Mercado JQined the group 1820 CHESTNUT STRIIT ." ........ UII MAlY A. MIl. Pllltt. on Sunday. • " ~hy we tel~ girls the Telephone Company is I,'A Friendly Place to Work"· • MA~Y OF OUR EMPLOYEES tell us that they're glad they came to work for Be~ beca~ through their business associations they have ma?e ~eIr best fnends. Good friends are mighty importaJlt to a young glrl~1D business or out of it. Bell seems to know how to select employees that most people like to be friends with. ; If. you're just starting ou[ in the business world, this matter of pleasant, frIendly fellow-workers can be very ilIJPOrtant to you. Yet, it's but one of many advantages that go with a Bell job. ' . ~ ages at Bell are good right from the start-even for inexperienced girls. And a regular system of frequent increases insures future advance-ment. Once Y0 u tIm ake go od" at BeI I, your future is secure; for even though you bave to move your home, the chances are good that you will be able to find employment with the telephone company near your ,new home. Bell.e.mployees enjoy the advantages.of comfortable rest rooms, accident a~d Sl~ess benefits, a modern medical department, holidays and vaca. ~ons w~th pay, recreational f'lCilities, and a liberal pe~ion pian. ~. ' s~d on the rIght ~ac:k now. Stop in at one of theemploymeot ?f1ices . bsted below and diSCUSS your aims aod ambitions with a friendly ltltervlewer. You will not be obligated in any waY-<lnd you may do yourself a world of good. iTH~ BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY OF PENNSYLVANIA • • "A Friendly Place to Work" . R_ 315, McClatchy Bldg: 69th a Mmet streets Upper DarIIy 57·59 I. 'enn Street Norristown 45 And.uiaPl A".., .. . ..... I 1631 Arch S'I •• t Ph"lIIIIeIphla Ani ...... 410 york ..... Jenkhttown • • • or call Inho.. p riM 1.0100 '

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.. •._ _________________________~ ---------T~.=H~E~S~~~A~R~T~H~M~.~O~R~E~A~N~ ____________________F~ R_ID~A~Y~,~AP~~~~I~II~1=2~,=19~t~8 SCHOOL NEWS dropped the second by a 16 to , decbdoD. In the deciding conteet. tbe twelftb grader. took tbe lead at the start and never rellp.qulabed It. despite' the endeavors D.t the losers In the last balf. , Weather Allects Trackllte18 look in Buch good shape with two Bad weather has kept tbe ot Us stal'B. Bill Nelllon and Phll Swarthmore High ~ck team from the nece8BB.ry work-out to get Into top shape tOr the coming track &e9.8OD. The team does not Alden on tbe inactive 1I.8t with ~ulled muscies. However. the other trackBt~ look promising. .) PDf2rda. .J!."t.. SEAFOODS LARGE SMELTS c:!:dl.. COD nLLm __ .. 25c ... 33c ... 25e .... lie POLLOCK mr.m CWMEAT .;;"..:~. . A'waYS Dependab'e Quarlty Eggs BMII EGGS carton 4· 8 e of 12 EGGSLe".~~v:!.-::-''''' :,":; 44e ,-_I_C;;;;;::No;;;W;-leaW ..... Datlld for you. p .. tectlan CadR.. :. :590 mver Bek. FlaIl 1=' 2"0 Aqua ............ S .... atts "1:' ":50 KnIt ....... tIs 't:.1t:=::::· ~:. ".0 f#Itl ~ Me.anal ....;i..ttI .!L'. .. .. Ev.porated P •• cII .. Caw..~I. lb :550 Cleawood G ... pelu.I1JaI .. "T·~2" .IUld .. .J.aI~. o.'!!:.w=~1t .:':' 570 ....... oIa1ee O::IA ~5 •• fISI» ..... t .attn' I: 290 TeDder Tunlip 01'. I • N,:m2 ".0 J l"'arilw,.d aI. Sweet .... "Z:.t!r' N.:;,2 "40 .I..... .... N.:;.2 ..... Bolllord SUotid · •• au .. 20 IISIXJ Fancy Long Cut ~~:, 2 N~!:. 27e .,.n ••• Cooked with or wi ............ cHiCKENs,sn) 41~: 45-= LAMB ROAST R:'i::I;!te Ib 3ge 1Iq. CUt S.CPII'de ....... Rout Ib 5:50 Shank Lclmb Neck Lamb .rankfurters --- '·15c I 'It Bol ogna .A.r.t..I.e. •. .-.c..a lli,' '·29C 19c Beans H •• • .... U .. , H •• ~I. 17c lit .... _ III urtOII - Potato Salad N .......... ,. 19c SMOIED BEEF TONGUES "' 39c ,--~-------=::..:..:;;... J.ttll./.c.o. ."......-..M. ,o t". ENRICHED SUPREME BREAD ZI=·~9c 11' ....... r, t •• r .... r. toa.ts ...... r aael ..,.. ....... 10 .... ' Rob-Roy Pure Plum Pre-War Flavor IISIXJ Ilch.rll ... HIAT-fLO COFFEE .:. Z4e 2 1bt 470 ~ ~C'.:..oaifhlag· PRESERVES l~rZ4e Mad. , .... pUN Int, a~d auilar In our ... P ..... rvln. 1C1t. ... Beans ....... , ... 4· ....... 35e .. TeaatI.... .... , Noblsco n. y", ... 2 .... 21 c Peanuts ...., • ..,... ..-...19c Callfomla Full Podded Swift's Prem .z .... -32c UmaBeans-"'''2.·. ·26c . Dill Plckl.. ...... .. ,... 25c • FRESRPEAS 2 lb. 2ge PaKal Celery "'" ..... 19c I Lemon. AI, ., ...... , ..... ,. 10c N.w Cabbage --.. 6c New Radlshe. 3 - 10ic ...... 11 ... I'll HIt ...,. Clea.... = sse ........ a .......... a ••• 11r .:::. .. se ..... A-p. '. .:::. seo V:I utl_ .nd CIe·.... I:: 5 .. .... t _oy... \: sse· ...... . 2:;: S701~ S7"'-= ... II TEACHER PRAISED BY SAFETY COMMa National Education Group Writes Miss Ewing ~Iabel A. Ewing,' teacher of home economics tn the Swarth-, morc HI~h School has just been praised by Dr. Eaves. the secretary o[ the National Comml891on on Safety E:ducatlon of the ~atlonal Education Association. in a. com­munication recently received from 'Vashlngton. 1/ Dr. Eaves stated that Mias Ew­ing Is making a. splendid contribu­tion- to the work of the Natlonol Commlsaion on Safety Education. As a reprcsc'ntatlve of home eco­, nolllles, she is representing a new area of totere,st, that of safety thl'ough ,the home economic8 pro .. gl"am. A special .:;ontributton of hers has been the planning ,of a 'folder dealing with mutual I'cspon .. slbtlltles o,f the 8choo' and the home for the safet.Y' of children, to be Issued thts· year as one of the AmerIcan, Bducatlon "reek publi .. cations. ,Miss Ewing Is Regional D~rector of the hom*o }o;conomics Depart­ment of the National EducaUon Association. representing schools of Pennsylvania. Delaware, New Jer­~ my. and New York. She IB also Phitadelphia District Representa­tive of a' Commiasion on Consum­er Relations. as wen as serving as n. member of the Delaware County Nutrition Councll. In the Swarthmore High School ~ISB Ewing teaches co~kery, nutri .. tlon, personal regimen, costume design. and interior decoration clnsses. Her Interior decoraUon class at the present time is re­decorating the home economics de .. partment living room. sanding the woodwork and prepartng to paint it, whic.h the girls ot the class are finding very Interesting. Heads Committee Margaret MacMillan. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Mac­M111an of Vassar avenue, ts chair .. man, of the refreshments commIt­tee tor the annual Senior Ball to be held on Saturda'Y. April' 13. at Elmira. College. Marpret Is rna­jorin- g In sociology and speech at Elmira. • DI1>PI-AY TALENTS In the Senfor High Assembly of April 3. Patsy McCaban and Taddy Evans presented a' show featuring talented persons trom tbe tentb. eleventh. and twelfth grades. Tbe program, which was enjoyed by all. included Jane Penfield, who cap­ably recited "The Highwayman" by Alfred.. Noyes; the BOYS· Quar­tette sang "Roll. Jordan, Roll." The boys. who have made numer­DUB appearances are Bill Moore, Steve Spencer. Jim Hornaday. and' George Warren. Next on the program. Dorothy Adams, English instructor ot 'the high school, reci,t ed an .musing story entitled "Clirlstopher Colwn .. bUB Dl.acovers America." A emette of junior girls, composed of Beth Huey. Betty spencer. Charlotte Hobbs. ALlce Hornaday, Virginia. Hay. and Helen Disque sang "Some Sunday Morning," and "Our Blonde Sallor." Joshua.~. Christian, mathematics instructorl,~ performed a few entertaining magic tricks, showing hlB talents of legerdemain. CONCER'I' PltEVIEWS In both,the senior and junior blgb wosemblle. of April 10 and 11. the btgh sebool band under the direction of 'John H. Jenny. pre­sented previews of the band con­cert to be held tonight In the high school audItorium at 8. CLUB AT WORK The Projection Club has added a new Balopttcon to tts list of equipment. An electrician goeB over the equipment and the club Is In toP­night shape to service all the needs of the 8chool·s viaual educo.tlon program. WAlfi'S INSIGNIA Tbe Safety patrol baa looked into the matter of getting rtngs or pins for their members. WIN INTRAMURALS The combined Senior home­rooms 206-216, captained by Lloyd Everett and Tom' Hill, deteated Rodney Bra.y·s aggregation from Room 213 In the playoff series • two to one. The 208 .. 216 Bullets were the winners of the eleventh and twelfth grade league. wbne Bray's Sophom*orea captured the ninth and tenth grade div1s.ton. In the ftnal seriea, the SeniOrs cap­tured the first contest 13 to 8, but SUbl)IER (lOA-OK Swarthmore baseball fans will be pleased to know -' tbat James Lauder wlll be tn Swarthmore this summer coacWng the Ameri­can Leglon and Swarthmore HOrllets baseball teams. The, tlrst practice w111 be beld this SaturdaY morning. Mr. Lauder has been giving the boys of Juntor High School and Grammar Schools some baseball fundamentals. IS BAND CHAMP H. Weston Clarke, Jr. clarinetist with the' Swarthmore High School Band and president ot: the JunIor Music Club of Swarthmore, won first place as solo clarlrtetist In tlie band contest Cor All South­east! 3rn Pe.nnsylvanla Dlstrlct Band held in Phoenixville recently. , ,Last Friday at Lower Merion h'e was named the clar.lnet t~youta of the Penn .. sylvania Frenslc and Muslo League of tlie Southeastern" District Con .. test. Westo'n Uves on '''Va.ssar avenue a~d 1s,~ junior In the High School where he 'w11J be fea.tured In the ~r!:~uai concert of the local barid t,!nlgbt. . 'Place Mats?· We hafJe them­a stunning arrayl Exotic flowers, still Iifes, luscious fruits. They're stain-proof and beat-resis­tant. Tbey clean easily, too--just a damp cloth. Wonderful for gifts and slimmer dining - indoors and out. • • • alice barber, Gifts OLD BANK BUILDING • There are $till over 20 rrwre enten meals to cook! Make your job easier with these tempting recipes· • California Casserole Cheese Souffle with Tomatoes Sunday Night Quickie Shrimp Creole Eggs Chili on Rice Avocado Rabbit Asparagus and Egg Salad Special Scalloped Potatoes Honey Cheese Pie New ideas for meals are a bother at best, but Lenten meals can be a • real headache. That's why our home economists have prepared a new set of tasty recipes to make your job easier. Your whole family will enjoy these deliciously different dish~ ..• and your meal planning worries will have a happy ending. For your set of these Milk,· Egg, Cheese, and Fish Recipes, call at our . nearest office. ·PhiJadelpbia .: '. Et,c t ri ·c. Co D1 p;anr .' , .. _FR_ m_ A_Y..:..' -:-AP..'-\_"_II_,1 _2.:.'= 1.:...9t.:..:6~ ______: .....-________- -.-:.T:...:H:::E:.......:S::..~.::.:A R T HMO REA N 5 Trace. Women'. AdfJance in Egypt (Continued from page 1) "Y'lth the war Bnded, theae girls must decide whether to 60 back to tbe old way or to go ahead for further independence. Many more organlza.ttons of women are need­ed. Many emt-usuallY under the leaderahlp of one 'of the royal princesses. AU realb:.e that they cannot push on too rapidly. They must take into account the large number 'of women who cannot read nor write. and for that reason, in their campaign for the vote they wanl women who went thrOugh college to' be tbe first voters. In the meantime. before the vote Is secured, women are banding togetber for other purposelJ. One of the chief organizations In the Re,zf Crecent. slmUlar to our Red Cross. NEWS NOTES The Membership Committee ot FrIends Meeting entertained the college' freshmen at a supper party In Whittier House. Sunday evenin,. I Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. That­cher of Ogden avenue entertained the, members of their bridge club at a dtnner-bridge, Saturday eve~ ning. Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. 'Vhlte. Jr .• ~nd smal1 80n Terry of Cam­bridge, Mass., wJlI arrive tomorrow to spend a week visiting Mrs. White's parents 'Mr. and Mrs~ PhUlp W. _Kniskern of Riverview road. j Mr., and Mrs_. G. Warder Cresson of Riverview road returned home Bunday trom a week"s automobile trip south. In Charleston. B.' C .• they 'Visited their 80n Lt. Samuel ,L. Cresson. Mrs. ""Cresson nnd thelr daughter Betsy'. Led by 'the ailnt of the preBent :Mr. and Mrs. Carroll P. Streeter queen, the members try to help the of Columbia avenue returned home p'oor and the Ill. RecenUy In the Sunday from 'U 10-day southern ftght apinst mala:rla ihls woman trip. They visited the famous gar-ot' 'the royal faml\y visited 60 huts dens of "Charleston, S. C.. and in a short period of time to see stopped at Ashville, N. C. and"'recOl'd condIUoJ18. Mr. and Mrs, A}bert Htnes and In- reply to a quosUon followln~ their daUghter Jane HUles of th~ her ta1k~, 'the speaker told of her Swarthmore Apartments spent the visit to PalesUne 'shortly, before week-end In Atlantic City "isiUng com,l,ng to thts country;. and ap.:. 1.11'8. Hilles' brother-in-law and pealed strongly tb JeWilsh people stster Mr.-and Mrs. Paul Cope. In thiB ~ountry to encourage rel~- David Spencer son of Mr. and Uves or friendB in Palestine to get Mrs. Ste"en M. Spencer of ogden together with the Arabs and try to avenue celebrated his lOth btrth­sol~ e ,peaceably the Arab-J ew:18h day Saturday afterno,on by enter­situation. Both _t~e Jews and the taining, the boys of Cub 1)en No.8. i\raba must live on the 80lt of I Mr. and'Mrs. John G. 'Maxey. Jr .• Palestine. said Miss Gindy, and the' of Rutgers' avenue and Mr. and Jewhth people here are the ones Mre. J. Stanley Taylor of Walllng:-­who can infiuence the"two groups ford wJl1 apend the week-end on to cooperate. She pointed out that a motor trl~ to Wllliarnsburg, Va. the handsome J~w.lsh U~iVer81ty, Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. G~rrin bullt chleny by money tfom the ot Rutgers avenue returned home United States. is not open to Arabs, 1ast week from a 1z·day trip and declared that the Arab League I through southern states. stopping should contain Chrlstlans. Araba, at Panama City on the Gulf of and Jews. uJeruaaleJ]l could be a Mexico, Wllliamsburg. Va." and at n,ttle Geneva. or Hunter College", the Middleton Gardens In Charles'" ehe said, '"The Arabs and .Jewish ton. V a. 'people should get together on their Mrs, George l\f. Ewing of Colum­own territory-not here 9r in bia avenue will entertain at a Eugland-and settle theJ.r own dlf- luncheon at her home on Wednes .. ferencea.u day neXt:. The speaker was ,Introduced by Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. Li11y and Mrs. J. Burriss West. Chairman of their daughter ~1S8 Mary AUee International -RelaUons. Ltlly formerly of Elm avenue are Preceding the talk, at the ~ted now realdentS of Plush Mill road. meeting "of the club, Mrs. Peter Wallingford. Mr. Lilly. professor Told under whose direction as of, Civil Engineering at the college, program chairman ~he Anttquea has been granted a ssx .. month Fair was beld, 8Pok~ warmly of leave of absence while recovering the enthusiasm. hard work. and from an I1lne_ss. cooperation of her committee. Her Mrs. Harold G. Griftln of Rut­report carried uroof, both that the gNS avenue entertained at a. lun'ch­undertaking was a. financial suc- eon at her home Tuesday tn honor ceBS, and that It was an "experience I ot MiBB Aida Gindy, guest speaker from which grew new frIendLIness at the Woman's Club meeting not only within the communtty but Tuesday afternoon. between our own and neIghboring Mr. and' MrS. John Schobinger. co:nmunltles. She offered her students of Penn State, will arrive thanks to each indivJdual person Sunday to spend a week's spring who had' been helpful throughout vacation with the former·s parents the course of the Fair. ,Mrs., Frank Mr. and MrS. George BChoblnger Morey. president expressed to of swarthmore avenue. Mrs. Told and her committee the Sumner P. .Jones of Strath Club.s gratitude for their fine Haven avenue entered tbe Univer­work. 'sUy of Pennsylvanta Law School, The next meetlng win be the April ,1. He graduated trom Duke Literary Dessert arranged by Mrs. University tn 1942 and served In Harold Gl'1tfln. chairroan of litera. the U. S. Army for thl:'ee an:d one .. ture. at 1:80 p.m. on April "16. All half years, advancing from an en­members are urged to come listed man to the rank of captain representing books or plays. Paula tn the Infantry. Sala will sing a group of songs, Mr. and MrS. Walter Felton and with Helen Ventner at the plano. thelr daughter' Marcia. former residents of HIIlborn avenuc are now llving on Hllldale avenue in Lansdowne. Thc following week the Annual Exhibit of paintings by Swarth· more Artists will be held in the club house trom the 28rd to the 28th inclus1ve. ResIdents of the borough or previous exhibitors now living out­side the borough. and all members ot the Club who are Interested In exhibiting are inv!ted to call Mrs. Carl deMoll. 221 Park avenue for Information. The Literature Section will dso hold) a secUon meeting on FrIday. April 19, at tbe club house at 10 o'clock. }.Ira. Henry Hoot will talk on Contemporary Poetry. Lt. (jg) Edward H. Cooley. stationed at Portsmoutb, N. H .• win be aeparated from the, Navy on May 16 after serving four years. He has beeR accepted by Harvard. Unlveraity for graduate work In the School of BusineBB Adminls .. tXatlon, Hegtnning the' June sem­ester. Lt. and Mrs. Co~ley, former­ly Miss Sue Dav.lson of Vassar avenue, Win llve In Boston. Nancy Van Alen, a student at Wellesley College Is spending a 12 day Spring vacation at her home on Park avenue. THIS WEEKS CALENDAR . FrldaJ', April til 8:00 P.M.-Band Concert .......... ............... ..................... H. S. Auditorium SUndaJ'. April 14 11:00 A.IIL-Mornlng Worship __ .. ......... __ ................... , .. . Local Cburcllea M-J', Allrll til '1,:00 P.M.-BUBlnesa Men's Meeting .•.......................... Strath Haven Inn . " T lesllB,.. AprD 18 1:80 P.M.-Literary Dessert ...................... ._._ ....... ........ Woman's Club 8:00 P.M.-Jr. Club at Mrs. Pitman· ..... _ .• __ ........ ........ 326 V..-r Ave. , " .Mentls.,-, April 17 8:00 P.M.-&. So TraCk wltbRldley Townsblp Rutgers Avenue Field 8:00 P.M.-Woman's- Club _Chorus Rehearsal .. _ ...... Woman'. Club . . . . . 'l1l-J'. AzIrII tl . , "s ·1o:o0 0p' Pll.LI-l..-aBr.t Ialm ,Loa.c .. .O.I.lS.W wriathM LpoIw- er Merion C_ol_leg e Avenue Field L· . ~ CHADWICK TAKES STAND AT U. D. Promises Consumers Supp'ort Against Price Rise A demand that IllPasUl'C8 be in­stituted to ease the impact of rts~ tng prlccs on tl1(' pUI'chosing POWCl' or the cpD!:lUmlng publlc, especially "the whJte-collnr men and wom­en". was voiced Monday night' by Ing ".rldress of his campaign for' nomination as the Congressional E. Wallace Chadwick in the open candid,ate of the Delawarc County Republican, pnl'ty. ~peaklng to supportel's at the Upper Darby Republican Cam­paign Committee Headquarters. Judge Chn:-dw1ck emphasized that hE: has ,spent "35 yearB rJght here among the people or Delawnre county in the practice of the legal profession", adding timt "1 have learned. that the people welcome the political leadership of any ma"n whose character and (lbnity have been pl'oved to th.etr satisfaction. 'I and who .deres to take a stand for highel' standards of government and local politics," IndicaUng that the welfarc oC the consuming public IB to be one of the ~aItcnt J8sues of his cam.;. paign, the Congressional candidate stressed the importance of linking, (>conomic condition of the 25-80 millions of persons "who depend upon Ihnit<.d fixed incomes." as well as labol' and othel' producing gl·OUpS. He c:xpres8ed a wIllingness to diticuss with un groups programs that will pl'ove mutually saUsfac­tory. "I beUeve my determination to represent all the people. not m-arely pnrti("ular factions, inter­ests and grOUps, should recOm­mend me 'a6 a t::eprcsentattve. To do thts practicallY, it is only neeeSSIU'Y to'think of us all collectively as consumers, whtch we all are; but I get the Impres­sion that the interests of this gl"O~P Is about the last thing that considered in the deliberations ot Congress or the Adminlstratton's program." Ensign and Mrs. Raymond F. W.lnch visited the latter's parents Mr. and Mrs. Cha.rles E. Fischer of Dickinson avenue, Aprll 1 whUe enroutc from St. Simons Island. Ga., to Boston where Ensign Winch J8 acting as temporary Instructor in group C.I.C. training. r Mr. and • )frs. Robert Shaw. formerly of Park avenue. are now living In Ann Arbor, Mich., where the tormer has been atten'dlng the IA w School of the University of Michigan since March 1.- Shaw who served as a Ueutena~t In the Navy 'for three and a half yeard was released from !Jervlce In Jan­uary. l\lrs. Harry W. Lang ot Jttck­Inson avenue returned home Sun .. day after vacationing In Atlantic City for 0. few days. :\Ir. and Mrs. C. H. Jeglum of HlIlborn avenue will entertain Mr. and lira. H. M. Johnson and two Bons of Bethesda, Md •• formerly of Moylan, as their Easter week .. end guests. J. E. LIM:EBURNER CO. Dispensing Opticians Experts in. the Makinl( and F"ttting of Spect&clea and Eye Gle'lel 1923 Chestnut Street 6913 Market Street - - Philadelphia . . Upper Darby, ·fa. - _. 827 Lancaster Ave.; Bryn Mawr, Pa; * • * * * Locallntetest-National SCOpe . r uch of the merit of our American system of tree. chartered banking lies in the fact thai .. aeh bank has deep local roots, yet has nation­wide effectiveness. This means beiter com-. munity service. deeper interest .in the individual, genuine help­. fllilless based on intimate knowl­I ·dge of local problems. It is the best banking system for the nation, and • * Swarthmore National Bank . and Trust Co. Member Df Federal Deposit llISUl"IUlce Corpomtloll v: NEEDS A SPRING C:K Every Car should· have a FRESH START for Spring! Tune It Up - Tight~n It Up - Polish It Up • For Pep, Safety and ~eallty! HERE IS WHAT WE DO: COOLING SYSTEM DRAINED: Out comes winter-rusted water. Refill with fresh water_ iCOOUNG SYSTEM INSPECTED: Hose co~ns checked and tightened ••. fan belt InSpected and adjusted • MOT4?R OIL CHANGED: Dirty; used oil ~ Crankcase refilled for protec­tion WIth clean, fresh summer oil. GEAR O!L CHANGED: Dirty used gear .,iI drained out. Transmission and rear we filled with correct grade IlDDJDer oiL CllASIS LUBRICATION: with .. mil ...... greases All vital points protected fo warm weather driving. r FUEL SYSTEM: Clean carburetor and strainer and fuel pump bowl and adjust carburetor with vacuum gauge_ . SPARK PLUGS CHECKED: inspected for correct gap, bumt points and cracked porcelain. IGNITION CHECKED: Distributor points and head .cleaned and adjusted. Distrib­utor bearings and shaft lubricated • DATIERY and GENERATOR: Battery tested, terminals cleaned and tighta.ed, cables inspected and distilled _ter added. Adjust Generator charging rate. AIR CLEANER SERVICED: Cleaners em . carburetor and crankcase ventilator ...... lD01(ed and eJements washed of collect­ed dust and dirt-oiled and replaced. Clean filter saves gasoline. $10.95 INCLUDES LABOR, OIL AND GREASE . A REVERSE FLUSH RUMSEY CHEVROLET S.. ales - SeTVice YA-, LE AND ·RUTGERS sw~ THMORE 1439 .:16 P:JI.'-"8Ir sO' - ... __. _- aw~moreall~~1:e , , ., •• abert -wtlklu ,. . ___. _• •. .. _ ._. • _ . ..;.' CIoU1le1' IltiJJildrlU . . - '. ~ ',' .-' " '

