The Pride and Tempest of the Gate - Vonster4 (2024)

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Ever since Savano got off that nautiloid, his whole world has been turned upside down. He woke up on the beach with sand in his armor and over the arms of his skin. He brushes his huge and muscled biceps sweeping the pale tan sand off of his brown chestnut skin and survey the surroundings. The nautiloid crashed and seems to have devasted the entirety of the beach. The number of dead bodies that have washed up on the beach was sickening to his stomach. So much death and destruction caused in the blink of an eye.

“Lathander preserve us…”

Savano takes a look at a body of the woman whom he freed with the githyanki on the ship. he starts to think of the worst until he sees her breathing. He offers a silent prayer to Lathander.

“Shadowheart… Shadowheart… SHADOWHEART WAKE UPPPP!” Savano screams as he shakes Shadowheart awake as she startles up.

“I’m alive! You’re alive! How did we make it off the nautiloid?”

“I don’t know. I’m thanking Lathander, nonetheless. So, what do we do from here Shadowheart.”

“Well, we need to find a healer. These tadpoles are not going to be removed on their own. Also… thank you from freeing me from my pod. The gith wanted to leave me but you did not. I’ll remember that. Let’s go Savano.”

They ventured along the beach and walked looking at the bodies. Savano offers silent prayers in Lathander’s name as they check the backpacks and pockets of the bodies trying to find anything useful. Shadowheart found some fish, 40 gold, and a dagger while Savano found a letter written to a betrothed. Savano folds the letter and puts it into his pack. The love letter was extremely disheartening to see and read. He wonder if Anna knew of her fisher lovers fate. They walked around until they see those disgusting brain things again.

“More of those brain things! One hit and it’ll be lights out for us Savano!”


Shadowheart unsheathed her mace and shield as Savano unsheathed my short sword and shield. The brains ran at the duo as Shadowheart screamed Flagro and a guiding bolt hit one of the brains and toasted it to the hells. Savano dove to the left of her and slashed at a brain that was coming at her from her blind spot. The brain recoiled back as it let out a blast and hit Savano. The vertigo was getting to Savano as he stumbled and saw three brains instead of the one. Shadowheart yelled out another evocation with Ignis, as she hit the brain attacking Savano. Savano kicked the last brain towards Shadowheart as she swung her mace into it and smacked the brain into the wall as its brain juices splattered all over the wall and the juices run down the wall. Savano did little jumps and move his arms as the adrenaline was stilling running through him as he let out a big sigh as he stopped moving.

“You fight quite well Savano. Our survival should not be such a bad prospect.”

“As you do Shadowheart, but I could not help but notice you use cleric domain spells. What deity do you worship?” Savano asked as Shadowhearts demeanor and body language became much more guarded. Shadowheart turned towards him with her face slightly scrunched as they jogged around the nautiloid.

“I would not like to say… mystery is a good thing in a building of acquaintances.” She spoke. Savano thought none the wiser.

“Oh, well ok! I worship Lathander, glory to the Morning lord! I’m in the tempest domain.”

“A cleric of Lathander huh? Interesting.” Said Shadowheart. They walked around the wreckage of the nautiloid until an elf with pale skin, white elaborate hair, and piercing red eyes waved them over to his location.

“Hey over here! I cornered one of those pitiful brain things… can you kill it for me?” Said the pale elf.

“Oh surely!” Said Savano as he jogged over the bush the elf was at. He heard rustling as a boar runs away. He breathes a sigh of relief as the elf grapples him from behind with a dagger aimed at his throat. They stagger to the ground as Savano curses under his breath and the pale elf speaks.

“Now now… if you want to still speak with that sweet neck of yours, you’ll tell me what you know. You were on the ship right?” Said the Pale Elf.

Savano headbutts the elf as he rolls away. The elf holds his dagger out as he curses towards Savano. They both clutch their heads as their tadpoles communicate to each other and Savano is walking in a dark alley in Baldur’s Gate. He looks up at a handsome man as he offers a hand to the pale elf. The memory fades as the pale elf is in disbelief of what just occurred.

“So, you were tadpoled just like me. And to think I was ready to make you bleed until you were dry!” Said the pale elf.

“Don’t be such a damn pillock next time! Lucky for you I am a tolerant servant of Lathander!” Said Savano as he huffed.

“Let us let bygones be bygones. My names Astarion. I was kidnapped from Baldur’s Gate when that ship came through.”