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• THE SWARtHMOREAN LEGAL NOTICES'S BALE OF SEATED LAND IN THE COUNTY OF DELA­WAR~. PENNSYLVANIA, FOR TAXES DUE THEREON FOR YEAR UHl In ;t.C(..'Ordance with tbe Acts of As· kJDlJly 29. May 1931 and 20. June A­D." 1939. P. L. of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. relating to the sale of _Seated. Land in tbe County of Delaware. etc.. for taxes due and un .. pald •. l wW offer at public sale at tbe Court House In tbe Borough" of Media, Penn8ylvania. on APRIL IG, IH6 at 10. o'clock A. AI., the following described. piece. of land til saJ.d Count¥ or such part tbereot u ID&7 be necesaary to aatlaty tbe amount.of tbe taxes due and unpaId qalnat the Ame. &Ad continue the lJ&le from da7 to da7 ... the _me may be !ouad tlecesaary. TJillUlS OF BALE The amount of the taxes and coBtll m.t be paid on the daT wbeu the lan4 .. .IOld. otberwiBe the properlJ' wlU. .... In be otre('e(i for sale. OEORGE O. PmLlPS. Treasurer at Delaware COunb'. Tr....urer·. Ot4ce. JIedla. ALDAN BOROUGH lIacciala. SteUa.-Lo' NE. &. W_­I ...... '11.1 •• ASTON TOWNSHIP eoz. Lawrence-Lots 19 .. 10. BUr. 10. Cheater Piasa, ,IL68. Eroy. Leo-%, of 13 .. 14 to 19. 860. C. C. 'LU. EraT. Leo-Lou 26 .. 37 D. 39 cent&. ErnT. Leo-Lota 1-10-16. 20 to 11 Inc.. Soo. F. 'S.U. Erny. Leo-Lor. U to 11, U .. I-I. Sec. G, _ioU. Latabaw. Albert A.. • Edna. K.­Lote 21-8 .. 22:-6. Sec. C. Beechw004 Park, I1Ui- Lotvfn. EmUe--Lot A Ha. 100 :It 100. Cheater Hct&. ,11t.aS. Leonard. J'ame8 E.-Lots II to 41, See. J, Beech1Vood Park Annes. ,a.lI. Leona.rd. Sarah B.-Lots 50, See. J, Beeohwooil Park· Annex, 39 cents. ' O'Hara. Patrick & Beatrice-Lot. 11 .. 3 ... , ' ... '1-8-', Sec. B and boUH­VUlaCe Oreen. 'U.80. O'Hara, Patrick & Beatrice-Lot ZI. SeC. B. Beechwood PaI"k, aL03. Be7tl014o, Waltor' J. & LWIan-Lota ' ... -10, Sec. C, Beechwood Park A.Jmu, ',1.& Wnaht, Raymond-Lou 16. Sec. D. Beeob.wood Park Annex. '19 cents. . y ........ Wm. L.-Lot 1I-!8-30. BIlL 13. Chester Piasa. 118.14. LEGAL .NOTICE. JO_D. Mn. Ida Il.-Lot •• 011- borna Farm, '17.61. . .JOhnSOD. .Mi& Ida M,-Lot • ,. bouse, Osborne Farm. '61.44. .Jobn80n. Wm. A.-Lots 18 ... 1.. Co .. lumbla Avenue. $ta.t8. Jonea, Mary-Low u .. n, BUt. K. Worth Cit!'. ,6.40, Jonea, Wm. H. • Mattie-Log • .,. 8-8. b_ow. Worth Cit!'. ,17.08. Linwood B. &; L. .Aan. - Lot ... bungalow. 110 RancIaD Avenue, "'.48. Long. Elmer A Eleanor - Lot .. h ...... Keyston. Road, ,.Ui- , Mailon. ThOlL L.-Lot • bouae. 11 Taylor Avenue.- $.9.4 •• Afattlole. Pantbolem-Lot It. BJk LL. Worth CI .... U.8L O'Rourke, Thomaa-Lota 11-U, BIJc. ~i Llnwooa Park ..... f. Oliver, .Joaquln-Lota ....... B1k B. Linwood Park, ,9.00. Ricci. Puqual&-Lots • to 10. BIJc. E. U8.11. RoblnllOD, Wm.-Lot .. b~OWt 13 Booker Avenue, '".ta. . Scbenld.r, J ... ph - Lot a. Locu8t Street. '6.'3. ScheDlder. .JOIIepb-Lot 10 S 110. Loouat- Street, ,8. 7i- Tyoon. WID. T.· & Wrlsht-Lot .. houee. 15 Galbraltb Avenue" '13.11 .. Tindall. Anna Lee-Lot ,6 'b1mara1ow. Hook Road. azU'. stUl, Ida C.-Lots II to II, BIle. A. ,Z%.48. wneon, Milton T •• SR.-Lola .. to fl. &: bunnlow, ,U.IIi. W_. !'aul t..-Lot anll banplow. 4Z Ran .... Road. '49.4e. Worrell, Ralph F.-Lot. 41-41. BIJc. F. $1%.8L I. _Lot .. ho_ • J'ohnSOQ .~.:veDue. 144.'5. CLIFTON H.IGHT8 BOROUGH KcGlnD18, JohD-Ho_. 111]1. Berk­ley Avenue, 1&1.1J. ,AaatODe. OrlaDdg - BoUIe. ,II W. W7tlc1llra. $41.". COLL.INGDAL. BOROUGH Parson .. , Anna-12& En"de Avenue "UI. • Hertsler • .rohn B. - Lot, J'ack80n A.ven~et. 40 :II: 10'1. 118." Henmer: John B. - Lot. J'ackaon Avenue. ii: x...10'l. '18.11. 8hfndeU, Oflaicl& N. - HoU8e. 1M ClUton Avenue. $111.87. Shore. Morrlo-Lot, _cDada. S. W. Co.!::..1i< x 111. PU8. WDJterow. So JrfackJln..;...Lot. fJpruce Stre.t, 117.63 '" 114060. '99 .... J'Ones. Wm. • Jlu7-S1O llacDa4e Boulevard. 1173.61. Klchaela, J",p1>-Lot. 188-7. Spruce Stro.t, ,3UG. Nlelcls, Cb.yney-Low 101-1, Spru .. Street, 118.16. CONCORD TOWNSHIP Barnett. Ed". G. - t.D4 Ie .hop, Concord :Road. $23.28. Bullock. ~HoUINI & lot, Booth_ Corner Road 'ILIG. R.!nhold, john O. & SaDIe-Lot & bJdgs.. Concord .. Thornbur;r LIne Road. '66.8G. Stawter. HUbf!irt-Land a: bunp.low. Bethel mil Road. $11.91. Yeager. Wm. L.-Lot at .. 1 Blk; ta, ~ht'lIt("r Plaza. na.u. , DARBV BOROUGH BETHEL TOWNSHIP Homer. 30hn N. A MinnIe-90T For-rester Avenue. '9.0'1. Carson. PhUlp EeL-ltO .A. Z &: a Porter. George W. a: Clara-90S at)". atone bse'i Jraulk Road. $117.38. Summit Street. U'I.53. Canon. Phd p Eat.-~ ety. atone Armatron. .,L Ethel E. - 880 .. 8 ::MaIn Ut., 1I'&uIk Road. ,40.0L Street, Ifle •• L CarrIe" Ralpb A.. & .Jane-Lot U:II: Firat Nat') Bank, Darby - Ground. 1'" Old Book Road, $8,60. Cheater Pike & Pine, $292.93. Itulne, Francia-IS Acres, ....... Cox. Walter-Ground 280" from N.W. Cor •• th 5: Colwyn. $11.16. BIRMINGHAM TOWNSHIP DARBV TOWNSHIP StockweU, David H.-Land 4:; BIela. Alexander. .Jay Cooke-House: a1'4- 15-:154 A •• Smith Bridge Road. S6J.92. 118 .. 220 Hook, barn and frame house. CHESTER TOWNSHIP $lt2j,~9';'bers, William 8.-'1 Acre .. Cal- .C'lJleman. .Jas. H.-1610 Verdun com & Hook. $178.88. Avenue &; frame house, 2 aty .• IS5.07. Delaware County Trust & JOM S. Pord, Richard-Lots 108 .. 9. Cheater Pew-49-50 Cook & Bartram, trame Terrace $16.01 bUngalow, ,80.03. Betzot, Rof dec'd Sallie-lise.. Un.. f*cks. Andrcw-127-8 .. 9 Brenna.D &; land Road, t .,. - Bonaall. frame house. '.6.'13. - sty. ' ramo bouae.- aar. Farrell. Rlchard-3U-6 Clifton Ave­.. J!~oclll01i}~ed Metal-Lota 1-1 .. 8, nue, frame house. 3.6 Clifton Avenue, Sea.,Qt l'rame house, $20.'16. 'lili!fiher, Andrew-CUfton S. from Kadoock. Alfred-Lota t-6-6, Sea. Q •. Llnden, bam & house, '91.46. house, $21.'18. '-" Llnw d B ~ L. A~~ , 9.H "'-Ibb PI!I8~ Se .... tlan _ Ldte 14'-&-8. . 00. - -D'--,... Itt Cbest.- erra.. '19'3 .. Lincoln. atl.44. -' ~ .......It .' PhlJa. Half TJme B. & L. AsI!D.- Stinson. Robert - Lots: 61-4--1-52, 308-9.10-11 Clifton. frame bungalow. Blk. D. Edctnont VIlla, $16.02. $62.29. LOWER CHICHESTER TOWNSHIP FiPsheoepr lNe'.s trBoman kL in&d enT, r$u1sl.t,C AC. o.-B2-8 Stuart, RobL M. .. ___ -leSl Qulcktey. Caroline - 24-5 Matthews H u dde_U _• venue. ,28. f2• - ..~ TrSahcat.r o'1n1 .4B4.. & _L. 'A asn.-'1'1 BUrton Wood. Paul L.-Green Street, $23.23. Street from Linden. barn & house, Wood. Paul 1..-1613 Beale Street, $7 •. 28. ,9tva:;,d. Paul L.-1376 "--kat S~--t, Spencer. Abraham-H_16 Trlbbttt. ---- U.-IIRI frame bungalow. $62.89. '141.11.. Wayne B. & L. Assn,-Lot. 3-4 Wood. Paul L.-150' N. of Worrllow Trlbbltt. frame house. $1 •. 31. on Beale, '24.21. Whitesett, Amos & Anna-26 Green- Brown. Mary R.-167 Edward Street, hill Road, Cor. of Hook, $17.16. $50.8'. .. Cottman. Lavlnh .. _ 28-29 Bartram, N. from Laurel. frame bungaluw. UPPER CHiCHESTER TOWNSHIP $30.01. 'Brown. Mary R.-Lot Ogden Ave- UPPER DARBY TOWNSHIP nue. No. 29. '9.00. Carlson. Oscar N.-Lot 28. Blk G. &: Clevenger. S. F. & AI. E.-41 Chat-bungalow. $11.97. bam Road. $224 .• 7. Carlson. Oscar N.-Lot H. Blk B. Haber. Ida.-Ground of S. Marshall Pleasant View, $8.29. Road, '$:09 •• 8. Carron. .fames-Lots 1O-11-U. BUt. Soott. Wm. J.-Lot, N.W. side Jones FF, $8.'1i. Street, N.m. from Burmont Road. C ....... n. Jam •• & Karprot-Lot & '9.97. house. t Pleasant V. Avenue. ,58.93. Board of Pensions, Presbyterian Chestnut, Andrew-Lots 14-1 .... BIlt. Church-Lot, 1 Verner Tract. $29.93. S, $9.... Borough of Lanadowne--Lota 265 .. Davt~ Isaac & A. L,-Lot 92, Waeb- 28'1-269 .. 211 .. 3.... Plumstead Avenue, ngtoD otreet, $4.97. Lansdowne Heights, ,14.8t. Davia, ThOl1l8JJ F. - Lota, house. Borough of Lansdowne-LobJ 2'16- Johnson &: Hook Avenues, $112.41. 8-7 .. 8-9. Shadetand Avenue •• $62.3 •• . DeI. Co. Trust Co.-Lots loe to 110. FIrat NaUonal Bank-Lota 22 .. 3_4._ 116 to 118. 122.48. 6 ... 6-'1. Sec. B, Vernon Road. n9.8t. DeL Co. Trust Co.-Lota J'obnl!JOn, Aleui. Alexander - Lota. S.W.S. Avenue" Galbraith, 330 % 1!!t..,11S.48, Winfield Avenue. $13'1.17. Del. Co. Trust Co.-Lots: ~W. Cor. Alessi. Ale:mndel"-Lot, N.B. BIde Rankla &: Randall. U.61. Spruce Street. 92·:1: 98. $18'1.17. DeL Co. Trust Co.-Lots entire Printing Craft. B. & L. Assn.---f14 mock. 110 % 230. IlLt.. Timberlake Road, 'U.99. DeL Co. Trust CO.-Lolli 177 ... 1'19 6; Heckseher. Led gar d-887 Long 181 to 1.S, $20.24. Lane, $19D.51. Del. Co. Trust Co.-Lolli 120. 50 z Free. Ralph H. 0& Dorothy-Ground ltO, SI.15. &. building. Old Caledonta MilL Oak- Det Co. Trust Co.-Lolli 111 .. 121, if view. '''8.89. x no, $2.16. Duffy. Rlchard-Lota, US Prlm08 DeL Co. Trust Co.-Lota 1ft to 1.9. Avenue. S2.50. 15'1 to 1.5, $21.35. _, Turman. Mrs. Sophia J'.-Lots 190-1, DeL Co. Trust Co.-Lots IM-IS6. 408-7, Secane Highlands. $9.91. Galbraith Avenue. $16.13. West. Robert H.--t Union Avenae. ~. Co. Truat Co.-Lots Its to 106 $49.88. (lit X 310); '9.00. . Levine. RobL T.-Bal. of. lP'Ount1. DeL co. Trust Co.-Lot 10. Gan.. Devon Line N.E. aide. B. from Fair-braitll Avenue, ,1.15. faz neu to Lots 6-8~, .... 88. Del. Co. Trust Co.-Lot 11, GaD.. Dalstrom. S. F ... -Loullle-U Clov-braitll Avenue. '1.26. erdale Road, a89.19.· , DeL Co. Truat Co.-Lot 49. ltandaD Mutual B. & L. AII8II.-1l N~ Pen- Avenue U.u. nock Avenue. $ltt.64. Del. CO. Trust Co.-Lots 1" to ZOO. Karket at. B. & L. AtIIIn.-D N. Gallbralth' Awnue. Pennock Avenue,. Slf4.84. OUouch, A.. J.-Lots 2'1-1. Btk. K, North Branoh Bec!PlcJi' B. .. L. Gardendale. $4.&t. Aun.-t5 N. Pennoe1r: Avenue. $ltC.Sf. Gmlam. Ruban-LOts 11 .. -It InO.. Liberty Bell B ... L. Aasa.-M SaII-mk. 0.UU1. " ..' .hllle Road, 11$4 .... IJS'ea.ld.ns.. .I8.aa·C l.-Lot II, B1k A, Voletsbora, ".cob II • .w 8t:rMt, ,7Uo.,· .. . , . loim •. 'sOnl" It.-Lot II.. 1MiwM: .""'. Drmlel P.-'Let; N. 114& W'Hl Boob!- Anna •. $l5.~'. Chest~r Pike. t,.t'1 s: tt, ... ,.,. LEGAL NOTICE8 SQder, Frank & Jno. O. Brtek-Lot 50' Eo 'Kerion 96' N~ froID 8. C:aroI Boulevard. fO '" 26,97. ,n.81. SecretarY of Bankins--8l'l AndeJ'flOn Ayenue, $189.63 • ShlBler. AUS'usta-Strlp of ground rear on Foaa Avenua"from Marvine to 18!' N. of Dermon4-no frontace. '16 :a: 76;' $49.88. . wlll1a1Iur. ClIfton-Lot f, Blk 11, Hollywood Aivenue, "'.41. • TySoD, Bateele Hary-Houlle and ~und, Garrett.Road • Darb)" .... ek. ,IOU%. ' Bowden, Edward-Lot. S. .Ide Henry Avenue. SO .... E. of Burmont 17.78 '" 110 Irrelr.. nUl. Rodaren.. Jame" J.-LoU 4'18 .... Ed­monda, Avenue. ' ..... 88. FIrat PhD&. B. At.. Aoan~Lot. I-I. BIILD. Lombardy ~. $4f.88. HarrIty Wm. P.-!.Qroun4 E. llide 4th 'Streel. 18' W •• Ide fth, iI48.88. ..... ull'e. Wm. I. & Mary c.-Lot, m. 81CJe Blahop Avenue W. of BaIt., U.IL KoCl_ay, J. -Lots '-10. Cor . Wayne & Pannock. U.UI. McK... AmlIe S; N.-Lot. UO-1I2, Plumatea4 "' .... Due, '19.'s.. L.GAL NOTIC •• MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP Day<JollD C.-Lot. II-II. I!IlIdlo­town ..... ht.. '1.88. Turner SupplY 00.-40 :II: 91 O&lt Avenue, 'G.'D. MORTON BOROUGH Blaeltlhlre, ,Joseph a: ldar-lIoUBe &:; ·Lot. E. aide Baker Street. ,41 •• 6. BeU, Robert E.-Lot, s: aide ,Brlqe Street, 'le.33. J'¥ObI. J'ohn-Houae .. Lot, N. aide Na"aD atreet. 169.14. Dickerson, Geol1l'e-BOUN a: Lot, N. .Id. Scbool Street, ,31.81. Unknown-Lot, N. _ School Street, '11.81. Blld, HeJen-Hou. 6: Lot, w. td4e Walnut Street, $41.17. NI1WTOWN TOWNSHIP Andll'8OD. Tbomu • Ann. Lota 60:!, BJIr. U.Newtown He"h ... Pon. FlSk, Jla.i"y-Lota 13 -14. B1k. 1'1 .. North H&ven Road, ".30; Hunt, Jooeph &' Harle-Lota 1-1, Blk._!,Newtown Reht&, Wilt Cbu­ter nxe, "D.86. .AST LANSDOWN.' BOROUGH' HarYe,.. X- & :Marpret,-Lot 18 •• Larc ..... OOt,North G ...... VaDe}' Road, KmpllF. Jolm __ Lot, K_ ·".n. .... venue. S15.IL ,:KJnB'. MarBant '" I(cGalIJaaD, Ward. El ...... tj-II11 Kelrole A ... - Sarah-Lota 61-68. BU,. ' •• CheatDut nue. 'b.'L Street Newtown· He1abte. ... ta.. Butcher, Alouso JDetate-l00T Pem· MCGettlcanz Belle 6 Jane-Loti 1.- broke Avenue, ,n.o. 60. Btk. ':. Cneataut Street, Newtown Ho"b", of.8:1. EODVSTON. BOROUGH Pelrler. W. O.-Lota IB-It-IO. .... \ T, Larc:hmont Square, $t.tI. Slm~D,· WtDlam Eatate-Ground. N •• Ide loth Street, t&.IB. Deek~i LoulJr, W. alde Slm_n St .... t. " ". EDGMONT TOWNSHIP Luh)'. _t-LoU 2I-n. BIk. B. l1:dplont nw.. ,I.n. ~OLCROFT BOROUGH Ran'l80n. WlIIIam H. ltaL-Kea.dow Land. '~.68. GLENOLDEN BOROUGH lUnes. Prank J. 6 lZ'loAnce--t8 :N. BoDaaU Avenue. Ut.48. m mer I c k • Harry--a& Hillcrest, ,If.Sf. . Kunce. Annie J'.-DwC., W. Xnowles Avenue, ,68.61. Lud~, Bettie .l.-Lot 100 s at.81. AahJand. ,8.78. Ludwig. Bettle .J.-Lo~ 136 x m. Ashland $23.40. ' BonaaJl &; Forbee-Coal J'BI'I2. otdce A .......... 'flU'. HAVERFORD TOWNSHIP Firat W.rd Lu.... Silas T. E8t.-Lot. 15-.-7. Bon Air Road, 173.72. NeUda. W. Cheyney-Lola: 248 ..... Claremont B.oulevard. Sl8.44. ShannoJ},. .Jamee-l.321 A... J'urlona Avenue. $59.90. Ann:stron .. , Imelda B.--6 North Ma­noa Road. $32.25. Gallagher. Anthony-4 ... 1 .. 8 .. 7. Blk. C. Maryland. 'IU3. Third Ward Baumann. Dorothy Van Allen-Lota f"-6-8. Rockland Road, '62.89. Fifth Ward Silvert. David & Hannah-House. 6-U Dayton Road, $100.22. Harrison. Hettie-Rear 662 Dayton, 27.5 2: 1'1. $9.22. ' Dougherty. Dennla-Rear 850 Mar­tin. Rear L. of 68. 25 x 6f.5. '2.32. Sixth Ward Tuck. Loulsa-830 Aubrey Avenue. $87.66. . Ollviere. Frances A.-652-665 Del­mont Avenue. $55.29. M()ntague, Harry - Lots 616-620. Kingsley ·Road. ,57.60. . Bean, Charles L. & Pearl H.-Lou 679-80. Lawndale Avenue. $23.06. leventh Ward Hamilton. Margaret D.-Lots 21.2. Leedom Road, $56 .• f. Eighth Ward Biggins, Thomas F. & Helen 0.- 734 Ashurst Road. '2.91. LANSDOWNE BOROUGH Schneider, Frank-Lots 470-2, Bel­mont Avenue, $20.'18. Riccardi. John A.-Lot 482. W. side Jackson Street, U6.82. Schultz, Emma K.-Lots 71 .. 2. 205 E. Marshall Road, $33.;&1. 'l'1adesmen Nat'l Bk. & Tr. Co.­E. Marshall Road, S. side. John H. Gostlmg, Sub. Tr.-Ground, 61.08 x 46.22 % 31 x '19.2 •• ,U.29. Nicholas.,! Paul H.-38 Runnymede Avenue, h15.90. RowJand. C. H.-Lots 90·1. Walnut Street, $16.63. Murray.' Joseph-Willowbrook Ave­nue, W. side Plot B, rear of Willow­brook between Stratford & Bryn Ka.wr. U41.92. • MARPLE TOWNSHIP NORWOOD BOROUGH Carr. WWIam Eat.~15 _wk Avenue, tll.OI. .Jarvlal Marp.ret-I.ot. 283 .. 4, JIook Road. ,.4.Of. .Jarvia. :Harp.ret-Lot '1'7, a ...... lan4 AveDue, $18.0L PROSPI1CT PARK BOROUGH B ric h ton. Samuel-Log lli<-1, frame houae- 312 Nassau Boulevard, f65.Sf. Media-69th at. Tr. 00.-25' of Lot 41c,_3nd Avenue. $4.10. JIledla-89thSt. Tr. Co.-Lot U, 1.11' ot 21, Sec. K. S4.10. Landreth. William L.-Lota 41t to 411. Incl.. ani .... ".69. KedIa-89th at. Tr •. co.-Lot 48, LU' of 39, 3rd Avenue. ,4.10. )(edla .. 69th Bt. Tr. Co.-U' of Lot 21, K. ' •• 10. Banks, Henry W. &. Emma-6tl Cheater Road. 72 cenlS. Banks, Henry W. & Emm.......&t8 Chester .noad. 'l2 Cents.. Irwin. Thomas & Isabella-Lot 186. pt, 116. 8th Avenu8.L brJck house. '60.1'1. Roberts, Mary·.H. &: Anna ~. De· pue & Mary E. Keefer-% or Lot 70; 11th Avenue. frame 1= stucco hOUM, '112.10. . Cram, DavJd .. Maud YUle-Lou, Avenue. 110 % 130. $33.07.' BrUl COJU!ltruction ComJNQlT-Lob 19·20. BU" N. Madison Avenue. 18.20. BrIO Construction Company-Lola. 1'1 .. 18. Blk. N. Madl8Gn Avenue. 18.20. Brill Construction Company-Lots, 9-10. BJk. G. :Madison Avenue. $6.801. NETHER PROVIDENCE TOWNSHIP Barrett. Royden N.-Lots 8 to U. incl .• Z Garden· Clly. SI8.06. DIAngelo. Emfdlo-Lota 31-2 W. Garden City. ,7.24. Durham. Horace E.-House. Vernon Street. 'IJ.06. Holmes. Emma-Lot 28 X. Garden City. $3.83. Hamet, Nettle-Lot 14 D. Garden City ...... 4. Jackaon, Ellzabeth-Lots 8·9 ... 10 J. Garden Clly, $10.84. _ Nolan, Eda Est.-Lota 6-'1 L. Gar-den City, $2.06. , Pacific, Rosario-Lot 79 L. Garden City. $3.63. Pavloch, John-Land, Brookhaven Road, $18.06. PeterMon, CharJes-2 Housea, Wash. Ington Avenue. $10.28. Ruff, Stephen E.-Lots 21-2-3-.-5 M. Garden City. $18.06. Geary. A. B.-Lots 1-8 V, $7.2t. UPPER PROVIDENCE TOWNSHIP Bell, Emlly G.-loOts 25.6, Blk. N. Media Annex. $7.86. Cunningham, Eva-Lots 33::.. Blk. X. Media Annex. $3.95. Dornblum, IsaaC-Robin Hill Lot. $6.07. GiannRtal,e. John - Lots 15-18 M. Media Annex, $6.01. GrlJIo, Salvador-Lots 3t-5 Z. Me. dla Annex. $3.96. Kaupp, Anna A.-Lots .15-16. Blk. N, Media Annex. $6.07. Menutella. Antonlo-19-20 Y. Media Annex. $3.95. ' McNamee, Annie 8.-6 Blk. ce, Me .. dla Annex. $1.91. Neuman, Georgtanna-Rock House Road, ,$98.03, Rankin, Joseph-LotH 12-13. Blk. X. Medla Annex. $3.95. Schutt, Robert 'w. A.-Lots 6·6.'1 .. 8 W. l-fedla Annex. $7.86. Yacklns, Peter-Lot 6, Blk. X. Me .. din Annex. $1.9'1. RIDLEY TOWNSHIP Allo. Albert-Lots 283 .. f. Swarth. more A venue, Folsom. $15. 76. ~ Boy Scouts, Folsom-Lots 2083 to 2086. incL Lots 2011 .. 2-3-4 .. 6, 2077 .. 2078 2080 Manor. Lots 2081 ... 2-3·t Folsom' American Union Assn. of PhlIa.- $193.01. ., Lot 116 % 1H, West Chester Pike & Boys' Club, Folsom-Lots 3 to 14 Sterner Avenue, Brookthorpe HlUs. Incl.. Sec. A, 28 to 2'1 Incl •• Folsom $10.17. Manor. Sec. A. including Lots 3 to Dorey. Wm.-1 acre & bldg., Robln- 31., Sec. B. Folsom Manor, Lots 1 to son Tract, Lawrenee Road. 'tS.21. 8. Incl. 6-9-10 .. 13-16 Sec. C. 1 to 12 Flaherty. :Mlchael-8 .. 9-10. Sec. R. Incl~ 16-18-19-20-21_22, Sec~ D, Folsom Broomall Square, 6th Avenue; $6.80. Mal\or, '765.59. Hogan. Patrick Est.-U·3 Broomall CarolJ. Chas. F.-Lots 14 .. 16-16.17 .. Grove. Franklin Avenue. $14.61. 18, Blk. F, Berkley Annex, $29.53. Gallagher. Bridget-Lot .. bldg.. Cashner, Grace F. & MarIe E.-Lots Anthony Avenue, Brookthorpe H .• 136·137-138. Seventh Avenue Folsom '14.61. Sl1.22. . '. Landrum. Wm. H.-30 Evergreen, Del. Co. Ice Co.-Plant & ground Larchmont •. $1.28. Holmes, $787.00. ' McCloskey. .John Est.-Lota 21 to Meade. Edward B.-Lots 18~19 See. 25, See. B, Broomall, 1st Avenue 19, Oakland Park, $7.88., ' Square. $12.33. QUinn, Bernard-Lot 2093, Tasker McCloskey. John Est.-Lots 12 to 15, Avenue. Folsom, $26.55. Sec. F. BroomaU, 1st Avenue Square. Reese. William-Lots 28.29. Lincoln $8.01. Street. Blk. O. Berkley. '11.76- McCloskey, .John Est.-Lots 8 to 11. Reidinger, John. Boy Scouts of 1'01- Sec. F, Broomall, lat 'Avenue SQuare, BOm - Lots 16~17·18.19-22 .. 23.!4 .. 25 .. 26 .. ,8.01.' 27 ... 28·30. See. F. Folsom. '10.85. McCloskeY. John Est.-Lots 19 to Sibole, Charlotte-Lota 223, to 234 30, Sec. F, Broomall. lat Avenue, Incl .• Sec. A, Faraday Puk. $39.!1. Square. $23.20, . Thompson. DaVfd~t 84. Holme .. Reaaler. Lena. Eat.-U Strohm $6.90. Tract, Davia Avenue. $9.41. Del. Co. Ice Mfg. Co.---coaJd Pock- SeIfert :Martha & Rose-Lots 3-4. eta. H~mes, $39.36. Sec. 0, BrOOman Square. $3.61. Walker. Howard B.-Lota 1111.4 Franko Realty Co.-201 Greenhm. N. Sec. 29. Ridley Avenue. II'ol8om, t9.SS: Edgmont Road. slu*t. Campbell. Edw. E.-Lobi 4 .. 5, Bark- !itcQulston, .Jamee-68-'I BroomaD ley. $16.'15. . Pk.. Summit Ann .. $1.46. Ib"unke, Henry\ .. Neuta C.-Lot 818, Ridley Pvk To......... ".15 MEDIA BOROUGH Haaenfu88, Gustave-Loia 419.nO-JOcJiell!! 0. Frank-carm.I-Lot, .... f71-471, C.r. vu.tnla A H ... bJand N. ~'A, .... n-~ 28.11... AW' Ridley ParI[ H._ ,,1.11. . ~li.LIIIF-'#I ·_d ... "" RiId. _ utebI.:a. NIchol_Lobi 1Tt-1111, ,P.t!.-' -..J!'O"t 6 CheatH' A: .. D,.. .. l\hDey ~ IhIIIltIo; "Lft. FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 1846 LEGAL NOTICES • Klutohka, NlcboIu-Lot 1'16. East Cheater Avenue. Ridley Park HelChta: '7.87. ' KIck, Wm. E.-Lots 56-7 S.W. Cur. Yates &:: Orant Avenues. i'U5.D •• Smithers. Sarah-Lota 592~a·4, FOr· reat ,"ven~e. Falrvle!'l $11.82. . Touchstone. Eben 14. & Veronlca:­Lola 98-' .. 100, Honey Brook .. HUt ,1L81. ' Vl8klIewlnnB. Helen - Lots 13-4-5. It-G, 81-1. Fairview Gardens, $U.8Z. PrOvident Truat Co.-6t! S. Orange Street, ,U8. / COrvino. UlaheU-Lobl 1-1. Blk .. \'. Media .Ann.... $3.96. RADNOR TOWNSHIP PraIlko Realty ComP&D:r-%5'1 Black FrIar Road, "1.17. lIan'ieoD. Bemard-l5 Eachus Ave· Due •• ao •• '. Saad.... I .... pb D. & ....... -11 .. Count!' Line Road, '1'U8. Seontary of Banklq-I Cbamouo I Road, DOx 110; ,1I.8L Young, Geoqe Mo-Upper Gult &; PIne Roads •. 3G A. 1577.7" RIDLEV PARK BOROUGH FIole,. •. _I E.-Lots 11 to U Inol .. Baldwin. 116.00. Pearl, WlWam A.. & J. K..-Lota I­I !!IJ Chester Road, flU9. .. elIIon. Edwin K.. Bot.-Ground, W. JUdie)" Avenue, 'G.OL Kite. Il. E.-Lota 11-14-15. -."., 11&.00. , Sind B. '" L. Aoan.-LotB, B1k. B. Panrl4Ke. 116.00. lJqqfierb', Walter ,. Marguerlt ..... Lot. 4-5. Thayer. '19.,9!1. . 8HA"_ HILL BOROUGH 1I'rantu, WWIam K.. & Catherlne­Lot, Elmwood Avenue. '38.10. Do .... hy. Donald & Cb .... ott&-6s lI"Iorenee Avenue. '0.'1. SPRING~I.LD TOWNSHIP Graham, J'ohn W. Eat.-lI.ot-- AcreM N. aide BalUmore-P1ke. 197.t3 W. from SWarthmore Avenue. $18L88. • th Nat'l Bank-Lot 1If. N. W. oIde Brook81de. Sec. 4, '132.01l. Premont, Robert F.~ &ere rear. &. W. alde Hardwick. Road, '11.10. Enle....... CharI .. 11'._ of 67. &. w. - olde 0reba1'd Road, lrprbrgfteld 1I'&rDUI Ann"", 118.08. Inne.. WIUfam T.-Jnnea· Tract. Lota 8 .. 10. E. aide Maple, U5.'lO. THORNBURY TOWNSHIP x...~w Catherine &; .Harr7-Praml' bun ow. a2'1.'II. W, Catherine &: HalTy-Land. $~.Of. TINICUM TOWNSHIP Zack. Paul-39/IO, EBOInl(ton. lUG. $,,~n ... n. Annle--!5.!5 Esalncton. ...G..r.a ham, HUllb-46I1G Eoalngton. l1~car. WlDlam C.-I/lf -""",n. Home, ElIsabeth P.-IOU l!L ot Wanamaker Avenue, , •. 65. I McConnell. WJlllAm-Sect. 54, 160 x 134. Lester. ,8.8'1. Delane7. .John P.-33l42 Lester, 'G.63. ' HcCellan. Rev. B. T.. Tru8tee for ~a:rC1r: A. M.. Cburcb-l0,.a Lester, White. OJga.-!6 .. 2'1/40 frame house, Lester. t16.60. ' SUnson. Isabelle-20/33 Lester. '6.53. McCauley. WUllam-3f/30 Lester, U.66. Mazzaroba. Albert & Emma-fi/30 Lester. $6.66. ' ;':. McParland. Jam e ~&-18/18 Lester '6.66. B. a m s den. Barton-18/1' Lester. ts.63. . ·McKenna. Brldget-I9/19 L e 8 t e r. $5.63. .... ,6 M.• cKenna. BrldgQt-20/19 L e 8 t e r • 3, Hunter, James Est.-12 Acres, $79.76. Malseed. John-185 :a; 375 E. Elder­. berry Lane, $4.46. KeUer. Harry J'.-18/11 Bartram Avenue, Essington, $6.63. TRAINER BOROUGH Burns. John F.-Lota 1 to 4 incl .• Blk. L. $13.49. Lee. Valorle--3516 W. 3rd Street. brick house. 1.4.02. Moore. Francis J.-l to 6 D. B·H D. 118.17. UPLAND BOROUGH Bartholf, Vincent & Rebecca-lG Hili Street. $70.19. Castle. Augur Est.-Land. S.' side 8th Street. x 100, 65 cents. Penna. Title & Trust Co. and Trans­fer to . .Agnes Dufl'y-CommQn Court. N. side 3rd Street, 25 x 68.83. S6.55. YEADON BOROUGH Barclay. Charlotte 11.-230 Elder. '6.68. Harper, Harold M.-32 Fairview. $192.64. Joyce. Raumond T., et uz:-Lots 4.85- • 37. IIfa pt. .88. Longacre Boulevard. 146.81. Cohen, Sylvla-919 Serrill Avenue, 1133.71. Palmquist, Susie· W.-Lot. Wycombt" A"el\u~ .. $10.69. CH ESTER CITY Firat Ward CanceUo. Mary-E. AVon R-oad. S. side. 46 x 116.32. Sf.41. Francis, Frank Band-30f W.' !ttll Street. $21.58. Del. Co. Trust Co.-227 W. 23rd .street. $10.96. ,. Rannon,: John-F.. 21st, S. side Lota 36-7, $1.6~. Garthwaite. .las. H.-E. 19th Street, N. side. 228 x 190 % 234 x 185. ,14.90. Brennan • .John A.. et. ux.-E. 17th Street. N. side. $8.07. .' McCla.skey. Chas. H .. Jr.-20' Alley between Lindsay & 24th, 20 % 36, $1.83. Cuoller. Sarah-1714 Chestnut Street. U.3 •• Wood, John A.-l'l20 -C h e 8 t nut Street. *1.83. Woo d. J 0 h n A.-1722 Chestnut Street. Sl.8S. Cummlnga. Matilda &: Frank E.­Providence Avenue. E. side. 14 .• 1. Armstrong, Imelda B.-S.W. Cc­Worrell &; SunllY8lde. an.01. SecDnd Ward Rumsey. Cubert AI. H. Turk--4l1 E. 17th S ...... t, 'UI. lito ... r, Wm. 0.-& 14th Streot, J. oI4e 89.8. x 100 lUI. c.!cDennott. Wm. G. & ElI .. .­hy Street. '11.1&. Robe .... IOllD & lImma-lI" HaD- _ Stroot, '''Sf. , ' _D. "I'm. 1.-11" Hanco*ck _t, ' , FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 1946 THE S WAR T HMO REA N 7 ~~~--~i--~~------------------~~~~~=~~~~~----------------~---------------- E,d win F.' Windell of Westdale ·l~il~i~!i~"~~~)I~>~"$~'~~'~I~>"~'~i~~"5U LEGAL NOTiOn Third Ward WUIIam .. Charl.&-41 W. 2nd S_t, '1.14. Del. Co. Trust Co.-ll W. Graham Street, ,3.16. DaVUl. Solomon-Z30-2 Bevan Street, ,L83. Wayerekowskl • .Antonl~G25 E. 4th Street. $9.t3. Fourth, Ward Harrls •. .Joa. T.-70S De.hon, ~treet, '2.89. Fifth Ward Taylor: .Joshua C.-E. 9th Street. 100 :I: 1'10. $1t.DO. " McCain. Joa. B.--tll E. 10th Street. '7.80. Smedley. Ulyues O. & LlDle A..--t21 E. 11 th ,Stuet. $5.C8. . Robeck&. Ant 0 n e-620 McDlvalne Street. at .• S. Sheth Ward Dan~. ~10-22" W. Front Street. 'U6. ~ , .' Koury. Tboa.-101 Franklin Street. ,UG; .' Mo_~&a. . Charle&-31t Co.ncord· Ar~­nue, $6~48. Broad., Irena J'.-11.-1J3 Concord Avenue. $3.66. Davl .. Tbo& P.,& Sara T.-no Bar-clay Street, ',n.15. . BarDO, Fannie & Han-y-811 ,Bar" clay BtJ'$.t. $10.19. Del. Co. &', Trust Co.-124 Penn Street. "'.30. Harbi80'n. Ruth Reynolds-US Penn StBreaeats, ..' 1.6L A. Henry-U9 W. 3rd Street, $',60. • Seventh Ward avenue Ia taking a ,two montha re- Swaftllmore 1448 fresher course at P.M.C. ,Edwin WILI.IAM BROOKS recently received his Army dis... Aabee ,. Rabblsb BemoYed. c~arge. Ia ...... Mowed General BaullJlg CLASSIFIED 118 JIudIDg Ave. Mol'tooD, J'a­~~~ WANTED I WANTED--To rent, ex-Naval offil'er EDWIN B. KEn EY, Jr. YOUR oIEWELER III _ 7t1l st. Cb_r (Opposite New Staee n-&n!) .1'tJooe CbeI\ter .7114 and family. Ilf~long residents of SWarthmore, need either furnlehed or I unfurnisbed house or a.partment In Delaware Co. \VIll consider renthlg I fr(lm June 1 to Sept. 3D., Reply to Box S. The Swarthmorean. WANTED-\Vhlte girl for general ~§§'~' housework. Polish preferred. age , • between 20 and 30. Platn cooking. PlG&aI'e Pre·'Dg 6taUooa » References required. Pleasant working &l c>rn KocJ.Jr SUpplle8 con,dltiol18. Tel. Media 26'15. Greenng ~Bobb,. CraR \VANTED-Homes for Tipsy Toodle's two fuzzy kittens. Tel. Swa. 2122. SIMMONDS \VAN-;rED-Second .. halld high school type evenlug dress. size, Hi or 16. 'Plao •• C1lelter 1.11.1 In good condition. CalJ Swa. 2201 .. J. i.=====.=========~. \VAN'rED-BCdroom. living-room and ~ _, In or near swarthmore. for , gentleman. Reply to Box. T, The Swarthmorean. • WANTED-urgent, we peed a home until June 1. Family ot 3, former Swarthmoreans, ex-Naval officer. Me· dia 0361. l'flffDg8 SoUdted W. S. Bittle & Son 8 ..... 0111 ... Real EstatA! W ANTED-Some one to prepare dln- ~~~N~O~Ia~rF§.l'u~~b~U~o-~~I~"~'~uran~~ce~~~ nel's for CamBy - of 3. M~nclo.y I •• ~. .~ through Friday. Can Swarthmore. 2634~'V between 6 to, 7 P. M. or Sat· .. urdny morning. ' PIANO TUNING t'Tbe Ios& Ohord Is tile ~ WANTEI)-G()ldflsh lieIoction tha& can be PInJ'ed"oo proximately one Phone Swa. 1~4. aquarium of ap­' VldJ?.L' B'rank Jdannle Concetto, et. gallon capacity. ux.-8u W. 3rd Street. '63.2L WJegand, Hallle--3rd Street. S. side Land extending to Ulrich Street, 2 x \N' ANTED-Pleasant room. furnished 196 :s: 8.25, 16 cents. ' to Re the out-or-tune plaDo" pbmie A.'L. PARKER lor the remedy Outona, Fa8oce-624 W. 3rd Street, ')r unfurnillhed, near aroome. .. Land N. side 3rd Street, 40.3. E. Ker· ply to Box B. The Swarthmorea~. . Medin 0450-~1 Un S~t, U.M. WANT'ED--To exchange modern tur- Dalay. Jobn-Rear 934-6 W. 8th nlshed· bouse In lAs Angeles. CaUf., Street, 28.33 % 28.86. Sl.83. I I Ity Eakay. :MollY-88 Park Vnla Drive, for same In Swarthmore or v c n - . 46 cents.T,::e l~,~S::,,~'a.~. ;16~3~3~.: ::--:::::;;;;;;;-____ Eakay, Molly-89 Park Villa Drive. - .6 cent& FOR RENT FLECI'RlCAL WORK ,all kind New or Old CORNEll. WOMEN MEET The· . Delaware County .. Maln Line Cornell Woman's Club held a deseert meeting Tueli~a)". APrU 9. at the home of Mrs. Thomas W. Hopper on MagUl road. Aaalst­lng ·bostesses were Mrs. Thomas McMahon of Drexel HUI and Mrs. Glenn Morrow of Rutgers avenue. Mre~ W. F. Stotz of Drexei HUI spoke, on the "Secondary Schools Program" Includtng a conftrences In Ithaca. report on Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Shaw of Pn.rk avenue have returned home after spending a month at Bradenton Beach. Fla. Their daughter Dorothy., a junior at Oberlin College joined them.1n ,Florida for a week between college semesters. TOP SCORERS The winners of the SWarthmore Bridge Club which met Wednesday evening. April third at Borough Hall were: first. Mr. and Mra. .f. Skillman; BCcondr Mr. John Dever and Mrs. I. R. MacElwee:' thlrd Mrs. Ray Gemmell and Mr. Samuel Wlsdon. Jr. REQUEST FOR BIDS SURFACE TREATMENT OF BOROUGH STREETS Sealed bids w111 be received by the Borough of SWarthmore In Council Chamber. Borough Hall. Park Avenue. S\\arthmore, Pa., on May I. '194 •• at 1 :45 P. ltl. (Daylight Saving Time) for performlllg In whole or in Part the work of surface treating of ap­proximately, 15.000 square yards of Borough streets. to be designated by the Highway Committee. ContractoJ'll will submit bids as follows: • 1. The work of furnlshlnB' approxl~ mately 25 tons of bituminous concrete,. pla.!lng it In al! depreaslons and roll .. ROGER RUSSEll. lug It properly. cleaning of areas to be surface trel:l,ted. furnishing and apply- Make f F• Ph L_ log aaphalt binder. Pennsylvania Spe- rome otograp_ cllle.lIon H-l-H a' the rate of 1-3 aai- PeDD State BIc1c. Ion per square yard, and furnlehlna. spreading and rOiling ·cru8Jted rock at 8oa&h A"Ie. IIiHl State S&ree&) the rate of 30 pounds per square yard Jlledla. Pa. of Hurfac'e to be co\·(:red. over saId Media 2176 , art:as. a.U in accordance wltll apeclJlca- ~~=:;:===========~. ctiUOII'leSd, af rocmop yt hoet uwnhdiecrhs igmneady, baet ptrhoe- I . ',P'.AINT· IN-G-.. -'1 ~b2o. v.F uarndidsrhei. n.g. materials 'and perform­ing the above work, with the exeeP-: ".:.'A .._....." -"u ...... Done tiO)) of fur.plshlng and ·.applying lbe 3.Bphalt binder. The Borough invites CALL I separate bids for this part of the work and reserves -the right to' Jet this por- DAVE WOOD Media 07551 tion of the contract to ~ separate con. I tractor whose "ork will' tI. In wI'h • the work of the contractor, doing the remainder or the Job. '. .. - I~ McCuUous4. Clara. M.-34 Park Villa, Drive 48 cents. Eskay. KoUy-14 Pack: Villa Drive, 75 cents. ' FOR RENT-Large comfortable. aunny bedroom amI bath. Tel. Swa. 2806-J. .. '-U·I'.'IM, .. MORTON REFRIGERATION " ' I.... J!t _ A certified check In the dum 'of aloo muat accompany' the bid, and the per ... son O!" tlrm to whom the contract Is aw!'rded mUBt execute an agreemeut: alia furnish bonda as required by law the form of which may be e2.amlned In the sald offtce of the Undenllsned. ,!he Borough reservt!S, the right (0 reJect any or all bide. " ' , FrYer. Jamea-Shedwlck Street, 305 S. 5th Street, land, $1.06. Baumgarden, Phtllps-Lot 176' S. 6th Street. S,W. Shedwlck. 'lJ5' E. side Bullet Street. $6.16. RoBB, James-Between Ulrick Street & Shedwlck, W. Union Street &: 5th Str6At. Eo aide Butler Stretlt, I,. cant&. Goodwin. Clara B.-Lot·' .&. Henry Street, 4& cents. " , DIMedlo, Phllomena--826 W. a~ Street. $10.19. eiGhth Ward Chester Lode" No. 56 American Or­der Sons of Italy-l009·ll W. 3rd Stree~ ,18.Z4. Zolln&, F'lorence-1028 W. 3rd Street. $2.6,. . Tesborrt. Lulcl-ll09 W. 9th gtreet. $1'.00. . Iron Workers B. &: L. Assn.-.fOl Ivy Street. $S.U. Ninth Ward nyan • .John S. J. a: Mary-180. W. '2nd Street, $6.18. Pendergast. Thos., .Jr.. Rd. 1-1'106 Mary Street, '2.89. netts. Chaa. eL uL-1500 W. 8th Street. ,3.34. Dawns. Myroo-1504 W. 8th Street, $3.34. LaughUn. Edw. D.-1S()1 &', rear 9th street. $18.2t. . Valzone. Vincenzo & Annle-N.W. Cor. 12th & Norris Streets, 76 cents'. Boyer, Walter-E. S. TUahman. 160' N. of 10th. $1.06 • Dyer. Stewart, eL ux.-W. side Locksley Street, 69.42 S. or 2nd Street. U.63. Del. Co. Bldg. ABan.-S.E. side Central AVenue. $13.06. Nichols, .Jas. M.--4.01 Central Ave~ nue. 4'1.30. BoWers, FredrIck & Naomi T.-E. side Central to TUghmn.n. ,181.58. Federman. Louls-:905-7-9 B a k e r Stree~ '16 cents. Federman. LouJs-911Baker .Street, 30 cents. Harris, Wm., H.-W. side Baker 100' N. of 4th Street. U.06. ~ Dickson, Alice & Mary-911 Edwards Street, $1.83. Broomall. Jas. M.-E. aide Edwards. 80' N. 0(. 11th. ,1.5S. LOuis. Lucretta & Theala-E. sIde Ewards. 160' N. of 11th. $1.06. TrIppett, John E. & Daisy D.-2!e Edwards Street, $2.89. Baer, Louls-226 Edwards Street. 80 cents. Ryan, ~ohn Est.-318 Edwards Street. $3.96. Smith, Clarence M.-W. side Ed­wards Street. 100' S. of 11th. f6 cents. Wiggins. Edw. & Amanda-W. side Edwards, 120' N. of 12th. 46 cents. Maddox. Jamea-126-8 Abbott Street, ,2.6'. Bell. Andrew-Lot. E. side Law Street. 83' N. Dela.ware Avenue, $1.08. Ryan. John J.-E. side Reaney Street. 21t~88 N. of .th Street. ' •. 41. Tenth Ward Wilson. Samuel K.-2319 W. 2nd Street, U.63 • Buckley, Jno • .J.-3rd Street,. S. slde. 43' 100'. ,S.34. . Kennedy. .John M.-9th Street, N. 8I4e, 130 :II: 151. $8.36. Anderson. Hannah R.-309 Yarnall Street, $&.f9. • Tholenfeld, Isadore-Engle Street, W. side. 200.48 :r: 100, '9.89. Lyon, Samuel-N.E. Front & Town­send, 20 x 140. $1.63. Eleventh Ward Delaware River Steel-No W. Cor. Front & Wilson, 140 :r: 140. $4 •• L Del. Co. Trust Co •• u/w of P. H. lIowry-2516 W. 3rd Street, $4:.41. IrviDh, .rae. E$t.' & Thos. ,Leiper­S. side 4th Street, 40' W. ThurloW. ".6i- " Cumlnaky. Edwin .. Cath.-1834 W. 8th Street, ,6.65- Dleklnaon. Oliver B.-N. side 9th St1"eet, 16.16 E. of Hues, $18.6t. " Cbester Cambridge ·li. & Tr. Co.­E. side WilBOn. 213.& N. of 4tb Street, '7.6L Labodylns1d. Wm. .. Anna-101 Hayes Street, $1.11. Baer, Lonls-W. Bide Lewis Street, -1&1' N. of Front, S1.99. Bow... Fredrick K. & HUCh R. Ward-&' 'W.. Cor. fth A, ThUrlow. '10.14. ' , SCSwow ..... :l'rank a: J'amu P1011KaS _N.B. Cor. Front & Hay.. _to, . n.fl. FOR. RENT Hou~e In Washington. D. C .. suburb. Unfurnished, '1 rooma. 2 bathH, largo lot. beautiful shade trees, $80 mo. Exchatlge for similar house neat· Swarthmore College. BoX I K, The Swarthmorea.n. PERSONAL PERSONAL-We buy turniture. house­, hold goods. any article In good con~ dition. p~one Chester 2·6283. PERSONAL-Spring plowing done with rotattHer which leaves kTound ready for seeds. Small or large gar­dens. Phone Swa. 1211 for arrange .. menta. PERSONAI.r--Electrlc heaters, Irons. and vacuum. ele.aners repaired. caned for and delivered. Call Roberl BrookR swarthmore 1548. ' . PERSONAL-Immediate service and repairs on 'all makes of electrJc washerM (Bendlx included) • .Ironers. vacuum cleaners, ranges. irons, to.:.~t .. era heaters. fans and lampa. so wiring. Old and neW repairs-service _installations. AU work done In com· pliance with Fire Underwriters re­quirements. Ef;timates cheerfully given. Call Erich N. Hausen, Swa. 3037. FOR SALE FOR SALE-ColI"per coil hot water gas heater and galvanized hot water tank. Also 14-sectlon hot water radi­ator. Phone Swa. 1'175-& FOR SALE-Boy's Westfield bicycle. ?E;t, rim excellent condition, com· pl;te with 'accessories including alumi­num fenders. Phone Swa. 2298. FOR SALE-Four used tires. 600 x 16 , (3 re~aps). Phone Swa. 0261. FOR SALE-Man's suit. ,25, size ':'0 regular, double·breasted. medium gray; worn twice. Tel. Swa. 3017. FOR SALF..-\Valnllt Veneer ,buffet; table and two chairs. $15. Phone Swa. 166,6. ' FOR SALE-'Vhlte graduation dress. size· 14. perfect condition. Pho~e Swa. 0746-W after 6 P. M. FOR SAllE-Light steel chests. 36" x 18" x 10". suitable for tools, storage. etc. $1.70. Tel. Swa. 1049. FOR SAI~E-Pre-war Perambulator. good condition. Tel. Swa. 1156. FOR SALE-Oriental rug. 6' 10" x ~' - 3" red and blue predominant, m excehent condition. $200. See by ap­pointment. Tel. Swn. 0786-R. FOR SALE-Crate 26" x 26" x 36". Telephone Swa. 2455 aft~r 6 r. M. FOU~"D-Near Swa. P. O. Monday. fuuntaln pen. Call at The swarth­morean office. , • BELL -TWIN GRINDER Lawn Mowers I Sharpaaed by Machine I I Other tools abo sbupened Saws Set and Filed I Quick Se1'Oice 1044:1Oth A,_ R~PA. Call and Deliver Phone Swarthmore Ot28~M I Phone Swarthmore 0992 TREES Removed-Topped-Cut any Length FREE ESTIMATES GIVEN VAN HORN & SONS STEAKS - CHOPS I SEAFOOD Olil' Specialty . Completely Air,Conditioned PERSONAIIZFD NAPKINS Elliott Richardson ,Borough Sec~tary ESTATE 0.' GEOROE E. SILLO. \V AY. deceased. Iste of the Borou81l of SW&.1'thmore. Letters o( AdmlnlstraUo~ on the • above estate havJng been, granted &0 the undersigned.· all peraoua ludebted to the 8l\id estate are reqtieated to PHONE MEDIA 267S-J make payment, and those ,havinG' ~~;:;::;';:;:~;:;:;:;:;:~;:~' ~~TBhes epedr fePcat pteoru cNh alDokr inesn tertaining • . • scalloped edges with biue. red and, yellow' borders Hnd your name attractively prJnted. co*ck-claims to present the salQ8, without delay to . CaroUne Sargent 'SWoway Administratrix I HARRY W. LANG Rugs and Carpets Swarthmore 0764 Ridley Park 3238 "carpet. makes it home" Don'& Wa1& Until Spring Tbe tIlDe to do In_or painting Is DOW. I am DOW UsUDg exter- \ lor work ror Spring. QuaIltJ PaID& Experienced MecbaIII. ... WALTER V. UNTON Contrador and BuDder Ht/DeJ Park 0338-M • Plan DOW the home you want Desirable lois available Charles E. Fischer Bailder Phone Swarthmore 2253 MORTON REFRIGERATION and Appliance Service Commercial and D'omestic­Prompt Service-Refriger-, ators, Washers, Vacuum Oeaners, Radios 11 Mod_A,_ Mom.., .... " taU or teR aize (state size). 120 ror ,2.00 COMPLEl'E PERSONALIZED "E'r . . . of fil). napkins, 25 colorfully designed paper guest towels', and 25 roasters Everything you need for the rumpus room •• with your name printed. ,2.50 Send chec" or money order to R. J. Bl!KJKER P. O. Box 1114 Upper Darby, Pa. Print clearly the name you desir€'! Example: Joa.n and Bill or TfH!: SMITH'S .O~ N. Chester Roa4 Swarthmore. Fa. or to her attorneys Buller. &atty. Greer & Joa.eon 17 South Ave., Media, Pa. 'ESTATE OF F. JOSEPH SCHWEr .. ZEIt, deceased. late of the BorouS'a o! CoJIlngdale. Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Letters of Administration halol"C been gr~nted to the undersigned. all persona naving claims or demands .1IlI requested to make known the same. ami all persons Indebted t. the -.It estllte are requested. to make paympt, without delay to . Sarah L. Schweizer 710 Andrewe Avenue. ColJlngdate, Pa. AdmlnLstrauix • ELECTRIC SERVICE 1or hpr attorney Guy G. deFuria. Crozer Building Chester. Pa. ST-3.22 Radio & Appliance Repairs PROMPT SERVICE Call Swarthmore t 984 HARRY A_ BREHL :. ESTATE OF LYDIA BlDDLli:: WIL-LIAMS. deceased. Letters Testamentary on the above estate have been granted to the under­signed. who request all peraona,havln. claims or demands against the estate of the decedent to make known the same, and aU persons Indebted to the decedent to make payment, Without delay to Richard Norris Wllllama. 2nd Orchard 'Yay. Wayne, Pa. or to hls attorney Clarence G. MYers, of :Ex;eeutor Duane, Morris & Heckscher ~=::'::::::::::::::::::::::::::::=~" 1617 Land Title BuUding '!o~~ ___ "~~30 Phllad.lphla 10, Pa. 6T·3_l Walters' Tree Surgery and Landscaping Phone Swarthmore 2175-R 104 Comell Avenue Swarthmore, Penna. Veterinarian Dr. Frank J. Davies hon-orably, discharged from the U. S. Army veterinary co~ps will open his office in Swarthmore in the near future. Until further notice,he may be reached by calling ESTATE OF' JOSEPmNE TALLEY deC83.5ed, Ia.te of Concord TownshiP' Penna. ' Letters Testamentary tn the above estate havIng been granted to th~( undersigned. aU persons Indebted to said estate are requested to make pay . ment. and those having ciaims to pre­sent same to Howard W, Tallel" Elizabeth Courtney Elr:ecutofs or to their attorney Morris H. Fussell 12 South Avenue Media, Pa. ft .. 3~1 ESTATE OF GUSTAVE A.. HECK­SCHER, deceased. Letters Testamentary ,on the above estate have been granted. to the undeT­signed, who request all persona having claims or demands agatnst the estate of the decedent to make known the same, and all persallf'. ~ndebted to the decedent to make payment without delay to • Florence Allan Heckscher and :Maurice Heckscher or to their attorneys Frank F. Truscott Clarence G. :Myers. of Duane. Morris & Heckacher 161'1 Land TlUa Bundlng PhlJadelphla 10. Pa. Executors ESTATE OF HARY ADAlIS ADAM(\ late of Swarttamore. Delaware County, PL, deceased., '. Letters Testamentary on the above estate have been granted to the under­Signed. who request all persona havi .... clalma Oil demand. against the estate at ~the decedent to make knoWJl the same, and all per&OlUJ lridebte4 to tbe decedent to make payment, wttItGut delay to Alice Adams W_· 18 Benjamin Weet A ....... _0 . ·_ . rr_ - l:''IU:: !I~W:=::7:,,:• _ 'Swarthmore 2396." or to her attonH>,. .. "rUl'" BIIM • n 'I .... " I' ' .' - ~~ ~/Iit. ,._ ___. _._ ______. ..,. ._~!\!\U!\!\~ PhUade1phla •• PL . .. ., -', • I 1 .1.; :1 1,; , \ t . ; , I l' f J ! ! ' r I ; . , •

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f 8 FUSSEll CITES NEw PARTY AIMS Con g res s Delegate SeekS Republican Independence A call tor tho rebirth of the Republican party as the represent­ative of the progre88lvc and Inde­pendent elements In American political Ufe was made this week by MorrJs H. FU88ell of ·Swarth­more, the orily independent candi­date for COngre88 In the May Primary elections. After stressing the orIgins of the Republican party as the opponent of slavery and intrenched power, Mr. Fussell called on the voters tor the revival of liberalism and Independence within the party through the ma.­chinery of the party primary election. .. Pntmary elections." :Mr. Fussell stated. "must enable the enUre party membership to Its wishes and its Independence. The prJmary must no longer be merely the rubber-stamping of approval of one or another of the hand­picked candidates of the state Machine, 0,. the one hand, ~r the c~unty machine on the other. ,If the Republlcan party Is ever to regain control of the nationa.l government, it wlll ot necessity have to attract the vote of the In­dependent voter. To do this we must present a vigorous program that looks forward and not back­ward, and we must present candi­dates thnt are worthy of our pro­gram and whose a.«tltatioDa do not contradict our program. Too many Independent voters now con­sider the Republican party not the representative of the lleople~ To a. great eDeDt their at~ltude lB the reBult of. New Deal publlcity, at the taxpayer's expense. But to a certain extent their attitude .ta true. We cannot ignore Its exis­tence. To continue to deny it 18 simply the first step toward IOBlng the next election. UnUke the· Dem­ocratic party's left wing, we do not claim that political moraUty exists only in our hearts--that only we are sincere-that only Independent Republicans are assured ot salva­tion. But we must If our party is to survive, recognize that hund­reds of thoU$BJlds of independent voters arf) suspicious ok the inten­tions of, Borne of our Republican machines. We cannot eradlcate their suspicions wIth more bi-an­nual promises of good Intentions. We must eradicate their suspicions by ellm.!naUng from our organi-' zatlon the background which in­stills the suspicIon. If the machines will not do so, t\.B In this campaign they bav~ not, we must persuade them at the 'polls." ''What has "Mr. Ohadwlck's State machine done, for exa,m.ple, to attract the Independent vote? .Aside from claiming .it is indepen­dent, thE!' State administration haa consistently followed the Pew­Grundy line. "What has the county organi­zation done, for example, to attract the ao-caUed Labor vote? It has at the last minute. brutally knifed its candidate In o.rder to present Mr. Dewey as a servant of Labor. Where was this profound regard for Labor hiding in the palrt. two years? "Our great party mus~ set J.ts house in order. It must b1'1ng in new men and younger men; ~t must convince the Independent that hiB future and the country'S Iles wltb our party. It must do 80 with sincerity and without its tongue in its cheek. "The world is now beginning to struggle to .Its feet after the worst war In its history. We in America. have been spared greatly. Our homes not been looted and burned, our people have not been led out of their towns and shot in the flelda. our chl1dren have not been starved. Despite our vast ex­- pendltures In blood and wealth and resources. we bave been rela .. tlvely untouched'. To our deed and wounded we owe .~n enormous and Incalculable debt; to the people of the ""Ure .... rld we owe the dllty of .... orklng with them to rebuild a _fill .... d oeeure world. We ...... ot pa.J' _ debt by 1I141f-tereftce: ___ It by Power all Una!. Prom_ .. 11 __ .... 01' Po1ltIaa .. tJaual". • THE SWARTHMOREAN FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 1946 ) TO HOLD EXHIBITION Mrs. Waldo E. Davison of Vas­sar avenue 18 treasurer of the Ea8tcrn Branch at the peDD8l"l .. vania GuUd of Craftsmen which will show an exhibition of Crafts In the GallerIes of the Ph1Iadel­phla Art Alliance, 261 South 18 St., April 16 to May 5 Inclusive. This Is the first .tate-wide exhibit Show Color Filma . l.'ho public Is Invited to attend the showing of colored BOund tUrns on Mexico. Peru. and Argentina. to be sbown In the Martin Biological Building at the college. at ? p.m. tonight. TO CHAPERON of the Guild. ~ Mr. and Mrs. George Lewis. Ilr. Mrs. DaVison who instructed a' and Mrs. George W. Casey, ~d class In wcav.tng at the Adult Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Lange will Night School held In Swarthmore serve as chaperolW ot the Seventh High School In lifO, Is author ot Grade ot the Swarthmore Junior <fA Handweaver's Pa.ttern Book", .AssembUes 10 the Women's Club a modem handbook ot tour-bar- tomorrow evening. ness patterns for weavers of all Dr. and MI'B . .1. F. Bogardus, types, whether amateur or pro- Mr. and Mrs. J RandolPh Roess, fesslonal. She has been Interested and Mr. and Mrs. C. MacDonald In wea.vlng since 1 $11 when she Swan will act as chaperons of the served as assistant In the Hand- Ninth Grade, while the Tenth. weaving Department at "Berea. Grade wi~l be chaperoned by Mr. College, Berea, Ky. Mrs. Davison and Mrs. George Jardin, Mr. and Is now principally ;tnterested In Mrs. Waldo FlBher, and Mr. and Pennsylvania German home-made Mrs4 Edwin Buxbaum. Unens, using old German patterns, dating back as far as 1722. ·Q.D.d founding modern linens on tb"pse old designs which she wUI exhibit In Philadelphia. A 100m, designed and bu.nt by George Schobinger of Swarth­more avenue will be used in the demonstration of weaving at the Show. Mrs. Schobinger Is also In­terested in weaving and will ex­hibit a hand-woven luncheon set. Mrs. Scott B. LtlIy of Wal11ng­ford. formerly of Elm avenue, will enter hand-woven table 11nens, and her daughter Mary AUce Lilly will have five entries, which will in­clude a. carved wood panel for a. child's room, and a. portrait study of a f!;mall chHd In clay. OUT OF SERVICE Cpl. Jack McWilliams received his discharge from the Army on March 30, at camp Dix, N.;J. He was stationed In :Paris for 20 months of his three years period of 8ervice. .Jack bas been spending n tew days visiting friends in Mercer. LEGION HEARS REVIEW On next Monday at the home of Mrs. J. H. Jessup on Haverford avenue, the Legion Auxlllary, apart froll} its business, will hear a re­view of the book, "Who Walk Alone" which is given to organiza­tions to create a humailitarlan In­terest. both spiritual and material in the healing of lepers, and tor re­seal'ch on this dtsCD.Be. The phil­osophi"'! al and sacrificial nfe of Ned Langford will be told bIy Mrs. Oscar Gilcrest. KAPPAS TO SEW l-Irs. Howard W. Newman, Jr .• ot Walnut lane will serve nR hos­tess to a group of Kappa. Kappa Gammas at an all-day sewing meet­Ing at her home on Tuesday next. Present Beethoven Music NEED DANCERS Mrs. E. LeROY Mercer, branch cha·trman, of the Gray Ladles has received a. special request from the Valley }i'orgll3 General Hospital fOr volunteers with some knowledge of ballroom dancing. Women between the ages of 18 nnd 35 are asked to act 8.8 dancing partners for the patients in the reconditioning program dance in­l'tructton class. You must be free to give one or more hfternoona a week. l\.(onda'Y through Thursday,' from two until four p. m. Regls­tJ ·ation for volunteers closes Thurs­day. April 25. Orlentath~n fectures for the short course will be given Wednes­day, May ftrst, at the Valley Forge General Hospital from· one to five p. m. AppUeants may be interviewed at Chapter Headqua.t1:ers, 611 ·North Broad street. Philadelphia. Monday through Thursday from one to four p. m. Tel. Freemont 0100. Gray L&.dy Office. for appointment. LWV To State Mind The Swarthmore League ot Women Voters will meet at 2:30. next Wednesday atternoon. April 1 '1, at the home of Mrs.. Vernon O'Rourke, 600 Elm avenue. Tbe report of the nomlnatlng commit­tee wlll be received ana, dlscU8810n9 of the proposed naUonal program, national by-laws and national league budget with the tunda.­mental changes Involved w.Ul take -place for the enlightenment of the local delegate to the national league convention. Mrs.. Helen Hall of Park avenue w1ll entertain at a birthday party at her summer home'"Hollday Hill," Westtown, tomorrow after­noon In honor of Dr. Lopez~lanzl, ArgenUnlan Pediatrician, an Eng­lish student at the college. Talks OD Gardeaa Rogers lane, Wallingford, 011 Tuee­day. Forty members and their The Hlll and Hollow Garden guests were present to bear EmU,. Club held .its April meeUDg In tbe Exley give a talk OD "Garden PIan­home of Mrs. Walter H. Robinson, 1 nlng tor a Practical Garden". , Fashions in Dress For Young Men lONG PANTS SUITS 8.98 to 23.98 New spripg shades in smart single breasted models. Well tail­ored like dad's­sizes 6 to 18. Boys Longies Patterns and sizes and colors galore, all at in­creditably low prices. Tailored beautifully' of dragonets, herringbQnes and plaids: Blue, tan, brown or gray. Sizes 4 to 20. 2.99 to 6.88 Felt Hats 1.59 1.88 1.94 Downstairs Store The first of three recitals cover­ing the sonata literature of Beeth­oven for cello and piano will be given h'y W. F. G. Swann and Sylvia Swann in the l1brary of the> Bartol Research )I'oundation on the Swarthmore College campus at 8: 30 p.m. on "Monday, April 16. Open ~~~~~~~~ House at CARNS The program will comprise the Sonata No. I, in F major; Seven Variations on a Theme of l\{ozart. and Sonata No.4, in C major. The dates of the other recitals will be annollnced later. These recitals wilt be open to the public. NEWS NOTES J.lm Pitman ot Vassar avenue has returned home from the Sp~ ... tan School of Aeronautics,. Tulsa., Okla., where he completed a slx.­month course in aviation. He re­ports in May for Army training. Anne Lingle ot Cornell avenue spent the week-end vlBltlng her brotber-In·-Iaw and sister Mr. and Mrs. N. Bruce DWrett and their small daughter Anne Christine of Plainfield, N. :T. Mr. and Mrs. Wllllam Craemer. Jr.,' and their haby son William James are living tempOrarily with the former'. parente Kr. and lira. William Craemer ot, Harvard ave­nue. Mr. Craemer who f!lerved as a lieutenant 111 the 11_ B. AnI17 to!' about four years. rece _ 4111- chanre Jut week and 11M • . me« hla pcodtlon . with an _matbI&' r.tnn 111 P_lphla. PALM SUNDAY April 14th '/jour pr~:Jence its retjue:JIeJ -(Oh, let's not make it too stiff and formal) j~t come and visit with us Palm Sunday and enjoy a preview of the gorge-' ous Easter. plants and flowers-No obligation at all. FREE PALM. ARN FLOWERS Greeting Cards Phone Swa. 0450 Standard Decorative and Noyelty Candles "ORCHIDS ALWAYS" We Deliver Baltimore Pike Springfield, . Pa. ,. GIVE YOUR ~UPPORT THE SWARTHMORE SAI·V~. ATiON .' ARMY SWARTHMORE, PA., FRIDAY, APRIL 19,1946 $3.00 PER YEAR "ANGR STREET" OPENS TUESDAY PleaBe Leswing, Doughty All perSOns wao have comptet. ed or partially completed U.S.O. 8Crap booka, please return to Mrs. S. S. Rutherford or to the Woman's CluJ), Direct New Thriller Two Dew directors present Pat­rick ./ Hamllton's psychological thrUlel". u.Ansel Street" to audi­ences of tbe Players Club next ....... eek. The play opens on Tuea4a.y, the Ilrd, aDd runs through' Satur­day. lOCAL ARTISTS TO EXHIBIT AI CLUB . Members Will Pre­view Paintings on Tuesday Carl Leswlng and Nathaniel DoU8'hty ha~e undertaken jointly to stage this VlctorJan melodrama, whillb Deeds the combination of arUBtJ7 and experience which they brlng to It. . Mr. Leswlng was a founder and president o~ the Glen Tower P~ayers and bas played In atock. lIr. Doug~ty began with the Maalt and WIg Club, aod by DOW Is well known to Swarthmore a.udlences. Both ot them are .actlve In . Plays 8Jld Players., where they have participated frequently dur­Ing the past few years. Lilian LeowlDg has had training and experience. which make ber entirely competent to ·carry the difficult part of Mrs.' Manllingham. the sweet and: helplesS young wife who 18 slowly tortured. Robert Lanedon, a newcomer to the Club and to PhllacJelphll., I. proving In reheal1! to be equal to the exacting :Mr. Ma.nnlngham role, a ba.rd, meUculoualy proper, over-handsome master whose very correctness gives warnings of loatbsome errors. Edna HOn;lAday Is cast as , the vlrtuoWl bowiekeeper, while .Jane Wurster makes ber second club ap­pearance as the pert, pretty 'Young ) maid who unwittingly p!ays an Im­portant role. in the dark alfalfa ot the lIanningbams. Mr., Leaw1ng, as. the hero, Is 8.. friendly. comic, practical detective, who, with two policemen played by Ned Pyle and Ernst Federoff, brings the play to £. satlstactOl'7 endlnll'. The gaslight era from which the movie took Its nBlne Is empbaslzed In the setting and In the lighting. A specially designed· set to create the "deep purple"' atmosphere bas been executed by Virginia. and Ernest Federal!' with the assis­tallce of Betty Konm, Patty Camp­beU,' VI11IInia 80lhmer and Paul BaIlD. Also _g the Federolf. 111 the IIIa3IDIr are Martha Kelgh­ton, HowarcJ P~nnell, Allan C. Wood, and a property committee of Mnl. Tbomae M". Jackson. :Mrs. CharI... D. ·Kltchell, and Mrs. J. Samuel Weltmer ... BUSINESS HEADS MEET T'be Swarthmore Business Asso­clatlon held an enthuBiastle dInner meeting at Strath Haven Inn, Mon­day evening. The Association regrets to report that In view of tbe shortage ot sugar, tile annual Easter Egg Hunt wltl be postponed for another year. However, plans are underway for the Fourth of July celebration. . ON TERMINAL LEAV£ Lt. Theophlle Saul.ter. Jr., who has been stationed at Cebu In the Philippines at Base Sf Headquart­ers CompaD7 81nce Septerpber, '46, reached the States, Sunday, March 31. He received his discharge at Fort nu. .Aprll 8, aqd Is now Oil terminal leave. Lt. and Mrs. SaulDter are visiting the former-" parents Mr. and Mrs. T. Saulnlel'· of PrInceton avenue. capt. 1.. J, BehellllB, SOil of Mr. and !Ira. L Behenna of Prince toll avenue recelftd hili dlscharp from the _ee at cam!> Db<, N. J .. on MOilelloa>'. Api'll 8, after four and olle-half 7MrII of dnty, He _ joIDed hili Wife and. two mOilUllo old SO'" Richard. Job at tIMIr ID KaIftnI. The exhIbition of Palntlnp by Swarthmore artists annually spon­Bored by the WQmans Club will open Thursday afternoon at the ~ regular meeting ot the Club. Cyril Gardnar an emnent palnte and tormer Swarthmorean will talk Informally about the pictures. This will be In the nature of & "gallery talk" with questlona and dll3cusslon. Cyrtl Gardner an eminent painter Lavery young Philadelphia painter. Miss McLa.very recently had a: one ... man ehow at the Ragan Gallery In Phlladelphla and fOr .several years haa been repreeented in the annual oU exhibition at the Acad .. emy of Flne Arts. One of her pic­tures was purchased througb the Lambert FUnd for the permanent colJection of the Academy. Sho has also Ulustrated two recenUy published books edited by Dr. Pa1iJ Gemmill. In the Swarthmore exhibition she will show three landscapes, one of which was paInted' in Pan­ama. City, her home. The exhlbtUon. :which \8 of grea.~~. . Interest < to all local arUsts, both amateur and protesslonal, Js & friendly affair without competition far' prlzes -or even a. ;jury of admls .. SIOD. Most· of the pictures will be tor sale and a. member of the com· mittee will he in attendanee. The exhibition win be open to the public TUesctay,- Wednesday, Thursda.y, and Friday evenings ot next week from '1 to t;also, after­noons of Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, trom 1:80 to 5.- On Sunday afternoon, April 28, the art secUon of the clu"lt invites 'the artists and their ~lend8 and all friends of art, to a reception and tea trom 3 to 6. Work to be entered in the ex~ hlbltlon may be brought to the club house on Sunday, ,April' 21, betweeJl 3 Bnd 5. Mrs. Pa,dUn. Finds Stories in • Living Mrs. EDen Paullin. autbor or "This Little Boy Went To Kinder­garten." spoke to the Swarthmore Mother's Club, April 9. Her sub­ject was "How to Meet a Pub.­lisher." She said that she went straight to the publishers in New York to interest them in Format or the style of a book. The Oxford Press Insisted that she write n. straight story instpad. So she wrote about a real day's ~xperlence at Media Friends Kindergarten. This they accepted nnd then asked her: to write about children between the a·ges of two and six. The problem "l\'as to write onl'y one s~ntenee to a page. After man~' headaches It was accepted and tile result is to be "Karen is Three." In another article in Parents Magazine she has written about Exchange Fore!gn. Students. a flhase ot life she came across at Friends Central School. For that Rhe had to talk with the students and go to Wa.ahtngtoD and Inter­view · the UNESCO: She found much enthusiasm. among the stu­dents who were .Junior Spanish -ttudentll ·at Frlena. Central. They had spent a whole aem~ster In Mex­Ican homea Willie a"",dlng EIIgllsh' speaking achool& They came home wit'll a pt'Ofoand realization that other people are "VerY much Ilk. the_I..... • H. S. BAND EARNS GENERAL GLORY School Recess In observance of Good Friday. Hannony, Rapport Enthusiasm Delight Swarthmore Public Schools are closed today. Classes will 1"e­sume\ at the usual time on Mon .. day morning. . ROBBER CRASHES . STOLEN . rRUCK Police Seek For Man Who Burgled High School The Swarthmore High School Band played Its w~ to new helghte Friday night when under the lead­ership of John Jenny the eighth annual concert In the High School Auditorium became history. The program was well varied, well timed, ~ell played. Musicianship, 8010 and en.seml?le, was of a high quality. Program notes added In­terest. The evening was a pleasure and an education. You might know a bolero from a valse yet the brasses set you straight In your seats and the gay rb",thms quickened splrlts~ There was also the play of personalities, the director home again, the to sentors whose ba.qd, days nre wan_ ing, for all the shared triumph of. hours: of rehearsing. There was the solemnity of the dedlcaUon of the final "America." by the band to "Milton Fussen a former mem'ber of the band, ~bo gave his Ufe at Okinawa.. .. There was the pleased surprise of Drum Major Ruth Wagner at Robert C~ Disque's tribute to her· "high pro­ftcienC) r, training of the Majorettes, service as band librarian, faithful attendance which ·had set an elC­ample .to aU" a:nd to his presenta­tion an· behalf of the Band Parents Committee of an engraved bracelet. Dri1llng by the Drum Major and her corps Elaine Wherry. Cynthia Homlre, Tootsle Lewis, Betsy Barnes, and Carol .·Ann Mosteller, (LOis Linton's Illness kept her n.."tIo'~y) .. was ·11nlforrn.1}" gOQ.t\: Thf; Oolor Guard opened and· closed the concert with dlgnl~ and verve. Soloist AlID:n Enders . delighted the a.Udlence with his flute profi_ ciency demonstrated It) Chopin's UNocturne." Weston Clarke's clarinet Bolo, Rlmsk·y-KorsakotY's "Flight of the Bumble ;Bee," was enthusiastically receiVed. Fred Behenna a.ild .Tohn Fdatcr were lOUdly ncclalmed for their bra88 duet "Ida and Dottle' Polka.. ... Sp~rks. plus nnd minus, are sttn striking from the HAnv11 Chorus." Beethoven, Verdi, Sou&a, GOld­man, Herbert. Romb.erg, theil' com­positions arc now' familiar to audi~ cnce and band. But the Band l~arned more than the melod)' Waltzing Matilda Day, Pan Amer­Ican week, are real to the Band. And for that, additional 'tribute is due Bandmaster ,Jenny and Band Instructors Fish and lAwrence whose hard work In·the four years of the wnr bore fruit at Friday's concert. Organ Mus to Be Heard The Organ Mass of Franz Liszt, composed In 1879 a few years prior to his death. will be heard at Trin­Ity Church, Swarthmore on Eastor at 8: 00 a.m. Organ masses com­prise the only surviving organ mu­sic of the pre-16th century and have been in use even to the pres­ent day espeCially In Europe. These mas..'1es arc seldom heard in this country. Ltszt was a devout Roman­olic aild once studied for the priest­hood, bQcomlng an Abbe. The pub­lic Is cordlall'y Invited to the ser­vice. HOME & SCHOOL TO CLOSE SEASON Pan e I D!scussion, Nominations on April 30 The perpetrator ot Swarthmore High School's first robbery cooked his own goose by his poor driving in Roxborough on Tuesday, just two days atter his week-end esca.­pade here. Chief Thomas Bateman of the local police was called to I;'hlla­delphIa Wednesday When the Swarthmore School D.Istr.1ct'a 1 ,e 1 Ford pick-up truck was d1scoy. ered on Ridge aVenue at Dupont street after It had. gone out of control and ~cked Into the auto mobile behilld It. In the truck was substantlally all th., atolen prop­erty which Is now returned to the The fi.nal meeting of the Home and ScbOOI .Association for the year 1946-46 will b. held on Tuesday, April 30, at 7 :30 p.m., in the High School auditorium, a.ccordlng to an annOWlcemen~ by Robert N. HlI­ker~, president.. The program wUl take the fOrm ot a PRnel dlBcuB810n in which the school taculty and parents of Swarthmore students w1l1 tackle extra-curricular activities, their beneftts o.nd their problema. The personnel of the panel w1ll Include G. Baker Thompson, principal of ,t he High School; Eugene Udell and Henry F. Hottman, members of the faculty; Mrs. George Karns and John l\furshall representing par~ ents. Mothers of the 9th grade will be hObteBBcs during tbe social period preceding the meeting. Annou,nee­mont of the Ust of officers for nexi year wUl be mad~ by Robert J. Cadigan; ex-president of the asso­cintton nnd chairman ot tho nomi_ natinG· comm.lttee. schooL Kenneth Morris, 20, ot PhUadel phla, operator of the damaged au tomoblle, told police the driver leapt trom the truck, quickly re m.oved hea,'"Y Army-type shoes and fled. Other witnesses reported see .. Ing the m~ discard a.' milltary­styled jaeket and wade across Wls­sablckon Creek a mile from the cl"a,s h scene. The hasty flight of the Ifuspect. a Negro, divulged at least his com .. pUcity in .stealing the truck e.nd $2000 worth of Irreplaceable elec­trical equipment from the local school last week-end in one of the higge>st robber1es this borough has experienced. rhe truck had been disguised with New J~rsey license pJatea. po­lice Identifying it whe·n Uie School Dlatrlct ownel"s license was d18- Charles Wilcox. father of Mrs. covered In an InteriOr com pari Percy G. Gilb:e.rt of Park a.venue m.ent. with .whom he bad made his home The crime occurred sometime for the past seven years,' died between saturday morning when Thursday, AprU 11, in. the Cr.ozer John Quinlan, janitor, left the Hospital. Chester. He had been school bultdl~gs at College and confined to the hospital since Princeton a.venues a.nd 6: 30 a.m. ,Ma.rch 26 when he Busta.ined a Monday when he reported back to fractured hlp following a tall. He wOl'k and found two outside doors was 81. Mr. wncox was a naUve ·of Pittsburgh and ha(\ been a member of the First P.t:esbyterlan Church of Wllklnsburg, a surburb of Pittsburgh, to~ 50 years. He had served as an Elder ot the church. standing wide open. However, Ser­geant Elmer Zebley of the Swarth­more Police Department, in mak­mg a routine check at 2: 30 B. m. noticed nothing amlBs, indicating the robbery was accompliShed in the four hours between then a.nd He was a member at the Sons of Mr. Quinlan's arrival. the Revolution. He was active A protesaional job at brea~1ng most of his life In Building 8:nd en try was done by boring Into the Loan Associations and was at one doors ncar the locks. The 1:)ase-time president of the Pennsylvania State Building and· Loan League. He retired at the age ot 80,p.rlor to his ~oniing to Swarthmore to live. ment. first floor rooms, and main office entrances were· among the eight or more doors opened. Prac­tically everything that had. been locked was broken Into for Inves- In addition to Mrs. Gilbert, he ttgution of contents. Is survived by two other daughters, ElectrJc equipment stolen includ. Mrs. C. P. Walker of San Fran- ~d 16 mm. ft.lm projectors,. two ~tsco. Cal., and Mrs. Chester A. Smith of Pittsburgh; two sons, L. H. W.t1cox of Pittsburgh and films on oo.ncer research. borrowed for showing to stUdents this wee", a Zenith portable radio used tor Charles D. Wllcox ot Bnffalo, N.Y., educational purposes, a Federal and nine grandchildren. l'C,,:ol'ccr, lLnd a dlctaphone ma­Funeral serVices were held In chine. Pittsburgh, Monday. The maintenance shop. operat-ing · in the basem*nt of the main building was minus a high speed Lt. and Mn. James H. Connor electric drlll, It. portable welder, a and their small son Jimmy of sande.', and a surveyor's level. Arlington, Va., wJl1 arrive today to The burglar Or burglars worked spend the Easter week-end with hard to get their loot. Prying their Dr. and Mrs.' WUl1am Earl Kistler I way into the cafeteria and the food of Park avenue. stOt· closet they "dug Into" var­--==::=:-;:-====-------:--------------- tous cans of food, em·ptying some TillS WEEKS CALENDAR· a:1<1 leaving other. half full. The \ Friday. J#o!"'riJ 1. 12:00 to 3:0t) P.M.-Good Friday Services ............ Presbyterian Church Snt.uroay, fl.~:rIl 20 2~~~0 :~~.-College baseball with Hopkins ........................ College Field • '30 p' .--College Tpnnls with Hopkins ............................... Field House .: .M.-Col1eg~ Track with LehIgh & T.mple ............ Athletic Field SundaY. 11:'1'11 It 11:00 ~.M.-Mornlng Wors.h..ip. -.y....... ................; . ............. ,. . ~ Local Churches A!>rtl !IS 2~00 to 5:_00 P. M .• 7:00 to 9:00 P •. M.--Art Exhibition Woman's Club 88 :0200 tPo 9:30 P.M.-VI8ltors' Night ..............._ .......... S pr'o uI Obs ervatory : .M.-"Ang{'l Street" ............................ ......... ............ Playe ... ' Club Wednesday, A:-1'I1 .24 1:30 to 5:06 P.~ .. 7:00 to ~:OO P.M.-Art ExhibItion, Woman'. Club =:;g n~·-~AnS. ,{",Ok ':';Ith SprinC/Ield ................. Rutgers Ave. Field , ..- ge streqt ........ ~ ................. ~ ......................... Pla.yen' Club Tb11l'!lllR)o, .tmtI 85 . 8:30 A.M. t 0 2:00. P.M.-Rummage Sale .................... MethodIst Chureh 1:10 to Fi:OO P.M .•. '7:00 to·~:oo P.M.-Art Es:blliltlon, WoJh&Ji". Club 88:'1050 PP .KM. Swarthmorean Wrappl-ft- ...._ ......... _ . ... O~fat rthm o,_ _ ~ ~ ~u.ce S:· •. e P.. V.._-urA nH-ulb 8er1t- W-,"Il kins ................... ......_ ...... Clothier Memorial D~ • ~ ................................... _.............. Playe'" Club hUllgl'Y robbers made all-'UY with three loaves of bread, a half-pound of but•t er and two quartB of Ice crean •• as well as the dally cash balance amounting to approzimate­Iy '20. Having obtained all the articles they desired or had time to gather the thelvea made their way into the Inaustrlal shop where the one .. and-a-hn.lf-ton truck was gan.ged and drove away with t.he booty. U and Krs. Theophlle Saul­. nler • .Jr._ of"· Princeton avenue will "pend a fe .. clap of nUt week I. Ne .. Tork C\Q'. I

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2 THE SWARTHMOREAN FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 1946 PERSONA.L$ GENSEMER-WINDELL The marriage of Ml88 F. Ellnor WIndell daughter of Mr. and MI'II. p. m., In the Westminster Church. Bulf&10 .. The ceremony wlll be toUowed by ,n. r~eptlon at -the TwenUeth Century Club, .BUftalo. I birth of a. daughter at the LriDs­In H""pltaJ, Philadelphia. on Palm Sunda.y ·mornlng. Mr. and II.... Phelps 480ule ot Park avenUe entertalned Mr. and lI .... He....,. of New RamP­ahlre. formerl,. of Ogd~n avenue. for a few d&)'B of t.h18 week wh11e enroute from Florida to their bome In allmanton, N. H. Hr. and Hrs. David Ulrich Ullman "'who arrived In Swarthmore Wed­nesdal" of last week from Coral Gables, Fla.. J:'eturned to their home in Newport News. Va.. sun· day after a short v1alt with the tonner's parents Mr. and J&n. Roland G. E. Ullman of HarVard avenue. '1hey were accompanied home by their small son David. Jr., who had been visiting his grandparents here while theY spent a three-week sojo1:1rn 1n Fiorida. Mr. and Mrs. James E. Da.vis of Amherst ayenue w11l entertain Mr. Dam' nepbew Capt. Richard Davis of Washington, D. C •• as their· Easter week-end guest. Mrs. W. Parke Dodd with h~r small daughter Pamela ot Swarth­more avenue spent a tew days of th18 week with her parents Mr. and Mrs. G. Rhodes VanDuser of Philadelphia. John Storck will return to Le­high UnlversttJ' this week-end after spending the paSt week at biB home on Crest lane. Mr. and M rB0. . M • Hook of Westdale a."Yenue returned home Sunday from Treasure Island, 8t. Petersburg, Fla.. whor* they had been sojourning stnce January. They were accompanied home by their son Dick who joined them South In March atter complettng his freshman year at Dartmouth College. Their daughter Mary Ann Hook, a sophom*ore at WIlliam and Mary College. WUUamsbt)rg. Va., spent her college spring vaca­tion with her famlly in lrlorIda.. Mias Marle Louise Forsythe joined her parents Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Forsythe of Thayer road. Monday. aft~r sponding the past seven months in Ch1cago, 111 •• as a dancer with the Schubert produc­tion uLafling Room Only", starring Olsen and .Johnson. 1IIBB Forsythe. who danced in nine numbers with her group, will again participate. when the show opens In Phlladel­hls.- today. Mr. and Mrs. Fred N. Bell of Harva.rd avenue entertained as their hoUse guests over the week­end of April 6, Mr. Bell's brothe.! and wster-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Bell of Scarsdale, N. Y., and Judge and Mrs. J. R. Ervin, Jr .• of Washington. D. C. John Seth of Rutgers avenue has entered The John Hopkins University where he plans to major In English. John graduated from Swarthmore HJ.g.h School in the class of '42. Dr. and Mrs. F. H. Murray returned to their home on Prince­ton avenue after spendl~g five days in New York City. ·Mrs. J. Harvey Bonine of Lafay­ette avenue entertained her nelce Dr. and Mr8. Jam"" B. Cooper ~'rank D. Windell of We&tcIale and daughter, Ann of Parrlah avenue to Mr. John E. Genaemer. road lett Wednesday to BPend a jr .• SOD of Mr. nnd Mrs. John E. week in AllanUe City, N. J. Oensemer. of Vassar avenue, took BIR"I1IS Lt. o.nd Hrs. A. F. Van Houten announee the birth of a daughter. Shereen Annette on Monday. April 8. at the U. S. Naval Hospital. Camp Loje\$le, N. C. Hr. and Hrs. Y. 8. Kupetlau of Akron. Ohio are recelYIDI' COD~ a:ratulatioDII upon the' blrtll of a eon Theodore Paul on .A.prU 14. In the Akron HospitaL , Mr. and :Un. Paul Paulllon of Park avenue are tthe grandpare~te of the new arrlvala. Mrs. Roy C. Conley of Walnut place Saturday, April 13. at 4 I)., lane will be hoates& to ber b~dge m., at the home of the bride's club tor luncheon on Tuesday. parents In the presence rot the Im- Mr. and Mrs. Alvah Wood mediate .tamllies a)ld a tew close Stuart at vassar avenue had the triends. former's parents Dr. and Mrs. T. The Rev. J)r. David Braun ot­R. stuart as their guesta tor aov- ftciated. The fireplace in the living eral da)"s whilo enroute from West room, b&.nked with palms. cy~o­Palm Beach to tbelr home in tlum terns. white snapdrago'nB ·end Ithaca. N. Y . white hyacinths, formed the back- Dr. and Mrs. War fen F. Fara- ground tor the ceremony. ·gher of the Swarthmore Apart- The brIde. given In marriage by Lt. Van Houten is camp Edu­cation Officer at Monttord Point camp, CamP Lejeune. The baby IB a granddaughter ot Mr. a.nd Mrs. Norman R. Sharple8s, of South Chester road;' DO, YOO IDIO_ Til ...... Cwn 'or A., ".&u T ...... el .J1J8T OAT., .,..... RUSSElL'S SERVI~ .... Yoar Cttr Lalit ,II. Ilar"l" U her father. a wedding gown ' Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Paul': R~r BenJM win· 110 It. menta spent last week In Atlan c City where Dr. Faragher was a t - of ivory damask silk. Her finger- _.8 0~n~~o~f-.!:D~r~e~x~e~1 ~H~I~J1~an~n~o~un~c~e~th~.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-~~~ tending the meetings of the Up veil of tulle fell from a beaded MARY DUNHILL • PRINCE MATCH'ABELLI. CHANEL American Chemical Society. Juliet cap, and she carried a round Mr. and Mrs. W. Mark Bittle of shower bouquet 9 f gardenlG.s htllehd Zo Rutgers avenue entertaJn.ed Mrs. with satin streamers to w c Edwin Wolverton of Washington. white hyacLnth flowers -. were ~ D. C.. and Miss Katherine Herr- caught. =:t mann of PhUadelphla. as their Mrs. Richard Reynolds, of Me- :c week-cnd house guests. dia, who attended as matron of U) The Bouquet BEAUTY SALON Beauty catc:be. April' • ....aes ::0 m< '. ~ • r­m .z ~ Mr. and Mrs. W. Mark BltUe of honor, wore a gown of pale peach • . Rutgers a.venue accompanied. by flowered· organza, and carried e. ::l their son-in-law and daughter Lt. round loose bouquet of pale pink 0 and Mrs. Edward Johns and bab)" rosea, yellow daisies and blue tor­son Mark Bittle Johns. wall spend get-rne-nots. ':r !!l 13 South Chester Road Easter Sunday wIth .relatives in Mr. Steele GeJtsemer served as beHt maD for his brother. ;i Call SWarthmore 0476 .-:"-:."0 Sellersville, Pa. Mrs. Dwight Cooley at Columbia avenue served as hostess to the Book Club. Monday. Mrs. J. War­ren Paxson, in charge of the pro­gram. reviewed "Men and Women Who Make Music" by David Ewan. Milton M. Hobbs an englneerl»g student at the Carnegie Institute of Technology, arrIved Tuesdq..y to spend a six-day vac.kUon over the Easter hoUdays at his home on Park avenue. Mrs. William A. Jaquette ot Elm avenue and Walnut lane spent Thursday of last week attending So meeting ot the Pennsylva.nla Welfare Conference In Harrisburg. Mrs. Jaquette led an institute on "Responslbtlltles ot Board Mem-bers". Mrs. ArthUr C. Jackson of· North Chester road wlll spend the Easter week-end· with her son-In-la~ and daughter Mr. and Mrs. William A. Boone and their SODS Danny and James of Hartford, Conn. Ensign John Piper Is now sla-· tioned at Boston, Mass., on the U. S.S. Manl,a Bay. ~---- ENGAGEMENT l\ir. and Mrs. Joseph Russell, Jr., of Merion road. Penfield. announce tho engagement of their daughter Miss Marjorie Anne Russett and Mr. Ernest O. Lange. Jr., son of Prof. and Mrs. E. O. Lange of "Langewood." Baltimore Pike. Miss R~SBell is a graduate of Haverford Townshlv High School and the Drexel Institute of T~ch­nolog)', Phl1adelphla. w'hcre sbe was a member of the Delta Sigma EpsUon SororlVy. Mr. Lange is a graduate of Swartbmore High School and was a student at Franklin and Marsba,li Mr •. WlndeU wore a gown of CHARBER"T • SKYLARK. LUCIEN LE LONG. CHEN YU fuschia. crepe. Her corsage was ot ~~;i;~~~~~~iii~ii~~ii~~~ii~ii~ii~ii~~ii~ii:~ijj white h)"acinths centered with a .j pale lav~ndo.r orchid. Mrs. Gen­semer chose a gown of aqua crepe. Her corsage was of la.vendar or­chids. After a short wedding trIp, tpe couple wlll be at home at 800 Westdale avenue. NUPTIAL NEAR Miss Florence M~cLeod Cleaves will attend as maid of honor at the marriage of her slster Mlas Ade­laide Allee Cleaves da.ughter of • Mrs. Carl Schurz Clea.ves of Park avenue, and the late Mr. Cleaves. to Mr. Robert Chester HBaJ"8.den son ot Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Edwin Hamdan of Bar Harbor. Me .• which will take place Saturdaly, April 27 at 4, p.m., in' the Trinity Episciopal Church. Swartbmore .. The "'"Rev. George Christian An­derS? D. rector and the Rev. J. Ja~­den Guenther of Paoll. witt per-form the ceremony. A reception will Collow at the borne of tbe bride's aunt and uncle Miss Olive Cleaves and Mr. WilUam L. Cleaves of Swarthmore place. TOWED IN MAY The marrIage of Miss Elizabeth DeNlord, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Richard N. DeNlord,~ of Buffalo, N. Y., to Dr. Henry Walter Jones, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Hehry W. .J oncs, of Haverford avenue, will take placc Saturday. May 4. at 12 FOR MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS 'Can Remember your friends at Easter with a Gift that is practical and pleasing Choose from oor wide variety of Gift Items BUCHNER'S TOGGERY Park Avenue . Ruth Imbert ot Los Angeles, caL, ,College before entering the service over last week-end. lin '42. Mr. Lange served as a first Mr. and Mrs. Howard Adams Cof lieutenant in the Army Afr Corps !n Harvard avenue will spend the the European Theatre ot Operat- Mrs. Uoyd E. Kauffman Swarthmore 2080 week-cnd vis ItI ng reI a tl veS In Sea - ions and flew 59 combat missions before his discharge in July • 46. ford. Del. He holds nine Air Medals and the Distinguisned li'l)ing Cross and .al­so the Belgium Croix de Guerre. He has resumed his studies at RUMMAGE SALE ~IETHODIST SOCiAL HALL Thurs~y, April 25 8:30 A. 1\1. to 2 P. M. Mrs. J. David Jackson o·t vo..ssat avenue entertained tor a few days ot this week, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Oppenheimer who recently arrived trom England and who wlll make their home in Elkins Park. Pa. Franklin and Marsball where he is ~==============~ a member ot the Chi Phi Frater- " Molty Bank9. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Banks at Harvard avenue apent last· week-end in Germantown visiting Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Spangler. THE PLAYERS CLUB of Swarthmore Angel Street A VICtorian Thriller by Patrick Hamilton Direc:ton: Carl Leswina Nathanie! DOUKhty lpril 23, 24, 25' 26, 27 8:20 P. M. nlty. UNITY ASSEMBLY Borough Hall 10:30.A."f. F.vf"ry 'Vedn(>~l,,'· ZELIA :&1. 'V ALTERS, .Speaker Everyone Welcome LINOLEUM FOR FLOOR AND W,ALLS lXSTI\I~LED BY OUR EXPERTS ASPHAIJr TILE VENETJAN BLINDS WINDOW SHADES HEDEMARKS LINOLEUM SHOP 10 W. WINONA AVE. AT 0iU8I'ER PIKE NORWOOD RidI"F 3776 MEDIA THEATRE Thurs.-Fri.--Sat. Merle Oberon Claude Rains "THIS LOVE OF OURS" Sun.-Mon.-Tlles. Gene Tiemey Comel Wilde "LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN" In Teclmicolor! * Approximately One in four of the 1,8,000 lives lost each year in the United States from cancer could be saved if the knowledge already in existence could .,., made available to ..n­assuming that the knowledge is acted upon prompdy. Here are the danger signals: 1'. Any lump or thickening, 4. Persistent indigestion. especially of the br...... s. Sudden changes in the 2. Irregular bleeding or dis- fo<:m or growth of a mole cbarge from any of the or wart. body openings. 6. Hoarseness peni'stiog for 5. Any sore that doe. nOC . tWo or three weeks. heal. . 7_ Regional pain. Only in the early stages can cancer be successfully au • Led. ! ·At the ·appearance of .... picious symptoms see your d«:tor at Once. For prompt, upert prescription service, <:all oa ..... , Michael's College . Pharmacy· ON THE CORNER THESW·A'RTHIIOREA.' . , ~==========================~ men'. GuUd at d811118rt and coffee. TilE SW ARTHMOREAN ..,..'188£'. Et&RY PBlDAY· AT BWABTIDIOBE, TBB SWARlililORE&lf. INc.. PUB',IsH .. :a Ph .~_ PA. The Choir School will m .... t On Monday and Wedneeda.y at 4:10 and again On T4unlday at '{:'O p. m. PJ!Il'BR E. TOLD, Editor MARJORIE TOLD, ~te EdItor Lo ..... e HcCarter RoIIa1Ie Pelnol Anne N. Coohnm On Easter Day Holy Communion will be celebrated at 8:00 a.m. David Tudor, organist, WIll play the prelude. '''Chrlat Ie Rl8entf by J. S. Bach. and the poetlude "caril­lon Sortie" by Henrt Mulet. An organ maaa by Franz L1azt will Easter Oowera. flowering ahrub­bery, etc., may be sent to the Par­Iah House on SatUrd&Y morning be­tore eleven o'olock. You'" a."", Spr/n," •• lUNCHES ON OlHHEIS 01 Eotere4 lUI ...., .. d ClaM Ha.tter, Januarv If, ltlB, at the Poet 0fB0e at Swarthmore, PL. under the Act of March I. 18'19. liE IIB.altntaa .DEADLINE-WEDNESDAY NOON I provide the mus1c for the com .. munlon service. I The Church School will have lIB II annual Easter Carol Service and ChriatiaD Sciea1:e Church NOlea ·'Doctrine ot Atonement" 11 the subject of the Leason-8ermon tn &11 Church.. of Cbrlat, Sclenttat. on Sunday. AprH :n. The Golden Text Is; "If any man I!Iln. we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Chrlat the righteous a.nd he Ia the propitiation for our aIns: and not for our's only. but also tor the I!I1Da of the whole world" (I John 2.1.2). SUBUIBII CArl ,'/ presentation of Mite Box Lonten Oll'ering at 9:46 a.m. .. .. ~==============='F====-==========J'J At eleven V·Clock. Holy Com- FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 1946 lIn! ~GJI.1iI ~11f1 Pa Ibyteriao Church Notes son. and A. David Speers to replace ~unlon will be celehrated and the George M. Allen, Harry C. Barnes. . ector will preach on the topic: Llle' fr •• IDe DII.,r frl. 15e Harry F. Brown. and A. Sidney "Immortality." The organ prelude .r o h naon. Jr·r Mwill l be bP assacaglia and Fugue in C Good Friday and Ilil UICIlISI • ,.I.L SUlnal IlAn'l Good· Friday. April 19. 12. to 8 p\m.Tbree Hour C~mmunltY Sel'­vice, Dr. H .. Lewis Cutler. Minister. Deacons and Deaconesses Mr. nor y J. ~ Bach and postlude A. DaVid Speers in the clasa· of Sympnonlc Fantasy, op. 67 by Max co*ckTAIL HOUtS 3-6 r.M. Easter Sunw.;,; April 21. 9 a..m.-·· Youth Worship Service,' Sermon. "Bright Wllh the Light." Easter Sunday. April 21. 10:46 ,a.m.-4;ermoD. "And Victory Re­mains, u Sunday morn\ng after the 9 o·clock· service PeS-gy Keenen and Barbara Krase a.t the main en­trance. P.atsy ](cC8.han and Carol Van Alen at the center'door, Har­vard. avenue, and Jane Matthews and Ruth Wa·gner at' the driveway­tranaept entrance wlll assist the minister In exte!ldlng the greetings of the .cburch and congregation. Sunday mo:rnlllg atter the 10:45 o'clock service Mr. and Mrs. Thorn ... as M. J"ackoon at the Main en­, trance, Mr. and Mrs. George :M. . Ewing at. tbe center door, Harvard avenue. and Mr. and Mrs. John C. Moore at the driveway-transept en-. trance· ... wiU assist the minister In extending greetings. The High School Fellowship witt resume meetings next Sunday. April 28, at. e o'clock. ClrclEi 4. ·"Mra. Earle P. Yerke~ ... chairman. will meet Wednesd8.'.V'.· April 24. at 10:30 o!clock at the . home· of Mrs. 1. R. MacElwee, 909 Mt. Holyoke place. Mrs. Henry E. J aokaon will ·'reminisce. to The book "CroBS Ov~r Africa" will be finish­ed. Sandwlcbea are to be carrle~. Circle 6, Mrs. Fred N. Bel! chalr~ man, will roeet Wednesday. April 24. at 1:30 o'clock at thft hom.e ot Mrs. C. Monroe Albright, Walling­tord. · "" There will be no regular Church School this Sunday morning. All departments will attend t'he 9 o'clock Youth Worship Service. Elected at the Annual Meeting, April 10. of the Church and CorporaUon. were the following: SeSsion members Frederick It.. Reger. The chOir will Sing the 1947 to replace Mr. Nixdorf, Mr. Communion Service in E by Leo and Mrs. Harlan R.' JeSsup. Mr. S?werby. Sowerby is organist at and Mrs. C. Irwin Galbreath in st. James Episcopal Church In ChI­the claba at 1960 to replace Mrs. cago and I~ Internationally known Charles E. FJ.scher, Mrs. cameron as one of the leadIng composers or "P. lIalJ. Mrs. Herbert E. Michener. today. His ScrvJcc In E attempts and Mr. Lang. . to reprodUce the emotional states Earl P. Yerkes was named presl~ ot the words with a simple muB1ca1 dent of the Board ot Trustees at Btructure. The melody simUlates Ita organization meeting Jmmedl- plainsong character against a back­ately f9110wtng the annual meeting ground of modern harmonies. The ot the congregation. Leonard.' C. hymns will Include "Welc'ome Ashton was elected vice-presIdent. Happy Morning Age to Age .. Peter E. Told secretary. Mr. Harris '''Jesus Christ Is Risen Today," a~­treasurer. and E. W. Crosby fl- cOf!lpanled by treble descant. and nanolal secretary. uCome Ye Faithful Raise the ,. Strain." The Otrertory anthem will Methodist Church Notes The Church Schoo] meets on Sunday morning at 9: 45. ClasSes arc provided for children of all ages and for adults. At ·the Easter. service at 11 o'clock, the minister will preach on . the 8ubject. liThe Exalted Chrlst." Special mUsic· will be ren_ dered by the choir. The Wesle)'an Service. Guild wlll Illeet on Monday evening at 8 o'clock at the 'home of· Mrs. Mar­llyn Lee, 401 Park avenue .. be the seldom heard HaIJclujah Chorus from Beethoven's oratoriO "Mount of OUves." The Recto; wt~1 be assisted during the day by the Reverend Dr. William A. Powell. On Easter Monday there will be Do celebration of Holy Communion at 10:00 a.m. / 'The Annual Meeting and elec­tion of the vestrymen, will be held on Monday at 8: 00 p.m. preceded by a 8O~tal hour heglnnlng at 7:00 p.m. at which time the congrega_ tion wut be the. guests of the Wo- A GREAT INSTITUTION In a GREAT CITY • OLIVER H. BArR co • DIRECTORS OF FUNERALS , , , 1820 CHESTNUT STREET Rl11ellhou .. 15., ~RY A. lAIR, ........... The South District meeting of the Woman's Society of Christian Service will be held on Wednesday in the S~th Chester Church, 3rd and .J eflery Streets. Sesaions are at 10.30 I,1nd 1:46. Circle No. 3 will meet In the chapel pn Wednesdaly afternoon at 2: 45 to com plete plana for the Book RevJew by Mrs. Paul Towiler on May 1st. To Girls whO. A rummage sale will be held in the Soctnl Hall on ~ThurBdn.y trom 8 to 12. Members and friends who have articles for the sale arc re­quested to send them to the Soctni Hall. on Wedn~sday.· afternoon, or ('nil Mrs. Otto Kraus, Swarthmore 1676J by Wednesday and she wili arrange to have Borne one call for them. Recreation in the SocIal Hall on • • T£Ilg of the class of 19~0 to re­place E1~er Ralph Ashton Nix­dort. Ambrose H. VanAlen In the class of 1 '61 to replace Elder John C • .Moore, and Roy A. Mc­Carty in the class of 1961 to re­pla- cd· Thomas U. Jackson; Trustees Bamuel C. Harris, An .. drew F. Jackson, Thomas M. Jack- Thursday evening at 7 o·clock. I The Annual Young People'~ COD"\ terence will bc held In the Trinity Churcil, Chester. on Friday, Sat­urday and Sundaty of this week. About 400 young people will at­tend. 'rhey come fl'om our churches tn all parts of the Con terence. En­tertainment must be provided for them for Friday and Saturday nights and breakfast 011 Saturday and Sunday mornings. Those who would like to entertain 2 or more of these 'Young people tor Friday and Saturday nights are re­quested to notify· Dr. Keiser by Sunday of this week like to work with NICE pepple CHURCH SERVICES BWAR"HMORE PRESlJYTERIAN C'RURCH Rpv nRvlll BrAun. Minister Services. for Holy Week EASTER SUNDAY, APRIL 21 9 :00. A .:H.-Youth Worship ServIee. Sermon,· ''Bright with the . Llght.·! , 10:45 A. 1I.-8ermon, "And Victor)' Remains." l\1Jo1THODlST CHUHCH Roy N. Kels!!'·. D.O .. MhllAler. SUNvAV • :4.5 A. M.-Church School. 11:00 A. )f.-Morning \Vorship. Ser­mon topic. "The Exalted Christ." 7:00 P. Y.-Youth Fellowship. TRINITY CHURCH Rev. (;efl ('hTIFI"an An«1erson. Rector SUNDAY. AI'RIL Sl 8:00 A.M.-Hnly Communion. KU810 9:t6 A- M. - Church School Carel Service U:OO A.. X.-Holy Communion Sermon topic, "ImmortaUty." EASTER MONDAY 10 :00' A. 1I.-Holy cOmmunion TIIlII RELIGIOUS ROCIETV OF FRIENDS StTNf' \ .. 9:45 .A.. )(.-.Adult Forum: Speaker. Robert E. Splllet". 'Subject. toA Search for Faith The­odore Dreiaer." 11:00 A. Y.-Meeting. 'VEDNESDAY 9 :10 A. M. to 3;30 p, M.--Sewtng alld quilting In Whittier House. Box luncheon. All are cordially Invltetl, FIRST CHURCB OF <::RRIST. SCIlI:NTIST OF SWARTHMORE P&rIr Avenue Below Harvard , SUNDAY 11:et A. II.-Bond.,. SchooL . 11:00 A. 1I.--8uhd87' Luaon Hennon. Wednesday evenln.. meeting. eaeb week, • P. m. Reading ro(\1D open dally ucept SUnd8,78 and hoUdays U tn I J>.m. Wed_ event..... 7 to 7 :60 J>.1IL __ I to ':10 J>.m. Cbarch Edl- .- . . AD are -1aII7 IIIYlted to attend. WIIISLIIIY A. II. B. CHURCH 11. a.., II. R. .10_ _ :tI A. lI._ornIq W~ l_.P •.. JI.-..-:Cbuo;b ., ooL The following children lverc bap­tized by Dr. Roy N .... Keiscr in the Methodist Church at the service last Sunday. . Donald Bruce Heh,e nna. son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Carl Bebenna, Lu­ella Jane Bogardus, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Bogal'­d, 9li.' D~OtllY Anne Heinze, daugh­ter of Mr. and Mrs. 'Valter C. Heinze, Jean Ellen Honman. daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Holman, Diane Lister Renshaw, daughter of Mr. and Ml'S. Horace R. Robert Carl Spabr. son of Mr. and Mrs. John C. Spahr. Sally EUzabeth and Suzanne Louise Rte-phens. twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs . .ram"es O. Rtc.phens. The following persons were re­ceived into tbe membership of the church on Palm Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. George L. ·Alston, Mr. and Mrs. A.. Carl Behenna, Mr. David Behenna. Mr. Fred Behenna, ~iS8 Mary tSlckins~n. Mr .. Ray L. HarlGw. MI88 Beverly Harlo~. Yip Dorothy Anne Heln'Ze. Miss Jean Ellen· Holman. Miss Rut,.h Eleanor Krupla. Mr. an4 Mrs. HoWard E. Shearer. MiBa. Mary June- Shearer, Mr. Richard M. SnYder, ·Mr. and 'Mrs. James O. Stephens. Mr .. and M ..... Raymond P. -Wilson. Hr. Wil­bur H. WallUlJey, MI88· Ehna Marie Zebley. N 0 MAlTER WHERE ~OU GO,. you hear compliments about the "k, people working for Bell Telephone. Everyone knows that Bell TeI. phone has Ii reputation for employing people who are friendly, pleasaat, and <Xlngenial. That is why we believe you will be happy worlcing with Bell Telephone, in one of the many inter..,ting positions into which you can fit. You will work in a cheerful atmosphere, at good wages right from the start. You will get salary increases at regular intervals. You will be assured of security, by having a life-time job ••• and you will enjoy the many benefitS available to every Bell Telephone employee. Ea~h year, you will be entitled to holidays and vacations with pay. Thea there are accident and sick benefiu; recreational programs and a retirement pension pian. If you'd like to work among NICE people ... where you ,vill have • splendid opportunity to get ahead in the business world _ •• stop in ae any of the following offices. THE BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY OF .PENNSYLVANIA "A Friendly Place to Work" Room 315. McClatchy Bldg. 69'h & ~ark.t 5treets UpiOe:r 'Darby 57-59 E. Penn Stre.t Norristown 45 And •• an A,,_ AnIa.lON 11131 Arch S ..... t Philadelphia . . 410 York Road Jenldnto_ - ••• or call Enterprise 1.0100 a