“Very well. I am Savano! This is Shadowheart. I’m a Baldurian as well.”

“Well let’s try to find some way to control this little nuisance if we’re cursed with it.” Spoke Astarion as the group proceeded to leave the nautiloid behind.

“Control it? We need to rid these things immediately, they will be the death of us.” Shadowheart replied.

“The gith we encountered told me when I first came out of my pod, that these tadpoles would turn us into mind flayers… We need to rid these things of ourselves fast.” Savano said.

“Amazing of course it’ll turn me into a monster.” Exasperated Astarion. He was very finnicky in his tone.

The group begins to trail as two tieflings holding up the githyanki on the ship in a wooden brittle cage. Savano’s, Shadowheart’s and Astarion’s tadpoles quiver as the Gith’s voice rings in their heads but her lips do not an inch.

“Get rid of the tieflings!”

Savano shakes his head as he talks to the tieflings.

“Why do you have her locked in a cage?” he asked.

“She is a githyanki… a dangerous creature that will kill us! Zorru was right they are here!” Said one of the tieflings.

“Nonsense! She is thinking creature just like me and you! Here, you both go on your way. I’ll deal with her.” The tieflings hesitated until the man tiefling grabbed his sisters arm and walked away.

“Get me down from here!” demanded the Gith.

“You know, back where I am from, people say please when asking people for requests.” Said Savano in a chide tone. Savano is used to kindness and applying that in turn, but out here in the wilderness, it is not reciprocated. He disliked it very much.

Chk! That would be as if bowing to worms. Never!” Said the Gith.

Savano sighed as he squinted an eye and aimed at the base of the cage as the gith fell down on the ground. She landed with bended knees and stood up as she looked on the group in contempt.

“It seems the tadpole has not scrambled all of your brain matter. But the longer we wait the more it consumes. We must find a creche to rid ourselves of it.”

“You said a cure for these things I’m all for it. My name is Savano!”

“I am Lae’zel, you have made a friend of someone from creche K’liir. A grace shown to few. Lead the way to the tieflings resting place. They seemed to know of someone named Zorru who have seen my kin. Let us go.” Said Lae’zel.

The group walk through the rest of the area until they see a portal that was cackling with energy. There was a hole swirling from it as it shocked Savano when he reached towards it. A hand and a voice came out as the group backed up from the display. The hand was gesturing towards the group as a man’s voice comes out of it.

“A hand? Anyone there?” Said the voice.

“Lathander I ask that you calm the portal as the dawn calms the night.” Said Savano as the portal began open slightly and was not shocking anyone.

“That did the trick! Now just pull me out please.” Said the voice. Savano was extremely pleased at the manners of the voice.

“Absolutely!” Said Savano as he pulled the hand. His muscles contracted as he pulled the man out of the portal with ease. The man landed at his feet, and he dusted himself off as he got up from the ground.

“My friend, Gale of Waterdeep thanks you! Say you look familiar don’t you?”

“You’re welcome Gale! I am Savano and yes we were all on the nautiloid.”

“Yes and we face an even worse struggle we face. The process of ceremorphosis will begin to overtake our autonomy lest we find a cure. I heard your prayer to Lathander earlier when freeing me. Could it be possible for you to cure us?”

“You should know that our clerical abilities are not that advanced to remove this parasite.” Shadowheart chimed in.

“Oh well we’ll find a way. Let us proceed with our journey yes?” Asked Gale. He was asking the group if they wanted to travel with him.

“Surely Gale! We’re trying to find a- wait do you hear that?” Said Savano as shouts and commotion was heard from nearby.

“Be careful everyone we do not know what is nearby.” Said Gale as the group begins to follow the sound of the commotion.

The group runs around to see three individuals run over to a gate with a pack of goblins on their trail. The leader of the three individuals shout at the guard at the top of the gate.


“GOBLINS? WHERE IS THE DRUID?!” Said a Tiefling in paladin armor.

ZEVLOR HURRY!” Said the leader as one of the tieflings began to turn a wheel on top the gate. Three goblins scurried over and shot at the tiefling as three arrows hit him, and he falls from the gate.

“sh*t! Everybody TO ARMS!” Screamed Zevlor as the three individuals armed themselves. The group prepared themselves and armed. Suddenly a man jumps from the top of the gate down to the ground casting an eldritch blast on a goblin as he disarmed another goblin on top of a rock as he cursed.

“Damnable roach. Provoke the blade!” He said as he stabbed a goblin and threw it to the side.