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.~ ____________________ ---------~TT."~·E~I~W~A==R~T~H~.~0~R~E~47ft~.----____ ~ ___ ~~~~fR~ID--AY~,~Af-~-.-R~I.~,-I-t-'8 TRINITY PAST' OR aIARLOTI'E HOBS WINS Monday mornl .... th" _a. UDder 0." Marie ... Will .. £LOSED IZ 10 3 .... GOOD FRIDAY AI. YOtI, Needs for ,,,,,ItJag EASTER _.... ... M-..E.. . A_L..S. -. .,.. .... i<doe_OY ..... _ .... ... Kllds .. - ... ra..... tiI.p .... ... .-ntY hod .... II - INRiCHED SUPREME BREAD , !'ENDER TUmyS .am!!·" Size IOA5TR:O::';:. Ib4lc "'mb (Square Cut Shoulder) _ .. _ ........................ _._ Ib 35c Lamb (Shoulder Chop.) ........... __ .. _ ............... _ .. ~ ....... Ib 40c l.amb (Breast) ... , ...... _ ........ _ ....... __ .......... _ .................... Ib ISc l.amb ( SIumk) ......... __ .................... _ ....... _ .. _ ... _ .............. _ Ib 18c '.amb (Neck) _ ... _ ............. _ ... .......... __ ................... Ib 21c Spiced Lunch Meat ..................... , ........ _ ....... _ ........ _ % Ib 27 C Be'Ds (Hom-de-Lite, Homeslyle Ib carton _ ... _ .... _ ..... 17c Pepper Hub .... _ ....... ........ _ ... _ ... .... ___ ..... Ib cup 19c Potato Salael ........... ....... _ ....... __ ~_ ......... _ .... ....... Ib 19c Director JOh.n H. .JenD7. pla,.e4 an A colorful feature of the tea. held e::r.change program of 11 Dumbere PARAGUAYCONSUL April 11 at the Woman' .. Club of IncludIng the "Ida and Dottle Swarthmore by the Community Polka" wlth John Foster and Freel Health Society of Central Delaware BebeDna as trombone and trumpet County was a dlBp"lay ot posters lIolotsta. reepectlvely. the 'IPJtcht Named 'by President MoriningoTo Succeed Pilgert 8ubmltted Iiy high achool Mud.nlB of 'the Bumble Bee" b,. clarlDetllit of tho dl8trlet. Wlnnere of the con- WeSton Clark. and twirling 'by test were Charlotte Hobbs of Park drum major Ruth Wll8ller.· avenue. first prize, and 80cratea Perakes of Ridley Park. second prize. AdeUne Cheatl,lut. Art Director of the Ridley "I:ownshlp School DIe­trlct, was chalr~aD of the commlt­tee wblch awarded the prizes. It is planned that similar contests will be held annuallY In honor of Know Your Public Hea.ltb Nurse Week. SCHOOL NEWS SOPhom*oRE ASSEMBLY In the senior high assembly of April 18. several memben ot the Sophom*ore elass displayed their talents by,presenting a variety pro- To Ezhihit Florence "l"rlcker of Yale avenue has entered a one-D1&n 8xhtblt of oils. water colora. monot)'"pee. and woodcuts In ,the two dJnlDB-rOOJDB and bar or the Philadelphia Art Alliance, current until May 6. • Easter Plants at THE SWEET SHOP" also Don Hlrlnlto Morfnlngo. pre81~ dent of the Republic' of Paraguay. has Issued e. decree appointing the Rev. George Christian Anderson rector of Trinity Episcopal Church. Consul ot Paraguay I~ Phl1adel­phla. Mr. Anderson will handle all consular matters for'the. Paraguay­an government ariBing In Pennsyl­vanta.. Washington, Virginia. ~ew Jersey, Delaware. Maryland and other southern and western states. Visltoi"1J to the South American country from these areas will have their passports vised by Mr. An­derson and he will also look atter gram. dC tile commercial and slllpping tn. The Bible wae read by Sue Sur- Candy an akes terests to and from Paraguay wlth- rick, after which EmUy Pritchard In hlB area. sang a' solo. "Without a Song." The Shop will be closed The appointment was made after Joan Hertzel thun platyed ··Prelude M d R h ani - every on ay a personal recommendation to In C Sbarp Minor" by ac m DOu. ;=====~===~=::;;;~. President Morlningo by the Para-. Harry McGUberry saDS a BOlo, guayan AmbasSador in Washlng- '"Swing Low. Sweet Charlot," which ton. The exequatur from the State was thoroughly enjoyed. A Girls' Department In Washington. signed sextette composed of MarY Thayer. by President Harry S. Truman wnl 'Hatay Turner, Mary West, Mlldred be sont to Mr. Anderson shortly. Bernard. Sadie Garrett and Betty Notlftcatlon was received In a let- Emery performed by Singing two ter trom the "Ministry, of Foreign nll'mbers, the first. beiDIf' uAmerlca Atrall1l which enclosed a copy of My Own,"' and the second. II A the official decree issued In Asun- Wish." cion. th., capital of Paraguay, 'l'hree consuls have served Para~ guay in this area.. The late .fohn Wana.maker beld the post for maDy "Sky Fodder," a. psychological Easter Gift. to light· Star. in her eye.1 I years and was succeeded ,by Henry SMOKED BEEF TOIGUES lit..... G: Pllgert wllo recently resigned. -_ -- ~...... Mr. Anderson has been a student . '" Smelts ......... ·-'·'·25c \. Large Mack ..... - '·19c of International alfalrs and studied \....::'::.o:.c;;I. ;;F.;I.l:l.;e:t.s;. . -_,_.._ __'·3_31_ =-R_e_cIf_Ish_ F_ill_et_s ___'·3_1_c -' political science at Oxfo'rd Unlver- sity. Englo.nd, prior to the war. He drama. was" presonted by members of a Sophom*ore publ1c-spealdng class. The play. directed by Charles Andes, told the stOry of three men whose plane crasbed tn' & jungle. and how they. after dramatic In­tensitYI found their dead bodies In the wreckage of the plane. The three charaeters 'Were Rogers the airplane pllot: Paul WIWama. Drew his friend. Ted Beatty. and Neal who chartered the plane. Waldo FlBh6r. Pat Kline. a se~IQr. and Simulated Pearls Perfume Handbags Gifthings for her· fjtIIrI.. Flna, Larg., 'resh house, too! EGGS -:r:: 4.= Sl~r:;: -:r:; 44C ,E_ggM Dvc. .D.._.I t I.l........ ...· .... IOc ... ,9c Shad ,,- ""-22c Herring - --- "i: 17c fJ#6I" Oab .. ,-: 231 Nabisco ::::'-.~~b ...... 39c Crackan OTCI_ , .... 19c Vl .... a' .sco c'", .. "'18c Calffamla thick, "ande, Spears ' ASPARAGUS C.U1ol'IIIa F .... h Pe.. p~'..J 2'''' 1ge T .. t,. Pucal eele..,. ':::"r SSC:·x~a\k'''I9C ......... Ia .... ,. ..... , PEAS s~=nI "::.2 ~4C Hulock 'eu ~= N,:~212c IlSCD Cal Bee.. ~:;,210c IlSCD Fancy SpiaachN".;.~Y.lI8c R."; .. 6 Chef.Boy Aod .. anl. Ib 15c ... Meat. Tomato Sauce lar Pldllip's ='l..,:,,~ '~ 19c Red CU"ge Ha .... .., •• 2 '70-::' 33c Spaghelti Saace 'doa' '!;,':,' 10c Macuom Dimaers k,a/t ... 9c Egg Noodles T,!!~':·J:u.. 2f:' 19c Ritz ~~ ~: 15c: :. 22c You'll Ilk. It. deUclous Pre·War flavor. Save coupons on bag. for YQ!uClbl. glfft. Rob Roy Apricot-Pineapple PRESERVES l':r~ZC .. d. with pure fruit aMi sugar In our OWII P ........ I ... Kitchen .. , BLENDED JUICEo'::;:= ::"::"It~' 35c G .. apefl'Uit .lui .. AM"" ~"""7e' G ... wood ...... zge Grod. A can .. • Grade A can ftoricla Or..... Juice Ido.1 "'.d.' "'!;::' 3ge . Edueato .. c.. .. ",~.. '~' S3C tJSCD Peaaut auttel' ' ::. 290 , 61 T r' M ........ 0 .. Spapettllb", S" a •• p .... ted ........ ~ Ib sse ... trlx .RJLIBNNB BEETS :&1::11_3c , IISt1J ParI~ BROOIIS ' aach89c wUl sail for Europe on May 31, where he wili preach In Oxford In addlUon to meeting speaking en­gagements In England. He will also" v1s1t Sweden. JiaJy. France. Holland, Belgium. Switzerland and other', European countrt~s. Mr. An­derson Is acUve In county affairs and is President of the Delaware county Welfare Councll. MAKE-UP DANCE The eighth grade and the 11th and 12th grades of the Junior As~ aemblles will meet Saturday' even­Ins in Woman's Club fOr their Spring Party. . This danee wUI re~ place the one missed in October dUl) to the quarantine. Chaperones for the eighth grade will be Mr. and Mrs. J. R. James of Wallingford and Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Fetherolf. Tile 11t1l and 12th grades do not have parent chaperones. also a member of the publlc-Bpeak-lug cl&1J8 ~as stage manager. alice barber, Gifts BAND AT RIDLEY TOWNSmP The high Bchool band. whIch re. . , cently gave Its annual spring con'­cert. also concertized the stutlents of Ridley Township thlB week. On OLD BANK BUILDING THE DEW DROP INN will be closed Easter Sunday eARN'S Easter Flowers Bring the true beauty of this great holiday into your home. , ~piritual We have the' largest assortment· we've had in six years. BUT ORDER EARLY • Your Plants - Your Flowers - Your Corsage. Standard Decorative . and Novelty Canclles Baltimore ARE HERE AT ARN .... -FLOWERS "ORCHIDS ALWAYS" Greeting Cards PhoDe Swa. 0450 'tV e Deliver Pike Springfield, Pa. i! ! i! ! FRIDA. Y, ; APRIL II, 1. 146 • I J. J. 's NEAR lOUr YEAR OF CHARIty mer Ideal .(a .trlct legall8lJc tnter­pretaUoD) it Is suggested that a re­ce~ t McGraw Hill review of buDd .. ing codea may be of interest. Dual ... neBS Week states in the Maroh fI Jaue that the majority of our 2.- 000 building codes are m08B grown and need care;ful revlalon to· suit to-day's nee4s. or of theee communJeatiODa 1e con ... trary to tho declldon of Council nnd thc Zoning IQ.w. A e&ndtd ob ... Bel ver 18 forced to ORe of two con­<:: lu810n~: Mr. and 111"11. Jooeph H.. Walter. I "pent a few den Jr~. ot Be~Jamln west aYeDUe New··York City. of _ week In Interdenominational Teen-Age Group Lively , Either the Zoning Ordinance Is most unpopular, OR Councll needs to do a real Job of Public Relations right here at borne. --This Ad Is Worth $1.00--' AUTO OWNERS: If Counel! Is guided by a protec .. tlve urge over the spirit of our community, we are 100% for the Having been queat10ned by many Idea. All men strive to conserve residents as to their organlzaUon, the J~ J.-. requested The Swarth .. that which they love. No CI~.D morean to aid In explaining the, and no young Vete-:-an would iol­blstol' 7 and alma of their group crate a Chinese ~all or a publlc and the work It accomplishes. Trailer Camp In the Borough. But 1·lght here 111 where OUr old friend The original group. called the! Relativity comes lnto the picture. Junior -Women's. Auxiliary of the I Council is rightly concerned with Trinity Church. first met In Octo-, prop~rty VUIUC8. But let US not lose bert 1918. At that time It was dew sight· of other values and try to clded that ,10 annually be sent to place them In thel~ right relat1on~ five missionary committees. and ship. What would have happened that & seml .. annual bake. supper, As Thomas CarJyle said: "'rile set Law men will live UD­der ia ODe Imagee their con~ vlction8 . . . Other laws • • are usurptioDsi .. hleh men do not obey but rebel against, and abollah at their earllest con"\'enience." Is It possible that now Is tlte time for a candid review of the Zoning regulations? Willard Tomllnapn CLUB MUSICAL TUESDAY Warm·-aher .... ad Plaveat _iDe ovetbea'" with Ihia specW n...... 8o1lr eooUal" water •• d. p,.a.lIre m ••• ,..te. ,.nll eleIA' ntl«.e from. IJate.. water. ~ F"1 •• h B71tem wblle ho' wlUl. PW B7.tem wI" et..,. water I' • 18 aDd .. eat.. Da OD" C aDllr. A.46 DePoe' tI"4I"_.. .pte. Prf'IIIU1'e rlDse 'Jlte .. 1m water scaler. (It Ito.. • .. a11 I~). • no •• clear. .Add D.Poa' Ae14 u4 But la .. lfeatraUa;e .7.tem. wlUt Darnt kl .. Uor. (To k..., '7Ilea eI ... eolllPOlllld.. • IUId. nit-free'. Regular PrIce f6.96 lnc\udtDg all chem1caIe aDd labor S~EOIAL pmCE--44.t6 tr tht8 ad IB p __ HARLAN R. JESSUP -----. and (4Jmpany ~ "DIagonall,. Oppoalte the Court House" Front anel .Orange StreeIe, Media, Pa. to Swartmore's "alue. property and brldge party. or other money~ra:ls~ intangible, IF these Vet!,rans had Ing be held. .not left their homes for years to Later the semi-annual events do a little defending for tls? They The April meetIng ot the .'or S",arti1more telephone subscribers ~,._ call Swarthmore Music Club will be .============En=Ie~l"!>=rIse=~~1.0~lI4.=6~=========~ .. eld In Whittier House on Tuesday :- evening, April 23. at 8 o'eloek. were changed to one large event. have done their ..part rutd hftv:c The program arranged by, James such as an informal dance. For done It like men. And now when Sorber Includes Bach's "Second the past twp years, however. the da.ncea have been formal and he,d In the hlgb school. Proe.eeds of these functions are used for relief purposes. The members collect and distribute articles among nearby needy tolk at Thanksgiving and Christmas time. they return. are we to quote Levl- Sonata for Flute" played b'y WU­ticu~ to them instead ot giving l1am Trumpler with John Sears pian'.: "Sonata for piano. Opus 32, No.2" Beethoven, played by .Jack Ma.x1n: "Canons for Two Voices" by Reinecke Bung by Jane them a Swarthmore welcome? Is that the beat we st&.y-at-homes can do? The writer has been informed of Sorber and James Sorber: selee­several other young couples. one tions for plano from the works of 01' both of whom spent their youth I Uebu88Y and Chopin played by Jaclt The number of girls within this In Swarthmore. who are now btt~ Maxin. age group olIlUated with any par~ ticutar chUrch being relatively . small. and the natUral te:ndency of cause of this same Zoning Ord-nance. unable to ft.nd a borne In their old town. Are they .unde,s1r~ Sp~eel Naws . students being to conduet their a~~ abIes? Or Is Swarthmore's reputa- Thursday eventngy April 11. Uvittes within the membership of tlOD so fragUe and 80 precarious Swarthmoreans for the local serv ... their own school grade. the group early took on an Interdenomln~ .. tlonal quali!,... that we cannot risk a. llttle where our Veterans risked everything? ,h. Hobby Sloop The J. J.·s meet every other Sunw da.y night at 8 at the home of some membe~. The meetblg is led· by the president and. the re~r parl~mental7 procedure Is tol1ow~ ed. The J. J.'s work on various projects such as rotung bandages Bnd knitting. The latest project 1s a knitted afghan to be given to some rellet organization. The large amount of war stampa and bonds sold at the achool under auspices of the J. J.-s during recent years baa been reported from tlm,e to time in this newspaper .. Since our last letter, scores ot replies have been received. by mall. by telephone and by word of mouth. Without exception, the ten ... tce men and women were wrapped by Paul WUUams, Donald Ogram, Mrs. Ethel Mosteller. Mrs. A. R. O. Redgrave. Mrs. N. W. Speare and Mr. and Mrs. Ferris W. Mitch­ell. SIMMONDS 714 WELSH ST., CHESTER. PA. The present oMeara are Presi­dent Allee Hornaday. Vice-Presi­dent BettJ" Hartman. Treasurer .Jean BroWD_ and Secretary. Bar­bara Luke;ns. Each )'"ear the memberBhlp 18 pa8aed on to a younger class. AD.,. girl In that cl8B8 wltl be eligible fo .... 'membership. regardless of re­l1g1ous amllation. It she shows a desire to attend meeting'S regular­ly. takes an acUve Interest In tho projects. and pays dues to the best of her abUltJ'. Thus the orgauiza­tlon remains· ·unceaai:ngly In the same age-grouP. Instead of dylng out when Benlors become separated after graduation. On a whole. the J.J.'a have serv­ed as a most successful charity group and as a means for bringing together all the girls or a cla&S and training them In tbe joy and meth­od of cooperative alleviation or some ot the misery among their less fortunate neighbors. LETrER TO THE EDITOR PUBLIC SENTIlIIENT DIFFERS To the Editor: On March 27th. an expression of opinion was requested from citi­zens ot the Borough regarding their judgment as to the wisdom of llterally enforcing our Zoning Ordinance 299 against the tempor­ary use of a Trailer by Mr .. and Mrs. Harlle D. Reynard at the Cor­ner ot Hanurd Avenue and Ches~ ter Road. The purpoee ot thls letter Is to report that Counell refused our pe~ tlUon to use a Trailer In Swarth~ more although each neighbor on an four sides of 'the TraIler ~ad signed a petition stattng that be or she had no objection to this par­ticular Trailer. The petlUon was ~tuaed although no specifiC objec. tlon was raised. such as Safety •. Sanitation. Danger. Comfort. Mor­als, Convenience. etc.. of the com­munlQ-. Since thlB Trailer In IlBelf·1s n,!t objecUonable. members of ConncU Inutrt either be bent on entorctng the letter of the btUldlng code. or they ha .... In mind a dOBIre to pro­tect eomethlng tntanglbJe that Slv .. SWUthmore part of Ill! worth and Talae III .. _era!. almo.t tn­deftnitble ..,.. If CoaneD Ia plde4 bJ' the fOl"- " . CHESTER 2-5161 .. The "NATIONAL WAGE PATTERN" About Which The Union Leadership of, Local 107 , TALKS SOMUCH?' UNDER this "National Wage Pattern" other Union Leaders in the Philadelphia area have negotiated and accepted wage agreements with related bidustries, and, which on comparable jobs result in an average maximum hourly wage rate of • • • . • •• _ ••• UNDER this "National Wage Pattern" other Uni~n Leaders have negotiated and accepted a wage agreement with the WESTINGHOUSE AIR BRAKE COMPANY, which, on comparable jobs, results in a minimum hourly wage rate of • • • • • _ . . . _ _ "Nation~ Wage Pattern", as a minimum hourly rate 93.5c 96.5c: UNDER this for comparable jobs in the South Philadelphia Works, 99 3 WESTINGHOUSE OFFERS. _ . • • • c If these agreements which haw been ac­cepted by other Un-ion Leaden, fall within the "National Wap Pattern,I'.~ why does not your Union Leaderahip accept oar oller? Westinghouse Electric Corporation 7 .; - , ". j . I \ ' , , , , !: r 1 ,1 I ,, , 1 I t !. . :1 l ~. l'

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• • THE SWARTHMOREAN FRIDAY, APiui. II, 1948 P. E. IN NEW RECORDS Total Industrial ialos In the' normal peacetime acUYltles, It \8 OperaUog revenues of the Phlla.- PblTadelpbla area have been to1- expected there will be a growing delphia Electric Company for lowing a horizontal trend about market 10Z' the Company's _rvlcee 1946 exceeded 100 million dollal'll 10 per cent below the peak month In all cl""" •• of the buoln ..... Th ..... tor the t.lm time In the Company' .. I ot January. 1tt6, but at a level demands wllJ require an utenslve history, more tban 60 per cent above the I program of additions and better- "Monthly sale8 of electriclty pre·v.'"8.r levels of Jp.nuary, 1841. menta, topped by the Company'8 reached a high point of &01 mtl- The average annual use of elec- I new, 60 mUllan dollar Southwark Uon kllowaH-hours In January, trlclty per . residential customer generaUns- station. DOW .belng COD­lli6/' President H. P. Llverrldge haa increased 21 per cent since structed. J. Stock..'J.olders In. annual meeting April 10 approved an amendment to the ·by·lawa at ,the Company providIng tor eontrlbutloDII for public 01· charItable purp~ tn order to comply with provta1oDa ot Pennsylvania law. Jame. F. Boprd.... Q.IL J .... formerly atteched, te the ... .80 ShangrI-La receind his .u.cbarge from the Navy weel,; and hila jolne4:l his parents Dr. and lin James F. BogardWl of COrnell avenue. Awaits DUcN. said. "Sales then tapered oft. for 1940, the last pre·war year. . Mr. Ltveraldge declared, "Our the next severa] months, register. Because of the highly-diversified ambition haa been to make South­. lng a decline' at the end of the war Industrial, commercial, and' real.. wark the ultimate In up.t~ .. the­In AUsust. 114&. as expected. The dentlsl market;. In the Phlladel- minute poweJ'l-'1)lant ·dealgn. When decline was taJrly sharp In Bome pbla area, this section had leM the station Is completed and In­classes of busine88. Present lndl- difficulty than many otber areas tegrated with the ex1at1ng system, cations are that a large pa.d of In moving from peace to wartime we are confident the combination the wartIme gaIns w1l1 be retained production: and likewise It has suf- will utilize the Investor's dollar and that future 'normal' levels of fered less dislocation In re-e8tab~ more eft.lciently than ever before, sales wUI be considerably above lIshlng tho peacetime basta. since the beginning ot this Indusi Lt. Jack LInton. U.S.N.C.R .• ar­rived borne Sunday trom Camp Pendleton, cal .• to spend a 10-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Linton of Benjamin West u.venue beCore· receiving bls discharge at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Lt. Linton served In the Mu.rlnc Corps COl" three years. He plans to rcturn to the' Wharton School ",r the University of Penn~ sylvanl.. In the fall. Mr.. A. G. lI"y..,. of Front Royal, Va.. accompanied b7 her daughter PriscUIa arrITed '" .pend the Easter hoUdIQ'a with her mother Mrs. Dewitt A.. BIlls ot Eln\ avenue. George StOl'ck. Charles KeeneD Buck Price, and B. Medford, will drive to Baltimore. Md.. tomor row and play io the SWarthmore . HIgh School VB. St. Paur. School the pre-war le. .. e18." With the gradual resumption ot trye" lacrosse game In the attemooD. IF • - Salute to lIThe Pennsylvania Railroad,l! on 100 Years of Service· from Delaware (ounty, Pa. • THE County Commissioner. and Citizen. of the County of Delaware i!, the State of Pennsylvania hail the Pennsy, Standard Railroad 'of America, on the completion of a century of Service to Nation, State and our own Delaware County. industries and Marcu. This great primary artery of transportation serves our important Delaware River front from' Darby through Eddystone, Chester on the , Hook. ' A~ther artery paues, through Haverford and Radnor Town­ships ••• Its West Chester and Ocioraro Unes serve much of the suburban section from FernwoOd·Yeadon to Cheyney. and Chadd's Forel. I, Freight service is also provided 'to Millbourne and Newtown Square, adjacent to the Upper Springton Reservoir and Po ... Tree and Radnor Hunt Clubs. With minor exceptions this mileage is electrified. Delaware County Citizens' are not unmindful of the great service rende~ by the railroads of AmericC!l. and by the Pennsylvania Unes as well as other railroad' systems during the century since' Governor Shunk approved and signed the Act of Legislature incorporating the Pennsylvania Railroad April 13, 1846. It was within the limits of Ridley Township in our County that the First Permanent Railway in America WClS built in 1809 by Thomas Leiper of Philadelphia and Strathaven Manor, near Westville now Swarthmore. It connected Leiper's Stone Quarry on Crum Creek with Tidewater on Ridley Creek at Leiperville near Chester. . This first R_d was laid out by John Thomson of Morton, Dela­ware Co., where his son J. Edgar Thomson, first engineer and third President of th.e Pennsylvania was born, Feb. 10, 1.1108. Good transportation as well as efficient freight service is vital to the welfare, comfort and convenience of our citizens. Delaware County is fuily sensible of the large group of its residents who have found employment with the Pennsy, whose value to our County .has been increased by reason of • this ,employment. Delaware County's suburbon and 4tural areas provide unexcelled home advantages for citizens em· ployed in Philadelphia. The County Is, traversed by many beau- \ tifu' streams which-provide our countryside with a variety of landscap.e as they wind their courses between rolling hillsides. Haverford, Rosemont, Swarthmore and Villanova Colleges, Cheyney State Teachers' College, Pennsylvania Military College at Chester and Croze'r Theological Seminary at Upland, " serve the Nation· in the field of higher education, which, to· gether with Pend Ie Hill at Wallingford, and the Bartol founda­tion of the University of Pennsylvania and of the Fronklin Institute on the Swarthmore Campus, all in our County. In our ~hools;and colleges a spirit of civjlliberty and religious tolerance prevails. Delaware County officials are straining every effort to main· ,tain and assure our citizens the kinds of service necessary to such a residential, dairy farming and industrial section. As Commi~oners we will continue to do 10 with the help of such great corporations as the Pennsylvania Railroad. I The County is gradually building up a park syStem along our streams to preserve their beauty. Nature has provided us with an ample water supply of superior quality. Delaware County citizens congratulate the Directors, Officials and Employees of the .,ennsylvania Railroad for the servi~ they have rendel"ed the Nation and Commonwealth of Penn. sylvan!a, in times of peace and war. Our citizens are confident that the next century will show vast imp~vements and developments both in the PennsylvGnia System and in our County as well; that the spirit of caapara. tion now existing between the Pennsylvania Railroad and Delaware County will continue on the same high plane which prevailed during the past century. At a meeting of the County Commissioners of Oflaware County recently held, this statement was unanimously approved, ordered spread upon the minutes and sent to Martin W. Clement, President of the Pennsylvania Railroad. CLARENCE L. CONNER WILLIAM R. MOONEY JAMES F. DOUGHERTY MEDIA, PI.., APRIL 13, 19.c6 COMPLIMENTS Qf TIE ENTERPRISE OF DElAWARE couNtY \ F'RIDAY, AI'RD..II,'f46 THE S W,A R T HMO R E A·N • 7 --~~--~~----------~------------~--~ ---------------~~--------------~ ENDS SERVICE Capt. John B. RoDI'. Jr .• Medi­cal Corp ... ' receIved his dl8charge trom the Arm7 at Fort Dlx. N. J., Tuesday after serving overseas tor 2 I) months. He baa bee.u most re­cently attached to· tho Ninth Field ·Hospltal at Charlo.rol, Belgium. Capt. Rol'bJ" .. DOW on terminal lea. ..· o and "haa Joined Mrs. Roxby' who haa been HyIng 'wIth her par_ ents Mr. anp lira. John Howard Taylor of Dnyon &TeD,",. • S-..o 1448 WDJJAM BROOKS hh· .. Bab ___ ~ ...... ~_ GeDenII llAallDg 181 IIudIaa: A_ Manoa. Pa. ·~"""""""~U~ EDWIN B. KEII n, Jr. YOVll oIEWELER .G _ 71b st. ChoICer 'Pbooe Ch_ 87" - CLASSIFIED, ~, ~=. =::==~. PI _ hr. ' Sta~ Receive Fellow.hip •. VICTORY GARDEN READY Two Swarthmoreans, Aage Gunnar Strand Dt and KaJ Victory Garde~ are ready for Dr. use.·A few plots have not been ta,k .. Maurice' Mandelbaum, have re­ceived John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowships. Dr. 8tra~d Is ReSearCh Astronomer and Dr: Mandelbaum Is ABBlsta,nt Professor of Philosophy at Swarthmore Col­lege. Dr. Strand will undertake a study ot the orbital motion In double and • multiple stars by photographic observaUon. Dr. 101andelbaum's project lB the prep~ aration of a boolt to be entitled "Studteo In Ethtcal TheorY". On Swarthmore's staff since en .. After two weeke' the unused grouo'd will be put In gTa88. al·lu.ngemcnw at once by calling 1394-J between 15:30 p.m., •• lIU.l. 6:3U p.m. • Pre-School Clinic Plads have been completed by the Rchool nu• rsc. Mrs. Edith Ken- G. William SIckel. 'Ph.lI. I/e or the u.s.a Tranqullllt,- hu lett for BaInbrIdge. Md.. to receive his discharge trom tbe Na"l'J' after serving two yeal'8 aod 1. montba 8.R a Laboratory TechnIcian. He will later joIn his pareD" Dr. and M..... George B. SIckel of StI'IIth Haven aVenUe. Bill pt&DB to eoter DIlrtmouth College In the fall. Dr. and MI'8 . .John R. Ba.tes of North Chester road were In At~ lanUe City, N . .J., for & tew days last week. Dr. Ba.tea attended. the Chemical conventt6n. _ K~ SappIJee . GnCt!DI' Cards-JIObb, Craft Ita .. , Dr. Mandelbaum studled at WANTED-September 1~ unfumished ' I SIMM· ONDS Dartmouth College. Yale and Har· WANTED, ney. tor the annual Pre~School CUnlc. Children who are to be entered In kindergarten in the fall are to be rcglatered and examined prior to that entrance. . Mrs. Thomas K. Brown • .Tr .• of Dickinson R\'CnUc entertained a fcw guests at lUncheon and bridge on both Thursday and Friday of last week. one or two room apBrtment by grad-uate f:l!ludent, wife and Infant, In yard Universlt1eK, und tho Unl- Swarthmore. Morton, or Clifton. Reply fl4 WeIsb,8tzee& tt steT verslty of Berlin. He taught at Wednesday and Friday. Apr!! 24 and 26. have been selected as the days for these reglstratlqps. Chil­dren who will be five years of age prJ.or to Feb!'Uary 1, 1947, will be eltgtble for entrance to . kinder­garten In September. Mothers of such children are urged to call. ~Ir. and Mrs. Malcolm Pineo or North Swarthmore avenue had as thelr guests a (cw days this ~'eek, Mr. Pineo's parents. Mr, and Mrs. R. E. P~Deo of Milo, MaIne. They are en route to Elgin, Ill .• and Tac­coa, Oa. to Box 0, The Swarthmorean. , '1"lto •• t..'b.e.ter 1·1.1. Dartmouth before coming to W~ArNeT.E D2-0G1 aFrdolesno mw oArvke,'n u3e., HFoolwsoamrd, ;==============~. Swarthmore. He authored "The Del. Co. Pa. Ridle,. Park U61-J. Problem ot Historical Knowledge'" WANTED - Porch furniture: lawn mower, Reply to Box A. The SWaI"tb-, .... morean. WANTED-Da.)",. work, lronlnl' and cleaning. Monday and Tuesday. Phone Swa. 28»6-3. WANTEi:>-Tb rent, home, unfur~ nlabed. Must be desirable. prefer two baths. Couple with excellent refer­ences. Reply to BoJC C. 'l'lls Swnrth- IdBHnp Solic:lted W. S. Bittle &: Son s ...... lllu-J 'ReaI_ NotarJ Publlo-............ oe P~ more8n. ' 1'-.:00 Los& Oh<ml Is_f!t<' W ANTElD-Navy (''haplaln dE'sirea two 1le1'eC&!loo that cen be 011 or three bedroom furnished home f9T summer. Locust 121' or Box Pi The Swar1hmore&n. WANTED--Waterproof cove-ring for sandbox, G' x 6'. Phone Media 2792~M WANTED--Young man to rake .Jawn. 6Sc hr. maximum. TeL Swa. 2309-W. the out-ot-tune Phone A.. L.. ~.' ,orlhe~",-" ELECI'RI(,.AL WORK all kInd New or Old WANTED-Room with or without kitchen privileges tn SwarthmOl'e or vicinity, by secretary at college. Reply to Box W. The Swarlhmorean. MORTON REFRlG~TION WANTEo.-To rent., ex-Naval officer anc! family. liCe-long residents ot SwarthmQre. need either furnished or unfurnished bouse or apartment In Delaware Co. WUl consider renllug from June 1 to Sept. 30. Reply to BoJl;. S. The Swarthmorean. WAN'rED-Be4room, living-room bath. In or near Swal'thmore. gentleman. 'Reply to Box T, Swarthmorea.n. and for The WANTED-Pleasant room, furnished or unfurnished, near tearooms.. Reo. ply to Box B. The Swarthmorean. W ANTED-Qulet protestant r.ouple with child 11, would IIko:l to locate In or near Swarthmore. Will pay $20- $26.000 fdi-' good home or up to $160 month rental tor desirable apartment. Tel. . Madison un. WANTED-Room, ex~Naval officer. Westinghouse engineer, single. de­sires large well·turnlahod room. Re ply to B.ox. Z. The Swarthmorean. FOR RENT I FOR RENT-Two large comfortable. bedrooms. GenUemen preferred. Tel. Swa, 2806-J. FOR RENT-House !n W~hlngton, D:- C .• suburb. Unful'nlshed, 7 rooms, 2; baths. large lot, beautiful shade trees, $SO mo. Exchange for similar house near Swa.rthmore College. Box K. The Swarthmore&n. PERSONAL PERSONAL-Registered Spencer Cor~ sellerre. Mrs. Elsie McWll1lams. Tel. SWL 4681 tor appolntIrtent. PERSONAL-Electric heaters, Irons, and vacUUIq. cleaners repaired. Called f~r and delivered. Call Robert Brooks S-warth"!ore 154~. - PERSONAL-ImmedLate service and repalrs on aU makes of electrio washers (Bendix Inc1ude:d), tronel's, vacuum cleaners, ranges, Irons, toast~ era. . heaters. fans and lamps. Also wiring. Old and new repalr~ervlce _installations. All work done In com­pliance with Fire Underwrltero re­quirements. Estimates cheerfully given. Call "Erich N. Hausen. Swa. 3037. FOR SALE FOR SALE-Photographic darkroom equipment,. including enlarger with 4.5 lens,. prInting box, enamel trays, squ~zer plates. blotter roll. Can sW'a. 0331 for InformatiolL FOR SAliE-Red Cana.dlan ski pants, worn once; also good rurs.. I..eavlng for '-Iexlco. Reply to Bo:( M, The Bwarthmorean. Phone Swarthmore 0992 TREES Removed-Topped-Cut any Length FREE ESTIMATES GIVEN vAN BORN & SONS PHONE.' MED,I.A ali73-,J HARRY W. LANG , . , Rugs and Carpets Swardamore 0764 Ridley Park 3238 "carpet makes it home" DoD't Walt Unt.ll Spring TIle Ume to do interior painting 18 DOW. I am DOW exter .. lor work for SPring. QnalitJ PaInt Experienced Mechanics WALTER V. UNTON Rldle;r Park 0333-11 '- Plan now the home you want Desirable lots available Charles E. Fischer Builder Phone Swarthmore 2253 •• FOR SALE-Complete set of the Book House for I1hUdren.' New edition, good condition. Call Swa. 0870·.J. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FOR SALIil--WJteelbarrow. phone S'tJa. • • 0592-.T.' FOR SALE-Buffet; Iron cot ; desk chair: card table. Reply to Box 372, Swarthmore. FOR SALE - Marble stand; table model victrola; radio, floor model; G. E. electric fan; open book shelves; child's Imndbox. Reply to Box H. The Swartbmorean. FOR SALE-White bridesmairl d~ss. suitable for graduation, size 10, wCtrn once. Phone SWa. 8ltS. LOST , LOST-Female Dachshund pup, with tan marking. Phone 0963·R. Reward. bhick Swa. TJOST-Jr(a.n'$ goJd Gruen wrist watch. fabric straP. between Swarthmore P. O. and Yale and Haverford I MORTON REFRIGERATION I' and I Appliance Service Commercial and Domestic­Prompt Service-Rcfriger­ators, Washers, Vacllum . Cleaners, Radios 11 Morton AVenue Morlon, Pa. nu .... , Mond..... Reward. Tel. Swa. I 0691hJ. ", Da" ;':.::;;:':~-:-':':'::. _ .,. ......I!.,. • .e _II1II'_ I LOM'-Aprh 12,"black lace"scarf ~ ....... riz 77 "e ••• ~ published In 1939 and numeroUS re­views and articles In phllo8opb.tcal journals. He .Is a. native of Chicago. Dr. Strand has been at Swarth-more since 1938. Born in Mrs. H. Pyle, Swarthmore 0957. on Mrs. Charles G. Thatchel' of Og­April 22 or 23 for a scheduled ap· den avenue entertained at & tea polntment, 80 that there will be a Sunday afternoon when the guests mnrk, he studied at tho University minimum of waiting. Included college matee of SWaJ1b­of Copenhagen and was a geode- At the time ot the appointment' more College Who bad returned slst at the Geodetic Institute there. each mother Is aaked to bring the to attend Somerville Day at the For flv~ yeal'8 he was a.E!81sta.nt to chlld to the School Dlstr.tct ottlce college. Saturday. the director of the Lelden Un.i- at the Corner of CoUl;!ge and verslty Observatory, Holland, I Princeton av~nue, bringing along where he was engaged in research. vaccination certificate and birth In tho service since 1942 he rose certificate to complete the regis. to the rank of Captain. Army Air tration formalities. Following this Forces, and was Chief of the Navl- the school nurse and dental hy­gation Department of the All' goientst will arrange for health Forces Provlng Grou~d Command examinations to detcct any.remedi_­. during his commissioned service. able defects which might be '30r~ He was recently appointed Assocl- rected Gover the summer • ate Professor ot Astronomy. Unl- It Is hoped that all new kinder­verslty Qf Chicago and Astronomer. garten children will be reg{atered Yerkes Observato.ry. according to the above plan on I the days indicated. Mrs •. Roy W. Delaplaine of Cor-nell avenue left Monday by plane NEWS NOTES for Pasadena, Cal •• where she mIl __ .vlsit ber sleter' Mrs. Robert E. Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin O. Laro. Merrick for the nex,t mont~ gent .returned Sunday to their .Jonnne Paul a freshman at wn. home In Springfield, Ohio, after son 'College, returned there Satur- spendln~ week visiting their son­day after spending a to-day s ...... ng In~law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. vacation at her home on Yale ave- F"rank G. ~eenan and family of nue. ' Harvard ave~ue. During their , Driveway Construction Asphalt or Concrete PETER DI NICOLA Phone Swa. 2526 PAINTING -1 &pertly Done , OALI. I DAVE WOOD Media 0755. • PERSONAl 'ZED NAPKINS Embossed Paper Napkins The perfect touch for entertalnlng . . • scalloped edges with blue, red and yellow bordcl's and your name attractively printed. co*ck­tail Or" tea size (state size). 120 (or $2.00 COMPLErE PERSONALIZED SET of GO napkIns, 25 colorfully designed paper guest towels and 25 coasters Everything you need for the rumpus room • . with your name printed. $2.50 Send check or money order to H. J. BECKER P. O. Box 194 Upper DarbYt PR. Print clearly the name you desire Example: Joan and Bill or THE SMITH'S visit the Largents observed their ~ftleth Wedd.lng Anniversary. Miss Florence Trrcker of Yale avenue accompiuiled by her stu­dents Miss \ Ruth Walker, Miss Evelyn Punchard. and Miss NancY Schllckter of Philadelphia, spent Wednesday 'sketchlng in the col­lege woods. Mrs. A. G. Notvlnger of Archi~ bold, Ohto. returned to her home on Thursday after spending two months with 'her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. samuel T. Carpenter of, Whittier place. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Bird of Og­den avenue are entertaining Mrs. Blrd's sister Jean Clark of Toronto, Canada. for a few weeks. Mrs. H. H. Hopkins of Crest lane returned to her home on M,on­day after a lO'-day visit .wlth her son and daughter-In-Jaw, Mr. and Mrs. Horace H. Hopkins of Chicago, Ill. En route- hom*o, Mrs. Hopkins spent the week~end with Mrs. T. W. Crossen in ColumbUS Ohio. Ensign Edwin K. Rutherford, Supply Corps. U.S.N.R. left 'Brook­Iyn Jast week aboard the U.S.S. Juneau for 31 shakedown cruise. Cpl, William D. Mitchell. U.S.M.C .. who has been spending a 60-day leave at his home on North ELECTRIC SERVICE 1 Chester road. reported Wednesday to the Naval Ammunition Depot at Dover. N . .1. holidays at his bomc on Cornell REQUEST FOR BIDS SURFACE TRmATKBHT OF BOROUGH STR\lETS Sealed bids will be received by the ~orough of Swarthmore i. Council Chamber, Borough Hall, Park A.venue S" arthmore. Pa., on Ma,. ~ 1145 at 7 :46 P. M. (Daylight Sa,vlng nine) for performing In whole or In part tho work of surface treating of ap.­proXimately 16.000 Rquare Tards of Borough streets, to be designated b the Highway Committee. Contracto~ wUl submit bids as fOlJOWB: 1. The work oC turnJsh.lng approxl. mutely 26 tons of bituminous oonorete placing It in aU depressions and roll~ Ing It properly. cleaning of areas to be surface treated, furnIshing and apply. lng asphalt binder. Pennsylvania Spe­cification H·1·H at Ule rate of 1-3 &'&l_ Ion per square yard, and luritlahing spreading and rolling oruahed, rock' at the rate of 30 pounds per ·square yard 'QC tlurCacc to be co\'tired, over said areas, aU 1n accordance wJth speelftcao. tlons. Q, copy' or which ma.y be pro. cured from the und8l'8igne4, at the above addreq, 2. FurnishIng DlateriaJa ;IUld pertorm~ lng the above work, witb the excep­tion of furnishing and applYing the asphalt binder. The Borough invites separate bIds for this part of the work and ret:r.erves the right to let Utfs por­tion ot the contract to a separate COn­tractor whose "'"ork will tfe In with the work of the contractor dOing the remainder of the job. ~ certified check in the 8um of 1100 must accompany the bid. aDd the per_ son o!" firm to whom the contract 18 awarded must execute an agreement and furnIsh bonds as requIred by law lho form of which rna,. be examined In the s.-ud offl.ce oC the Undel1!l!gned ,!he Borough reserves the right t~_ reJect any or all bids. .4~12-2T Elliott Richa.rdson . Bo~ugh Secretary ,EST ATE 01<' GEORGID EJ. SILLO­" A Y, deceased, late at Ute Borough ot Swarthmore. Letlfml of AdmlnJsuaUo. on thu above estate having been gaoted to the underslgr,ed, all per.eons Inclebt6d to the said estate are requested to ma~e payment, and those having I claIms to preser.t the saae without delay to • Caroline Sargent Siltowa)· Administratrix -IQls N. Chester Roa4. Swarthmore, Pa. W' to her attorneys Buller, Beatty. Greer & Johnson 17 South Ave., Media. Pa. ESTATE OF }o.. .. JOSEPH SCHWE'[­ZEIt, deceased, late ot' the Borough of Collingdale, Delaware County Penn!Sylv8nla. ' Letters of Adminl~tratioQ ha.vlng been granted to the undersigned DlI persons having or demands are requested to make known the same and nIl llerson!S Indebted to the said eS.tate are requested to make payment Without delay to ' Sarah L. Schweizer 710 AndreW'S Avenue Colllngd81e. Pa. or hN' attol"ne)' Guy G. deFuria CroZer Building Chester, Pa. Admlnlstratl'ix 6'1'-3-22 Rajlio &: Appllimce Repairs Ii Fi::;: ~~~r~~l1 ~~::Sd O:h~;::!:: avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel ESTATE OF GWLADYS POWELl .. Myers and ·thelr daughter Sydney CORBIN. deceased. PROMPT SERVICE Call Swarthmore 1984 HARRY A. BREHL ot' Fanwood. N . .J .• will spend the, Letters Testamentary in tlie above estate having been granted to the un- Easter hoUdays w.ith the former's derslgned, all persons Indebted to said Parents M~. and Mrs. Andrew estate are requested to make payment. and those having claims to present Myers of Cornell avenue. same to . Bonnie Morse; .Jean Huey, Betsy Rosemary C. McM'unlgal 1139 PoUer street Hornaday. Kay Thurman, Ann 1rPy. Chester, Pa. ~~~~~ii- ~~~~~~~~~~~ ers,. TA ura L ep H op I(In s. B ar1 l ara oGre otrog eh eOr. aPthtoilripnse,y Esq. !!\~~,~~_~ Schoblnger, and Molly Harper ar· 1331 F'idp.UtY~Phnadeiphia ..,..,.. rived at their respective homcs Trust Building Walters' , Tree Swaa) and Landscaping Phoae Swarthulore 2175.R 104 ComeO Avenue Tuesday for a week's vacation from Middlebury College. Mrs. J. David Jackson with her sone David and Dicky of Vassar avenue will spend the Easter week-end with her mother Mrs. Edgar M. Yarnal] of Sudl"ersvtlle. Md. Mr. Jackson who bas been In South America since .Jaunary will return home early In May. Mrs. Margaret R. Marsh of Park avenue w.l1I return home by Dtane tomorrow from a two:month trtp 123 South Broad street Philadelphia, Pa. . 6T-4-19 IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS OF DELAWARE COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA • No. llZ9 June Tenn, 1931 FIRST ACCOUNT OF CHESTER­CAMBRIDGE BANK AND TRUST CO}'(p AN'i:. SubsUtuted Trustee under ))eM of Trust dated August 18, 1928, oC FRANK H. MANCILL for J'OHN BRUCE McENERY now JOHN STEPHEN:J;;MMET. The above account bas been filed In the Office of the Prothonolat7 and will. be conflrmed by said Court on .May lftb; ,1M6. unless acepUons are med . thereto. . tween P. Jt. R. BtaHon and Acme I Btore. 8~more. can 8~ 0642. .. , •.' .'_,~._4' ____ ~_ ___.~ ,._ ___~ .a,_.4.-i1 ,,~~'OV""~ to Florida and Tens. -- -' .~ .', ., -.':.-' ;,~19. Robert 3. IlacBrlc1e .' .. ···i·.··· .• ~~y ,, r

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FIND LITERATURE FUN Members Name Two Newcomers To Board Literature came to Ure in gayly coBtmned characters and clever l'cpresentatlonB of book tltlcs at the Woman's Club on Tuesday. The occasion waJt a. dessert program sponsored by the I.Jterature Sec­tion of the club, Mrs. Harold Grif­fin, chairman. '£able decorations Indicated the tlUes at best. sellera. and were evr­denee of the talents and .hard w9rk at Mrs. Owen Gay and Mrs. A. M. Laekey. Most popular was the small boat In which the tiny figure ot a negro boy with a pair of oar8 represented "The Black Rose". Five pepper Bbakers In dainty cos­tumes. Do piggy bank and e. letter "I" on a handtul of mall (tor pyga mallon), and a calendar with one weekaend missing were among the many others. A quotation about woman was at place, and a quiz conducted 'by Mrs. Roland Eaton IdentlOea the source-. lira. Eaton expressed to Mrs. Howard Dingle and her daugbter Mrs. H. Dingle, Jr., ·the SecUon's appreciation tor the time spent In preparing the list and the ldentlllcation key. One hundred thirty~two quotations from books at all times and all countries were used. Mrs. Roland G. E. Ullman, in charge of the program presented Paula Sala in a group of songs accompanied by Mrs. Anthony Ventnol'. Mi8B 8ala. a graduate ot Swarthmore High is DOW a student at the University ot Pennsy"lvanla e.nd the PhiladelphIa. Conaervatory at Music. The Matinee Musical Club recently presented her an award as the outstanding young Ziegenfus Resigns, Boulter Gets Leave At lIB April m •• tlne the Swarth. more School Board accepted with regret the reSignation of William ZlepDf-p as teacber and coach, to take effect at the end of the cur­rent school year. Mr. Zlegenfue Is going with the Sun on Company as director of recreation and re­ceived the Board's conaent to take on his <luties halfatlme, be81nning April 15. Mr. Ziegenfua came to Swarthmore Schools In September 1928 as teacher of mathematics and physical education, haVing previously taught (0.' several years In Womelsdorf. A graduate of Muhlenberg College and Teachers College of Columbie University, Mr. Ziegeniu9 has been a. popula.r teacber and coach In the Swarth­more SchoolB for 18 years. 'rhe Board granted a sabbatical leave of absCJlce to the high school . I librarian, Mrs. Anne Boulter, tor 1946-47 for the purpose of tt'l'.lve) In Europe. The Board granted Robert Detw.1ler permi8Blon to ·use the Rutgers Avenue Held tor an AAU track meet on June 6. Per~ mission was granted to Herman Bloom and the Recreation A88ocla~ tion to use the College Avenue grounds tor baseball during thr coming summer. Bids were received for gra.dln8' of the Riverview Avenue field and for supplyIng coal and tuel all for the coming winter. !Such bids being referred to the Property Commit­tee lor study and report at the next meeting. A study· Is being mruie of the Federal School LWlCh Program with a ylew to Increasing the etnclency and flnancing at the school cafeterIa. Tho Board adjourned to meet agaIn on Thursday, April 26, tor anal action on the School .DIstrict budg.t for 1948·47. SQfAIU.SHOW musician 01 the year. She ~g During April the Cloisters Ga1- '"The Lass with a DeUcate AIr"? lery of the college Is exblblUng "On~ Fine Day". dnd "Shepherd· the work of Josef Scharl, a New eSs". York a.rt"'t. ~ho came to this An original verse by Mrs. Ullman country trom Germany inll38 as Introduced a dozen "'book", whlcb a selt .. exUe. In 1841 Scharl ha.d occupied the stage b-atween two bls first American one-man sbow "bookends". One at a ,time. the and since that time his po:pularlty· "Books" stepped forward to be bas Increased among thosB In­Identified; Betsy Barnes ns "Alice tcrested in contemporary art. In Wonderland"; Mrs. Coates as He Is probably best known for "Friendly Penmaalon"; Mrs. A. V. his illustrations of Gr.lmm's Falry Orr. "So Red the Rose": Mrs. A. Talea. Last winter he was given a pavid Speers, "The Bridal Gowntt ; one-mdn show at the Philadelphia Mrs. John Pitman, "Lavendar and Art AlUance. Th·e palntJpga and Old Lar.e"; Mrs. T. Harry Brown drawings of the Cloisters Gallery HThe Shocking Pink Hat"; Mrs. C. exhibition clearly indicate tbe R. Phillips. ·'Judith"; Mrs. Wm. arUst's range ot expressive power Hanny. "The Robe"; Mrs. Geo. from the savage color ot ,the Warren, ''The Bright Shawl"; "ChnlBt and The False Saints .. to L. A.. Darilng, ''The Black Roso"; the economical calligraphy ot Mt"9. Vet1lon M. Parry, "Chimney ·'Wide ,Spaces." Even tram such a Smoke" and :Mrs. Watkins, small and highly. selecUve group "Madame Butterfly". Mesda.mes It Is evident that Scbarl la an Howard Hopson and H. C. Barnes artist who, will bear watching. bortrayed the bookends. WIth the exception ot a IAnd- David Spencer with his vloIln, scape painttng owned by Protesaor a.ccompanled by Mrs. John McKer- Wottgang Stolper: all the examples nan represented Albert Spe.uldlng"s are on loan tram the NJerendorf autobiography "Rlse to FOUOW". Gallel'Y, New York City. Cornelia McKernan, dancing deli-cate charm ana grace, represented of the tol1owing four members to HA Star Danced" to close the pro- directorships in the club: Director gram. Mrs. B. J. Collins was in charge of d ..... rt. at Drama, Mrs. George Warren; of Education. Mrs. George Sehoblng­er; of Health and' Weltare. Mrs: Chairman of elections, Mrs. Roy Francis H. Forsythe: and ,of Prop~ S. Latimer, announces the election arty, Mrs. R. T. Bates. ~$~~~~~$~~ A Bower of Apple Blossoms TREES-tOO y~ars old will be in' full hloom this week to join the Easter Sym­phony in Swarthmore. SpecialDinner,EasterStinday Reservations-Swarthmore 0680 STRATH 'HAVEN The Inn with PersonalitY, SUJ«rlhmore. Pa. FRlDAY~ APRIL It, I .... MODERN DANCERS IN FOLK PROGRAM M.... Oeo,," B, sickel of 8tnth ra.t1vaJ held III I17mpholl7 1IaIl. . , . Haven avenue apent the week .. en4 Her da~hter Barbara ... meJJ1- In Boston and atten4ed the mw ber of the cho..... from Walnut Eneland Preparatory SchOOl _wIIo HIli SchooL College Group Inviteg Boroites to Per­formance The D.partm.nt of Ph)llllca1 Ed- ..... ".., DRICONUR ucation for Women is presenting 'DIe JOOS elSl.C ._.. ... n. ._._. .... ...a.-.H ~_ ~ ... ptO' .. the Modern Dance Group ot •• cUa ...... Swarthmore College In & dance re- ..... ,..IfOW~ .. w "Y S tl •• e1tal In Clothier M.morlal on Frl- D 1cpJ,..,.,.., eo - .. 50 Ib. ..... day ev.nlng, April 26, at 8:15 p.m. /lip 'u-!rZl • 10 O"S' ... ,-Ioal Th. firat part of the program will '1ooIew « ... dina lor .... ' • foI .... Inelud. a )lumber of dances which have been shown prevlouely among ;'II~~~a~I~~~.h-~~"~.~.~'~-~"~.~~'"'~~7.~~~!~~~!!!!., them the American Ballad "The Land Is Wide" and the Suite "Out • of This World" based on a number ot cartoons trom Steig's book ''The Lonely Ones. OJ The second half ot the program Is to be given over entlrel!Y to a production at the American tolk tale ''The Big Music" trom a col­lection of aut'bentlc talk tales by Rachel FI.ld. This story cornea from the book "Up Eel River" by Margaret Prescott Montague, and III. a myth among the lumbermen o't West Virginia. whose' hero (com­PBt: able to the mythical charact.r Paul Bunyan In New England and the Northwest) Is knoWD as Tony Beaver. The producUon .Is an -ex­periment In the expression of a folk form In the Idiom o~ modern dance movement. and the stOry, with its nicely balanced combina­tion of fantasy and realitfy. lends itselt uDuBUaity well to dance ex­. preBBion. GlOria Clement is taking the part ot Tony Beaver, Sue Otto that ot Fiddllng Jlmmy, and Terry Lor­win that ot· Preacher Moses Mut­ters. the calamity bunter. with Sally D.mond as tidy Haystack. joining up ·In the dance 'With Big Henry; danced b'y Barbara Sosman. Tbe two dance groups will be aa­ststed In the produotion by three piano accompanists, a narrator. and several Instrumentalists. '-rhe Big MuBlc" Is a real American Tall Tale. . A group of students from Chey­ney Teacners' College wUI give a dance study In syncopation on the first part of the program. Also Borne of the children of Swarth­more In the Saturday morning class with Alice Gatea will do a short dance In the "Big Music" In which they wll) Impersonate leaves and flowers. Coffee w1l1 be served in the Clois­ters during Intermission. All triends ot the college arc' invited. • NYLON SWEATER , , 3·95 '- CLASSICS BY ... "'-...... JUNE PORTER "'. J '--' It's a sweater sensation. this nylon classic. Just feel its butter.soft, cashmere·like texture! Washes and dries in a jiffy, won't shrink, won't shed. Hard to resist in royal, pink, white, blue, red, maize, turquoise, black, brown, kelly. 34 to 40. Second Floor IF you't:e planning on a New Home . •• ., PLAN .. ' In your dream home of the future, you1l want all those . time aud IaboMaving appIiancI!s that make livinI 80 eajoy. able. Heading the ·Iist of _ appU. beater, a large dze nfripntar with • fro & food ..... ....... » - to includt MODERN LIVINGI ,1m hie dishwasher that m.... .... dlm_ eleaDllp a dncb, and of COW"" a _ Doge to provide elean, eooI,'" II oa '" II- WId. theIe four W'- d's .. work. fDa ~.- to help with Ibe a. •• WeI chua., JU111l bow tile ... ..,. elM?:! Ut' I PHILADELPHIA ELICTRIC COMPANY • '; , -1"\ IlTH ~I""""'-' ~·O /.I.,lm J~ LI..B... RARY GIVE YOUR SUPPORT 'SWARTHMOREAN ,SALVA-ATION VOL. No. XVm:No. 17 SWARTHMORE,PA., FRIDAY, APRIL 26,1946 THOMPSON HEADS H & SCHOOL PANEL LastColl Mrs. Harold G. Grltfln, co­cha. 1rman of the lle$.Balvation Army Drlv. with Mrs. Rdas • PtJazgraJI', announces the cur- Extra -Cur ric u lar rent total of coll.oUons In the ActiVl"ties to Be· Aprll campaign stancls at ,noo. Last year Swarthmore raised Topic UU8 to aid this w.lI·known charity with Ita maintenance The Swarthmore Home and School ABSOclatlon wfll hold its fin­al meeting for this sc'hool year· on Tuesday, APril 30, In. the Hlirh School auditorium. The meeting will tak~ the form of 8.. panel dis­cussion on one ot the most dlaCUB­sed factors In the school program --extra-curricular actiVities. Par· ents arid teachers will get together for the usUlil social period at 7:30 p.m. when the' mothers ot :the 9th grade will be hostess un4er Mrs. Warren Godtrey. hoSpitality ctiairman. The meeting will begin prompt1y at 8 p.m. and YI&I' work expenses which continue despite the signing ot th.e peace. AU solicitors are urged to tum In their receipts to their captains wI~hout delay, It will be appre~iated if anyone who lias not I been contacted for a contribution wll1 communicate with Mrs. Grlmn, telephone Swa. 3072. GARDNER GALLERY TALK INSTRUCTS "ANGEL STREET" BELIES TITLE Period Thriller Players Clubs Excels at Excellent dlrecttng, acting. stag­ing earn for the current Piayers Club production of "Angel Street" the highest rating. The Patrick Hamilton thriller of the gaslight era J6 a skilled compound of "dark fears entY doubts" against a relle! I ot c·ourage, all alleviated by Rough's heartenIng dose. The cast Is small. an aid to the ever tlghtelltng suspense. but It is strong, Burc, and without weak­n'.' iss. Lilian Leswing p.s Mrs. Man­nlngham is completely satisfying. She Is capable at sustained stress, subservience and torment, but of' Thanks Community I In behalf ot the Swarthmore Branch of the American Red Cross, it is with a great deal of pleasure that I thank and con­gratulate the 1156 contrlbutol"lll and 14 3 SOlicitors. eapta.lns, chf,i.irmeu. and committee mem­berS of Swarthmore and Ridley TownB~lp at the close of the 19'8 campQ\gn. To date ,14.333.38· haa been pledged against the quota of $16.000 which Is 96.6 per cent. This year's campaign has been a very dtmcult· one, which bas requlr&d Intensive and organized e«ort on the part oC the enUre committee to come as close to our goal as was attained. Actually Swarthmore reached $12.949.60 and Ridley Township U.383.8~ which Is 67.1 per cent and 31 per cent of the 1846 rec­ord campaign, the total at $14.- 333.38 being 60.6 per cent of the 1946 flgure at ,'23,728.19. This year there were 1166 con­tributors in Swarthmore alone comparcd with 1281 in 1945. While both' the flchool faculty and parents feel there j!3 need tor and benefit from extm-curricular programs both groups realize that the problems t~at arise from 8uch activity are many. and it is the purpose of the A&8oclatlon to servo as a clearing house for the pros and cons. Mrs. "Parry Presents Two-Act Play " Tuesday heights, also. Robert Lansdon as Mr." Mannlngham Is the epitorpe of evll, suave, impeccable, cold, and I· cruel. It has been a. privilege to have been in the ppsition or ob­serving the experienced Fund Commlttec tackle its tough (l1!:J­stg- nment. The aid ot·numerous organizations, particularly The Swurtbmorenn. has been inval­uable. Irhe pancl will be headed by G. "There are many qualities I The audience Is in complete ac- • cord with Carl Leswing as Rough In when he ejacul*tes "0. God In Baker Thompson, High School principal, who will dlscu88 the ob-jectlves of extra-curricular activi-ties Hnrl give a. brlet history ot their development. The school faculty wn.1 be rep­resented by ~ugene Udell who will painting that haven't yet been caught a.~d labeled, and they are the valuable oncs .. " ~I Gardner. wel1~known Walllngford portrait painter told the Swarthmor~ Wo­manis Club on Tueeda'Y. "If a..thlng Heaven. am 1 not n wonderful Man?" Mr. LcswJng delivers a top­notch performance. His co*ckney Is excellent. his cnthuslasm contag- 101111, his deliberation maddening, his kindltncss welcome. In addition to his performance, he and his co-discuss some of the probleIl1s the can be said In words, then there's director Nathaniel Doughty have school taces in the organization not much use in painting." achieved a high standa.rd in their and handling 01' such activities:: M G d . .. I t I first 8uch undcl'taking tor tho Play- . 1'. 0.1' ner gave an n ..:trma n~d,by ~~nry Hoffman ,who ~l~l) .... gallery talk" in 'conne~#:~~ el'8:·Club,·. ; .~:~~ gi!..e ,-n accoun~. of the present C:X,- the opening of tho Annual' Exhlbi- Edna H~rnnday and Jane WU.f­tI: ·a-~urr~cular P1\og,ram I? Swadh- tlOD by Swarthmore. Artists, ar- ster as servants Elizabeth ~,rid more schools. \. ,·anged by the Art Section of the Nan~y play their Indispensable Mrs. GeOl'ge Kal'na, as a repre- club, :Mrs. Carl deMolI, chairman." roles wlth'dlscriminatlon and guhe sentatlve. of parent opinion, will Up to·' about 75 years ago, saId rQunding out the strange h·ouse­raise questions about the control Mr. Gardner, the forms at art hold. Elizabeth is tllc serva.nt type and I1mita.!ionb of these activities; ('hanged very ,,",gradually. In an- but expendable; Nancy knowing a.nd John Marshall. another par- clent wQrks at art only an expert and bold. Ned Pyle and Er.ndt ent, will discuss the wisdom of can distinguish 'between thos, ot Federofl team up again on the side these controls. It is hoped that dls- one century and those of the }1ext. of thc law, dependably. cusslon trom the floor will follow Chinese art looks lIke Chinese art The produdlon IR staged by Ylr_ The men and women still In the armed forces carl be assW"ed that their home town is backing them up. Signed. Walter A. Schmidt Red Cross Fund Chairman. ADULT' SCOUTS ,iN BOROUGH SURVEY '--- Dis c u s s ion Series Producing Live Ideas , so that a real exchange of opinion may be enjoyed. Parents nrc urged to attend and cxpress their ideas and ,CritiCisms. Robert N. HlIkm·t. president of the Association, wl1l call for the report Q~ the nOl]Jinating commit­tee beaded, by Robcrt J. Cadigan,. past president. whether done 200 ,or 20~0 years ago. In the Rennaissance the pace of art was accelerated. Thc Vene­tians were more interested In light' and color and the F.lorenttnes in form and Unc. But even 80, to the Eastern·er, 'western o.'t-t JOflked aU nlike. ginin an,} Erne:>t Federoff with ritcc The {h'st two neighbol'hood meet­nUe: nUon to period and - ntmos- ingM of Swarthmorc Girl Scout ph ere. OtherH on the production adults were held at the Girl Scout starr are Martha Keighton. Pa'rry House at 9:30 on Thursday O1orn­CampbelJ, Howard Pennell, Allan inis. 'April 18 and 25. Ml's. Robert C. "'ood. Mrs, Thomas M. Jac.ks6n. HiIkert acted as., chah'man of the MIS, ChaJ'lc3 D. Mitchell, MI·s. J. S, 26 womcn present. GRADUATION PLAN Today the trend iR toward indi­vidual forms of expression. In the past large numbers of followers trailed after a great master and in­novations came seldom, But about 50 to 76 'Years ago French art t-roke away, and there ·were s,oon almost as mony styles as painters. "The inconvenience of this self- Announcement has just been mnde by Dick sh~ilY, chairman of the "Comm~nccment Committee ot the graduating class. that the Ba:c- expression," Mr. Gardner pOinted calaureate Service will be held on out humorously, "is that those who Sunday afternoon. June 9, at 6 p.m. in the Swarthmore Presbyter­ian Church. The Bacciilaureate ser­mon will be delivered by the pas­tor. Dr. DavId Braun, assisted by other ministers of the community as in tormer 'years. " want to like what's "right· .are sud­denly thrown on their own' resour­ces and are utterly bewildered by the array of styles," "It is more important to see what is in a pa,i nting than what is not." "'eUmer, Betty MOI·an. Virginia SpC'lkel's included i\hs, C. E. Som, mer, and PaUl Banl(s.. Bosch, District Chairman ot the '.'Angel SU'cet" continues tonlghl Baltimore Pike Distr.ict. Mrs. Gar- -tnd tomon·ow. rett Mngens, Senior Scout Leader " of Lansdowne. Mrs. Charlos Israel. Seek Rooms Mrs. E. 1\1. Bassett. Red Cross Chairman of Volunteci' Services, dsks any Swarthillorean willing to rent I'ooms to del~gates to the Red Cross ConYenUon in Philadelphia. Junc 18 to 21, to caJl her at Swarthmore 1010, immediately. Thil:l wUl be the first national. convention of the Red Cross I since 1941. Ten thousand dele- J'o!'mcr leader in Swarthmore and present Girl Scout Program chair­man fOI' this county. Rnd 1\Irs. M. "'''. Garrett leader of local Girl Scout Troop 16. Piscussion of the hct that at pl'escnt Swarthmol'c has only o'ne active int.ermediate troop as eon­hXlsted to three Intermediate tl"OOPS and a Mariner Ship a short time. ago resulted In several con­crete suggestions for progressive action. One of these was a course for leaders to be held In Swarth- ARMY . $3.00 PER YEAR COLLEGE. PLANS FOLknSTIVAL 2nd Annual Event Last Three Days in May· to The Swartl:tmore College Wo'fn­en's Phyalcal Educatlo:ri Depart ment Is sponsoring Its second an nual Folk Festival on May 10. 11 and 12. The first ot the,e feJ31tlvals was held last year at the epd of March. Although the number of outrside guests trom visiting col! leges was Elmall because of travel restrictions. the event was ex­tremely successful and worthwhile, so much so, it was decided to re peat it. Orlgi'nally the festival developed in the col1ege's recreational folk. dance clnsses. It is now jointly BUP ported by other student organiza. Uon including the W.A.A., Outing Club. the Recreational Square Dance Group, Somervllie and Coo per Foundations. The festival I brin~ together small groups from various colleges to enjoy folk songs. to dance together, anti to share the privilege of seeing and tulking ,vUh a number of guest ar ttsts in the .. toUt" field. It also givcs ren.1 pleasure and relaxation to mnny In the college community and tow.n and adds to their gen eral appreciation ot the talk arts Twenty colleges have been invlt ed to send bmall groups to partiei pate in the week-end's activities Some of these groups will demon strate dances which they do in their .home ('ollege dance groups. The festival, In addition, is open to the entire college community, and the town, and city people In this ar~a who nre Interested In folk ae tivities. R.egi&t,·aUoll. followed by dinner nt 6 o'clock in the college dining. .·oom opens the program. Reginald and Gladys Luubin prcsenting In (Continued on Pago' 10) College Orchestra tn Concert May 3 Dr. van de Kamp" to Direct Varied Program On l'''riday evening, May 3, the Swarthmor(' College Orchcstra will give a con'ccrt at 8:15 p.m. tn Clo thler lHemol"ial, open to both the collcg-e and thc community. Conductcd by Dr. Peter van de Kallll1. dir~ctor of Sproul Observe. tory, thc orchestra ot more than 30 InstrumentaliSts. will beKtn the concert with Gluck's Overture to "Iphlgen1a tn AuUs".' This will be 'rhe Commencement Exercises fo,lowed by Beethoven's 2nd Synt wll1 be held in Clothier Memorial at Swarthmore College on Tuesday night· at 8 p.m. The Commence_ ment speaker will be Dr~ Hanson, President of Gettysburg College, and there will be several speeches and. musical numbers by members of the graduating class. Admission to the Commencement .Exercises will be by ticket only. as In pre­vious years. the speaker ~dviBed. "If you are particularly· fond at one Vype ot r:atntlng'. you may mIss a certain restraint or harmony ot drawing In another type, and'" be, aware only of what is not there." There Is a tendency on the part of artists to specialize 50 It a. picture is trying to be one thing, don't be distressed 'bbuse It is notl another. gates are expected wth city ho­tels able to accommodate only. 6000. Tberefore, suburban branches are asked to find addi­tional accommodations. more this spring wlt~ a minimum ot 12 and a maxhnum of 25 re- phony' In D major. This Symphony BacIJ Fl'OmBelPmn • Cpl. Andrew F. Robl~lon, Jr .• received his discharge a"~Ft. Dlx on Tuesday. April 16, attUlf. serving Overseas one year and ali mo6tlJs, and has joined his parents MI'. and Mrs. A. F~ Robinson ot Rutge1'8 ave.nue. , M.·s. Ba.'"iSett will apprccint~ prompt respo'tlse. TillS WEEKS CALENDAR FrIda)" April lI6 1.80 to 5:00 P.M., 7:00 to 9:00 P.M.-Art Exhibition. Woman's Club 3:00 P,M.-H. S, Lacrosse with Springslde .. _ .. _ ......... COllege Ave. Field 7:00 P.M . .:.-.cub Pack M"eeUng .............................. Trinity Parish House 8:15 P.M.-Modern Dancing .. _ .;!_ ........ _ ._ ............... _ • Clothier Memorial 8:20 P.M.-"Angel Stre.t'~bJi.d.L;;;Aj;iti .. ;;i' ..................... Players· Club 1:30 to 5:00 P.M.-Art Exhiblt~n .... _ ........................... ._ Woman's Club 2:30 P~M.--College Baseball with Drexel ............................ College Field 2:30 P.M.--College Lacrosse with Drexel ...... ................... College Field 7.00 & 9:00 P.M.-"carnlvat In FlanderB" ........ ..... . Clothier 'ft.femorlal 8:20 P.M.-"AIigel Street ................. ~_ ....... . __ ........... .......... playe1"S· Club Sunday, April liS 11:00 A.M.-Morning Worship __ .......................... _ .. . __ ...... Local Churches •. . ~y • .&uril SO, , 2:00 P.M.-Drama Program .... .~ .. ... ._ .... h .......... •••• •••• Woman's Club ,8;"'00 F'.II.--:Htn:ne '$nil SChool ............................. _.. ....._ . H. S. Auditorium . " We.-tr sda7, Mal' 1 . lIto P.K._ _' _ Beall:· Ilmew ,_._ __. .. Methodist Church . 'ftow I.,., ,Ma,. S ., '.' qul!·cd. , consists of four movements. all in A nominating committee ap- a happy and joyful mood. Mozart's pOinted by Mrs. Hflkert to secure O'·crtm·c to "The Marriage 01' Fig a neighborhood chaIrman to rea aro" and the gay, rhythmic fbtal place Mrs. Ernest R.' Laws resign- chorus from "Prince, Igor", by ed Includes .Mrs. Carroll P. Street- Borodtne, will be played. Joan Car er. Mrs, Laws. Mrs. Avery Blake, 1"011 .the- orchestra's harpist. wil Mrs. Alvah Stuart and Mrs. Her- piny 'thr('(' ~hort solo pieces by Sal man "Bloom. Any persons Interested In Girl Scouting who' would like to meet with thetie enthusiastic planners are asked to notify Mrs. Hllkert by telephone of their interest. All Ideas are most welcome to this group which seeks to secure Girl Scouting in the borough. trom. dis­couraging lapses; Mr. Albert Thateher of Mont. clair, N. J .. and EdIth Thatcher of Bucknell. Unlvel'81ty apent Easter week-end with theIr parents Mr. and Mrs. CharI... G. Thatch.r of zedo. One of Dr. van de Kump's earn positions. "Parys Sketches. Summer 1945". ",111 be heard for the first time. The moods of the'six short musical sketches are Indicated by the titles: "Mal du Pay s ' • "Chalnps Etysees", "Liberation" .. Reverh.···. "Pourquol pas?" and "l\IontnHl.rtre". The program con talns plenty of variety. and repre sents the culmtn~tlon of many en joyable' hours of musl~ making. Everyone Is Invited to attend the­concerl:. which Btafts at 8:1·6 p.m and Is .open to aU Interested tn hearing an' amateur" group per Prior to V·E Day, Gpl, RObinson served ~th the 1I1'd. :infantry and IIIn"" thCII has 1>een labor "'1)81' •. V1oor; of i>w'. In Betdum. 8:00 P.II. Bwa.rthmorean Wrapping .... .... ...... Bwarthmorean OfUce Ogden avenue. " form. • I ' t - L , ,; 1· ; I· ;1 I' .'I. ., l l

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FIND LITERATURE Members Name Two Newcomers To Board Literature came to Ii(e In gayly costmned characters and clever r$preaentaUon:s ot book titles at the Woman's Club on Tuesday. The occasion WW:J a. dessert program sponsored by the Literature Sec­tion of the clUb. Mrs. Harold Grlt­fin. chairman. '1"able decorations indica.ted the tiUes ot best. sellerd and were evf­deuce ot the talents o..nd ·hard work of Mrs. Owen Gay and Mrs. A. M. Lackey. Most popular was the small boat In which the Uny figure of a negro boy with a pair of oars repre8ent-ed "The Black Rose". Five pepper shakers In dainty cos­tumea. a piggy bank and 0. letter "I" on a handful of malt (tor Pyg­malion), and a calendar with one week-end missing were among the many others. A quotation about woman was at place. and a quiz conducted "by Mrs. Roland Eaton fdenUflea the source. Mrs. Eaton expressed to Mrs. Howard Dingle and her daughter Mrs. H. Dingle. Jr., ,the Section's appreciation tor the time spent In pt'epartng the nat and the identiftcatioD key. One hundred thirty-two quotations tram booka of all times and aU countries were used. Mrs. Roland G. E. Ullman, In charge ot the progrom presented Paula Bala 1n a group of songs accompanIed by Mrs. Anthony Ventnor. Miss Sala. a graduate of Swarthmore High 1s now a student at the University of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Conservatory ot MuBlc. ~e Matinee Musical Club recent)y presented her an award as the outstanding young musician of the year. She "!8-ng '"'The Lass with a Dellcate Air", "One Flne Day". tlnd "Shepherd­eSs". An original verse by Mrs. Ultman introduced a dozen "book", whlcll occupied the stago between two "bookends". One at a ,time. the "Books" stepped forward to be identified: Betsy Barnes as "Alice in Wonderland"; Mrs. Coates as "Friendly Persuasion"; Mrs. A. V. Orr. "So Red the Rose"; Mrs. A. pavld Speers, "The Bridal Gown"; Mrs. John Pitman, "Lavendar and Old Lace"; Mr-s. T. Harry Brown "The Shocklng Pink Hat .. : Mrs. C. R. Phllllps. "Judith"; Mrs. Wm. Ho.n.ny, ""The Robe"; Mrs. Geo. Warren. ·"Tbe Bright Shawl"; Mrs. L A.. Darling. '''The Black RoBe"; Mrs. Vernon Y. Parry, "Chimney Smoke" and Mrs. Watkins, "Madame Butterfly". Mesdames Howard Hopson and H. C. Barnes portrayed the bookends. David Spencer with his vlolln, accompanied by Mrs. John McKer: nan represented Albert Bpo.uldlng's autobiography uRlse to Follow". Cornelia McKernan, dancing deU­cate charm and grace. represented uA Star Danced" to close the pro­gram. Mrs. B. J. ColUn.e was In charge of dessert. Ziegenfus Resigns, Bowter Gets Leave At Its April meetl.Dg tile Swarth­more School Board accepted with regret the resignation of William ZlepnfJ,llJ ae tea~her and coach. to take ettect at the end ot the cur­rent school year. Mr. ZlegentuB Is going with the Sun on Company as director of ."eCreatloD and re­ceived the Donrd's conaent to takA on his <:luties halt~tlme. beginning April 15. l\lr. Zlcgenfus came to Swarthmore Schools in Septemher 1928 as teacher of mathematics nnd physical education, having prevIously taught for several years In Womelsdorf. A graduate of Muhlenberg College and Teachers College ot Columbia. University. Mr. ZlegeniuB has been n. popular teacher and coach In the Swarth­more Schools tor 18 years. '.rhe Board granted 3. sabbatical lenv~ of ,absCDce to the high school llbrarlan. Mrs. Anne Boulter, tor 1946-47 for the purpose of tro.veJ In Europe. The Board granted Robert Detw.Uer perml88lon to ,use the Rutgers Avenue field for aD AAU track meet on June 6. Per­mission was granted to Herman Bloom and the Recreation Associa­tion to use the College Avenue grounds for baseball during thr coming summer. BIds were received tor gra.dlng ot the Riverview Avenue field and for supplying coal and tuel 011 for the coming winter. sucb bids being referred to the Property Commit­tee (or study and report at the next meeting. A study· Is being mnde of the Federal School Lunch Program with a view to increasing the eJflcleney and financing of the school cateterla. The Board adjourned to meet again on Thursday, April 26, for Rna. action on the School .DIstrict budget for 1946 .. 47. SCHARLSHOW During Aprit the Cloisters Gal­lery of the college 18 exlLlblUng the work ot Joset Scharl, a New York a.rtlst. who came to this country trom Germany In1!1t88 as a Belf-exlle. In 1'41 Schar! had his first AmerIcan one-man show and since that time his pO'Pularity has Increased among those in­terested In contemporary art. He is probably best known tor his Illustrations ot Grimm's Fairy Tales. Last winter he waa given a one-mdn show at the PhltadelphiB Art Alliance. The paintings and drawings ot the Cloisters Gallery exhibition clearly Indi(".ate tlle artist's range of expresslve power trom the savage color of ·the "Chmt and The False Saints.. to the economical calligraPhy of "Wla.e . Spaces." Even trom Buch a sma1t and highly selective group It Is eVident tbat Scherl I. an artist who, will hear watching. With the exception ot a LaDd­scape patnting owned by Prote8llor Wolfgang Stolper: all the examples are ·on loan trom the N.terendort Oallery, New York City. of the following four members to directorships In the club; Director of Drama. Mrs. George Warren; of Education, Mrs. George Schobtng. er; of Health and Welfare. Mrs: Chairman of elections. Mrs. Roy Francis H. Forsythe; and ,of Prop- S. Latimer, announces the election crty, Mrs. R. T. Bates. A Bower of Apple Blossoms TREES-too y~arsold will be in· full hloom this week to join the Easter Sym­phony in Swarthmore. SpecialDinner ,Easter sUnday Reservations-Swarthmore 0680 STRATH 'HAVEN The Inn with Personality, SrDarlhmore, Po. , MODERN DANCERS IN FOLK PROGRAM M ..... GeOrge B. Sickei of stnth _val hel4 In -...pbOD)' JIaIL Ha.ven avenue spent the week.-end Her da~hter Barbara 18 • memo­In Boston and atteD4e4 tile NlIw ber of tile chOrlJll from Walnut En~land Preparatory Behool M .... o Hill SchooL College Group Invites Boroites to Per­formance The Dopartment ot Phystcal Ed­ucation tor Women Is presenting the Modern Dance Group of Swarthmore College in a dance re­cital In Clothier Memorial on Fri­day evening. April 26, at 8:16 p.m. The first part ot the program will Include a )lumber ot dances whlcb have been shown prevlously among them the American Ballad "The Land Is Wide'" and the Suite "Out of 'rhla World" based on a number of cartoons from Steig's book "The Lonely Ones. II The second half of the program is to be given over entire~ to a production of the American tolk tale ''The Big M_USlc" tron'", a. col­lection ot authentic folk tales by Rachel Field. This story comes from the book "Up Eel River" by Margaret _ Prescott Montague, and te.. a myth among the lumbermen o·t West Virginia whose' hero (com­pa:.: able to tbe mytblcal character Paul Bunyan In New England and the Northwest) Is known 8B T~ny Beaver. The production .ts an eX­periment In the expression ot a tolk form in the idiom o( modern dance movement, and the etory, with Its nicely balanced combina­tion of fantasy and reality. lends Itself unusuai'J.y well to da.nce ex .. pression. Gloria. Clement Is taking the part of Tony Beaver, Sue Otto that of Fiddllng Jimmy, and Terry Lor .. win that ot· Prea.cher Moses Mut­ters. the calamity hunter, with Saily Demond as lAdy Haystack. joining up tn the dance 'With Big Henry; danced }):y Barbara Bosman. The two dance groups wUt be as­sisted In the production by three plano accompanists, a narrator, and several Instrumentalists. "-nie Big Music" la a real American Tall Tale. ' A group of students from Chey­ney Teachers' College wlU give a dance study In syncopation on tbe first part of tbe program. A'lso some of the children of Swarth­more in the Saturday morning claBa with Alice Gates will do a short dance In the "Big Music" In which they will Impersonate leaves and fiowers. Coffee will be ~erved in the Clois­ters during Intermlsslon. All triends ot the college are Invited. • DRICONU .,... .". .. =2 Ie" Dr aDd IOD ._proi. ...... ,... ....... --... of S H ............... W. a inJ, ..... e.IF eo _ .. '" IIa. ..... "",a "n • ...,. 2" "F L 0IIIa from J"W local ~ _ ..... dina ,. ..... 'sa folder • NYLON SWEATER , , 3·95 '-... CLASSICS BY .... '""-....... JUNE PORTER '""\. ,,--"'. J It's a sweater sensation, this nylon classic. Just feel its buller-soft, cashmere-like texture! Washes and dries in a jiffy, won't shrink, won't shed. Hard to resist in royal, pink. white, blue, red. maize. turquoise, black, brown, kelly. 34 to 40. Second Floor IF you'r.e planning on a New Home . .• PLAN to includt MODERN LIVINGI Ia your dream home of the future, )'01111 want all those . time and Jabor.saYing appl;a!W!l that make liYiD& so eujoy­able. Hooding the ·1iIt of _ app1i­ances should be aD Wi I ,-tic watw beata, • large IIze nfdaerat- willa • fa- food ....... l'a ,4 I .. Is _ ., elf :laic dishwasJ.- that m...... after­.11 ... dmnnp • cinch, and of -se. • - ruge lQ pmvicle deaD, ClOOI, d , -was. With theR four w,.",,-'t­iDe ~a_ lQ Wp willa the ...... hold .... ,....11 laow .... .." ..,. alMt ' ...... . " ... PHILADELPHIA ILECTRIC COMPANY I , , .------ '1' \ RTHIIJOR COI.I .• lml~ LI.,B., .R, ARY • \ GIVE YOUR •.. SUPPORT 'SWARTHMOREAN . SALVA-ATION ARMY VOL No.. X\iJD=No. 17 SWARTHMORE.;PA., FRIDAY, APRIL 26,1946 $3.00 PER YEAR Extra - C urr ic ular Activitie$ to Be Topic The Swarthmore Home and School Association wUI bold Its fin­al meeting for this school year· on Tuesday. April 30. in'; the Hlp School aUditorium. The meeting will tak~ the form of Q. panel dis­cussion on on'2 of the most discus­sed factors In the school program ---extra-curricular activities. Par­ents and teachers wiU get together for the usual Goclal period at 7:30 p.m. when the mothers of : the 9th grade will be bostess under Mrs. Wa.rren Godfrey. hoSpitality cnairman. The meeting wlll begin promptly at 8 p.m. While both· the ~hool (acuity and parents feel there I~ need for and benefit from extra-curricular programs both groups reaUze that the problems tl:lat arise from such activity are many. and It la the purpose of the Association to serve I LastCaU Ptlazgraft', announces the cur .. rent total of collections In the April campaign .tanels at $8100. Last year Swartllmore raised $413e to aid tills well-known cba.rlty with Its malnteDance and ~r work expenses wblch continue deaplte tile signi.Dg of th.e peace. AU solicltors are urged to turn In their receipts to their captain. w1~hout delay. It will be appre~lated If anyone who hu not I been contacted for a contribution will communicate with Mrs. Grttrln. telephone awa. 3072. ., GARDNER GALLERY TALK INSTRUCTS "ANGEL STREET" BELIES TITLE Period Thriller Players Clubs Excels at Excellent directing, acting, stag­ing earn tor the current Players Club production of "Angel Street" the highest rating. The Patrick Hamilton thriller of the gaslight era 16 a skilled compound of "dark fears an,d "' doubts" against a relIef of courage. all alleviated by Rough's heartening dose. Mrs.' Parry Presents Two-Act Play as a clearing house for the pros • Tuesday The cast is small, an aid to the ever tightenhtg suspense. but It Is strong, surc, and without weak­n~ HS. UUan Lcswing p.s Mrs. Man­ningham Is completely satisfying. She Is capable ot sustained stress. subservience and torment. but or heights, alflo. Robert ~nsdon as Mr.' Manningham Is the epltol}le of evil. suave. Impeccable, cold, and cruel. I The audience Is in complete ac- • and cons. The panel will be headed by G. Baker Thompson. High School principal. who wl1l discuss the ob­jectives of extra-curricular actlvi .. ties flnel give a brief history of their development. The school faculty wi~l be rep­resented by ~ugene Udell who will • cord with Carl Leswlng as Rough "There are many qualities in when ho ejacul*tes "0, God tn painting toat haven't yet been Heaven, am I not n Wonderful caught a~d labeled, and they are Man 1" Mr. Leswlng delivers a top­the valuable ones..u cYril Gardner. notch performance. His co*ckney Is wolf-known Wallingford portrait painter told the Swarthmore Wo­man; s Club on Tuesda.'Y. "If ~ thing excellent. his enthusiasm contag­ioUIJ. his deltberation maddening, hla klndline8s w('lcome. In addition to his performance. he and his co-dlscU88 some- of the problel1)s the can be said In words. then there's director Nathaniel Doughty have Thanks Community I In behalf ot the Swarthmore Branch ot the American Red CroBS, It Is with a great deal of pleasure that I thank and con­gratulate the 1165 contribu\ors and 143 SOlicitors, captains, chairmen, and committoe mem­bers. of Swarthmore and Ridley TownsJ:1lp at the close of the 1946 campafgn. To date $14.333.38· has been pledged against the quota of $1&.000 which Is 96.6 per· cent. This year's campaign has been a very dUDcult one, which has requll1!d intensive and organized eilort on the part of the entire committee to come as close to our goal as WB8 attained. Actually SWarthmore reached $12,949.50 and Ridley Township $l.383.8g wblch Is 67.1 per cent and 31 per cent of the 1-845 rcc­ord campaign. the total ot $14.- 333.38 being 60.5 per cent of the 1945 figure of 123,728.79. This year there were 1156 con­tributors in Swarthmore alone comparcd with 1281 in 1946 .. It. has been a prlvlIege to havo been In the ppsitlon or ob­serving the experienced Fund Committee tackle its tough o.s­slgnment. The aid of numerous organizations, particularly The Swnrtlnnorenn, has been inval­uable. The men and women still in the armed forces CM be assured that their home town is ba.cklng them up. Signed. Walter A. Schmidt Red Cross Fund Chairman. COLLEGE PLANS FOLk fESTIVAL 2nd Annual Event ~ast Three Days in May· The SwartJ).more College Wohl­en's Physlcal EducatlO)i I;>eparl .. mont Is sponsoring Its second an­nual Folk Festival on May 10. 11 and 12. The first of -thel!l8 festivals was held last year at the epd of March. Although the number of outside guests from visiting co~ leges wns &mnll because of travel. restrictions. the event was ex­tremely successful and worthwhUe, so much 80, It was decided to re .. peat It. Originally the fel;5tival developed in the college's recreational folk dance dnsses. It is now jointly sup· ported by other student organiza­tion including the W.A.A .• Outing Club, the Recreational Square Dance Group, Somerville and Coo­per Foundatio'ns. The festival I brLngS together small groups from various colleges to enjoy CoUt songs, to dance together, and to share the privilege of seeing and t\llking "'ith a number of guest ar­tists in the "folk·' fieJd. It also shoes real pleasuro and relaxation to many In the college community nnd tow.n and adds to their gen­eral appreciation of the folk arts. "chool taccs in the organlzo.tion not much use In painting"· achieved a high standard in their ADULT S' .COUTS ,.IN and ho..ndUng of such' activities;' 1..1..._ 1 r. G ard ncr gav.e an In fo rmaI first such undcl'tn.king tor the Play-and by HenJ'Y Hoffman who will. ·""gallery talk" In corinecflij):""'Wl\l1 ·ers--Club;' .- -', > Twenty colleges have been Invit­ed to scnd ·bmall groups to partiel pate in the week-end's activities. Some of these groups will demon· stl'ate dances which th·oy do in theil' home college dance groups. The festival, In addition, is open to the entire college community. and the town. and city people In this ar':!n who are Interested in folk ac­tivities. gI·!.e (1n account of the present ex;-' the opening of the AnnUl~1'EXhlb1_ Edria H~rnaday and Jane Wur-' ·BOROUGH· S· URVEY tr~-~Url"ICHlar pt:,oK.ram In Swartli- tloil by Swarthmore ArUsts. ar- ster as servants EUzabcth _B:.Q.d more schools. ;, t·anged by tnc Art Section of the Nan~y pIny thell' indlspcnsa1l1e Mrs. Geol·gO Kal'ns, as a repre- club. Mrs. Carl deMoll, chairman.· roles with' discrimination nnd gutie sentatlvc, of parent opinion, will Up to' about 76 years ago, said rQundtng out the strange h~u8e­raisc q'uestlons about the control Mr. Gardner, the forms ot art hold. Elizabeth is the servant type a.nd lImifa~jonri of these nctivltles; ('hanged very .... gradually. In an- but expendable; Nancy knowing and John Mal'shall, another par- clent works of art only an expert and bold. Ned Pyle nnd Erne!:t ent, will discuss the wIsdom of can distinguish ·between thos, of Federoff team up again on the side these conti'ols. It Is hoped that dls- one centu~ nnd those of the pext. cussion trom the floor will follow· Chinese art looks like Chinese art so that a real exchange of opinion whether done 200 .or 20~0 years may be enjoyed. Parents nre urged ago. In the Rennaissance the pace to attend and express their Ideas ot art was accelerated. The Vene-and ,crI tI c Is ms. tlans were more interested In light· Robert N. Hilkert, president of and color and the, F.lorentines in form and Unc. But eVen so, to the • of the lnw. dependably. The Pl'odu·dlon i~ staged b~ Vir­ginia and Erne~t Federoff with mce aUcnUcul t.o period and atmos­phere. OUlcrH on the production stare arc Martha Kelghton. Po'lT)' Campboll, Howard Pennell, Allnn '--- Dis c u s s ion Series Producing Live Ideas • The Ill'st two neighbol'hood meet­ingH of Swarthmore GII'l Scout adults Were held at the Girl Scout House at 9:30 011 Thursday morn­inis. 'April 18 and 26. MI·s. Robert Hilkert acted as chairman of the Registl:atton. followed by dinner nt Ii o'cloclt in the college dIning, room opens the program. Reginald and Gladys Lnubin Pl'eaunting In- (Continued on Page' 10) the Association. will call for the report Qt the nOJpinaUng commit­tee headed. by Robert J. Cadigan, past president. Easterner, western art ,loyked aU altke. C. 'Vood. Mrs. Thomas M. Jac.kson, MIS. Charlcm D. Mitchell, Mrs. J. S. 25 women present. College Orchestra In Concert May 3 GRADUATION PLAN Announcement has just been mnde by -Dick Shelly. chairman of the -Commencement Committee of Today the trend is toward indi­vidual forms or expression. In the past large numbers ot followers tral1ed after a -great master and in­novations came BE-ldom. But about 60 to 75 'Years ago French art broke away. and there ·were soon almost as many stylea as painters. "The inconvenience of this self- W-eltmar, Betty Moran, Virginia Hpc'lkel's Included Mrs. C. E. Som, mer, and Paul Banits.. Bosch. District Chairman of the "Angel Street .. continues tonight Baltimore Pike Dist~lct, Mrs. Gar­~ lnd.. .. tOJnorl'o,v. Seek Rooms rett Magens. Senior Scont Leader of Lonsdo,vne, Mrs. Charlos Israel. fO"mer leadcr in Swarthmore and present Girl Scout Program chair­m~ n fOI' this county, and Mrs. M. • Dr. van de Kamp to Direct Varied Program the graduating class, that the Bac- expression," Mr. Gardner pointed calaureate Service w111 be held on out humorously, "Is that those who Mrs. E. 1\£. Bassett, H.ed Cross Chairman ot Volunteel' Services. ilsks any Swarthmol"ean willing to rent rooms to delegates to the Red Cross Convention in Philadelphia, Junc 18 to 21, to call her at Swar\hmOl'e 1010, immedintely. w. Garrett leader of local Girl On F'dday evening. May 3, the Scout Troop 16. I Swal"thmOl:e- College Orchestra will Discussion of the fact that at give a concert. at 8:15 p.m. tn Clo­pl'~ scnt Swarthmore has only one thler :Mcomol'ial. open to ~oth the Sunday afternoon. June 9. at 6 active intermediate troop as con. college a.nd the community. p.m. in the SWarthmore Presbyter­ian · Church. The Baeci'ilaureate ser­mon win be delivered by the pas­tor. Dr. David Braun, assisted by other ministers ot the community as in forme·r·years. ,... 'rhe Commencement Exercises wIll be held in Clothier Memorial at SWarthmore College on Tuesday night· at 8 p.m. The Commence­ment speaker will be Dr. Hanson, President of Gettysburg College. and there wUI be several speeches and. mUsical numbers by members of the graduating class. Admission to the Commencement .Exerclses wm be by ticket only, as in pre­vious years. BacIJ From,BeIgium , . Cpl. Andrew F. RoblfLIJon. Jr., received bls discharge a,-n. Dix an. Tuesday. April 16. at serving overseas one year and sl mofltbs.. and has Joined his parents Mr. and Mrs. A. F~ Robinson of Rutgera avenue. , serpv.reldo rw toi.t hV .ti-le. EII~rd. CEf'aRn otbry.l D aaon.n 4 since theli hu "tieen r liupez'-· Visor'of i'w'lIln Be am ... . . . 'vant to like what's 'right' .are sud­denly thrown on their O"\.Vil' resour­ces and are utterly bewUdered by the array of styles." "It is more important to see woat is In a pa,i nting than what is not.. ,. tho speaker advised. "If you are particularly: tond ot one t'ype ot j:ainting, you may miss a certain restraint or harmony ot drawing In another type, andl"be aware only of wltat is not there." There Is a tendency on the part of artists to specialize so if a picture Is trying to be one thing. don't be distressed ·bbuse it Is notl another. Thi~ will be the Urst nation a!. convention of the Red Cross since'1941. Ten thousand dele­gutes are expected wth city ho­tels able to accommodate only. 6000. Therefore, suburban branches are asked to find addi­tional llccommodaUons. Mrs. Bassett will apllreclat~ prompt response. TIDS WEEKS CALENDAR FrIda)". Apljl 28 1.30 to 5: 00 P.M., 7:00 to 9: 00 P.M.-Art Exhibition. Woman's Club 3:00 P.M.-H, S. Lacrosse with Springslde ................ College Ave. Field 7:00 P.M . ..:.....cub Pack Meettng .......... ................... Trinity· Parish House 8: 16 P.M.-Modern lJanclng ..... "~ ......... ... ................... Clothier Memorial 8:20 P.M.-"Angel 8treet·~~:F: . .Aiii1i .. ii;-. .................... Play.ers· Club 1:30 to 6:00 P.M.-Art Exhibition .......... .... .................. Woman~s Club 2:30 P.M.-College Baseball With Drexel ............................ College Field 2:30 P.M.--CoUego Lacrosse with Drexel .......................... College Fle'J.d 7.00 & 9:00 P.M.-"Carnlval in Flanders" .................. Clothier Memorial 8: 20 P.M.-"Angel Street" _~ ............ ... ................. _ .............. Players- Club . SUndaY. April 28 . 11: 00 A.M.-Morning Worship ......... ...... ........................ Local Churches ,. . To da7. AJ):rIl SO. ,.' 2:00 P.M.-DraJl1ll. Prograrll ••...••... _ ........ .. ~ .................... Woman's Club • 8:11Q P.lI1,-,H"me 'and mhO,,1 ........................................ H. S. Auditorium WedJI sda7, Va.,. 1 lIto P."-'l'ea" _ Book· R __ ._; .••. _ ... ... Metllodlst Churcb , ~ ftc: • 7. ,Ma,. 2 . .. '.' 8:00 P.II.~morean Wrapping .................. Sw. erthmorean .O ll!lce tmsted to three inlermediate Conducted by Dr. Peter van de troops and a Mariner Ship a short K,unp, directOr of Sproul Observa­time_ ago reBulted in several con- tory, the orchestra of more than cretc suggestions for progressive 30 Instrumentallsts. wHl begin the nction. One of these was a course concert with Gluck's Overture to for leaders to be held In Swarth- "Iphlgenta In AuUs'·: This win he mQre this spring with a minimum followed by Bcethoven's 2nd Sym. .. of 12 and a maximum of 25 re- phony'in D major. This Symphony qull·ed. , consists of four movements. all In A nominating committee ap- a happy and jo:rful mood. Mozart's pointed by Mrs. Hllkert to secUre O"crtn:'c to ~'The Marriage 01 Fig­a neighborhood chairman to re- uro" and the gay, rhythmic ftnal pla.ce MIS: Ernest R.' Laws reslgn- chorus from uPrlnee. Igor". by ed inclU(les Mrs. Carroll P. Strcet- Borodlne, will be played. Joan Car­er. Mrs. Laws, Mrs. Avcry Blake, 1'011 .thC' orchestra's harpist, will },f,·s. Alvah Stuart and Mrs. Her- phs ·thl'l'(, f:!hort solo pieccs by Sn.l~ man '"Bloom. zcdo. Any persons interested in Girl One of Dr. van de Knmp's com- Scouting who would ltke to meet positions. "Paris Sketches. Summer with these enthUsiastic planners are asked to notify :Mrs. Hilkert by telephone of their interest. All Ideas at'<e most welcome to group which seeks to secure Scouting In the borough, from couraglng la-p8es~· '. this Girl Mr. Albert Thatcher of Mont­clal. r. N. J .• and EdltII Thatcher of Bucknell Unlveralty spent Easter week-end with theIr parenbJ Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Thatcher of Ogden avenue. _ , 1945", will be heard for the first time. The moods of the· six short musical sketches are Indicated by the titles: "Mal du Pay s' "Cha-lnps Elysees". ··Llberatlon". ··Revcrh.'·', "Pourquoi pas?" and uMontJnal'tl"e··. The program con .. tatns plenty of variety, and repre .. sents the culmtn~tton of many en­Joyable' hours of musle making. Everyone Is Invited to attend the concert, which starts at 8:l6 p.m. and js ,open to aU Interested In hearIng an· amateur· group per-form.