“And suffer its sting.”

Savano looked in awe as Lae’zel yelled at him to stop gawking and proceed to battle. Shadowheart and Savano both screamed out as they blessed all of their allies on the battlefield. Lae’zel jumps on top of a hill and slices two of the goblin archers with efficiency as they scream from on top. Astarion and Gale both are fending themselves off of a goblin beast, and two goblins with failure. Astarion gets sliced in both of his legs as Gale yells out from the bite of the goblin beast. Astarion curses towards Savano to heal him as Shadowheart shouts out Incendo towards a goblin and shrouds him in a sacred flame. The goblin screams as it festers the battlefield with its putrid burning body. The man jumps from his rock as he screams out while his body emits a dangerous necrotic aura hitting a staff carrying goblin. A goblin slices through one of the trio asking for Zevlor to open the gate as she screams with crimson blood shooting out from her body as she falls to the ground. Savano grapples a goblin and slams him into the bugbear who was pushing his sword onto the leader of the group as the leader was trying to prevent himself from getting slashed. Lae’zel sliced through 2 goblins with ease as she yells at Savano as he gets stabbed in the back from a goblin. He screams as blood comes flooding from his chest as he shoves the goblin off himself and throws a fire bolt at the goblin. The man pierces a goblin with his rapier and throws a potion at Savano as Savano’s wound closes and his breathing begins to get steady as Gale uses a ray of frost to finish off the last goblin beast as the group catches their breaths and heal up. Shadowheart and Savano help some of the others saying te curo. Some people look at the dead body of the woman who was trying to get into the gate as they grimace.


“May you be with Lathander in the afterlife and awake in a peaceful dawn.” Said Savano as got down to his knees praying over the woman with his hands clasped.

“Inside all of you! More goblins may be coming soon!” Said Zevlor.

“That was exhilarating. I crave more bloodshed.” Said Lae’zel

“Let’s take a break to catch our break and get some supplies yes?” Asked Gale
“Moreso we need to evaluate our battle capabilities. But we can do that at camp tonight.” Said Shadowheart.

“Also, that… hand- one eyed man seems like a powerful ally to have. We’ll chat with him when we get inside.” Said Savano as the group walked inside of the gate.

“Were you going to call that man handsome Savano? Don’t think you’re sly with that comment.” Astarion teased.

“Lathander allows me to see the beauty of all life Astarion.” Savano vocalized.

“Awh you’re no fun.” Astarion whined as the group approaches Zevlor and the human man of the leader of that group.

“We was running for our lives Zevlor!”

“And you left the druid behind! And now surely the goblins know where we are!”

“Whoa whoa let’s calm down everyone. We survived the goblin attack at least.” Said Savano gesturing with hands for the two to choose peace.

“And just who the hells are you?” said the leader of the group.

“He’s the one who saved your ass! Show some respect!” demanded Zevlor.

“I didn’t ask for any bloody help.”

“Oh, you were begging me to open the gate! Anything to save yourself coward!”

The leader at the gate face became skewed as he co*cked his fist back and punched Zevlor. Zevlor staggered and dropped to the ground from the force of the punch as the leader spit on the ground next to him.

“Always hated that bloody devil. Had it out for me since we first met.”

“Anndd you thought knocking him out would solve any problems?” Asked Savano sarcastically.

“Doesn’t matter now. One of my own died because of him and goblins know where the grove is. Whatever, time for the rest of us to leave.” He said as he turned around with another guy in green as they make their way to the gate.

“Zevlor you alright?” Asked Savano as he dropped down to a knee to help the tiefling up.

“Urgh my head. That damn human was always a nuisance. Never mind that. Our people will soon be leaving anyways. The druids are forcing us out.”

“What why? The roads are infested with goblins and I’m sure other dangers as well.”

“Kagha, the leader of the druids since Halsin left, isn’t even granting us an audience. But she may talk to you since you defended the grove at the gate.”

“Urgh now we’re being messengers. What are we, injudicious couriers?” Astarion faintly said.

“I’ll see what we can do, Do you know where Zorru is and a healer?” Asked Savano ignoring Astarion.

“Nettie is a healer. More than likely, you’ll find her in the druid chambers. But Zorru was in the back of the camp.”

“Thanks, Zevlor!” Said Savano as he trotted to towards the inner part of the camp. He saw the man at the gate, and he was training a little tiefling to wield a blade.

“I’m not like you!”

“I do not need you to be like me Bumi. I just need you to help the others as best as you can.” Said the one-eyed man.