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\ 2 THE SWARTHMOREAN PERSONALS Miss Dallas Ia a graduate of the Media High School alld attendell Tusculum College, Greeneville, Tenn. Lt. Comdr. Charles E. Nelson, USN whose ship the USS WelaS was In the Washington Navy Yard for 8everal days accompanied hla wltol the former Miss Betty Hayes, to Swarthmore on Saturday to .pend the Easter week-end with her parents, the Ralph S. Hayes. ot Oberlin avenue. Ensign Harry F. Brownfreported Wednesday to the U.S. Naval HOB­pital. Bethesda, Md.. tor turther treatment after a 30-day leave at hiB home on North Chester·road. there they followed the Mohawk troll to Poughkeepsie, N. Y .. and returned home by way of Buck Mr. Neal Is a graduato ot the Dovel', N. H. High. School and the University of New Ham'pBhlre. The wedding wUI take place in IDll Falla. Lt. Scott B. Lilly, Jr., Mrs. the near future. Lilly aDd their small daughter ---~--- Leslie ot Waehlngton. D. C .. spent TOMORROW'S BRIDE Easter week.end with the tormer's The marriage of Miss Anna Lou parents Dr. and Mrs. Scott B. Taylor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lilly of Plush MUI Road, Wall- Percival Franklin Taylor, Pine lngford. LL Lilly will be released Ridge, to Captain Che.rles 'Joseph from the Army In July and will HarneY, Jr., A.U.S;, 80n of Mr. and then return to Harvard University Mrs. Harney, Demarost, N. J., wUI to complete his B.A. degree prior take plnce Saturday, April 27, at to beginning graduate work at the 4 o'clock In the Wallingford Pres· university. byt.erlan Church. WalUngford. The l\lrs. Lewis D. Lawrence who has Reverend John D. Rowland will been visiting her pnrents Mr. and perform the. coremony. took place Thureday. April 18. ,.t Armonk, the country home of the bride's mother. The bride a graduate ot Swarth­more College, paa been maklng her home with ).It'll. Myra Doe and family of Princeton avenue while teaching at Rose Valley School. Lt. Comdr. Elverson, a former tootball coach at Swarthmore Col· lege Is nOw stationed at Ottumwa, Iowl\ where the couple wUI live for the present. " BIRTHS Mr. and Mrs. Herbert B. Pear~ son. of 11 Robin Road. West Hart­ford. Conn., ann-ounce the birth of a. 80n, Jeffrey Speare Sunday, April 21. Mrs. Pearson Is the Pearson, on former MISS Mr. and Mrs. D. E. MorleY of Walnut lane entertained Mrs. Mor­ley's father Mr. J. A. Edwards and her sister HiB8 Mary Edwards of Richmond. Mich., over the Easter Mrs. H. I. Hoot _or Lafayette ·ave. The bride w11l, be given in mar-riage by her father and will wear Charlotte Mae Speare, daughter of nue for the past three weeks was guost of honor at a surprise show· week. end. a white brocaded taffeta wedding Mrs. Nathan Spoore, of Westdale gown made with a tight.fttting Ilvenue and South Chester rondo er, Monday eVening. The guests In· • Anne J. Perkins. it. student at the University of Delaware 8pen~ the Easter week-end at her home on Cedar lane. dudeu Mrs. Thomas Garwood, Mrs. bodice, off shouldel' neckline with Elam Hitchner. Mrs. Harold Mnc~ a pleated told and a yoke of net, long Ught slecves and u. rull skirt Midge Brown of North Chester road and Elizabeth Rutan of Og­den avenue entertained at a dessert-bridge and surprise shower at Mias Rutan's home on Wednesday. April 1'1 In honor of Miss Sara Cook of Thayer road whOl5e engagement to Mr. Ben .. jamln S. ColUns of North Chester road has been announced. Corklc, 'Mrs. Robert Marks. Mtss Janet Harris, MI88 Alice Craemer, Miss Virginia Yerkes of Swarth­more, and Mrs. Neal Schnaitter of Spdngfteld. Mrs. J.Awrence left Wednesday for Boston. Mass., to Join her husband who will be a student of the Graduate School of Business Administration at Har­vard University. Mr. and Mrs. Heston D. McCray, Mr. and Mrs. Jay D. Cook u! I Jr .• ot Cornell avenue had as their Thayer road entertained a tamlly week~end guests. Mr. and Mrs. group over Easter week-end John Smith and daughte'i", Helene which Included their daU8'hter of Buflalo. N. Y., and Mr. and Mrs. Betty home from .Penn State. Joe W. Shaeffer Smith of Ventnor, N.J. Cook ot the Mercbant Marine. Ml's. John Smith nnd Helene and bome an leave, and tbeir son-in Mrs. Shaeffer Smith will remain law and daught~r Mr. and Mrs. this week. ending In a train. Her finger-Up tulle veil will fuJI from a .Juliet cap of tulle trimmed with wbite boods. She w1l1 carry on old .. fashioned bouquet of gardenias edged with a tulle frill and tied with satin streamers to which gar­denias are caught. Miss Elizabeth Florence Taylor will act as maid of honor for her slater and Miss Audrey Harney, ~18- tel' of the groom, will be the bridesmaid. They wlll wear dusty pink bengal1ne dresses made wltb tlght.lltting bodices,' high round necks which button down the front. bracelet sleeves and full :Mr. and Mrs. PhUlp Cressman of Cedar lane are receiving congrat­ulations on the birth Of their third daughter Virginia Frances. April 16 in the Woman's Medical College. Phtladolphla. The baby, Is tho' granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Perkins of Cedar lane. Lt. Col. and Mrs. Edwin Cla.rk Aiken of Stone House Farm. Lees­burg, Va." and Washington, D. C., announce the birth ot a son, Rob­ert Ewing Aiken on Mondaly, April 16. . Lt. ';01. Aiken who 1s on duty at Guam Is the Bon of Mrs. Alexandor Ewing of Dartmouth avenue. FRIDAY, :APRIL .26, lM8 Wlhnlngton. Del. 'l'he baby's g~andpardnts are Mr. and Mrs. Edward Orem of Dar­lington formerly of 8warthmore and Mr. and Mrs. E. G. ~a1lqulst of University City, Mo., formerly ot Wallingford. Mr. and Mrs. Phllips Vaololater, I of Marlboro. N. J., are receiving congratulations, upon the birth of a Bon, Douglas Slnclnire- Van Mater, on March 30. Mrs. VanMute.. was formerlY M1ss Caroline Sincialre. daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Sin­claire, . of Freehold. N. J., former­ly of Harvard avenue. ------------------~~ Keep it ticking. and lengthen the days of ple .. ure and ...vice yon can get &Om yo~ cara No need to worry if lOU can't get delivery Oil a new ooel Pedrick Piston Rings will give your engine that new..,.... pep and pOrformaoce. Ask U8 about installing a guar­anteed Engineered Set of Pedrick Rings for new power, Dew savinga in g.. and oil. Can ... for an appointment. Schurz and their young son Jimmy Mr. and'. Mrs. Lawrence Jewett RUSSElL'S SERVICE of Allentown. Their son Lt. Jay D. and s~:ms WilHam and .Edward of dook. Jr., telephoned tram Cali.. Rolling Grce'n Park and Mrs. WlI­fornla. Saturday, after arriVing In 11am F. Swan ot Overbrook spent port from TIIlngtao, China. Easter with Mr. _ and'· Mrs. P. H. skirts Bhtrr~d to the bodice. They ·' .. t. (jg) and Mrs. Ralph Hall­will carry loose bouquets of sprlDg qulst ot Darlington are being con .. flowers in shades of dusty pink' gratulated on the birth of a. daugh-and lavender stock tied with ter. Roberta. Marie on Wednesday. lIalike Yoa~._Ctlr LaMt lb. IhnuUull ..... matching streamers. Their tulle April 10, in the Dela.ware Hospital, Replar 8e"lce WUI 011 11. hats will be trimmed with match· _______________ ..:.. __ "-__________ _ :Mary Duro a. student at pem-l Jewett of Kenyon avenue. . broke College of Brown University Ml"8. Edward L. Conwell of spent a four day Easter holida.y North Chester road entertained 16 at her home on Ogden avenue. guests at luncheon and bridge on Flora Lee accompanied by her Tuesday.' roommate at -wilson College. Jane Mr. and Mrs. Wtl1tam R. Mc­Webb of Greenwich. Conn •• spent Henry of Pn.rrlsh road entertalnod the week-end at Flora's home on Mr. and Mrs. Wllliam E. Hetzel Harvard aTenne. of Thayer road and Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George M. Allen Charles P. Shaw of Ridley Park and children .Jane and Goorge of for dinner Wednesday evening pre· Riverview road returned Sunday ceding the performance of "Angel evening after spending the week.. Sttect" at the Players Club. end in Williamsburg. Va. Mr. and Mrs. C. IrwIn Galbreath Barbara Knabb a student at of B6njamln West avenue had as Penn-State College spent the their Easter house guests, Mrs. Easter week-end at her home on Galbreath's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Horner ot Balthnore Princeton avenue. Md. Mr. Horner l'eturned to his' Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Campbell of home on Tuesday c\·ening. but Mrs. . College a.venue were hosts Thurs· HOrner remained for a. week.. day night to Mr. 'Campbell's Mra and .Mrs. James B. Douglas brother and slster-In·law, Mr. and or North Chester road spent the Mrs. George W. Campbell and sons Easter week-end at their cottage Dick and Paul who were enronte in Cape May, N . .J. lng flowers. Ca.ptain John P. Ptllepach. Clos· ter. N. .J., w1l1 be best man. r.rhe ushers will b~ Mr. Henry J. Htlle, Nc~ York; Mr. Allen Mtl .. ler, Bowling Green. Media. and Mr. Robert Frankltn Taylor. 2nd, Pine Ridgb. brother of the bride. will wear u. char· with u. mntching ... Mrs. 'J"aylor tr~u8(· gown flower hat and a corsage ot laven· del' orchtds. Mrs. Harney will wear n. dusty I'ose gown and brown hat. Hcr corsage will be of bl·own ol'c~lds. A. reception wHl follow at the home of tho bride's pal·ents. ELVERSON-ELIAS The marriage ot Mles JoSephine Ellas of Princeton avenue, daugh­ter ot Mrs. Henry Elias of . New York City and Annonl<. N. y .. to Lt. Comdr. Lewis Henry Elverson. U.S.N.R:. of Tom's River. N. J .• to their home In OWOSS8., Mich. Mrs. Percy C. Feger of West En- Elaine Kite and Mary Agla.r d!- g Io wood. N. ;r.. returned to •..J. ,Un1..T V• . ASSEMBL.'•" Youngstown, Ohio, students at home on Tuesday after several Borough Hall Goucher College spent the week- days visit with Mrs. Otto Kraus. z~o :&tMW~~:r end' .at Elaine'" borne on Ogden Jr., of Benjamin West avenue. 1;;;;;;~E~"I~ery:a:!~one~=-W~~eI~com~~~e~ _ avenue. S 2/C Vincent GaUngher who Is Jack Ward, & student at Penn stationed in Washington. D. C., FOR ' State College spent from Thu1"8day spent the week-end at hi. home on MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS to Saturday at his home on South J">artmouth avenue. Chester road. Saturday. Mr. and CaD Mrs. Ward and ;rack drove to Penn ENGAGEMENT Mn. Uoyd E ..... -. ..-....._- State tor the week .. end. .,.\11 ....... Anne Bradtord. a student at 'f d Swarthmore 2080 J.l r. an Mrs. Robert M. Dallas Pembroke College. Brown Unlver- ot Media ·and Charleston, S. C .• an": stty. returned Monday after spend- nounce the engagement of their Ing the weok-end at her bome on daughter, Rosalie Mae to Robert Swarthmore avenue. On Saturday, Alden Neal son of Mr. Ernest L. Anne entertained 11 girls trom the Neal and the late Mrs. Neal of Do­class of '4:6 at Swarthmore }{tgh vcr, N. H. Mr. Neal Is now resld· School for luncheon. iug in Swartbmore. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Griest of South Chester road spent ~r week-end In Atlantic City. N. J. Un. Clifford Banta of Parrish road spent tour days ot last week on an automobUe trip with trlencla to Northampton, !laBS., from THE PLAYERS CLUB of Swarthmore Angel Street ~ VICtorian Tbriller ~ Patrick Hamilton Diaecton: CuI Leaw" NatlwUel D slaty \.priI23, 24, 25- 26,.27 8:20 P. MEDIA THEATRE Thurs, • Fri. - Sat, Dennis O'Keefe Perry Como Carmen Miranda "DOLL FACE" Cams delivers INER RESHER LOWERS OR \ ANY EVENT Standard Decorative i and Novelty Candles Greeting Cards c~~s "Orchids Alwayti' .......... Spa' s~hl" P .. · fta •• Swa. CMIO MICHAEL'S COLLEGE.PHARMACY . On the Com*,, . '"I , , '. .... " ... NAbONALLY ADVERnSED, lei's Us,.. la"Slh -IT'S tHE REXAU. Diuo RADIO' SHOW Stcirrlng JI"IMlr DURANTE 01141 Gon!r·MOOH. R'DAY HlOHT-CH,- . . FRIDAY, APRIL 28, IM8 THE SWARTHIIOREAN 3 . . \ THE SW ARTHMOREAN f'{JBIII.oII-18B1HIIE,i:lin Ef&BY PBlDAY AT BWAiW_OR& TBJI SWABTIDIOBEAlf. Dlo.. PIJDI,IHHi;P ft SR." HMwe 0100 PA. Pm'JIIR]I. TOLD. EdItor KARJ'ORIE TOLD. A_ts EdItor Loft". MeCarter RooaJIe Pell'llOl AnD. N. CoohraD J!lDtsred ... Seoonll Claaa Matter. JaD......,. lI4. uat. at the P­O_ at Swartlunore. PL. under the Act of Maroh I. 18 n. Presbyterian Church Notes i)r. Braun will preach at the 11 o'clock servicE'. Mr. and Mrs. Fred­erIck Beck. at the Harvard Ave. door. and Mr. and Mrs. Fredetlck. Almgren at -the driVeway-transept entrance, w111 asslBt the minister in extending the greetings of the church to the congregation after the 6crvlce. :Mr. Don Jones will be at the Harvard Ave, entrance to gT'{'ct college students and all young people. An departments of the Church School meet Sunday morning at 9:4:5 o'clock. Dr. Braun will con­clude a series of talks which be haa been giving to the Senior De­partment. ReN. Roger Perkins witt addreas the Junior-Intermediate The CoJ!ege Student's Forum and . the HJgh School Fellowship wtll meet Sunday o\'e, at 6: 00 tor sup­per, followed by their - regular meetings. 'Mr. Roger Perkins will aduress the Fellowship group on "Now Trails ·in Central BrazU" . The monthly sewing day of t.he Woman's Association will be held WedDosday. May 1, from 10 to " o·clock. Circle 4, Mrs. Earle P. Yerkes, Chairman, will be in charge. Luncheon. prepared by CHURCH SERVICES Mrs. J. V. S. Bishop's Committee. will be served. The Chancel Choir wll1 rehearse Thursday evening at. 7:46 o'clock. The Chapel Choir wilt rehearse at 6:00 on Sunday. The Junior Choir wUI not meet this week. Tbe AuxllJary of the Presbyter­tun Home for Aged Couples and· Aged Men. Bala, Pa., cordially In­vites you to attend a Tea. and Mu· sical to be held in the Overbrook ((hurch House. City Line and Lan­ca.. ster Avenues on Saturday after .. noon, April 27 from 2 to 5 o'clock. There will be sewing tor the Red Croas on Wednesday, May 1, from 10 a.m. to , p.rn .. Luncheon will be provided. Trinity Church Notes Methodist Church Notes The Church School meets on Sunday morning at 9:46. Classes are prOvided tor children of all ages and for adults. At the morning service at 11 o'clock, Chaplain Harold D. }!"lood will be the guest preacher. c'hap­lain }!"lood ;has just returned from 8WARTHMORE PRESBYTERIAN two years service in the Southwest CHURCH Re" David Braun. Minister Pacific. 9 :45 _A. M.-cJturch· school. The Church Nursery Is prepared 11:00 A. :H.-Morning Worship. to care for the smaller children 6:00 P. ,)f.-FeJlowshlp. during the morning service. Mrs. METHODIST CHURCH. Paul Caldweli and Miss BC\'erly Roy N. KeI8(~.D., Minister. Harlow will be In charge this week. S :45 . A. M.-C:~h :Choot. Circle No. 3 Is sponsoring a tea 11:00 A. M.-Mornlng Worship. Ser- and book review by Mrs. Paul Tow~ mon topic, nero-on Wednesday, May 1 at 2 p.m. ~7~:.:.OO:....::P.:..~M:::... -="'..:o..:u..:th::...F::.I:lo:.w::..::h..:I~P:.. __ lin the chapel. . The Of'f'Iclal Board wlll meet in the chapel on Friday ev~nlng, May 3, at 8 o'clock. TRINITY CHURCH Rev. Gen. rhrl"tlan Anderson. Rector SUNDAV. APRIL 28 8:ftai A.M.-HolY Communion. S:45 A. M • ...;... Church Sehool 11 :00 A. M.-·Morning Prayer and Ser­mon. MONDAV (ST. MARK) 10:00 A. M..-Holy Communion. WEDNESDAY (SS. PHILIP, JAMES) 10:00 A. M.-Holy Communion. TlUD RELIGIOUS SO(::IETY OF FRIENDS ~tJNU·' 9 :45 A. X.-Adull Forum: Speaker. .Jean Toomer; subject,. ""What the World Awaits." 11:ot A. M.-MeeUna. "'EDNESDAY ':3& A. M. to 3:10 P. ?d.-Bewiug alld Quilting In Whittier House. Box luncheon. All are cordially invited. FllUlT CHURC& OF ~HRIST. SCIENTIBT OF SWARTHMORE Park Avenue Below Hat'Vard ,sUNDAY l1:ot A. M.-Sunda,. School. 11:00 A. ".-Sunday LeIIson Sermnn. WednesdAy evening IIlMtillg each .... k. " P; In, Reading rwm ,open dati)' ueept SUndays and holidaY" 12 tn & p.m. WedneBc1ay evenln .. , .'1 to 7 '60 p.m. and 9 to- 9' :80 p.m. Church Edl­II ... AU are ,cordially Invited to attetaa. Christian ScieDce Church Notes "Probation atter Death" Is the subject of the :Le8Bon.Sermon in all Churches ot Chrlst. Scientist. on Sunday. Aprll 28. The Golden Text Is: "Take heed. brethren. lest tbere be In any of you an evll heart of unbeliet, In departing f.rom the llving God. But exbort one annther dally. while it Is called To day; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitful­ness of sin" (Hebrews 3:12,13). Mrs. Will C. McGraw left Easter night fOl" her home "tn Evanston. III.. following a three "Weeks viBlt wtth her brother and, Mr. and' Mrs. Palmer L. Skoglund and ner sister,· Ida Skoglund 11.'1 of Swarthmore place. Wblle here, Mrs. McGraw was present at tbe blrtbdays of' Sonilra Skoglund on April 6 and Skipper Skoglund on • April' 12 and the chrtstenlng of all three Skoglund children on Eiu.ter Sunday. NEWS NOTES Barbara. BroWD. a .t.udent at Bryn Mawr College spent the week-end at her home on River­view road. holidays with their IIOn·ln-law &DII da1l8hter Mr. _II M ... Eo Everett Pierce of York. Pa. Their .....,d­ean Timothy Pierce who returDe4 with them will be jolnell by hili parents and brother Turk. who arrive today I spend a week at the Eliia hom , YOII'" •• II.1t Sprln," •• lUNCHES a;,d DINNERS al. Marie Hanz k a juntor at PeDD liE AII·UIIITI.IU Stste joined If>r parents Mr. &DII Mrs. Henry J; HaMllk of Cornell avenue who spent the Easter week-end at tlletr coftage at Re­hobeth Beach. Del. SUIUII&I CI'. Mrs. Harold Goodwin of Moylan­Rose Valley entertained at a luncheon at her home Frlday. Mrs. Goodwin lett Monday by plane tor Kanaaa City. Kansas, where ahe will attend a League of Women Voters Convention. 11111 C~1IiI ~11f' L •• c~ Ir.. IDe IllIn III. 15c 1.11 1I11.lIa ".LI. •• 'U.I 111110 co*ckTAIl HOURS J.6 '.M. CENTRAL LOCATION Our cover give central loc!ltion' enables us to the thoroughly and service at all times. territory prompt OLIVERH. BAIR CO. DIRECTORS OF FUNERALS 1820 CHESTNUT STREET RlTtenhou.e 1511 MARY A. BAIR, P .... W.n. Once a IIBell Girl", always a Bell Girl j W.EN YOU STA1lT your buslness-career with the tele­phone company, you are .ectn'e in the knowledge that even when dr-c*mstanc es make1' t necessary to move away fro. m your community, or city, or state. there is usually a job with the telephone company available Eo you near your new home.' This security is but one of ,many advantages Eo starting your business­career with Bell. Wages are good right from the start, and a regular syste~ bf frequent pay-increases assures your advancement. Working condltlons are especially attracti"", for Bell pays particular attention to clean, light offices and quiet. well-furnished rest rooms. Friendly super­visors help you to get ahead as fast as your ability permits. Sick"".' and accident benefits, a modem medical department, recreational programs, vacations with· pay, and a pension plan are some of the other reasons why a job with Bell is a good bet f~ any girl. . Inter"liewers at any of the offices 1isted below will be glad to discuss ~ese oppOrtunities with )'QU in greater detail. Arrange such an i~ter­vIew soon. You will be under no ohligation' Eo sign up with Bell. The inter"liewer is there to help you make the best possiblp. start on yo~ business-career, . . • THE BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY OF PENNSYLVANIA "A Friend'y P'ace to Work" 1_ 315, McClatchy Ildg, 69th a Market Str .... Upper Darby 57-59 E. P8lln Street Norrfsto_ 45 And ..... n AV'en.,. Ardmoro 1631 Arch Philadelphia 410 YcII'fc: Road .lenidnto_ . ••• or call liIate, piI .. 1.0100

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\ 41_ ___~ _________~ ____ ~-~~ ______T ~;~H~E~·~S~W~A~R~T~.~H~M~O~~~E~A~N~ _________ ._ ____ ,~F~k-m-~-y~,~~'-~-I-'-.~,~I_-_~ T9 Ht!U Mr.. TowDeI' Need Sewers • Circle No. 3 of the Methodist Church are sponsoring a tea. and ~ook review by lUn. Paul D. Tow­ner, a well-known monologl8t. on Wednesday. May 1 at 2 p.m., at the church chapel. Mrs. WilHam B. Harvey. ot 106 Columbia. avenue. chairmllD of Red CroBS sowing, wishes to announce that sewers are .1l5'cntlY needed to kelp with gurn uta to. be sent abroad. Groups ,j et at the Indl. vidool c~urcheB. bU~ any ono desir­ing to sew at hortlc may do 80 by call1ng ..,'Mrs. Barvey. Swarth­more 0189. Mr. and Mrs. DWight Cooley of Columbia. avenue 'will have their son and daughter-In-law Mr. and ).Irs. Dwight R. Cooley of Canl.­dalgua. N. Y.. as their. week-end guests. Tbat Good Old IIsaJ PRE·WAR FLA. VOR I. back oluJ .. , a delightfully rich.r and Inore ftavorful lI.itn". It'. Heat-flo Roas.ed, too. Sav. Coupons on bags for valuabl. gifts. Ib 24.bag C . 2 f .. 47c AN TE AND VALUABLE GIFT '. . • TO BE GIVEN AWA"( TO ALL PROUD PARENTS OF BABIES ARRIVING 12.01 A.M. to ,I f.59 P.M. TUESDAY, APRIL aOlh .athen, Aun •• , ael •• l ••• , Doctors, .rle.tI .. H.,p v. 'I' mailing coupo •• promptly. r----____ _ • : RULES ARE VER;'-S;MPU-1 , H?lrMS r~ived hefor , , ;:·'!IJ~s,'!~~.d In th: 7b;n~s::;:.r:.~~. d~7.a:!l " I p • I arent's ·Nama I LIST I Parent'. Addra ""'.""'"'''''''''''''''''''' I I "me of BIrth 55 ............................ : OF : Doctor's Nam~"""''''''''''''''''''''''''''': '1 WINNERS I .................. ~ I Hospital .............. I will bodl •• lo,.,!;. I Bob"'. N ............................................ I' our mark.ts starting I ' allle· F.lday. May 10th. M 111111 .................................. I Headquarters for LI c_c:._ st_or_!s_~~_r:_::_;:_~D ~er~bv" S fC.,o Pnhteilsat., 3A0r,n P.rol.. II Quality Baby foods . ------..1 Rob Roy Apricot PRESERVES i~rZ4c Crax ~:::: 1:;::"13c I Pea Soap T.;l~ 2 N!.~'h 2Sc Sweet Peas Fa.....!ol. N;;..'I4c I Matches'·dso:.r.~n .. 2 p~B'19c SLICED Robford 1600 ..... C I·' &.., t- -------------------.---------, " iiiiPiiANS Tomatoes ....... ~:: ~9c I Onlonl ":..::: eel """"11 15 an''''l9" Orang.s J·"' .... , .. " • ..,. ........ 11. C d&l1I. . LarlWS'-. 3'''25c ,'''39c ASPARAGUS Lamb .... 1". ""led yete wee:: 42c Shld. Chops ..... or "'- " 40c Rib Lamb Chops .~ 46c , Lamb Should.r ••. c.t ,. 37 c Breost Lamb ,. 15c Shank Lamb ~ lie NECK. LAMB .:: .. Ib Z~C Salami == \036c Meat Loaf .... "' .. 24c _ Beef.Tongue_·- '"42c Braunsw.Iger N.o. -37c lraunlwelgar •. 0. .. 33c .Bologna ........... 0.. 32c Polalo Salad _ .. - 19c -.. ~'t." -"'IIIIJ9c ...... ,lc' •• "-' ..I.II .1 2c Gardner Gallery OONflNUES AID ENDS SERVICE Talk In8truct8 (Contlnued from page 1) Twenty members were preHnt at the April 18 meetingof the Throughout the ages, works of Friendly Circle In. the home of art haye tended to faU into three Mrs. Henry J. Hanzlik on Cornell clusslflcatlOllS according to their purpose. 'fhose which toO a story include the earJy bIblical pictures, whtch were orlglnal)ly commt88lon­cd as stories. The second classi­fiCation, decorative art. includes paintings of Va8e8, designing tex­tiles, murals. ctc. l avenue. Mrs. John H. Pitman, pre.sident reported many activities ot unusual Interest. 'MUdred Bond ot Yale avenue who served" with the Women's Anny Col'ps received her discharge at Ft. Dlx. N. J.. laot week after being stationed at the Army Air Base, Orlanda, Fla., for the put 16 months. "Decorative paintings are those in which' the artist wanta you to sec his paint," Mr. Gardner pointed out. "In ~reprcsentatlonal work the artist wants you to forget his me­dium." Tho third group. Which Beeks to represent an aspect ot nature, In­cludes the paintings of scenes and nnd portraits. , FoUow:1ng his talk, Mr. Gardner dassified and commented informal­ly oli, the 63 pictures by 3~ local artists which made up the exhibi­tion. · Mrs. George Swect and l\!rs. S. Over .200 members and friends ot the Circle attended the Dan Mc- Cowan Illustrated lecture. on Wild Lite and Flowers ot th~ Canadian Rockies. held in the Woman's Ciub. Wednesday eVC'qing, April 10. The Friendly Circle was also weJl represented at a. tea. given for workers and special friends Jl.t 'the Woman's Club by the Board ot the Communl\3' Health Socle\3' of Central Delaware. County in honor of the society's 26th anniversary. "Sherwin Willjams" PAINTS AND VARNISHES HOUSE PAINT KEMTONE • CHRO~IE FLOOR AND WALLTRUfS , CHItO~IE BATH FIXTURES SOAT1'ER RUGS GENUINE RUBBER TREADS HEDEMARK'S UNOJ:.EUM SHOP 10 W. WINONA AVE. AT OHES'rER ~mE Murra}' Viele were hostesses for . NORWOOD the meeting and Mrs. WUlIam Hunn an~ Mrs. Carro'lJ Streeter were at the tea table. A gift of 12 sheets and six pUlow cases to the Community Health Society was grate-tully acknowl .. edged In a letter from Mrs. Eliza­beth Ann Groft', SuperviSing Nurse. In answer .to a. request for aid from the Health Society, It was voted to spend $50; to buy clothes tor a needy famny' of three children. ~ . . The exhibition wHl be open to the public from 1:30 to 6 in the MARY DUN HILL • PRINCE afternoon and from 7 to 9 every evening except SaturdaY. On Sun- :z day. April 2S from 3 to 5 a recep- 0 Uon an~ tea for the artists, their ~ friends. and club members and their friends win conclude the ex- i: hibltlon.· en MATCHABELLI • CHANEL At the next regular meeting of • the club Mrs. Vernon PartlY, chair­man of \lrama, will present a two­-- ~ o The Bouquet BEAUTY SALON Beauty ia Queen of the Dogwoods 13 South Chester Road CaD SwartbmcJre 0476 :11 m < ~ • t"" m Z -i :c m .:--:.0 act pIa:\.' "Rclux" by Kathryn K. Todd. Members of the club will en take part. Patty Paul will offer a - number of vioUn selections, ac- ~ compa~ed by Dorothy Paul at fhe piano. CHARBERT .'SKYLARK • LUCIEN LE LONG. CHEN YU Mrs. R. G. E. UlIma.n wUI re­"\-' iew "Plantation Parade~ by Har­riet Kane for the Literature Sec­tion on J:i"'riday, May 3 at 10 a.m. at the clubhouse. Dons Civies l..afayette Austin received his discharge and arrived at hls Park av~uO home on Friday, April 19. He was l"clea!'!ed. (1'001 the Navy after 32· mcnths of service at Bain­bridge. ~1d. Lafayette wears three battle stars tor the battles· of Sai­pan, O.kinawa find Perlu. He also saW action In Itall·.· Lafayette is completing plans to enter school In the near future. ----- Modem Dance Touight Various numbers promise to add zeat to the program to be presented by the Modern Dance Group of the College at 8:-15 p.m. this evening In Clothier Memorial. The towns­folk and friends of the college are invited to attend. THE SSc HAIRtCUT I went to the ba,;.ber's and sat in his chaIr, And told the young fellow to cut off my haIr. He noted attentatlveJy all that I said, And' ran the close clippers clea~ over my bead. Then be whisked the wbite apron away from my knees, And softly said "Eighty-five cents, it you please". When I had recovered a bit frOm the shock, I said UMy dear fellow, you know, do yon not? That my hair is as sparse as any in town, For my face extends ctea.r to the top of my crown, And It seems quite beyond the realm of good sense, For that small pIece of work. to charge eighty-five cents. .. The barber smiled sweetly. as most barbera do, ,u,d ea,ld "I think It Is Ume that you knew, Tl>at it's hard to piclc apple!! where apples don't grow. And It·s hard to find strawberrlea out in the snow, ' But I have performed a moat dif­ficult job. I've cut hair on a head that's as bald as a knob. Bo i think rm entlUed to much higher feea. But rll .. ttle for ellrh\3'.flve """til, U ""OU ple&ll6." .' HERE'S a real opportunity for the young. man who wants a good job with a futUre. An Army job is a stea\ly job offet­ing good pay. the highest security, every opportunity for promotion and a chance to see the world. You get valuable training in technical skills. good food. clothing, quarters'and medical care free. If you go overseas, you get 20% extra pay, You can retire at half pay after 20 yeHrs or retire at three-­quarters pay aCter 30 years. And yo:u get a 30-day vacation at full pay every yearl Many other adv.anteges not offered elsewhere. If you are 18 to 34 and physically fit (or 17 with parents' consent), you can enlist now and qualify for one of these fine jobs in the peacetime Regular Army. You owe it to yourself to get all the facts NOW' Apply at U. S. ARMY RECRUITING STATION Masonic BWlcliug-9th & Welsh St.., Chester Continue to- Save • With the new car shortage still lim. iting Ken~ sales, it is more than ever necellBlll'Y to preserve the efficiency of your present car. . The Chevrolet "Car Conservation" program remain. your best _ of thorough, aatisfyiug service. Night and day, everywhere, in every way; expelt lava me n. ple.NUlt, de­pendable car performance. • ~FIRST FOR SERVICE RUMSEY CHEVROLET 'Sales - Service YaieandRu~ Swarthmore 1439 \ I I THE S\VARTHMOREAN I • '. VOL. I-No. 5,- Published by Sw..,dnno~ High Scboo\ APRIL 26, 1946 • "l : Here and There CABINET GIVES DANCE TONIGHT FRENCH STUDENTS ENJOY BANQUET It was bro.ught 'to ~ur attention that this issue· ~of Garnet was td be ,something special. Atter much InquLry we discovered that the seniors on the staff are producing their last harnet and been worltlng feverishly to m&ke 1t a big 8ucce89. ThIs fact e:J;plalns the genenU excellence of the material this time and we are sure . our readers will appreciate the seniors efforts. Nearby Schools Also French Delicacies. Will Attend· Music Feature Frolic • . Program In a. gall)" decorated gym, the SWarthmore High School senior The amluaJ. French banquet • cabinet will hold Its annual danco which French students look for­to. J.l(ght to the music of Weston ward each year WUB held In the Clarke's orchestra. high school cafeteria last Wcdnes- Senior Engl1sh clo.sses are look­Ing torward ·to seeing the aU G. I. producUon of Hamlet next Satur­day. Having had excellent training 1n reading Shakespeare under Kiss Kirk, they shoUld be able to Judge the pe.r1'ormance 88 ·exPerts. The committees have been hard 1 day, ApriJ 2" at 6:30 p.m. at work under the 8upervl.alon of I In traditional fashion, th~ menu Don.ald Heb1ze •. cabinet member, was composed completely of who has named the toJlowlng poo- French delicacies. The menu COD­pIe to head the various commit- slated ot hora d'oeuvres. soupe a tees: Heather Champion, Program; polgoon gfa.tlnee volaille en eas- Jean McGlather.l. Advertising; serole, legumes salson. Roberta. Halg, Deco·ratlons; Calvert perall, salade mimosa" tarte aux Melton. Buslne88. and Mary Alice fruita. pain francais a.nd cho(!olat West. Jack Harant. and Carol Van, francais. The walters and Willt­AJen. reBBes were atUred In costumes· to We were deeply sorry to learn that Coach Zlegenfus is leaving the school. His work In eatabl1sh- In and 1m rovin athletics here When you see the gym ~onlght, atg sw arthm po re lag graaU y appre-· you wUI then real'ize .the am ount elated. He will be missed by all of effort and time that cabinet has spent 'on their informal dnnce. the fellows be coac}1ed both 1:1. the Something that will. and already gym cl8.BReB and In the v~lty h8:s~ attracted mQJty to the dance, sporte, ~ and hta departure will be Is. the refreshment counter at a blow to th~ whole school. We all which soda. pop and candy will be join together In wishing him tho served thl:oughout. the dance. best oft luck in his new job as Pupils In the senior high schooJ athletic director for Bun OU. 3.1"e Invited, to dance to· music by We undeJ'tltand that the Cabinet SPON Dance tonight Ia to be a ....... d aIfalr. The danee Is the tint of IUo kind and we are all anxIoua to see how it turns out. j We noticed that olle of the questions of this laIIUea Garnet Poll dea\a with· the return of base­beU as a IIChool sport. We remem ... b6r the ball the High School used to have and we are inclined to teel that: the return ot the sport might not be a bad idea. Weston Clarke and his popular 01'­ch~ ra. The boys have some very pleealng numbers In store for you. so don"t be late! There will be a tew novelty dances, at which Ume ·anT one lucky enough may wfn a prize. Attractively designed posten crea.ted by the art clasaett under the supervisIon of Claudia A. Hancoc.k, art" teacher, have dec .. orated the ha.ns of the high school tor the past two· weeks advertis­Ing the dance. Tho gym Is expected to be crow!Jed tonight. not only bpeause of the many stUdents attending, . We undenrtand· that thero b$8 but also beca.use cabinet has In­been a lot of bard work lately vlted all members of surrounding down at Rutgers Avenue ~ prep- schools In Delaware Count1. towns al"QtloD for .the Penn Rel"afs. We to come and enjoy the dance. The all wisb Mr. MUler and tho" track schoOls that have ee.gerly a;:cepted men lUck and hope they bring are: Nether Provld~nce. Media, back a. good share of the .honors. Springfield, Ridley Township. Glen­It baa been rumored that the Student ABaoclat1on is looking for a Dlaglctan for their annual' ban­( J.uet. Beea.UBe ot the show Mr. Chrletlan put on in assembly seV­eral weelta ago we thJnk theY ought to be ·loyal to the· faculty and &elect him, 88 we know he would be only too glad to per-form. The sophom*ores Inform us that their dance is going to be the big­gest event of the school year. Con· slderlng the excellont dances the and juniOrs lIut on we feel they will have a long way to· go. but ~e wish them luck JUBt the • same. , Garnet extends its heartlst con ... gratulattons· to Charlotte Hobbs, who won first prize for her poster entitled "Know Your· Community Health Nune" last Friday. The poster contest wsa aponsored by the .Com.munltY Health Society of Swarthmore. Keep up the good work. Charlotte. Here We are ha'rinl' run out of Ideas witb four Inches of column space left to till In.~However, when people- run out of HubJects to talk about they usually discuss the weather, 80 we will 40 Ultewiae. It Ia onr opinion . that. althou.h· spring Is here. the weather man 'bam't oeemed·to nC'lee It; For the ~.a.t · ..... MiLl WI he oUreatlo COD.­dillon'; have _ qry. dIscourac' . I ... with za ....... nd8&Dd a dIfItw\>- 1".""ld \hat hrUi cllDled ol1r IIPtlnlf fev'"i.h !lila_ HOw.ver. 1_ ,.,. _ .... 11 ...... tor ~ after ... ~ .tllludte our mll\lolt. ......... I"ft '0.111 11-.1 PerIDQ1. mIlL eJimate -Mil .. i ta·._ .. plaee wlleft the nil iii ~ ..... 1Ihii'--.,. .... th eoN N,o:th .... ntl_llI..- No;r. Lansdowne, Eddystoup.. Mar­ple- Newtown, COlUngda1e and Prospect Park. Band Loses Twirler NIl'o'TH GRADE ELEQI'S The ninth trrade's conBtltutlon fa In the handa of iunlor cabinet for approval. The coDatitutlon was drawn up by a oommittee con~ .. Ing of DoD D1ckluon. Kolly Stork. .... n.UCI .. ·IIp ......... . The _h~e ball aJoo alee~­.. a ltil claM otnoer& " Tiley ..... as followro, PNoIdent,·. Faber .lIoJCe ... nan: "'ce·p ..... dent, Aqry ~: If '4ta;I:Jr. ··PraaCM· pc P ""IQD and Tftouuftr. 'Cleo..... Able. flf the' occasion, and each guest receIved a menu decorated witt. at­tracilvely colored sketches. A .delightful evening of enter­taInment was presented by mem­bers of the French department. A skit entitled "Qui suis-jo?" was pre sented by the third year French cl8.88. using French characters t~om history and fiction. tollowlng which the' audience was asked to guesa who the people. ·were. Music was the feature of the evening. Soloists were Anne Megon- 19a1, Emily Pritchard and Jeanne lI!:c(}lathery. The girls Bexlette composed of Doris Black, Virginia. Hay, CharJotte Hobbs, Alice Horn­adaly, Beth Huey, and Betty Spen­c~ r sang seveni.l selectionS.. A bays" quartet composed of Don Swan, and Calvert Melton sang "The Toreador Song" from "Car­men," and "The Soldiers: Chorus," Several well-known French' songs' "Au Clair de la Lune," "Quand Ma.delon," "Au pres de Mablonde," "L'Allouette," and "~arlbrough" were combined with popular songs: "Deep purple." "Symphonle," and "Vive L'am.JlJr" for group singing: The conversation of the evening was largely in t~e French lan-guage. Announce New Staff The Garnet is ha.pPy to announce at thls time the key members of the staff next year. Editor-In-Chlet w·1lJ be CaroJyn J8 orse, who has earned this post of honor by her dependable work throughout the year. fIrst as girls' sports editor and then as music reporter. She will be asalsted by AssocIate Ed­itor Paul Williams who has acted as general reporter and photo­g. rn.pher. George Thol'bahn and Ylrglnla. Ha.y wtll hol~ the positions of sp~rts editors during 1946-47. having gained experience on this year's sports staffs. Busi­ness Manager will be Ralph Brown who has served his appren­ticeship as general reporter. Ann Porter will succeed Jane Matthews as ClrcuJatlon Manager and Bob Fawcett win operate Garnet's future finances in the capacity of treasurer. ~, Mary Lou Thayer and • wal~o \ Fisher al"e brand-new members of the starr. Their flrst writings will a'Pllear In the· next issue of the Garnet. Other posts on the· staff will ·be ft11ed at the beginning of the next Rchool year. Yearbook Completed I lloyd Everett. editor of ".'The Key", yearbook of the cJIl.88 of 1946. bas ,-nnounc.ed· that it hu been completea. and Is now e.t the­prlt\ ler&' Securl .. g pictures of the aprlilt sports has held up publlca­ ·tlOD. but they will IIOOn b<I ready. All .of th6· JO. year i1<!91\B h"ve been ordered by the stqa"'!", "!\,d A..r.e. ..e.x 'If'ecte4 at r. tbe schoo' very 'l'It .. yesr. tire bqok " ~ ... ted 10 .Dr • .Tam .. 1' ......... n •.. x.u" Ia­a.. t.r.n,cIatohr. 11I0Il 11,,11' A.~ ....... teaeher Ia facul\3' advl8or • POPULAR· BOYS' QUARTET FEATURE IN SPRING CHORUS FESTIVAL. McCahan. Rincl*tfe,Horn~day, Elston Accompany Choral Groups' at Clothier Concert On~ of the most entertatnlng ·features ot the Sp.rlng Conc~rt which wlll take place qD May 10. wUl. be a number of songs by the popular boys' quarter. This group is composed of four junion: . Jim­I1; 1Y ~Qrnada.y, fim tenor: Bill Moore. aeC"Ond tenor; . atev .. Spencer. first bass; and George Warren, second bass. ( The quartet's history dates from the death of· "President Roosevelt when they were pressed Into service o~ abort DoUce te sing "Integer Vitae" In a speclal a88embJy. The boys, who had been wanting to form a sInging group for a long time, were immediately 80 popular that they were given a prominent place in last year's spring concert. The 80ngB that they sang were "The 01' Ark", u::( Got Shoes". and "Oh Mary non't You Weep". This year the quartet has been called on a number of times to perfbrm for the school and the Band Plans Three More EngagementFl The high school band. which re­cently completed Its first concert with director .John H. Jenny since h1R return and played an exchange nrogram at Ridley Township on April 15. still haa: ,three more dates this year to look forward to, The band w111 play another ex­change program' on :May 1 at Media. On May 14. the hand will play at the Academy ot Music tor the Cultural Olympic awards. The Swarthmore band will be the only one playing on thIs occasion, although other achools will be represented. Flnally. on May 30, the band will march In the street pande tor 'Mem.orlal Day. • "WIth this serles ot engagements. the band wit.l complete an active and prosperous year. However, many tine musclslans will be grad­uated. and the job of building up the band will continue nen ye~t" with the training ot . many ~ew members. Among those lea.vllUr ~re EIlsa.,.,tll Bl')'8.llt; Allen End­ers. Joa,ne ~a.~h ........ Job" Foster. M...... Fetter. Fred' 'Behenna, 'l'na Ruth Wagner. The loa ot the en­thtiol_ and alive 'atld excellent t-cvi"lln~ of drum major' Butb wtll b .. ke~nlY felt by thaee .... ocIated With the b&htl.H_r. Ruth he ...... ,f hutrO.lned ... veral ttp-antl, """'Inrr drum majo .... ·10 tak9 her pi""", ... hlell -III In Itself a rtlg­nlflcant contrlbutl ..... town. They have sung In ....... nlhl~ at the Woman's Club, at the ball' banquet and the bask.,tbOJ banquet at the Junior musJ.q and .t the Presbyterian Cblurcl fellowship. This year In the SPlrIa Concert th! b~ are going to celltrate on splrltuala Charlie EI~on. versatile .pllalll!o In Weston Clarke's band, will CGmpany the quartet for tbe. flnt time In the Spring Concert. when they a1~g "Chloe". There are also three other cap­able accompanists who wilt per­form at. the concert. AlIce .Rorna­day, a junIor, wl\!. play for JUnior High Girrs Glee Club also the Chorus When they the Hallelula. Chorus. Patsy Cahan, a senior who has not companied Rince ahe was Junior High Scho.ol. will play the Senior High Qlrl's Glee Nancy RlneUrre will. aiso play this group. Both glrJs win two numbers. Picnic Ahea<l for Blackfrjars Club After successfully presenting delightful musIcal comedy' Foot Forward" under the capa'b~ dlrectton of Henry Hotman. Olde are now off to an early start by pJanning even 1Dor~ enjoyable p.",f'DI'lIDllLDC for next y~. T9 choose a Bultable p,"'<lne,tlc tor next· year, a playread'"s: mittee compo~ed ot the members has been selected; ea Keenen, clJ..&lrm.~; EmUy chard. ~111 Moore. Cha.rh~a Jane P~nfleld ...... " Waldo . Plan. are also behlg ~e the Blackfrlara' ~ual,. which wlll .,., h~ld at· Brc>j)Ul. Dam on WectnesdBT. JIQ eighth. Joan Faulkner ruici BromJey are co-cluilruten. committee whIch Is makhlg rangements and plannIng menu for thIs much ~vent. The other. rommtttee are: BU) Keenan. Charles And .... glnla Bagah .... '---.,...~- 80,,1;8 p~ The 'tenth irrade held a meetln" on Thure4q A,pi11 during the otxib perlotl., n.: _lito; Ing wail helcl In the 'cafet_ the p ... d.... t -of -t'Ile 8,:::;~ ~I_ . J;f\UTY Wa""". TlleJ' d .... UIioe4 "\~~~CI!i'~l" Jlop whlell .... 11 .,., I\I!I~J",I~~·~ part of Kq . •