“He’s right child. No matter the amount of help you bring, it is help regardless.” Said Savano.

“Well said. Hello there. I’m the blade of frontiers… Wyll..” Said Wyll as he slowly studied Savano.

Savano met his gaze with his eye and immediately felt a spark deep in his core. Savano eyes became fireflies as he studied the handsome man himself. He felt the morning dawn awaken in him as though birds were singing as he looked upon Wyll. Wyll studied the dark hair of Savano who had a touch of blonde highlights. His pointed ears that were covered with his dark hair with this genuine smile that made Wyll feel butterflies. The two kept staring at each other until Gale cleared his throat.

“AH HEM, I would believe that you two were communicating with the tadpoles yes? Surely not staring longingly in each other’s eyes.”

Savano was spooked as he looked back at Gale until Wyll cleared the air.

“Surely we were. He saw what I was doing, riding through the hells for my target. Karlach the devil. She will surely burn the sword coast if left to her own devices. I will track her down and bring her to justice with my blade.” Wyll said.

“Surely you wouldn’t mind joining us right?” Savano asked with a grin.

“Absolutely but, I need to hunt down Karlach.” Wyll said with a sly smile.

“Hunting devils too?! We might as well become Hell rider couriers at this point!” Astarion interjected.

“We will find Karlach Wyll. But let’s touch base right now with everyone. We need supplies, and to find Zorru. Wyll, Gale, and Astarion, go around camp and see if you can grunge up anything with this gold. Me, Shadowheart, and Lae’zel will head to Zorru. Meet back up at the end of the stairs where we will all go to Nettie and Kagha. Everyone ok with this?” Said Savano as he handed 213 gold to Astarion he and Shadowheart have collected.

“Let us hurry and go to this Zorru. I grow impatient.” Lae’zel huffed.

“Alright let’s go” Said Savano as the group split.

Lae’zel led the trio as Shadowheart began to question her. Savano was in the back as he turned around and saw Wyll looking at him as Astarion and Gale talked to a druid seller. Savano smiled at him with Wyll returning one.

“Visions, visions of you and me, we’re in love.” Savano softly sang.

“Were you just singing Savano?” Asked Lae’zel.

“Yeah do you like it?”

“It sounded like a gargling boar with its thorax being ripped out. Don’t do it again.”

“Lae’zel what would you do if someone wronged you?” asked Shadowheart.

“In what way?”

“Like if they lied, hurt you, or stole?

“Lying is ok in certain circ*mstances. If you believe someone on their word alone with no proof then you are the fool. Killing is excellent. It culls the weaklings and cowards. But thievery will be paid in kind with pain excruciating beyond comprehension.”

“Good to know… Savano?”

“I don’t like lying but I agree with Lae’zel, if circ*mstances prevent you from saying the truth then I can forgive it. Killing is necessary but to cause bloodshed without cause or conflict, then it is a waste. Stealing is the most forgivable in my eyes. People steal when they need something.”

“You’re naïve it seems.” Says Lae’zel as they approach a wary looking tiefling. The tiefling freezes as he locks eyes onto Lae’zel with Lae’zel immediately questioning him.

“Another one… Gods don’t hurt me!”

“You must be the one named Zorru if you saw another of my kin. In creche K’liir a formal greeting is with a bow.” Lae’zel coldly said.

“Lae’zel he is very clearly shaken up! Take it easy!” Savano immediately said.

“What?!” Lae’zel angrily replied.

“Here I’ll take over.” Savano said moving Lae’zel to the side.

K’chachki! Fine.” Said Lae’zel as she crossed her arms in disapproval.

“Don’t worry Zorru she won’t hurt you. Where did you see the other gith?”

“It was… it was by this bridge. They stuck a sword in one of my friends and sliced him up. I ran before they even looked my way.”

“The map show me!” Said Lae’zel as she shoved a map towards Zorru. He circles a location as Lae’zel snatches it back from him.

“I’m sorry to hear about your friends. May Lathander watch over you and protect you.” Said Savano as Zorru walked away from the trio.

“The last time a subordinate questioned my judgement, I ripped their tongue out and feasted it on it that very day.”

“You do know how to talk to people and get information right Lae’zel? Negotiations is how you get what you want. “ Said Savano as he looked at Shadowheart.

“Hmm… I did not think of that way. But still I would’ve gotten the information one way or another.” Said Lae’zel.

“In certain diplomatic situations, you would want to use words rather than violence. You could get farther that way.”

Chk. This way of life in feeroon does not bode well with me.”

“Feeroon hehehe. Don’t worry you’ll get used to it.”

The trio descended from questioning Zorru and went towards where Wyll and the others were bargaining with a druid. Wyll, Gale, and Astarion had just finished up as the others came scurrying over.

“I cannot believe you were able to talk him down so much on the food Wyll. Your mouth must have titillating ways in order for you to be so charismatic.” Gale said with glee.

“True be told I do not know how to cook some of this stuff… Also do not know what to do with these brewing ingredients nor sewing supplies.” Said Wyll.

“We’ll figure it out. We should head to the Druids chamber.” Said Savano as he casually tapped Wyll shoulder.

They all headed to the stairs where a group of tieflings were having an argument with some druids. The group proceeded down past them as they saw a stone door. It lifted up as they entered and saw two druids in discussion with a tiefling child as a snake slithered slowly behind it.

“Kagha this is just a child! The idol is back we surely do not-“

“Silence Rath! And keep still devil, Teela is restless.”

“WHOA that is a CHILD what are you doing??” Savano said as he walked down the steps with a scrunched face and clenched fists.

“Child? You mean poison. She takes our food, water, and shelter without any thanks. Then, in act of complete density, she steals the most sacred of our idols.” Said Kagha.

“Silvanus treasures life above all else. He does not like when lives end involuntary especially a child’s!”

“And who are you to know of the Oak Fathers words?”

“Considering that the Oak Father with Lathander casted out the great gods of fury, I would say enough.”

“I hear the conviction of the Oak Father in your voice. Teela to me. And leave devil… my grace has been extended.” Said Kagha as Teela slithered around her leg and the tiefling child ran out of the chambers.

“Go on. Say I’m a monster.” Said Kagha.

“Monster? Far too kind. A demon more like.” Said Wyll in the background.

“Only a cruel creature would instill fear into a helpless harmless child.” Said Savano as he makes a nasty face at Kagha.

“That is what your kind always sees the world. With evil and good. You see a monster. I see a protector. You did well at the gate… you could escort the devils out of the grove safely to Baldur’s Gate. Help Zevlor’s people otherwise… The rite of thorns will.” Said Kagha.

“Eurrr fine. Where is a druid called Nettie at?”

“In the back of the chambers. She is our designated healer.” Said Kagha as the group walked to where she pointed.

“Why defend such a brat Savano?” Asked Lae’zel

“Childhood is for when we make most of our mistakes Lae’zel. Punishing one for a mistake they may not know is bad is a cruelty personified.” Said Gale.

“I agree with Gale. I do appreciate you for sticking up for that child Savano.” Said Wyll.

“I do not appreciate when others torture or be vicious towards the innocent especially children Lae’zel.” Said Savano as he saw Nettie tending to a blue bird before setting it free to fly around the inside of the grove.

“Are you Nettie?” Said Savano.

“I sure hope so. You look a little tired around the eyes. What’s wrong witcha?”

“Urmmmm… I got sick with a mind flayer parasite.”

“A what?! Come through here quickly.” Said Nettie as she walked over to a door and touched the crown sitting atop her forehead.

The entered into the inner sanctum of the Emerald Grove. The group looked over and saw a drow, killed with blood underneath his body as next to him was some sort of station. In a glass casing filled with green liquid was a tadpole, squirming around trying to get out of the glass. Nettie picked up a spiky branch as she looked at Savano as Savano smiled at her.

“Alright tell me exactly what has happened. “

“Well, I was walking through Baldur’s Gate, actually about to leave gathering information about some sort of rumors of vampires living in Baldur’s Gate when a nautiloid appeared and snatched me with one of its tentacles. I was fed a tadpole worm through my eye, and well the rest is history.” Said Savano.

“A ship?! So that is where they have come from. Do you know anything else?”

“Well, I was able to see into the other’s heads and some of their memories.”

“So, tadpole victims are able to identify each other? Well since you have been honest with me I must be in turn. I cannot cure you. Master Halsin was trying to figure out where you all were coming from and went to the goblin camp to investigate. He hasn’t been back since. This stick is coated in-“

“Serpent toxin. As soon as I saw the liquid on the stick I knew what it was.”

“I’m sorry. But you could possibly be turned and be a danger to everyone in the grove. Here is a vial of wyvern poison. Pleaser rescue or see if Master Halsin is even alive. If you feel any of the symptoms of turning please, drink it.”