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INTENTIONAL SECOND EXPOSURE 4 T.H E SWARTHMOREAN FRlDAY,.APRlL 26, 1946 To Hear Mrs. Towner Need Sewers , Cil'cle .No. 3 of the Methodit;t Church arc ~I)onso .. ing u. tea amI ,Mrs. ,"illlam ll. lIul"vcy, or 105 book "c\'icw by Mrs. Paul D. Tow- Columbia avenue, chah'man of Hed ncr, a well-ltnowJl lIlonolugiut. on CI'OSS sewing, wishes to announce \Vl'llllc~day. May 1 at 2 lUll., at that HCWCI'/'S arc 1~ently needed the ehul'clt chapel. to help with gar'lI 'uts to ue sent Mr. and 1\[ra. DwIght Cooley or al)l'oatl. G,'uUlm ~fo'\~ct at the Indi­Columbia avenue wlll have their viduul chUl'chcs. but anyone deslr-son and daughte.r-in-Jaw 1\Ir. and Mrs. Dwight R. Cooley of Cana­daiguu, N. Y., as their week-cnd guests. ins hy to sew at hOlile may do so callillg "M rs. hnrvey. 8warth-mor'c 0189. That Good Old IISCJJ PRE·WAR FLAVOR II bo~k again, a delightfully richer and more flavorful blend. It's Heat.flo Roasted, too. lISCO Richer Blend COFFEE~!g24C Save Coupons on bogs for valuClbl. gifts. 2 '0' 47c Ideal Florida Orange Juice G'Xde ~~~'39c Glenwood Grapefruit Juice G'Xde .~~~' Z9c AN APPROPRIATE AND VALUABLE GIFT • TO 8E GIVEN AWAY TO All PROUD PARENTS OF BABIES ARRIVING r2.0r A.M. to rr .59 P.M. TUESDAY, APRIL 30th Fathers, Aunts .. r-----__ I RULES ARE-VU"Y-SiMPU-1 J ~iirb' ,.eteind before noon S I I f e mcluded in the " t '. a'.urday, May 4th I , n our, store,. IS 0 Winners displayed , Relative •• Doctors. Friends. H.lp u. by mailing coupon. promptly. I ParenYsName I LIST I Parent's Addres~"······"·······"·""··""1 OF I Time of Birth ........................... ; I I Doctor's Nam~ .. · .. · .. · .... ···· .. ······ .... ·· .. ·1 WINNERS I Hospitol...... .. .............................. I will be displayed in I Baby's Name .................................... I our markell storling I I ..... .. ...;..; ,; id;;."";;:.., ;,M;.;a;:Y...;.lO;;';..h·_1 I M01 thIis· c·ou·po·n· to· "·8· ····· .••.••...••• ........ . I L con Stores Company 42bl' Derby" CDntest Ameri I Headquarter5 for ______ -=_~~91h St •• Philo: 30. PQ~ I Quality Baby foods --------' Rob Roy Apricot PRESERVES i'!rZ4C erax ~~::k~~: lpOk :Z 13 c I .p.. ea So ap. F ,en'" 2 No. 2112 25c Style cans Sweet Peas Fa,mdal. N:: .. ;14c I Matches'nd~~~~n'" 2 p~g'19c SLICED BEETS Robford r- ----------------~ New Crop, Full Podded LIMA BEANS Tomatoes CtU,,"UI Pacllld 29c I Onions N .. Tlxa pll, IIfIrDluda CeleryT .... ty .,. 15c emal,., 1 ~ Oranges Juicy Flerlda " PbUI.tall stalk Lui" Sins ASPARAGUS California Thiele, T ...... r S.,-an Foncy, Fresh·Kllled, ROASTING CHICKENS ~ (=~2) Ib Ib 3 "'25c 5 '''39c Lamb .... lleu RtUtd Y6l1 ... ~: 42c Shld. Chops Ilad, II' Ar. Ib 40c Rib Lamb Chops ,. 46c Lomb Shoulder S,. COl" 37c Breost Lomb ,. 15c Shank Lamb ~'lBc NECK LAMB P::~I. Salami :=::'.:!: I" 36c Meat Loaf "'" 2 .... to 24c Beef .Tongues s..... to 42c Braunswelger N. c. to 37c Braunswelger ... c. to 33c Bologna ......... 2 ... c. to 32c Potato Salad a_.II .. to 19c Bean. a __ L,ta "-9c H .... ~. I. , Fresh, La,... J ..... y Ib 12c Cn.I •• Ce4I l'IIIets • sse Gardner Gallery CONTINUES AID ENDS SERVICE Talk Instructs (Continued from page 1) ·.rhroughout the ages, 'works of art have tended to full Into three claS1iificatio.m~ according to their Inll·pOSt'. 'rhose which tell a story incllld(" the eady biblical pictures, whi("h were orlginall'y eommisston­ell UH storieH. The t>l'cond clas..<d­fi(" ation, decorative al·t, includes Twenty members were present ut Ihe April 18 meeting ot the li"riendly Circle In the home of Mrs. Henry J. HanzlUc: on Cornell m·enue. Mrs. .John H. Pitman. prcsldent reported many activities of unusual ip..tercst. "Mildred Bond of Yate avenue who served with the Women's Army Co.rps received her discharge at Ft. Dix, N. J., last week after being stationed at the Army Air Base. Orlanda. Fla,. for the past 16 months. Over 200 members and friends of tlle Circle attcnded the Dan .Mc- Imintings of, designing tex- Cowan iIllINlf'ateli lecture. on \Vild tih's. IlIUral6, ctc. "I)("col·ative paintings al'e those in which the artist wants you to Hf'P his paint:' Mr. Gardner point.ed nut. "In rem'C'sC'ntational wOI'k the artist wants you to fOl'get 'his mc­tliUH1:' 'rhe th:n] gl'OUp. whic)l s('c1.:s to "('IH'esNlL an m~rcct of natur(', in­cludn; the paintings of scC'n('s and and poril'a.its. Ii'o]]owing his talk. M,'. Ga1"tJner classifled and comnH'nted Informal­I:~; on tlw (i3 picim'('s ))y 3(i local arti:ds which matJe up the exhibi­tion. Life and jt'Jowel"s of th~ Canadian Rockl(!s, held in the Woman's Cluo. \Veclncsclay evening', April 10. The Friendly Circle was also well represented at a tea given for workers and special friends at the Woman's Club by the Board of the Community Health Society of Central Delaware County in honor of the society's 25th anniversary. A girt of 12 sheets nnd six pIllow cases to the Community Health Society was gratefully acknowl. edged in a letter from :Mrs. Ellza- ~~'SSS l'l "Sherwin W"dIiams" I'AINTS AND VARNISHES JlOt:SI'~ 1·A1N'l.' KE)ITO~I'; • CIIIIO)IE )o'[.OOl~ AN\) \\·A.I~IJ TJUlLfS ClIIWl!E HATH FIXTllRES SCA'l'T.;R RUGS GEXmNE RtJlmF;R TRI;;ADS HEDEMARK'S LINOLEUM SHOP 10 W. WINONA AVE. AT VHESTER PIKE NORWOOD 1.ll's. George Swcct und 1\!rf't. S. a1 UI'!'ay Yiel(' were h03teHses fo,' tlw IIl(,Cting and 1\hs, \ViHiam Hunn and :.\II's, Carroll Streeter w('lre at the tea table. The ex'hibiUon will be open to beth Ann Groff. Supervising Nurse. In answer to a request for aid from the Health Society. It was voted to spend $50: to buy clothes for a needy family of three children. ~ Ridley Park 3775 ~~. MARY DUN HILL • the lnlhlic frolll 1:30 to 5 in the afternoon and from 7 to 9 every cvening except Saturday, On Sun- Z day, April 28 from 3 to 5 a recep- 0 tion and, tea for the artists. their E­friends, and club Jllemhcl's and :3 their friends will conclude the cx- X hlbition. (/) PRINCE MATCH-ABELL! • CHANEL The Bouquet I BEAUTY SALON Beauty IS Queen of the Dogwoods 13 South Cheater Road Call Sw~re 0476 ;>j m <: 5 z • r m z -i :c m :--:tI " At the next ,'('g'ulm' meeting of • tlw club l\[,'~. Vernon Parr'Y. chair. lIlan of ~nraJlla, wiI1 p~escnt a two- :J act play "nc)ax" hy Kathryn K, 0 Todd. :\Icmbel's of the club will U) take part. Patty Paul will offer a ;: numher of violin selections, ac- :IE companied by Dorothy Paul at the piano, CHARBERT • SKYLARK. LUCIEN LE LONG. CHEN YU 1\11'5. R. G. I<}, Ullman will re­\ ·jew "Plantation Parade' 'by Har­riet Kane for the Literature Sec­tioa on }i'ddal'. May 3 at 10 a.m. a.t the cluhhousc. ----- Dons Civies J..afay(,.tte AH~tin I'cceived his db:;ehnrgc and arrived at his Park aV';'nue home on ],·dday, April 19. He \','It-> l·clcn~Nl 1""0111 til"'" Na\'y after 32 m£'lnt.hH of se,'\'kc at H:lin­hridgc, )oil!. Lafayette Wl'ars three haith' Htars fOl' till' lIatties of Hai­pan, Oldnawa \lnl1 Pel'lll. He also saw action in Italy. Lafayf'lte is C0111))1('till~ Jlbn~ to ('111('1' s("huul in tilt, n('al' future. Modem Dance Tonight Various numbers promise 10 add zest to the program to be presented h\· th(' ~Iodcrn Dance Group of the e'ollegC at 8:'15 p,m. this evening in Clothier Memorial. 'rhe towns­folk and frienels of the college- are in\'ited to nttend. THE 8Sc HAlRiCUT I \\"('nt to the barber's and sat in his chail', And told the young fellow to cut off my hair. He noted attentaUvdy all that 1 said. And ran the close clippers clea~ I over my head. Then he whisked the wlltte apron away from. my ){nces, And softly said "Eighty-five cents. if you pleaso". When 1 had recovered a bit from the shock, I said "My dear fellow, you know, do yOll not? That my hair is as spnrse as any in town. For my face extends clear to the top of my crown, And it seems quite beyond the realm of good sense. For that small piece of work, to charge eighty-five cents." The barber smiled sweetly, as most barbers do, And said "I think it is time that you knew, That It·s hard to pick app1el! where a.pples don't grow. And it's hard to find strawberries out in the snow, ' But I have performed a. most dif­ficult job. I've cut hair on a head that's as bald as a knob. So I think I'm entitled to much higher fees, But rll settle for eighty-five cents. If you please." HERE'S a real opportunity foI" the young man who wants a good job with a future. An Army job is a steady job offer­ing good pay, the highest security, every opportunity for promotion and a chance to see the world. You get valuable training in technical skills. good food, clothing, qnarters'and medical care free, If you go overseas. you get 20% extra pay. You can retire at half pay after 20 yea'rs or retire at three­quarters pay after 30 years. And you get a 30-day vacation at full pay every year! lo.'Iany other advanh:.ges not offered elsewhere. If you are 18 to 34 and physically fit (or 17 with parents' consent), you can enlist now and qualify for one of these fine jobs in the peacetime Regular Army. You owe it to yourself to get all the facts NOW I Apply at U. S. ARMY RECRUITING STATION Masonic Building-9th & Welsh Sts., Chester Continue to Save - 51w Smart Waf! With the new car shortage still lim­iting general sales, it is more than ever necessary to preserve the efficiency of your present car. The Chevrolet "Car Conservation" program remains your best assurance of thorough, satisfying service. Night and day, everywhere, in every way, expert service means pleasant, de­pendable car performance. -FIRST FOR SERVICE RUMSEY CHEVROLET . Sales - Service Yale and Rutge~ Swarthmore 1439 . - • • FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 1946 THE SWARTHMOREAN s VOL. I-No. S • Published by Swarthmore High School APRIL 26, 1946 Here and There CABINET GIVES DANCE TONIGHT , FRENCH STUDENTS ENJOY BANQUET It was brQughl to our attention that thts issue of Garnet was to oe something sp('cial. After much inqui.I'Y we c.llsco\'ered that the senio,'s un the staff arc ,Jroduclng Nearby Schools Also French Delicacies. their last Garnet and have been W"ll Atte d working feverishly to make It a I n Music Feature big success. This fact explains the Frolic Program general excellence of the material In a gaily decorated gym, the this time and we are sure our Swal·thrnorc High t5chool sento! renders will apprecIate the cabinet will hold Its annunl dance The annual j·"l'eneh banquet to which l·"rench stuc.lcnts look fur­tonight to the music of 'Veston w.u'd each YC"'dr was held in the Clarlw's orchestra, high lichool cafeteria last \Vednes-efforts. Senim' English classes are look­ing forward to seeing the all G. I. production or Hamlet next Satur­day. Having had excellent training in reading Shakespeare under MIBS Kirk, they should be able to judgo the performance as experts. The committees ha\'c heen hurd :du~', April ~1, at 5:30 p.m, We were deeply sorry to learn that Coach Zlegenfus Is leaving the school. His WOrk tn establish­ing and improving athletics here at Swarthmore is greatly appre­ciated. He will be missed by all the fellows he coached both In the gy'm classes and In the varsity sports, and his departure will be a blow to the whole school. We all join together in wishing him the best o~ luck In his new job as athletic director for Sun Oil. We understand that the Ca.blnet Sports Dance tonight Is to be a grand a.tlalr. Tbe dance Is. the tirst of its kind and we are all a.nxiOU8 to see how it tUMUI out. We noticed that one of the questions of this 1ssues Garnet Poll deals with the return of base­ball as a school sport. We remem­ber the ball teams the High School used to have and we are Incltned to teel that the return of the sport might not be a bad idea. at work under the Hupel·vIslon of I Donald Heinze, cabinet member, who has named the following peo­ple to head the variouH commit­tees: Heather Champion, Program: Jean l\.IcGlathery, Advertising: Roberta Haig, Decorations; Cul\"ert Melton, Business, and Mary Alice West, Jack Harant ond Carol Van AI('n. When you sec the gym tonight, you wiJI then realize the amount of effort and time that cabinet has spent on their informal dance. Something that w111, and already has, attrac~ed mnny to the dance. Is the refreshment counter at which soda pop and candy will be served throughout the dance. PupUs In the seniOr high school ':lre Invited, to dance to music by Weston · and his popular or­chestra. The boys have SOme very pleo.slng numbers tn store for you. so don't be late! There wIll be a few novelty dances, at which time anyone luck)- enough may win a. prize. Attractively designed posters created by the art cla.sse~ under the supervision of Claudia A. Hanco*ck, art teacher. have dec­orated the halls of the high school for the past two weeks advertis­ing the dance, The gym is expected to be erowded tonight. not only b("cQ.use or tho many students attending. We understand that there has but also because cabinet has 1n­been a lot of hard work lately vlted all members of surrounding down at Rutgers Avenue In prep- schools In Delawnre Count~ towns aration for the Penn Relays. We to come and enjoy the dance, The all wish Mr. MUler and the track schools that have eagerly ao':eepted m.;.n luck and hope they bring are: Nether PI·ovldence. MnrIla, back a good share of the ,honors, Springfield, Ridley Township. Glen- Nor, Lansdowne. Eddystoll'!, .o\£ar- It has been rumored that the pie-Newtown. Collingdale and Student Association is looking for Pl'o:'lpect Park. a magician for their annual' ban- --------- quet. Becaus. of the show Mr. Band Loses Twirler Christian put on in assembly sev­eral weeks ago we think they ought to be loyal to the faculty and select him, as we know he would be only too glad to per­form. The sophom*ores inform us that their dance Is going to be the big­gest event of the school year. Con­Sidering the excellent dances the seniors and juniors put on we feel they will have Po long way to go, but ~e wish them luck just the same. In traditional fashion, the menu wus composed completely of French delicacIes. The menu con­sisted of hoI'S d'oeuvrcs, Mupe a poignon gratinee voluUle en cas- 8el'0le, legumes perail, salade salson, pommes mimoEn .. larte aux fruits, pain francais and choeolut francais, The waiters and 'walt­I'eases wel'e attired in coatumes to fit the occasion. and each gued received R menu decorated with at­tractively c010red sketches. A delightful evening of entcl'­tulnment was presented by mem­bers of the .i"rench department, A skit entitled ··Qui suls-je?" was pre sen ted by the third year French class, using French characters from history and fiction, following which the audience was asked to guess who the People ",,·ere. Music wus the feature of the evening". Soloists were Anno Mcgon­igal, Emil)' Pritchard and .Jeanne McGtathery. The girls scxtette composed o( Doris Black. Virginia Ha}', Charlotte Ho'bbs, Alice Horn­nda~', Beth Hue}'. and Betty Spen­c~ r sang several selections .. A boys' quartet composed of Don Swan, and Calvert :h.felton sang "The Toreadol· Song" from "Car­Illen," and "The Soldiers' Chorus." Reveral well-known French songH· "Au Clair de la Lune," "Quane. l\Indclon," "Au pres de l\[llblonde," "L'Allouette," and "Marlbrough" wel'e combined with popular songs: ·'Deep Purple," "Symphonle." and "V"'e L'amoQl''' for g.·oup singing. The convcl·sation of the evcning was largely guage. in the ."rench lan- Announce New Staff The Garnet is happy to announce at this time the key members of the stalf next year. Editor-In-Chicf wUl be Carolyn Morse, who has ea.rned this post of honor by her dependable work throughout the year, first as girls' sports editor and then as music reporter. She will be assisted by ASSOCiate Ed­itor Paul Williams who has acted as general reporter and photo­g. rapher. George Thorbahn and Virginta Hay wtll hold the positions of sports editors during 1946-47, having gained experience on this year's sports staffs. Busi­ness Manager wIll be Ralpl. Brown who has served his appren­ticeship as general reporter. Ann Pm'ter will succeed Jane Matthews as Circulation Manager and Bob Fawcett win operate Garnet's future finances in the capacity of POPULAR BOYS' QUARTET FEATURE IN SPRING CHORUS FESTIVAL McCahan. Rincliffe, Hornaday, Elston Accompany Choral Groups at Clothier Concert One of the most entertaining . features of the Spring Concert which wIlt take place on May 10. wlll be a number of songs by the popular bOYlJ' quartel'. This groUp is composed of four juniors: Jim­my Hornada.y. first tenor: Bm l"loore. secund tenor: Stev~ Spencer, first bass; and Geo.rgc Warren, second bass, The quartet's history dates from the death of 'Presldent Rooseyelt when they were pressed into service on short Dotice to sing "Integer Vitae" in a special assembly. The boys, who had been wanting to form a singing group for a long time, were fmmedlately so popular that they were given a prominent place in last year's spring concert. The songs that they sang were "The 01' Ark". "I Got Rhoes", and "Oh Mary Don't You 'Yeep··. Thill y(!al' the quartet called on n. numbe.r of perform for the school has been times to and the Band Plans Three More Engagement~ The high school band, which re­cently completed its first concert with director John H. Jenny since hi!'; r('turn and played an exchange nrogl'nm at Ridley Township on April 15. stm has three more dates this year to look forward to. The hand will play another ex­change program on May 1 at 1\{('dia. On l\{ay 14, the band will play at the Academy of Music tor the Cultural Olympic a.wards. The town. They have sung In at the l\'"oman'g Club, at the ball banquet and the bask'etllal banquet at the Junior music and at the ~resbytertan Cl,ulrel feUowshlp. This year in the Sp:rln Concert the bOYS are going to cent.rate on spirituals. Charlie Elston, veraaUle in Weston Clarke's band, will company the quartet tor the tlrst time in the Spring Concert. when they sing "Chloe". There are alsO three other cap .. ablC'- accompanists who will per­form at the concert. Allee .Horna­day, a junior, wl~t play fOr Junior High Girl's Glee Club also the Chorus when they the HaUelulo. Chorus. Patsy Cahan, a senior who has not companied since ahe was JunIor High School, will play the Sentor High Girl's Glee Nancy nlncUtte will also pla.y this group. Both girls will two numbers. Picnic Ahead for Blackfriars Club After successfully presenting delightful musical comedy Foot Forward" under the c"p"b~ dil'ection ot Henry Hofman, Olde Blnckfl'if'_rs m'e no\\' off to an early start by planning even more enjoyable for next year. To choose a sultab]e p,'OaLU"U< for next year. a playreadlng mittee composed of the foUa.wI m('mbers has been selected: Garnet extends its heartist con­gratulations to Charlotte Hobbs, who won first prize for her poster entitled "Know Your Community Health Nurse" last Friday. The poster contest was sponsored by the Community Health Society of swarthmore. Keep up the good work, Charlotte. treasurer. Mary Lou Swarthmore band will be the Thayer and . Waldo onl~.r one playing on this occasion, es Keenen, ehalrman~ Emily chard, Blll Moore, Charles Here we are having run out of Ideas with tour inches ot column space left to flU in. ·However, when peopl(' run out of Hubjects to talk about they usually discuss the weather, so we wUl do likewise. It Is OUI' opinion tha.t, although· spring is bere, the weather man hasn·t seemed to notice it. For the past several week. cUmaUc con­ditions have been very d18courag· Ing with .raW' wlndB and a disturb­Ing eold that has chilled our spring teveriab hearts. However. let us take C!ourage. tor perhaps after we 1IT&4uate and make our mUJlon, we can leave thls4lamal PenIlllYI­vania el\maftt and mlcraftt to a p\aee where the IUn '" al~ ohl­nlnlf _lJ>an4 the eol4 North wln4 !lUN' hlo ..... NIlIo"TJI GRADE ELECTS The ninth grade's constitution 18 in the hands ot Junior Cabinet for approval. The constitution was drawn up by a. committee conslst- • lug of Don Dickinson. Molly Stork, and DoUl .. Bpencer~ The ninth f!I't04e has also elect­ed ita cla.cs otllcers. They are as folio .... ' Prealdent, Faber McKer­nan: vfee-presldent., Avery Blak.e: Secw..&l7. FtaaC!ea Pea.non and Trt"asurer. 'Georp Able. Fisher arc brand-new members of the staff. Their flrst writings will appeal' tn the next is."mc or the Garnet. Other posLq on the start will be filled at the beginning of the next Rchoo) year. Yearbook Completed Lloyd EVerett, editor of "The Key'" yearbook of the class of 1946. has announced that It hafJ been completed and is now '8.t the printers. Securing 'Pictures of the spring sport'!l has held up publica­tion, but they will soon be ready. All of the 201) year l)ooks been ordered by the students an.d are expected at '. the school 800n. very Th18 year. the ~ok is dedlcated to ,Dr • .Jam .... 1". . Irwin. Latin In· structor. Miss Mary Ann.roDIl'. Enlllieh teache.r 10 faculty advisor. although other schools will be .Jane Penfield. and Waldo Plans are also being made represented. the Blackfrlars' anJ1Ual Finally. on May 30. the band which will be held at Blro',m,a will march tn the street parade Dam on Wednesday. May for Memorial 'l?ay. eighth . .Toan Faulkner and , With this series of engagements. Bromley are co-chairmen ot the band will complete an active commtttc(' which ts making and prosperous year, However, rangem£"nts and planning many flne muscisians will be grad- menu for this much uated. and the job or buildtng up event. The other members' of thr. band will continue next year ('!(')mmittee are: Bill Moore. Charles with the traintng of many new Keenan, Charles Andes, and: Vlr­members. Among those leaving ginfa Bagshaw. are Elizabeth Bryant. Allen End-ers, Jane Matthews, .Yohn Foster. lfa.ry "Fetter. Fred Bebenna. and Ruth Wagner. The 1088 of the en· thuatasm and drive and excel1ent tw4 .. 1inR' of drum major Ruth wlll b& Jeep-nly felt by those B.S8oclated with the band. However. Ruth hSl"8elf has trained several up .. and­~ nMh"~' drum majorettes to take her place, which Is In Itself a all!" nltieant contributlon. RophR Plan Dance The tenth grade held a class meetinf!" on Thursday April 11. during the sixth period.· The meet­Ing was held In the cafeteria Witla the president of the !I':!::~:I classl H~rry Warren, They dlacu88ed plana to:1' th,' Hop which will be he!~. "':~h~ part of May. •

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THE SWARTHMOREAN STAJ'l' .................................................................................. Myron E. Sbarpe Editor ................................ : .............................. Heathet Cha.mplon Manager ................................................................ u...... Dick Taylor Manager ..•.•......•.......•.................. ...... .... _ .......•.. Jane Mathews ................................... ................................... ........... ':'. John Foster ................................................................................ Jean McGlathery Paul Williams. George Thorbahn, Tom HUI. Alice HaPy, Hay, carolyn Morse, Ann Porter, Ann Defurla. Bob Faw­Brown. Paul William. Rosalie Wherry. Minerva Zensen Marjorie Blick, Balance Athletics With Studies Lately there have been rumors of a trend 'to de-emphasize . sports here at Swa~more High. There are some ·inteltectuals who believe that sports should play only a minor role in an individual's education, as too much attention devoted to phy­sical fitness and athletics detraCt from scholastic achievement. As an example, due to the loss of Coach Ziegenfus to Sun Oil this summer, there is an opinion circulating that the importance " of football shoul~be decreased. First let it be pointed out that research has proved that a certain amount of physical exercise is conducive to mental efficiency. The exertion acts as a release to mental fatigue. Moreover, an individual who participates in athletics and also attains scholastic excellence is to be preferred to the one who merel,}' concentrates on studies, as he is more likely to have a better-rounded personality and to be capable in more fields. GARNET ATHLETES , ON FIELD DAILY Variety of Attractive to Students Last Wednesday Swa.rthmore High's track team looked though It had poaslbllltles to places when it swamped Rldley Township by the 8CO~ of 18 35, The team looked good by coming in fint in all but three events. FRIDAY, APRIL 26.1 .... Not all knowledge can be, learned in the classroom. The lesson of cooperating with others can be taught far better out on the football field or on the ba&ketball floor where the idea of team play is emphatically stressed. Running on the track team also teaches the individual determination and gives him endl!rance. The daily gym classes improve his physicaf well­being and give him confidence in his actions. In the halt-mUe Andy K1r~ and Richard Taylor tied tor first. John Polk placed first and Jack Harant came in second In the 190-yard run. and John Polk also .placed first in the 220. Cornell Ar~h­bold threw the dJ.scus lar engugl1 to come in first and Bob "Tubbs" McCowan came in second with Jack Harant following. In the jump Phil Alden jumPl'd the high­est to take the lionors and Ken Anderson and Cornell Archbold were tied tor third. {(Un ton Gos­Un took first in the broad jump and Harry Mc Gllberry placed Bec­ond with .Jack Harant tollowlng up with third. c*nton Goslin a!so took first In the 440. Andy Klr1. went over the JJar the highest in the pole vault to take first place and Btll Moore came in third. In ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT LOSES COACH ZIEGENFUSS TO SUN OIL let us face the issue clearly. The. excellent standing Swarth­more High School now enjoys is due not only to the fact that it has a high intellectual status but that it can also support an athletic program of consi,derable meri~ To detract from ath­letics would be to lower the all around standards of the school. ! So let us realize that sports are an integral part of a' student's. Interview Reveals Interesting Facts Con­• cerning Previous Sports' Records . at School education; and not decrease their importance but balance them \ with studies so that 'the maximum benefits can be derived I fr<!J}l each. r I Future of Garnet I , i With the year nearly finished and with tlie senior staff on lits last aSSignments, it is time to appraise the fortunes of the new Garnet. After all the interviews on the run and the heated attempts to meet deadlines, :what has been accomplished? To some; Garnet has lived up to the responsibility it set up itself: to keep the community informed on school affairs. 'il~llt others have not been pleased. . The point, they claim, is to entertain them. Assuming that could be a feasible motive, it would have been most difficult attain., ' the first place, the staff has had little support from stud,ents. Secondly, the staff consists mostly of sophom*ores, who are Mltist beginning to get experience in newspaper work. There were seniors and only two juniors on the staff. Thirdly, there has been little willingness and no suggestions on the part of students to bring about changes. No matter what the attempt, it has been difficult to choose subject matter with so little interest and enthusiasm.· Whatever the .project, there is dissatisfaction from some quarter. The point, however, is to suggest something better_ It will be the lot of next year's staff to grapple with these problem·s. They will undoubtedly go further in solving the needs and meeting the wishes of everybody concj!rned. Gamet Poll . The third Garnet Poll, an all-request poll, uncovered some "tartling facts and figures on several phases of school activity. ·.he majority of the many comments received will be mentioned ~low in' an 'attempt to clarify the statistics given. : Baseball was dropped at ·Swarthmore about ten years ago, ue to lack of interest, but opinion has now swung heavily in .'avor of re-introducing it as an interscholastic sport. The Poll ;~nds that' 71.9% of the student body is for baseball, 20.()% say ,rno'~, and 8.1 % have no opinion. Of those favoring the re­introduction of baseball, 70_1 % would rather see lacrosse drop­' ped, 10.0% no longer want track, and 19.9% say either one .pay be discontinued. Swarthmore High could support three .iports in name, it is true, but whereas both teams 'existing now ~re superior, yet the burden of another team would result in at ieast two inferior organizations out of three. On th'e whole, ,.~seball was favored over lacrosse for two reas,ons: (1) school i,-pport, never heavily behind lacrosse, would be behind a base­~ all team; and (2) the number of baseball teams. in this area "ould permit a large schedule with teams of equal caliber. , It was found that on an average school day, 120 pupils at in the lunchroom, 73 gO home for lunCh, and 32 dine at . Charlie's" or the drug store. Those students who ate in the Inchroom were then asked to evaluate .the school food: 0.4.% ~plied "excellent", .26.8% "good", 54.6% "fair", and 17.7% poor". Porty-four percent of tliose eating outside the schoQl lid they would be more likely to 'eat in the cafeteria if improve­lents they desired were carried through. Many of the pupils -iilging lunches thought they might buy them under similar mditions of improvement. Pupils at the end of the line tell of lortages of many kinds of food by the time they are able to Iy their lunCh, and other complain of the lack of order in the ~nchtime passing procedure.. . The band received a great deal of praise for the job they done since Mr. Jenny's return. 34.6% felt it has been an the shotput, "Tubbs" McCowan For the &econd time since 1946 came In first and Cornell Ar~bb'old rang In, Swarthmore High School came In third. Is losing a. coach. This time the Andy Kirk placed second and popular B1II Z1egentu9, tootball Clinton Gosltn placed third in the and lacrosae mentor, Is leaving ~ls hurdles. In the mile run. Harold post as athletic director to accept "Reds" Barr came across the a position as recreatI on dl reet or string second and Charles Elston at SUD Oil. Marcus Hook. ' During placed third. In the Ja.velin. Cor- seventeen years here. "Coach," nell ArchlJiold pJa.ced thIrd. h~ Is known to the many boys. Harold "RedS" Barr. who was he has tralned, had had charge second bJgh scorer in basketball ot julit about all the ~ys~ sports this year \and who also made sec- at one time or another •. lIl8 first ond team In the Kiwanis Club, years were the busi~ as he took came out to try t~r the track. team up the reins as aBBIstO.nt football his first and last year. In prac· eoach in the fall. head baBketbu.ll tiee l1e bas been looking good and. lru,trucltor during the winter, while on three practice mile runs;, he the spring he dOUbled up as placed first two times and came in baseball manager and irack tutor. second on the other. Against Rld .. Coach's teams have bAd a good ley Township on Wednesday he record at about two victories to placed second in the mBe run. every deteat, Which Is remarkable when you consider that moat of "ir:18"1 the schools that he runs up against usually have a much larger en .. rollment. One of the biggest In .. terests ill' the spring ot the past few years has been the ateadlly growmg lacrosse squad. This last pport . has been fast taking hold ot the interest of the sports­minded students. Mary Fetter. this year's lacrosse captain. 18 both an excel­lent player and an excellent leader. Mary was elected captain aftor playing varsity fOr her first sea­son of lacrosse. New to Swarth­more High and the game last year, she proved to be a varsity player trom tho slart. So far this year, Mary has sllcceBSfully led her team to Victory, and It appears the girls wlll have another undefeated year. This year the varsity Une-up for girls' lacrosse is as tollows: Pomt­Barbara. Krase. Marlon Karnoi cov­er- polnt--Minerva Zensen; third ma..'1.-Helen Hootilett defense--Jane Polk; right deren~Taddy Evanil; center-Heather Champion; lett attack--co.rolyn Morse; rlg-ht at­tack- Carol Van Alen; third hotqe -Doris Black; second home--Ca.p-tain Mary Fetter: first home--Ann Harvey. and goal-Betty Spencer. On Satu~day. April 13th, the varBity team played e. game against the Alumnae which-resulted in a 2-2 tie4 A much faster game than the high school girls are used to. they put up a stltr fight against their eldenl. Alice Putman. class of '43 and Betty Ann Beagle, clQ.S8 or !44, each scored a point. Th~ Alumnae team included: Eleanor Burgett, Alice putnam. Betty Ann ntagle. Betsy Crothers, Ubby Garett, Skit Nason. Shirley McMO­lan, Ruth Pike, Sandy Crosett and Aggie Lou Beneke. Beth Ruey and Louise Archbold, both second team p1o.yers. helped out for the older glrlB becaMse of a shortage at players. High school pOints were scored by Mary Fetter. On Thursday. April .11, the boya' lacro88e team played Swarthmore College and came back after a close 1088 by the score of • to 2. You can get an idea .of Coach's popularity It you go up to the school some afternoon atter the final bell has rung and Bee all the beys of· assorted sizes with one thing in common: 'they all bave lacrosse sUcks. This year "Cos.cb" has armnged an exceptional sched­ule, including games with Drexel. Swarthmore College, Chester High School and st. Paul's ~f Baltimore, Maryland champions. While talking to Coach. we alsO learn~d a little about. biB years before he arrived at Swarthmore. spent his early years at Beth­lebem, Pennsylvania, waare he at­tended' Bethlehem Prep where be participated in all sporta: basket­ball. football and baseball. He re ... luctantly admitted that he was on the all Prep basketball BQ.uad. Here is an ideal spot to point out that our Bubject is really a ·very modest man. All through the interview he Jeept telling us that he really wanted as lIttl~ pub­licity as pOB8lble . Speaks at College 54.9% voted "good", 5.5% "fair" and 0.0% also Seemed to think the band should perform 66.3% agreeing with the idea, tt. 7% dissent- 22% (mostly band members) expressing no opinion. Doroth7 E. Adame, .. member ISelmb:ly programs bQth here and at other schools were urged, the EngIloh department, ..... &'11'­many suggested the band play at all sports events (boys') QMker at the Anllual He compiled Q. memorable record during his tour years at J4uhlen. burg College. In hlB senior year, he captained outstanding basket­ball and baaebali squad.. After leaving the Muhlenberg Mules to dQ without him, he wall Blated to enter pro basketball. and although he did play for two or three sum­mers, his ball playing career never developed. In • Womelsdort, PD. •• Coach was a busy man. From 1926 to 1928 he was employed' by the school there to ~ tbe var .. alty aoccer. There WIUI 110 1oot­ball team and. to. to\> It 011;, both too,... and g1rla had bukl>tball to­geOoer. ..... 'u of just at football games. " Ileetl~ of the T,W.c.A. of"l .. ",.ta Remember that the Gamet's editorial policy is not neces- Coli .... In B .... t1Qton. POIlDOJI-determined by the Poll. Delegations of,students and ae- ...... 18 :ruterdq. Bel" toplo ..... "'~I~~~~~~ca~ binet are the best ways of carrying through on .. '1 ..... 118 of CIIuUter, Neel '7 ~ '. ' I for x-d .... p." On 1928 he tool< over at _­more Hl&"h 9chool where he baa _dn,. plIled promlnen"" In the community and In eo1ll1ty ,_I to "' .... 1... . 'One """"ptl ... which _ jLIoc11- \ \ , ........ ~~J--r;~~~"1"'!-~~_-JI, .. '----- , -- I pled much of his time In the paat .alxteen years 18 basketball oftlcla.t­lng. TOday he .travels aU over the State to provide top-notch ,Pfficl8.t­Ing at many college contests and impottant tournaments. Proot that his whistieatoottng is of the high­est quality Is the fact that tor the last eight years he has been a member -of the national board. The tellows and girls and any .t)n~ . kno~ng ~.wa~ore' ·Hlgh Schoo~, have always. <' CODllected Cl;9ach .. wtth -tootball. >8.I!d 'b'lLlket­ball. Therefore. It. Is ,logical that he should be ~ authority on Swarthmore High School footbp.ll. We are reprinting here an all-star Zlegentu8 eleven. FIRST TEAK PosItIoD Player Lett End Dick Bell 1943 Left Tackle Bah Parlettl 1929 Lett Guard Gil Wlddlaon 19" Center Walt Shirley 1941 Rlgbt Guard John Craemer 198& RIght Tackle Vic TrWtell 1917 ~ght End Dave Bishop 1980 Qua.rterbac.k N. Madison 1984 Left. Halfba-ck Jack Taylor 1986 Right Halfback .A.Jfle Hail' 1943 In addition to this impressive llst of outstanding players. Coacb o.1so supplied UB with more mate .. rial. He told us he had coachec;1 Beveral boys he thought were out­standing In some Individual aspect ot tootball. These boys are 11ated below: INDIVIDUAL STARs Best punter--Jack Taylor. Most consIstent dropklcker-:­Norm Madison. Longest dtopkick-John Naisby --42 yardB. Best passers-Stanley HUI, left­hander; Sam Gary, rlght .. hander_ Klekofr stara--Leroy Evans. Stanley Hill, Sandy Johnson, Wen­die Dunn. Pass recelvers--Jack Taylo,r , Al Halg, Harvey Whltecar. . , Best runners-lelr Kirk. Joe Cook. Although we here at Swarthmore will miss Coach Bill Zlegentus, we know that this is Q. ftne opportunity tor him to advance and we wish him to know that our good wtahes follow him wherever he goes, Letter to the Editor Dear EdItor. I think that boys lacroaae In Swarthmore HIgh 10 Olle of the b~ .porta of the year. Not """'" other high achoola have the priv­Ilege of having a boys lacroaae team. I know that the lacrosse games are greatly enjoyed by the student body. but I don't think that lacr0888 10 recofl'lllsed/ enough. I certa1D17 think that on the mornln" of & lacr08le p.m.e Ulare lIhouid be lID lII1IIoun ...... en\ of the irame'. beInc that dq, and wIah­Inc the bO)'ll luole. . Tbe bOT'8 lact a.a scbedule 11: blner this :rear u..n It haII_ In prevlo,. ,..... an4 beca"" of _ I thlllk the -. oaPt to re­ceive further ric ~tIoD. Let .. reaI~ _ the .... ,_ :rear. '. ..y.. BIltllmlntta T. ra 71. Rooter '. • l \ • . , . FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 1946 1. W. V. RECEIVES NEW liONS Women Prepare to . Wind Up Year . in May Mombers of tl).e Swurthmore League of 'Vomen VoterB met at the home of Mrs. Vernon O~Rourke 011 Elm avcnue on April 17. prim­arily to transact end ot the season busin(..'88. Mr&. Daniel R. GoodwIn, chair­man of the nominating committee. presented 'the list of nominees !Qr offlce for the comh'i'g' y~ar B8 fol· lows: president Mrs. Gatnuel Ever­ett. flrst .vice pl"Asldcnt Mrs, Walter H. Robinson. &econd vice presIde~t . - Mr~ Glenn N. BarUe. tre~urer Mrs. John Moore. recording secrc- • THE S)VARTHMOREAN • 7 Receives Bronze Star Lt. COJndr. Ralph E. Bauer. USNR •• of Par.k avenue. has been awarded thtl Bronze Star Medal tor .meritorious aerl"Jce In connectiOtl with operationM agulnst the enemy while serving as officer In chal'gc of a. Naval Construction Battalion during the Okinawa Compalgn . "rhe citation. signed by Vice Ad­mlr~ l 'V. 'V. Smith,· USN. Com. IUl\I1der Service. Force. United States Pacific .l<'cet,· reads: ··.I .... or meritorious service in cO'n. nection with operations against the enemy while sCl'vlng as 'ofllcel'..:..~n chm'go oC u Nava.l Construction Battullon durIng the USHault and initial uevelopmont stages of the OkInawa Campaign. SuCCebSf~IIY. overcoming the obstacles of cU. mute. diseuse. and dUflcu!t tcn·uiD. with utte,' disregard for his own perSonal weltare and' Barety, J.t . Comdr. Bauer applied keen intel­RECEWES HONORs Margie MacMUUan ot Vassar avenue. a senior at Elmira Col~ege. Elmira. ·N. Y .• waB recently elected a White Blazer Girl In .recognition ot her SChOJ08t1c and athletir. achievements. Margie has served as head ot MacKenzie Cottage, sophom*ore dormitory. and has been placed on the Itst of Who's Who at the col­lege for her outstanding aeth·IUcs. She will receive her degree of Bachelor' of Al ts nt the colk>gc commencements. May 13. Sk.,g\und Trio.Baptized' Betty Is a. freshman In the School 1 Pvt. Charles B. MOMe who 18 of .Physical Educatlpn and Athlet,a stationed "'at Public Relatione Ics at the collego. Headquarters. Aberdeen Proving Ground. 1\Id.. is on the, staff ot ~li·. 'h.t! .\1,,:-.. :,.tul..vlm Pineo o. the Army paper "The. Flaming .'i();-U, :-:;, .. :.t.\ • or.' a,eill,t' t>Jlh'I'- 110mb". Charles conlpleted one taln t1 1\1' •.••• I':!H'.,'S h:·"t I, '1'0 :\1 ;'. n, and a half years at Haverford :i. 1.,nl,;'.'IlI(>t'kl·I' 1,( !.ltllz (u'· u Coli.ege before reporting for Army . training . , tary Mrs. Thomu.s K. Brown, Jr., Ugence and resourceful initiati_v e to the complexities of the assign­ ·.rhe :-Ion o.nd two daughtcn; of Mr. nnd Mrs. Palmel' ·Skoglund ot Swarthmore placc, Palmer Leon· :lI'd. Jr., Sondru, and Juilanna were cilrb;tened Iry the Rev. Dr. David Braun of the Prcsbyterlan Church at the 9 o'clock ser,,}ce Easter Sunday. * The stu~y of medicine is a selective prGCe$S in itself. Seven years of intensive study in col­lege, plus one year of practice in a hospital, are the minimum requirements. It is wise to trust yo"! precious health only to a conscien­tious physician of.recognhed standing. Avoid corresponding secretary Mrs. David WIsdom. directors. Mrs. Herbert Ji!. Fraser. Mrs, Glenn M. Morrow, and Mrs. Bryce Wood. Other nomina­tions may be made from the floor at the annual meeting in May. A League Institute for members will be held during the State meet. ing on May 16 and 16 at State Col-mont _of constructinS' vitally nceded airfleldH and airfield facilities. arid. by his eHicicnt co.ordinaUon and HONORED Bctty A~nn.. Cook. daughter of Mr. direction of the construction forcel:J and ::\h·s. Jay D. Cook of Thayer under his command, e1Iected com- rond has been In~tiated Into La­pleUon of the&c facUities in the konfdes. wOhlen's' physical educa- 1Il0st expeditious manner, thereby tion honorary at the Pennsylvania c~tribuUng materially to I the sUe- State College. cess of the campa.lgn. His spirit lege on the subject ot "Forward of co-operation, professional skill Planning for Pennsyt~a.nta.u. A and devotion to duty wer-e an ever number of SWarthmore members present source ot inspiration to the are 'plannlng to go. Reservations oUlccl"s and men under his com­for staying overnight may be made with Mrs. Walter- lL RObinson. ~s,~~ .. '-U 1M', '" the quack, the charlatan. the "cure an" type of cia t _, Almost invariably they do more harm than good..ii": « your physician as you should your pharmacist-with care and confidence. When your physician writes a prescription, bring it to "s to be filled. ~ e are specialists at this work. J • A report on,O.P.A. developments and the necessity :tor continuing O.P.A. control in .order to keep In­flatton down was given by Md. Herbert F. Fraser, who circulated a petition tor thiB purpose. Anyone Interested who has not yet put her name on such a peUtion may do .0 by contacting Mrs. Fraser. mand, and his condUct .d serv­Ices throughout \Vere In keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service," Mrs. R. T. Bates of Yale avenue entertai~ed her sister. Mrs. C. C. Sharp and son. Teddy ot Yar­mouth, Me., on Saturday, April 13, -.... ~ .~- ~-CHOPS SEAFOOD Our Specialty Completely Air-Conditioned Michael's College Phannacy ON THE CORNER Cha'ngea in the national by-laws were dllfCussed. along with other recommendations to be sen t through the League delegate to the national meeting to be held in :May. TO BE REI EASED Lt. David James DaVis hEtS ar­rived in San Francisco. Cal., trom overseas and Is on his Wf).y to Fort Dix. N.· J .• to be released from servIce. Lt. Davis served 4~ months with the U,. S. Army and hos been overseas since f'\.ugust '44., Hls wJte who served as a lieu­tenant ,!n the Army Nurse Corps, received her discharge in Decem­bel' after two years of service. Mrs. Da'\'is who has been residing with hel' parents In Minor Hill, Tenn .• is now the hOuse guest of Lt. Dn. vis' parents Mr. and Mrs. James E. Davis ot Amherst avenue. Enroute Home Capt. Louts I. DethloiT cabled his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Dethlotr. of SwaMhmore and Dart~ modth avenues. that he had saned trom La Havre, France. Capt. Dethloff had been overseas with the Seventh ,Army, 12th Ar­mored Division from September '44 to V. E.\ Day. Sinc~ then he was transferred to the First Armored Div1fllon in Bavaria. ~d more rea cently in mm. on the Danube. HEADS ADMISSION Mrs, Elizabeth Ann Groff, direct­or of the Community Health So­ciety of Central Delaware Coun~~. will be chairman ot Admission of the Central District for children attending Carpp Sunshine, this summe'r. Mrs. Grotr will be glad to . receive donations ot clothing BUlt­able tor camp life, for children between the ages ot seven and 11. She asks that the clothing lie brought to the Health Society's office In Borough ,HalL Reaely to Help Mrs. N. W. Speare. Mrs. Ethel MOBteller. Carol Ann Mosteller. Paul WllUams, Harold Ogram and Mr. and M.... Ferris W.· MItchell gave time to wrap SW&rthmOreaDs for 'Swarthmoreana still In the Armed Fore... last Thuraday. Aprl.l 18. Aboll. willing to help n_ week. Is asked to call Mrs. Mit­chell, Swarthmore 0818. Dr. !'red Ill. Patman of Princ.­ton avenue spent a few cIa" of last weel< trout IIahIng alo~ the Ana­hJmlDk dream In the Poconoa and was the.. for the Openl..g of the ~n. MondAY, Aprl.l 15. I • moother and hetter • It's mighty satisfying to be the possessor of a rare and desirable object . • . a new car for Instance ... or, as is the case with us, the means of producing a smoother, better milk. We don't hesitate to tell you that we are 'mighty proud of the surpassing rich toste of Supplee Sea/­Ielt hom*ogenized Vitamin P Mille. _ • be­cause we know fC!U lill. h too. You_, • we've actually mixed the cream into every drop, broken up the food particles for easier digestion, and we've added the elClra vitamin D that every one should have. It's the milk to drink with pleasure because it's so elClra good and extra nourishing. G4t this improved milk from your Supplee milkman or neighborhood Sealtw ItQo eI<.aeper_ • • SUPPLEE ,- 8ealtut hom*oGENIZED VITAMIN D MILK , . •