“I will if need be Nettie. We’ll venture and find Halsin as well.” Said Savano as he left the inner sanctum.

“Now we are finding a druid are you kidding me?! Do you just have to help EVERYONE we encounter?” Said Astarion.

“Didn’t we help you by letting you venture with us?” Said Shadowheart as Savano and Gale snickered.

The group left the Emerald Grove as Savano looked to the horizon towards the sun. He thought about it and looked to the crypt to the left of the grove. He pondered awhile as Shadowheart and Lae’zel were arguing with each other while Gale, Wyll, and Astarion talked amongst themselves about how their powers have subsided due to the tadpole.

“I think its best we try to find camp for now. But tomorrow I definitely want to explore that crypt tomorrow. We should also just scout out the area afterwards as well. That should be our agenda.” Said Savano as he walked towards the beach.

The group found a perfect spot where there was a river flowing with fresh clean water. Lae’zel and Savano were carrying heavy objects such as boxes and canisters as Shadowheart begun to take note of the local flora and collect it and put them into jars as well. Astarion went around camp looking at the camp garments of everyone as Gale enchanted a few boxes and bags with names and a portal in them. Wyll helped set up the personal tents of the companions as Savano took note of everyone’s expertise. Astarion came over and looked at his garments in disgust.

“Savano why are you wearing that garment? Its fabric is entirely stretched too much for my liking.”

“What do you mean? It’s perfectly comfortable for sleeping in!”

“Do you see the stitches here? They’re loose and becoming ratchet. The entirety of the shirt is also very loose. My guess is that you got big and become a hunk of muscle after being small for a while. Am I right?” Said Astarion with a smirk.

“Well, yes! I went back to the Temple of Lathander after being gone for a good while. It’s where I grew up as I do not know who my parents are. But the Dawnmaster there, Ma’am Sollux raised me! But when I went back she was gone… So, I helped around with construction, lifting, and building. I guess my physique changed as a result. But I was always bigger than usual high elves anyways so maybe this is just the full result of my body at its limit.” Said Savano as he looked at his biceps whilst talking to Astarion.

“Savano did you have any lovers or anyone in the church you cared for?” Asked Shadowheart as the rest of the camp walked over to Astarion and Savano.

“A plethora of people assume that I get into relationships or even into casual sex. But no, I have not had sex actually! Nor have I had a relationship of any kind” Said Savano as Shadowheart and Astarion gasped. Lae’zel looks in disinterest instantly at Savano as Gale strokes his beard. Wyll looked at him with admiration in his eye.

“My gods you’ve never had a single tumble. Do you even know what sex is?” asked Astarion.

Chk. I would think he would be experienced in it. He must be lying or has been extremely sheltered in life.” Said Lae’zel

“No Lae’zel, I think our big elfy friend is telling the truth! And there is nothing wrong with not engaging into sexual intercourse until the time is right!” Said Gale

“Do you at least have salacious thoughts and desires?” Shadowheart curiously asked.

“Well of course I do! It is just that Ma’am Sollux taught me that before engaging into relationships and sex, that I should properly be courted or do proper courting. And I agree with that she said.”

“Then which of us, would you have salacious desires about?” Said Astarion with a grin that spelled trouble. Shadowheart snickered as Savano realized what he stumbled into with his eyes going open at the question.

“I… don’t feel comfortable answering that question.” Said Savano as he looked directly at Wyll. Both for help and as well as answering the question indirectly.

“Come now Astarion, you’re being quite invasive of Savano. Besides, there is nothing wrong with waiting until the right person comes along.” Said Wyll as he smiled.

“Well of course you’re defending him, you two were flirting and staring longingly into each other when you first met.” Said Astarion bluntly.

“I agree with Astarion you two were very… connected when you first met not to mention Savano stared at you Wyll when answering that question. Shadowheart and Astarion essentially set you up like fish in a barrel.” Said Gale as Savano covered his face with his hands in embarrassment.

“Where is this barrel full of fish? We should take it and keep it!” barked Lae’zel.

“Alright alright everyone I think that’s enough for tonight. Let’s head back to our tents and leave Savano alone. Also, there is no barrel of fish Lae’zel.” Said Wyll as everyone as headed back to their tents as Savano entered into his.

Savano soon closed his eyes as he got into his sleeping roll, and he wondered the black abyss of sleep.

The Pride and Tempest of the Gate - Vonster4 (2024)
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