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6 THE SWARTHMORE!.N FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 1946 STAfF l':ditor ....................................... _ ... __ .................................... l\.lyroil E. Sharpe Associate }:dttor .................................................... ___ ...... HcatheI' Champion GARNET ATHLETES ON FIELD DAILY BuslnC88 Manager .................. _ .................................................... Dick Taylor Circulation Manager ....• . .......................................•.........•....•.• Jane Mathews Trea.surer ....................................................... _ ....... _ .. __ .................. John }o'oster Sccretnr'y .................................... __ ......................................... Jean McGlathery Reporters: Paul Williams, George Thorbahn, Tom Hilt, Alice Ha'Y. Virginia Hay. Carolyn Morse, Ann Porter, Ann Defuria, Bob Faw· cett. Ralph Brown. Photography .............................................................................. Paul Williams T,.·piBtS: Ruth Wagner, HO&alte 'Vherry, Minerva Zonsen Marjorie BUck, Betty Bott, Nancy Lewis. Variety of Sports Attractive to Students Balance Athletics With Studies Lately there have been rumors of a trend to de-emphasize sports here at Swartbmore High. There are some intel1ectuals who believe that sports should play only a minor role in an individual', education, as too much attention devoted to phy­sical fitness and athletics detract from scholastic achievement. As an example, due to the loss of Coach Ziegenfus to Sun Oil this summer, there is an opinion circulating that the importance of football decreased. Laxt 'Vedncsday Swarthmore High's track team looked as though it had possiblllUcs to go plnces when It 8Ylo.mped Ridley Township by the score of '13 to 35. 'rhc team looked good by coming in first In aU but three '""!vents. First let it be pointed out that medic,al research has proved that a certain amount of physical exercise is conducive to mental efficiency. The exertion acts as a release to mental fatigue. Moreover, an individual who participates in athletics and also attains scholastic excellence is to be preferred to the one who merely concentrates on studies, as he is more likely to have a belter-rounded personality and to be capable in more fields. Not all knowledge can be learned in the classroom. The lesson of cooperating with others can be taught far better out on the football field or on the basketball floor where the idea of team play is emphatically stressed. Running on the track team also teaches the individual determination and gives him endurance. The daily gym classes improve his physical well­being and give him confidence in his actions. Let us face the issue clearly. The excellent standing Swarth­more High School now enjoys is due not only to the fact that it has a high intellectual status but that it can also support an athletic program of considerable merit. To detract from ath­letics would be to lower the all around standards of the school. So let us realize that sports are an integral part of a student's education; and not decrease their importance but balance them with studies so that the maximum benefits can be derived frqw each. ln the half-mUe Andy Kirk and Richard Taylor tied for first. John Polk placed first and Jack Harant cume in second In the 100-yard run, and John Polk also placed first in the 220. Cornell Arch­bold threW the discus far enough to come in first und Bob "Tubbs" McCownn came in second with Jack Harant following. In the jump Phil Alden Jumped the high­cst to take the nonors and Ken Anderson and Cornell Archbold were tied for third. Clinton Gos­lin took first in the broad jump and Ha.rry Mc Gilberry placed sec­ond with Jack Harant foUowlng UJl with third. Clinton GosUn a!s,o took first In the 440. Andy Kid" went over the bar the highest in the pole ,,'Uult to tnke first place and Bill Moore came In third. In ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT LOSES COACH ZIEGENFUSS TO SUN OIL Interview Reveals Interesting Facts Con­, cerning Previous Sports Records at School the shotput. "Tubbs" McCowan came In first and Cornell Archbold I"'or the second time since 1946 pled much of his time in the past came In third. rang in, Swarthmore High School sixteen years is basketball officiat­Is losing n coach. Thts time the ing. Today he travels all over the popular Bill Zlegenfus, football State to provide top~notch ,Yffictat­and lacroSfJe mentor, Is leaving his ing at many college contests and post as athletic director to accept important tournaments. Proof that Andy KJrk placed second and Clinton GOldin plnced third tn the hurdlcs. In the mile run, Harold "Reds" Barr came across the a position as recreation director his whistle-tooting is of' the hlgb- Future of Garnet With the year nearly finished and with the senior staff on its last assignments, it is time to appraise the fortunes of the new Garnet. After all .the interviews on the run and the heated attempts to meet deadlines, what has been accomplished? string sceond placed third. ncll Archbold and Charles Elston at Sun Oil. Marcus Hook. During est quality is the fact that for the In the Javelin. Cor­his sevcntccl~ years here, "," plnced third. as he is known to the many boys last eight years he has been a member of the national board. . To some, Garnet has lived up to the responsibility it set up for Itself; to keep the community informed on school affairs. But others have not been pleased. The point, they claim, is to entertain them. Assuming that this could be a feasible motive, it would have been most difficult to attain. • In the first place, the staff has had little support from students. Secondly, the staff consists mostly of sophom*ores who are just beginning to get experience in newspaper work. There were few seniors and only two juniors on the staff. Thirdly, there has been little willingness and no suggestions on the part of students to bring about changes. No matter what the ~tte~pt, it has been diff.icult to choose subject matter with ~o 1!tt1e. mter.est and enthUSIasm. Whatever the .project, there IS dIssatIsfactIOn from some quarter. The point, however, is to suggest something better. 11 will be the lot of next year's staff to grapple with these problems. They will undoubtedly go further in solving the needs and meeting the wishes of everybody concj:rned. Garnet Poll , :rhe third Poll, an all-request poll, uncovered some tartlIng. f~cts and fIgures on several phases of school activity. he m~Jonty of the many comments received will be mentioned ~Iow m an attempt to clarify the statistics given. Base~all w!ls dropped at Swarthmore about ten years ago, ue to laCK .of mter~st, .but opin.ion has now swung heavily in avor of re-mtroducmg It as an mterscholastic sport. The Poll ~nds that 71.9% of the student body is for baseball, 20.0% say .'no", a".d 8.1 % have no opinion. Of those favoring the re­! ntroducbon of baseball, 70.1 % would rather see lacrosse drop­ped, 10.0% no longer want track, and 19.9% say either one ?Iay b~ disconti.m~ed. Swarthmore High could support three ,ports m .name, It IS true, but whereas both teams existing now Ire superIor, yet the burden of another team would result in at eas~ lwO inferior organizations out of three. On the whole, ·.sej)· II was favored over lacrosse for two reasons: (t) school 'lIPport, never heavily behind lacrosse, would be behind a base­all team; and (2) the number of baseball teams in this area 'ould permit a large schedule with teams of equal caliber. . It was found that on an average school day, 120 pupils at m the lunchroom, 73 go home for lunch and 32 dine at Charlie's" or the drug store. Those student~ who ate in the mC.hroom were then asked to evaluate .the school food: 0.4 % ~phed "excellent", 26.8% "good" 54.6% "fair" and 17.7% ~oor". Forty-four percent of tlio~e eating outside the school ,Id they would be more likely to eat in the cafeteria if improve­:~ nt~ they desired were carried through. Many of the pupils ·mgmg lunches thought they might buy them under similar )fiditions of improvement. Pupils at the end of the line tell of IOrtages of many kinds of food by the time they are able to Iy their lunch, and other complain of the lack of order in the .... nchtime passing procedure. . The band received a great deal of praise for the job they have done since Mr. Jenny's return. 34.6% felt it has been an ·excellent job, 54.9% voted "good", 5.5% "fair" and 0.0% "poor". Students also seemed to think the band should perform more' often, with 66.3 % agreeing with the'idea, 11.7% dissent­ing, and 22% (mostly band members) expressing no opinion. Assembly programs both here and at other schools were urged, and many suggested the band play at all sports events (boys') instead of just at football games. Remember that the Garnet's editorial policy is not neces­sarily determined by the Poll. Delegations of students and ac­tion througb Cabinet are tbe best ways of carrying througb on bese questions. Harold "Reds" Barr, ,vho was second h\gh scorer in basketball this year and who also made sec-he has trained, had had charge The fellows and girls and any of just a~out all the boys' sports one knowing Swarthmore High at one time or another. His first School, have always connected ond t(!am in the Kiwanis Club. years were the busiest, as he took Coach with football, and bl\8ket· came out to try for the track. team up the reins as assistant football ball. Therefore, It is logical that hIs first and last year. In prac· coach in the fall. head basketball he should be an authority on ttce he has been looking good and instructor during the winter, whlIe Swarthmore High 'School footbp.U. on three practice mile runs, he In the spring he dOUbled up as We are reprinting hero an all-star placed first two times and came in bascball manager and ir:ack tutor. Ziegenfus eleven. second on the other. Against Rld- Coach's teams have had a good FIRST TEA1\o( ley TO\\'nship on Wednesday he record of about two victories to PosItion Player Date placed second in the mile run. every defeat, which Is remarkable Left End Dlct:: Bell 1943 , ... hen you consider that moat of Left Tackle Bob Parletti 1929 Mary Fetter. to is year's girls' the schools that he runs up a.gainst Lett Guard Gil Wlddlson 1944 lacrosse, is both an excel. usually have a much larger en- Center 'Valt Shirley 1941 roJlment. One of the biggest tn- Right Guard John Craemer 1938 lent player and an excellent leader. terests ill the spring of the past RIght Tackle Vic TrOxell 198'1 Mary was elected cu-ptnin after few years has been the steadily Right End Dave Bishop 1930 playing varsity for hCI" first sea· growmg lacrossc squad. This last Quarterback N. Madlso'n 1934 son of lacros~e, Ne\'.. .· to Swarth- sport has bcen fast taking hold Left Halfback Jack Taylor 1936 more High and the gnme lust year. of the interest of the sports- Right Ha1tback Alfie Haig 1943 she proved to be a val'slty player minded students. In addition to this impressive from the start. So far this ~'ear, You can get an idea of's list of outstanding players, Coach Mary has succeSSfully led her team popularity if you go up to the also suppUed us with more mate­to victory, and it appears the girls school some afternoon after the rial. He told us he had coached will have anothcr undefeated year. final bell has rung and see all the several boys h~ thought wcre out· This year the yarslty Hne-up for boys of assorted sizes with one standing in some individual aspeet giris' lacrosse Is as follows: Pomt- thing in common: they all have of football. These boya are listed Barbara KrMc, Marion Karno: cov- lacrossc sti<'ks. This year "Coach" below: cr_point _ Mincrva Zenscn; third hus arranged an exceptional sched- INDl\rIDUAL STARS mail-Helen Hoot;left defense--Jane ulc, including games with Drexel, Best punter-.Jack TayIOl'. Polk: I·ight defense-Taddy Evans; Swarthmore College, Chester High Most consistent dropkickel"- center-Hcather Champion: left School and St. Paul's of Baltimore, Norm Madison. attack--Cnrolyn Morse; right at· },{aryland champions. Longcst d~opkick-John Naisby tacit-Carol Van Alen; third home \Vhile talking to Coach, we also --42 yards. -DorIs Black; second homc-CaP- learned a little about his years Best passers-Stanley WIl, left­t.... . in Mary Fetter; first home-Ann before he arrived at Swarthmore. hander: Sam Gary, right-hander. Harvey. and goal-Betty Spencer. He spent his early years at Beth- KIckoff stars-Leroy Evans, On 8atm'day, April 13th. the lchem, Pc.nllsylvania. wllere he at- Stanley Hm, Sandy Johnson, Wen­varsity team played 0. game against tended Bethlehem Prep where he dIe Dunn. the Alumnae which resulted in a participated in all sports: baaket- Pass receivcrs--Jack Taylor, .AI f Halg, Harvey White car. ' 2-2 tie. A much aster game thnn ball, football and baseball. He re­Best runners-Jeff Kirk."" Joe the high school girls are used to. they put up a stiff fight against their elder~. Allee Putman. ciass of '43 and Betty Ann Beagle, class of '44, each scored a potnt. The Alumnae team Included: Eleanol" DUrgett. Alice Putnam. Betty Ann B"bagle, Betsy Crothers, Libby Garett, Skit Nason, Shirley McMil­lan, Ruth Pike, Sandy Crosett and Aggie Lou Beneke. Beth Huey and Louise Archbold, both second team players, helped out for the older girls because of a. shortage of players. High school points were scored by Mary Fetter. On Thursday, April II, the boys· lacrosse team played Swarthmore College and came back after a close loss by the score of 8 to 2. Speaks at College Dorothy E. Adams, a member of the English department, ...... guest speaker at the Annual Dinner lleeUng of the Y.:W.C-A. of".Tuniata College In HunU".ton, Pennsyl­vania yesterday. Her topic ...... "Trail. of Character Nee. '7 tor Lea4ereblp."' luctantly aclmitted thn.t he was Cook. named on the all Prep basketball Although we here at Swarthmore squad. Here is an Ideal spot to point out that our subject is really a very modest man. All through the interview he kept teUing us that he really wanted as llttlllo pub­licity as possible. He compiled a memorable record dUring his four years at Muhlen­burg College. In hls senior year. he captained outstanding basket­ball and baseball squads. After leaving the Muhlenberg Mules to do without him. he was slated to enter pro basketball, and a.lthough he did play for two or three sum­mers. his ball playing career never developed. In ~ Womelsdorf. Pa .• Coach was a busy man, From 1926 to 1928 he was employed by the school there to coach the var­Bity soccer. There was no foot­ball team and, to top It oft'. both boys and girls had basketb8.t1 to. gether. On 1928 he took over at Swarth­more High School wbere he has steadUy galned promlneDce In the community and In county spol'bl circles. One oceupatloa which bas 00011- '. will miss Coach Bill Ziegentu8, we know that this Is a fine opportunity tor him to a.dvance and we wish him to know that our good wishes follow him wherever he goes, Letter to the Editor Dea.r Editor. I think that boy's lacrosse :in S~arthmore High Is one of the best sports of the year. Not many other high schools have the priv­Ilege of having a boy's lacrosse team. I know that the lacrosse games are greatly enjoyed by the student body, but I don't think that lacrosse is recognbiedj enough, I certainly think that on the morning ot a. lacrosse game there should be an announcement; of the ·game's being that day, and -­Ine the boyS luak. The bOTS lacroaae schedule is bigger this year than It h ..... been in previoua yean and becawte ot this I think the team ought to re­ceive further reeGpltloD. Let'" really back the -.n \hI!! l'ear. An FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 1946 L. W. V. RECEIVES NEW NOMINATIONS • THE S~ARTHMOREAN 7 Receives Bronze Star RECEIVES HONORS LI r' .1 Margie MneMUlIan of V·· .. a- . ....Olllul·. Halph E. Hauel". .... • lletty is a fJ"(.'!duIlUIl In the School 'I Pvt, Charle8 of ,Physieal Education and Athlet- stationed at B. MOOl'l' who i8 Public Helatlons it's at thc collegc. HeadquartCI·s. Aberdeen Proving ---.. (,"11111)(1. lId .. is on the staff ot Women Prepare Wind Up Year in May USNH., of l'm',k llvenuc, has ucen aVl'nue, a senior at Elmira Collegc. awal'dcd th~ Bronze ~tar ;\Iedal for Elmira, N. Y., was I"Ccently elected nW"itol"iouH 8('1'\'1cc in connection a. '''hite Blaze!" 011'1 In .recognltion witl I of hel' scholastiC' and athlctl(' to 1 0pcl'at OIlH uguillst thc ellem~' I II ~ u{'hlel'ementH. WI e serving u.s OIllCl'l' in chul·g(. .\1'. ,'.' "I .. ~ ... : ..••.• '1' I'illt·o o. I th .. A"III;o..' POlIH'l" "The 1."lnmlng .;" .. (,. :-; -I".' .I "'.1,, .. "IIt."··1 BI)III"··. f'harl('~ t'OIHIlIc-h'd one tam II ':\1, . V·I,',.· .... I'·.f .'1.'. I~'I and a half p'ars at i-Ia\'C'rford ~. 1.1· .... I (, I,,'!' (.j" :.'i.I\":t'o " .I l ~ II I·. (>~W h(>fo.·l' )"('pv"Ung fOl' Army Memhors of the Swul·thmore l .. caguc of 'Vomen Volcl's mct at thc home of Mrs. Vernon O'H.oul·kc on Elm avenue on AIU'i1 17, prim­arily to tl'ansaet end of the season husin(,,sR. ~II'Ii. Daniel H. Goodwin, chail'~ man of Ute nmllinating committee. pl'e.sented the list of nominees for otlice for the comh;g year as fol­lows: pI'csident 1\[rs. Hamuel EVel'­ett. first vice p:'esidcnt ;\lI·s. 'Valier II. Robh:son. second vice PI'csidcnt lUI'S. Glenn N. Bat·tle, tre~!;urer MI·B. John 1\(oore, I'ecording sec,·c­tar'y MI"t!. Tholllus K. B.·own, Jr., corrcsponulJIg secI'ctal'Y Mrs. Da\'id 'Visdom, directol"s, All·s. 1Iol'1)ert 1;. I·~raser. Mrs. Glenn 1\1;. MOI'row, and l\I1·H. Bryce '''ood. OUICI' nomina­tions lIlay be made f,'olll the floor at the annual meeting in May. A League lnstttutc fOi' members Will be held during the State meet­ing on May 15 and 16 at State Col­lege on the subject of "For,yal·tl Planning for Pcnnsylvania". A numbcl' of Swarthmore members arc planning to go. ResCl'vations for staying oYernight may be made with Mrs. Waiter H. Robinson. A report on.O.P.A, developments and the necessity for continuing O.P.A. control in order to keep In­flation down was given by Mrll. Herbcrt F. Fraser, who circulated a petition for this pUrpose. Anyone interested who has not yet put her nnme on such a petition may do 80 by contacting Mrs. !I'raser. Changes In the national by-laws were dlseusscd, along with other recommendations to be san t through the League delegate to the national meeting to be held In May. TO BE RELEASED Lt, David James Davis ho.s 31"­rh'ed in San Francisco. Cal., from overseas an(l is on his w::o.y to Fort Dix. N. J .. to be released fl'om service. Lt. Davis servcd 4"1 months with the U. S. Army and has been overseas since !\Ugust '44. His ,vire who served as a lieu~ tenant in the Army Nurse Corps, reccived her dischargc In Decem­hOI' after two years of ser\'icc. Mrs. Da'\'js who has been residing with ~CI' parents ,in Minol' Hill, Tcnn., IS now the house guest of Lt. Da­vis' parents Mr. and 1\fI's. James B. Davis of Amherst avenue. Enroute Home Capt. lAmis 1. ])ethloff eallied his parents, Mr. and Mrs. 'V. L. Dethloff, of Swarthmore and Dart­mouth avenues, that he had sailed fl'om La Havre. France. Capt. Dethloff had been overseas with the SevcJ1th ,Army. 12th Ar. mored Division from Septembcr '44 to V. E. Day. Since then he was transferred to the First Armored DjviRion in Bavaria. and more rc~ cently in Ulm, on the Danube. HEADS ADMISSION Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Groft, dIrect­or of the Community Health So­ciety of Central Delaware Coun~·. will be chairman of Admission of the Central District fol' chIldren attending Camp Sunshine, this Bu"?-mer. Mrs. Groff wUI be glad to receIve donations of clothing suit~ able tor camp life, for c'hlldren betweeil the ages of Beven and 11. Sha asks that the clothing be brought to the Health SocIety's office In Borough Hall. Ready to Help Mrs. N. W. Speare. Mrs. Ethel Mosteller, Carol Ann Mosteller, Pnul Williams, Harold Ogram and Mr. and Mrs. Ferris W.· Mitchell gave Ume to wrap Swarthmoreans tor Swarthmoreans still In the Armed Forces, last Thursday. April 18. Alfyone w\\lIng to help next week. Is asked to call Mre. Mit­chell. Swarthmore 0818. Dr. Fred M. Patman of Prince­ton avenue spent a few days of last weck trout fishing along the Ana­lomink stream in the Pocono8 and was there for the opening ot the season, Monda.y, April 16. of ., ". • :Margle hUH :;CI"\'l'U a" I'cad of • .,uvu. CUlUil"ucUOJl Battalion dlll'in~ the Okinawa Cmllpuign. Mac Kcnzie Cottage, f:lophom*orc The citation, tsigllcd by Vice Ad- tlormitory, and has been placed 011 . I II' the Jist of 'Vllo's 'Vho at the col- IlI1l'a . \\'. HlIlith, USX, COIll~ uw .. ndl'" HCl'vice !o~ol'ce, United Je~c for h('r olltstanding activilie~. Stnh~K J'acitlc 1'~Jcet, reads: She will rcceiw' her degree of .. I'.t B:wh('lo~' IIr J\I·ts '.l~ Ihe ('()II~'~( • or 'Ilel', orious service in coo- ' c· ncction with opcl"atJons against the commenccmcnts, May 13. Cilellll' whHc HCI'\'ing u.s oUicer ill e!uu'ge of a ~a"al Con~tl'uction Battulion tlUI'ing the uli~ault anu initial Ill'\ clojllUont ~tages uf the Okinaw.l (';tlllllHign. HUc("l'ssfull\" u\"t'I'collIing- the olu;tacles of Cli'­lIIah'. disc:I~.t'. and diJlicult tcrrain. \\ ith lItlel' tiiHrl'gnrd fOl' his own IIcr'sOlial welfar'e und Ha.fcty, .Lt. Comdl·. Bauer applied keen intel­Sko<; lund Trio Baptized 1"11\' 1'011 ·.!Il,1 1\\0 daug-iltt'I'!-; Of .\11". :Ind :.'111"1'1. 1',,11111'" Hlio:;lllntl of :-;W:ll'thlllOI"C pluel" PaIrIlCI' L('OJl­ar ·,1. ,J •..• ~()IHIJ·a. and Jl1lianna \Yen' .-i1l·i:..;tCIl<"d Ir.\' til{' Hc\'. JJ,'. Da\'id J:1'aun 01 till' I"'('shytprian Church at t h(' ligence and resourceful initiatin. Sunduy. to till" l'olllplexities of the ;u;sign- HONORED ;ul"hcld;-; and nil'lield facilities. and. of ('OIlHtr'ucting \'iUllly nccd('d I IIy hiH ellidcllt co·o,·dinaUon and I lIl'lt,Y .\'lHl Cook. dall~ht(>r of ~{I' dh'l'ction of the ('onMructioll forcc.:; and ::\11"5 .• Jay D. ('oOI~ of Tha~'PI: und~I' his. cOlllmand, effected COIll- ,'oad has hC{'1l initiatC'd into Lu. 1)ICtIOU of these facilities in the konhlc::.. wOIIICn'fJ phy,!dcal educa.1 ',1I0st . eXIl.editiolls manne", thcl'clJy tion honorm',Y' at the Pennsyl\'ani<l I c~ntn"utlllg materially to the suc~ State College. I ce~s of the campuign. His spIrit of co.oJlcrutfon, J)I'olcSHional sldll and d('\'otion to duty werc an ever present sourcc of inspiration to the olli<'cl"s and wen nnder his com­mand, and IllS conduct a;nd serv­ict's thl'oll(;hout "'ere in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service." 1\£rs. R. T. Bates of Yale avenue entertained her sister, 1\Irs. C. C. Sharp and son. Teddy of Yar­mouth. Me .. on SntuI·day. April 13. STEAKS - CHOPS SEAFOOD Our Specialty Completely Air-Conditioned -- moother and hetter • .;:;u t t=1 ,:'. training. * The study of medicine i. a selective process in itseH_ Seven years of intensive study in col­lege, plus one year of practice in a hospital, are the minimum requirements. J t i. wise to trust Y0ll! precious health only to a conscien­tious physician of recognized standing. Avoid the quack, the charlatan, the "cure all" type of ~. Almost invariably they do more harm than goocL.Sd;c( your physician as you should your pharmacist-with cara ,nd confidence. When your physician writes a prescription, bring it to 'JS to be filled. We are specialists at this work. Michael's College Pharmacy ON THE CORNER ~~--'-'---s~~~_~-..:s."~I"·S~SS"'''~ II's mighty satisfying to be the possessor of a rare and desirable object . • • 0 new car for instance ••. or, as is the case with us, the means of producing a smoother, beHer milk. We don't hesitate to tell you that we are ·mighty proud of the surpassing rich taste of Supplee Seal­fest hom*ogenized Vitamin D Milk ••• be­cause we know you like It 100. You see, we've actually mixed the cream into every drop, broken up the food particles for easier digestion, and we've added the extra vitamin 0 that every one should have. It's the milk to drink with pleasure because iI's so extra good and extra nourishing. Get this improved milk from your Supptee milkman or neighborhood Sealtest storekeeper_ SUPPLEE" 8ealte6t hom*oGENIZED VITAMIN D MILK •

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• THE SWARTHIIOREAN APRIL'" I ... Le~r to Editor ASKSACfION Mrs. Ralph E. Rhoada, Jr., with her YOUng daughter Bandra of Yonkers. N. Y •• is apendtng a few weeks with her parents Mr. and nor guests on Friday evening Mr. and Mr •• , :panlel Krick of Wayne and Mr, and Mrs. Rollert Glllillan of Drexel HIlL Dear ,Editor Americans' had a taste of price InfiaUon In 1920, when It cost ,Z.60 to buy as much goode as could be had In 1814 for $1.00. Tltls 10.. of approximately eo per cent in· purchulng power. with a simUlar reduction In the atandarda Mm. A. S. Robinson of Ogueo ave-. Sally Cook of Thayer road and nue. Mr. and Mrs. Rhoads enter- Libby Rutan of Ogden avenue were talned the JattBl'·. gUGsts ot honor at a m,1scellaneou8 and sister Mr. and Mrs. Elam ahow6l" given by Mary Jane Nelson Hitchner of Philadelphia over the of Chester. Tuesday evening. April Enster holiday.. 16. of living of citizens In general, Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Ball' of Cornell avenue had as their house guest over the week-end. Mr. Balr's mother. Mrs. Katherine T. Ball' ot provides a very mUd e%4IDple ot Temple University. . what we may expect. to happen in Mrs. C, D. Prater and daughter 1146 and; later years if we· permlt Anne- . Marle of North Swarthmore the Senate to pl188 an OPA bill avenue l"eturned Sunday. April 7. wblch III as feeble aa the price-cOn - from a week's trip to Tuskegee. trol bill Just p8.ssed by the House. Ala., where they v1Blted Mrs. Pra­The House measures would render ter's mother. !4l1f •• ..A.. L.. MUleI'. Dr. and Mrs. Fred M. PatmWl of PrInceton avenue. with ~ party of friends· will on Sunday take their boat "Pat" which they "put over" at Essington, to Georgetown, Md., where the PatmaDS pla.u to spend their week-ends and vacation this summer. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Starr of Dartmouth avenue have sold their price control practically lnopera- Barbara Thatcher, a student at home on Dartmoutb avenUe and tlve, and the enormous volume ot plan to move to Salem, Oregon by dB Cdnnecticut College for Women the middle of May. Dr. Hallock money and credit now In the han spent the week.end at her horne on of would .. be buyers (amounting College avenue. to some UOO blllloDS) would al­most ineVitably cause a speedy Peggy Thayer accompanied oS by and violent sky-rocketing at prlc88 Jean Jax of Buffalo, N. Y., arrived to two. three, or even more Umes ·rhursde.y last, to stay unttl Sunday their present level. at peggy's horne on North Chester Wbat thls would mean in terms road. Both girls are seniors at Ben­ot standards of Uving should be nett High School. ·Bulfalo. evident. A $10,000 income of today Mr. and Mrs. ·\YUltam McIntire bUY8 only about 66 per cent as of Nortb Chester road entertal'ned much as it bought In IIS6-39. be- at a dinner party saturday evening cause general prices have risen In honor of thelr 80n Dave's 21st somewhat In spite of price con- birthday. Campbell and family- of Narbeth troIs. If· prices were to double. Joan Faulkner entertainect Borne I this $101000 ·would buy about as of her classmates tor dessert and much as $ •• GOO bought In 1186-1'. games before the Senior Assembly and a tripling of,. general prices at the Woman's Club on Saturday (which Is not at all impossible It in her hOl1l.e on DickIn80n avenue. price control8 are abolished or . Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Faulkner oC haTe purchlLllOd IUld will occupy the Starr home. Mr. and Mre. C. Tho ..... Bauer, Jr., of Kenyon avenue are enter· tainlng Mr. Bauers father, IIr. Carat Bauer of Fowler. Colo., and Mr. 'M. X. Stubbe also of Fowler.' Sunday afternoon,' the Bauers entertained at co*cktaUa In honol' of their guests. I Phebe Lukens and her roommate PrlBcll1a Downing of HIngham, ...... Maea, students at BoUT. CeU .... 8pent the week-end . at Phebe'. bome on Maple avenue. Ensign and M..... Ra)omond F. Winch are spending two weok.e with Mn. Winch'. parent<! ,loIr. and M..... Charles E. FIocher of DlcIt­inIOn avenue. EnaIgn Wlnoh leavee: Ka.Jr "' tor 8aD Fnnr'wco, caL, to report for ,duty In the Paola.. DRICON ...... 1OOS. 2 Ie' n I ...... laap:oua ..... ,.. ................ ·SIW ...... a.- • 10', ..... ..,._ .. '0 .... ..... 101, I ,.,1Ii '1.11 o..Iet"-~1ocIIl ,., '..... _ .... .d.In .c.I. ..... ,........ ..' ,. .W ,. ';" , THE DEW DROP INN Extended Sunday Hours 1'2 Noon until 3.00 P. M. Special, Dinner $1.00 greatly weakened) would reduce Dickinson avenue had as their dln- f!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 'the purchasIng power ot $10.000 -----..... -----~---.;...--------------- ~ to th~ amount of ·goods· that could be had, tor $2,600 or there-abouts In the period 1936-3'. It is probable that most Swarth­moreaDS live on relatively fixed money Incomes. and . would not reHsh the thought of their stand­ards of living being quartered In the manner outlined· above. But our publtcly-minded citizens will a.lso be concerned over the econ­omic chao. Which would result in the' form of Industrial conflict. strikes waged by unions determined to protect their living standards by demanding ever-Increasing. "~ke­home pay." and the resultant In­terference with conversion to peacetime pr~au·ctlon. The argu­ment by the National Association of Manufacturers and other busl­ness ·organlzations, to the effect that we should ".remove price con­trols on manufactured goods and production wilt step liP fast" is utterly fallacious.·. Remove price controls and prices will shoot up so swiftly that production will have a hard time catching up! R~tain price controls 'untU produc­tion comes somewhere near meet­Ing the publlc's need for. scarce go.ods. and· serlOuB .lnfla.tlon and wlde~Bpread Buttering. may be avoided! Swarthmoreans .who . want to p ... tect their own· and 9ther peo­ples' living standards, and to bring about an orderly restoration et peacetime produc.tlon, can help by writing or telegraphing Senator Robert F. Wagner. Chairman IJanklng Committee, and Senators Joseph F. Guffey and Francis J. Myers. al1 of whom may be l'each­ed at USenate Office Building, Washington." urging them to sup­por- t the Bowles recommendations for price-control legislatlon. Paul F, Gemmill (Prof. ot EconomiCS. U. of pa.) NEWS NOTES Mr. and Mrs. John Howard Taylor of Kenyon avenue spent a few days of th~8 week attending a convention In Wllkesbarre.· Mr. and A. Laurence Baxter ot Harvard avenue returned Friday from SpringfIeld, :Mass. Mr. Baxter had been on a buslneBB trip for several days and Mrs. Baxter joined him in Springfield on W.ed­nesday. Frank McCowan, a student at Penn-State College spent the week­end at his borne on Vassar avenue. Dr. and Mrs. J. F. McKernan of Rutgel'"8 avenue has as theIr week­end guests. Dr. McXeman'B brOth .... and slstv-ln-ta.w, Mr. and Mrs. LowlB W. McKernan of Washing­ton. D. 0.' Twelve children 'of the 100 block on Rutger. avenue were entertained' atuiBilllter EtrIL' Htmt ": '';' .. 4- on the Mar)' lqOD Oolf Oon_ Batnrday afternoo,;; ';' , Mr. and M"": 1'; , •. 'Ji[cLarty of Oberllu "TenUe _t _ with frleuda In lIethIeham. " One of the World's MOST CONVENIENT Transit Systems •• You can ride a distance of 1325, miles in Philadelphia on'PTC lines. Wherever you go you'll /iud there is a PTC route conveniendy close at hand. For instance 9 out of -til homes are less tban one and no more than three blocks from the nearest PTC line. Actually two­thirds of all PTC 'passengers are within one block of the line they use most Crequendy. Because PTC is the most cogve­nient way to get around town, 3,250,000 passengers rid" PTC cars and buses every week day. Car. rying sn Illany to business place., shopping centers, amusem*nt areas and other destinations cakes' more than 3,000 street cars, buses, track­less trolleys and subwav·elevated cars. You may be surprised to know that PTC vehicles travel a total of 300,000 miles oIaiIy, or nearly a mile for every family in Philadel· phis. So you can ride anywbere in town at any time, 11,700 PTC em· plnyes keep those, carS aml buses rolling day after day. Philadelphia has not only one of the world's most convenient transit systems but also one of the most modern. Modernization of PTC lines began in 1940. Before war halted the program, 758 new ve· hides had been place.. in service at MODliN. COUlflOUS SlIV'C' a cogt of $11;000,000. Today a $1?500,000 Modernization Pro­gram is in operation-some new, modern buses have already beeD delivered. The PTC Modernization Pro­gram will bring you and all Phila~ delphia 895 more new vehicles, as well as many service improvements. When it is completed, Philadel­phia's transit service will be Uq­excelled.. ,THE SWARTHMOREA" 9 Lt. Ilg) Thorn .... B. Marshal! or Lincoln avenue Is Ln Honolulu en. route home after serving In tbe Pa­cUtc for the past 'Year. He will re­turn: via. the Panama. canal to tho East Coast to receiVe his discharge. Mr. and Mrs.. Ralph S. Hayes of Oberll~ avenue entertained at dtn- J;10r Friday evening In honor of , I ,nn'! ""''''''''''!Ifi''''! s-...o. .. '!lliSS"MS"" l448 ,. ... Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Johnson of I Betheada, Md .. formerIy,of Moylan. EDWIN B, KEf I EY, Jr, who were Easter woek':'end gucabi YOUB JEWELER of ,Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Jeglum of Jl5 Eas& tt.h ·8t.. Chester tertained at Open House In their ""KNW Cbee&er .,e. Hl1lborn !'ovenue. Mr. and M ..... Da-, t (Oppoolte New State '11Ieake)" vld Wisdom of Vassar u,·enue en- , . honOr Saturdaly evening, and they ( were guests of bonor at a supper ., • party given by Mr. and Mrs. Roger Picture P'nvPlng Stat' Russell of Haverford place. Sunday Book&-Kodak SappUM evening. GreelJDg oa.r&t-H, obb,. 0Nft Dr. and Mrs, T. Leigh Williams SIMMONDS ot Harvard avenUe. Mr. Qnd Mr~. 114 Welab 8_ Or F¢ r Samuei D. Clyde, Jr., of Westtown, • and Mrs. Charles Thdckara, .Jr., ot ;:_==:':I':b:.:"'=:C:b:..:.= .r :f:'~II:':I==~ Swarthmore avenue, accompanied 'by friends trom Washington, D. C.. , •• "ill attend the Maryland Hunt Cup Race. tomar-row. Mrs. Alva.h Wood Stuart of Vas­sar avenue entertained her bridge club of eight members at a lunch­eon- bridge, Thursday. Dr. and Mrs. John W. NBlfon of Cedar lane entertained 42 chlldren of the neighbornood at an Easter Egg Hun~ Sunday atternoon. CLASSIFIED WANTEI>-Qulet Protestant '1ouple with chftd, 11,· would like to locate in or near Swarthmore. Will pay $20- ,25.000. lor good home or up to $160 month rental for desirable apartment. Tel. )ladl,BOD teS9. WAN'rED-Bedroom, living-room and, In or neal" swarthmore, tor gentleman. Reply to Box T. The Swartbmore&IL WANTED--To rant, ex-Naval officer and fllmll,. Ufe-Iong residents ot. Swarthmore. need either furnished or , unfurnlahed house or apartment In Delaware Co. wm consider renUnE from June 1 to Sept. 30. Reply. to Box S, The Swarthmorean. WANTED-To rent unfurnished or partly furnished .house or apartm~t in Swarthmore for family of four. two adults, two girls In High S~hool. Oc­cupancy to begin Bummer or fail. Glad to furnish Philadelphia or Swarthmore re!erencea Reply to Box X, The Swarth!!.l,orea.n. W ANTED-Couple wanta furnished or unfurnished house or apartment in Swarthmore or· vIcinity. No cJdldien. no pets. Phone Mr. Vetter, Saratoga 9379. W ANTEI>-Jrwo or three piece living room suite: flat top knee hole desk. Reply to Box A, The Swarthmorean. WANTE~Ex - Marine ca.ptaln and wife need three or four room and bath apartment. Ur,fufntshed. Tel. Sharon Hill 0988-R. "WiANTED-4)lrl for general ,housework, Tuesdays and Fridays. References. Tel. Swa.. 0178. WANTED-Capable, wllllng woman tor part-time work, $20 per week. References. Tel. Swn. 0368.· W ANTED-Four-room apartment in or near SWarthmore. Tel. SW8. 1666. W AN'I'ED-September 1. unfurnished one or two room apartment by grad­uate etudent, wife and InCant, In Swarthmore, jrortcn, or CUtton. Reply to Bes .. The Swarthmorea.n. ' , FOR SALE FOR SALE--Complete set ot the Book . House for (!hUdren. New edition, good oondlUon. Can Swa. 0870.J. FOR SALE-Kiddy CouP. Tel. Swa. OIllS-R. l"OR SALE--Moving WeaL All kinds of household Items and pre-war fur­niture for sale. Must dispose of Im­mediately. Call Bwn. 0664. FOR SAJ..E-..frhree piece living room Buite, $25; 42-- left handed white sink wIth apron,. $20. J. Krupla. 540 1Ilchl­gan a.venue. LOST' lJOST-Saturday, lady's Waltham wri~t watch. Swarthmore or Media. Phone Swa. 1111. LOST-A 8um of money on South Cheater road store section. Reward.. Reply to Box V. The Swarthmorean. LOST-Red. and check wool8POrt shirt, sl. 16, In April 17. retum to BUI Fischer, !Of Dick. fnson avenue, Swa. 2263. LOS'I'-Flrst baseman-s mitt with init­Ials J.R.M4 Reward. Phone Swa. 1196-W. PERSONAL PERSONAl-Electric heaters. lrona. and vacuum cleaners repa..tred. Cal1ed tor and delivered. Call Robert BrookR Swarthmore tltL • PERSoNAl-Immediate service and l'eDIJl'II on all makes ot electric wuben (Bendix Included). lro-nere, vaCUum cleaners. ranges. irons, toast.­e~ heaters. fana and lampe. Al80 wiring. Old and new repa.l~ce -lnstAnadona. AU work done In com­pllanoo with Fire Underwrltere re­quirements. Estlmates cheerful.,. KI0JIv'l.... .' can Ii:rIch 'N. Hauao•n• Bwa.' FOR RENT l"sHngs SoUclted W. S, Bittle &: Son Swa. 0111-:1 Real Estate Nolarjr PubUo-lDatirance PIANO TUNING t"l11o Lose CboId is tile 0 ..,I_on' tha& can be plaJ'ed rhe out-of-tuue p~" Phone A.. X. PARKER for the remeolJ" Medla O4IiD-M ELECTRICAL WORK ali kind New or Old \ • MORTON REFRIGERATION , Phone Swarthmore 0992 TREES Removed-Topped-Cut any Lenlrtb FREE ESTIMATES GIVEN VAN HORN & SPNS PHONE MEDIA 267,3-.1 #HARRY W. LANG Rugs and Carpets SwartJamoi.e 0764 Ridley Park 3238 • "carpet makes it ,h ome" DoD'& WaU UnUl Spring The iIme to do In_ painting Is 1lOW. I am IlOW IIs&Ing exter­~ work' for, SpdDg. , Qna1I.&7 Paln& Es:perIenoed Mechanics WALTER V, LINTON Cont,.ctor aDd Builder RIdIe7 Park OSSS-M , ...... , , PIara DOW the bome you wet Desirable lob available Charles E. Fischer Bailder Phone Swarthmore 2253 ... i MORTON REFRIGERATION t and I Applian,ce Service I Commercial and Domestic­Prompt Service--Refriger­ators, Washers, Vacuum Oeaners, Radios 11 Moral A_ , Mottoe, Pa. IA_ 7 'S ..... ••• 64 . ~ '. . ... 80ns Gordon and Dick of Harvard avenUe. Cmdr. Follett Is now do­Ing temporarY duty In Wa,8hington, D. C.. and will return to Seattle shortly. Mr. and Mr9. George Zimmer of JJgden avenue along with several friends spent the week-e~d at the Zimmer's farm jn Canadcnsjs. Bob Hastings, a student at Pcnn­State College spent the Easter week':'cnd at his home on. Cornell avenue. James B. Bumtt, Jr., Thomas W. Hopper. Scott B. LillY, and Ernest Wernher were elected to the vestry of Trinity Church at the Annual meeting. ZONING HEARING ESTATE OF F, 'kOSEPH SCHWEI­ZEn, deceased, lat", ot the Boroqh 01 Collingdale. Delaware County. Pennsylvania.. '..elters of Admtlliatralion· havlna: been granted to the undersigned, nil persons having claims or demands ar. requested to make known the same, and all I,ersons .Indebted to the said estate are requested to make payment, without delay to Sarah L. Schweizer 710 Andrews Avenue Coll1ngdale. Pa. Admlnl~tr8 trlx ESTATE OF GWLADYS POWELL CORBIN. der:ea.se4. Letters Testamentar)' In the above estate havIng' been granted to the un­dersigned, all persons Indebted to aa,ld estate are requested to make payment, and thOlie having claims to present same to Hosemary C. McMuntgal 1139 Potter street Chester, Pa. A I)U b I I c Ilep.r·m g wII·I bo 'IIe I( on oGre otrog eh eOr. aPthtoilripnse.y Esq. Monday, !\Ie)' 13th, 1946, at 7 :45 P.M. 13:'1 Ffdellty.PhUadetphla El18tern l)t\yllght Saving Time, in Trust Building Council Chamber, Borough H a.ll, 123 South Broad street Swarthmore, Pa. upon the subject of I ; changing the Swarthmore ZOning Or. P_h_l_ad_e_'_p_h_18_,_P.:.8_' ______6_ T_,4_,_19 dlnance to classify the property men- . ..:.. tloned below as a new apartment house IN THE COURT OF COMMON dh~tri('t. PLEAS OF DELA"-ARE COUNTY The property Involved Is bounded by PENNSYLVANIA • Yale and Hnrv~u·d A\'enues beginning No. tt39 June ·1'erm, 1931 at the Southwesterly corner of tllat In· FIRST ACCOUNT OF CHESTER­terseC'tion and extending In a Routh~ CAMBRIDGE BANK AND TRUST westerly direction along the North· CO:&IPANY, Substituted Trustee westerly Hide of Harvard Avenue under Deed of Trust dated August 1163.02· ft. and along the Southeasterly 18. 1928. of FRANK H. M"ANCILL side of Yale Avenue and Yale Avenue for JOHN BRUCE McENERY now produced 1326.,(6 .rt. It Is now lnelulled JOHN STEPHEN EMMET In the Residence DIstrict and is the The above account has' bePn filed In property of the Mary: Lyon School. Inc. the Office 01 the Prothonotal,}, and wlJl Elliott Richardson 'be confirmed by 8ald Court on May Borour.t Secretary 17th, 194.6, unless exceptlons are flied Dr. and Mrs. Frank G. Keenen 2T----'-26 thereto. of Harvard avenue are entertalnlng·I _____________ ~-- Dr. Keenen's brother T /Sgt. Walter ES1'ATg OF ROBERT E. CARELS. J{eenen ot Ft. Bragg, N. C., who ar- deceRSed, late of the Borough of rived Thursday to visit over the Swarthmore, Delaware county. Penna. Letters of AdmlnlstraUon baYlnll' week-end. Mr. Ove Jensen of been granted to the undersigned. all Chapel Hill, N. C .• spent lnst week- persoll!! having claims or demands are ('ond as the guest ot the Keenens. requested to make known the same, IT-4·19 Robert J. MacBride Prothonotary ESTATE OF GEORGlil E. SIL:U). WAY, deceased, late at the Borough of SwarUunore. BOOK REVIEW b;, MUS. PAUL D,'TOWNER WedneSday, Ha,. 1, 2 P. M. Methodist Church (""'pel WANI'FD A representative, to sell particu­lar people. a, high type ~claJ lotion. new on the ma.rket-proflt-able proposition offered. . NONA FARREN 1 .. 13 WAshington Square Ne><: York S. N. Y. Driveway Construction Asphalt or Concrete PETER Dl NICOLA Phone Swa. 2626 PAINTING &pertly Doae OALT. DAVE WOOD Media 07661 • PERSONAl IZED NAPKINS Em'" n d' Paper Napklna . The perfect touch (or entertaining . . . scalloped edges with blue, red and yellow borders and your name attractlvelY printed. co*ck­tail or tea. ale (state size). 110 for $9.~ OOMPIill1l'E PERSON' ",,,,zED SE':J' • . • . of 60 napkins. 26 colorfully designed paper guest towels and 25 coasters . . . Everything you need for the rumpus room • • with your name printed. $9.10 Send check or money order to H. J. BECJI[ER P. O. Box 194 Upper Darb;r, Pa. • Print clearly the name you desire Example: Joan and Bill or THE BMlTI{'S ELECTRIC smtVICE Radio &: Appliance Repairs PROMPT SERVICE Call Swarthmore t 984 HARRY A, BREHL Walters' Tree Sua.esl and Ian ell "'.,.. PIwae s-r'II_e 2175-R tOol Ca.DIIII A, __ S.W" Nt PI & 1 I • and all persons Indebted to the said eatato an; requested to make payment. Letters of AdmlntstraUoa on tho above estate having, been granted to the undersigned. all perSOIlB Indebted to the said estate are requested to make payment, and thoee having without delay to claims to present the sallie, without Irma P. C&rels delay to 439 Riverview Road Swarthmore. Pa.. Administratrix· CarOline Sargent Sl110way Admlnl8tratrlx or to her attoQley Claude C. Smith Swarthmore. Pa. 40('; N. Chester !load. Swarthmore, Pa. or to her attorneys and 1617 Land Title Bldg. Phil&. 10, Po. Butler. Beatty. Greer & .Jehneon • 8T-4-26 11 South Ave., . Media, Pa. EVERYBODY'S BUSIIESS! Gossip over a back fence is everybody's business! _ I I And, ill qnite another way, your electric company. too, is ewrybocly'. business/ It beloll8s to yon-to theman next door and the woman acra88 the street - to the people who rub .houldera with you ill ahops and train. I\Dd buse •• All typea and kinds of folks are on our stockholder list - housewives, farmer&, merchants, teachers, doctors, nnneo, They're the di~ owners. , And there are ,countless indirect owners. EvCll if you don't own a share of our stock yourseU, you probably have a stake ill this company through yonr life insurance policy or savings account.· ' ' Why? Becsnse banks and insurance companies - who handle your savinge -' must invest those funds wisely. Next to War Bouds, one of their largest investments is public utility securities. They know' that sound busineu m~ent bas made cheap, dependable electri~ power a b88!c part of the American way of life, So, whether you reallzeit or not"" your electric light and power company iB Dot jDst OUT business - it'8 yOUT business. • _ NElSON El!Dr fa "!HE !I.ECl1tIC tIOUl" willi _ "'_"'_', 01' Ih •• ....,., t ;..... • ..... 1Sf,.ClSHtf ...... PHIUDELPHIA ELECTRIC COMPANY , , . ,., ..-. I

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.. 10 THE SWA~THMOR,.EA.N FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 1846 ------------------------------------------------------------ VETERANS' GROUP' BRINGS HOLDRIDGE toms, especially the Army caste system In connection with which he recently appeared before toe Senate Military Affairs Committee. Ho Is affiliated with the Veterans League of America and is being heard here on the first public pro~ gram sponsored by the local branch of the American Vetemns Commit­tee. Retired Brig. General to Speak in Meet-o ingHouse . This local chapter since its for- Brigadier General H. C. Hold- mation a month or so ago has belen ridge, who was retired by the Ar- holding wcekly meetings for con­my last Spring, will be presented slderatioll of legislative' matters in the Friends Meeting Houso on and forwarding its resolutions to the college campus next TuesdQY the main Committee In New York, evening by the Swarthmore Chap- I as well as conducting post card. ter of the American Vete·rans Com- barrages on senators and congress­. nlUee at 8 p.m. men in rogat"d to timely questions. Last week-end It -was resPOllslble (01' over 500 statements of opinion on the OP4 being sent. Graduating from West Point in 1917, Holdridge gained his gener­alship in Decemb~r 1942. From 1941 until· retirement he was com­mandant of the Adjutant Gel1eral's Schobl at Fort Washington, Md. Kappas to Sew . Mrs. I.'red J. Murray of Yale avenue will serve as hostess to an all-day sewing meeting of the Kappa Kappa Gammas at her home on Tuesday next. . . General Holdridge since his re­tirement has been outspoken in criticism of certQin mllltary cus- CHANGE IN BANKING· HOURS For the period beginning MoodIlY, April 29, and ending Saturday, September 28, this bank • WILL OP·EN AT 7:00 A. M. WILL CLOSE AT 2:00 P. M. EASTERN STANDARD TIME except Saturdays when the closing hour will be 11:00 A. M. SW AltTHMORE NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation •• When you drink to your health with Springfield Water you have the assurance thbt it is pure and whole­some. After storage in impounding reser­voirs, if any minute particles, color or bacteria remain in the water, they ~re removed by skillfully halldled sedimentation, after which the water goes to the filters for final processing. Other steps safeguard the quality of Springfield Water from its ~rigin to your glass. PHILADELPHIA SUBURBAN . . WATER COMPANY College Plans Folk Festival those meals and events which they cOstumes of &:111' country which attend. I>$nces and e~lblts are could be displayed In the costume open to the publlc with no admls- e~b1t, or. having anything to con- (ContLnued from page 1) slon charge. tribute to the r.rafts exhibit, should dian dances wlll be guest artists Anyone owning authentic folk notify Alice Ga~s at the College • during the ,earlier part of the eye- -;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;=======;;;;;;;;:. nlng. These two adopted members r of the Sioux tribe authentically present the Indian more accurately than he himself In !tis art of dance. "Colorful, artistic;" and inspiration­al" describe the Interpretation only superft.clalW, for they actually suc­ceed In communlcattng th.os e over- ' tones of emotional vivification of the Indian In his dance which are a. result of their depth of' unde.­standing of those quiet peopl~. This is to be held in the Student Com­mons at 7:30. Completlng the eve­ning will be the demonstrations by visiting groups, and general tolk and, square dancing for everyone. Saturday morning's agenda calls for bltormal sports, swimming and badminton and get-togeth~riJ with guest artists for dlBcuaalon, ques­tions, learning s~ngs, and dances. Immediately before Q picnic lunch a. folk dance film wUl be shown in Ciothler Memorial. CommO)lS wlll then be the scene 0 of action, general (olk dancing followed by a concert Qf folk songs by a guest artist. Costume exhibits will be ready for inspection, the afternoon session being closed with group sl:nglng and tea. The evening will include the American Folk Tale In modern dance form by the ~warth­more College dance groups and demonstratlops by n a. tl 0 nail t l' groups. ,Partlcit'atrng wi1l be the Ukranlan group from Chester, and a. Polish and Scandinavian group. From 9 to 12 noon a Big Hoe­, Do~n will be held in the Field House, square dancing for every­body with guest callers. . The Craft exhibit wJll be shown Sunday morning after which din­ner will be served In the lodges. ~ afternoon concert of folk songB will be given by a guest artist. Tea wlll be served at the closing of the festival. This program has not yet beim wot"ked out in detail, and Is subject to change. There wlll be posters, and other Information to follOW. Overnlg,ht guests will be put up in tho gymnasium on campus, same as last year. The Festival Commit­tee would ilke to borrow folding cots again from any folks who have and would be willing to lcnd thcm, If you have one you could lend. you are asked to contact Al­Ice Gates at· the cOllege. A small registration fee to cover meals and lodging wlll be made:' Thosc attending only part of the IT'estival may pay separately for " CLASS'ICS Sizes, 830 14toit2 _ / In this most versatile of classics, charming distinction is accom­plished by precision tailoring and exquisite details . • • Clever~y tucked "tulip" pockets; 12-gore skirt, action back and. translu­cent plastic buttons. Rayon crepe in . Royal, Navy, Melon, Aqua and Black. " EARRINGS to match boUoos " l°Oplustox Speare's Dress Dept.-Second Floor . .. W ARNING!~ No one except Active aneJ Honorary Members of this Company are allowed to ride on fire trucks, either going to '. or returning from fires. This rule will be strictly' enforced. . \. \. SWARTHMORE FIRE AND PROTECTIVE· ASSOCIATION .' ,

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