The Forgotten City mod for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2024)

The Forgotten City mod for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (1)


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The Forgotten City is an award-winning, critically acclaimed expansion mod offering a unique 6 - 8 hour experience: a murder mystery investigation set in an ancient underground city. You'll need to solve it using your wits, and the ability to travel through time. It has a dark, non-linear story in which you'll interrogate suspects, explore the city and its many secrets, and navigate challenging moral dilemmas. It features multiple endings, an original orchestral score, and professionally voiced dialogue.


Winner - Australian Writers' Guild Award 2016 (Interactive Media)

“Undeniably impressive.” PC Gamer

“The production values, for a mod, are completely ridiculous... The Forgotten City is a pretty big deal.” Kotaku Australia

Voted FILE OF THE MONTH on Skyrim Nexus for October 2015!

5 stars (out of 5) on Steam Workshop

"The story here is, no doubt, the best of any Skyrim mod. It's so good, that it really reminds me of Blockbuster movies like Inception, Interstellar, and especially Edge of Tomorrow, and it's so cinematic as well, especially the custom composed soundtrack." MxR Mods

"Amazing... it's a super dynamic story... how the mod utilizes paradoxes and time loops is fantastic... one of the most thrilling quests we've ever played..." Brodual

“An incredibly polished & insanely well done Skyrim mod. You owe it to yourself to check it out.” ShoddyCast

"Finishing the game was a bittersweet moment... brought true joy to my heart. I’ll even go as far as saying I teared up a bit." Giga Geek Magazine

“Looks pretty sweet!” BioWare Creative Director, Mike Laidlaw


Trailer 1 of 2 (Teaser)
Trailer 2 of 2 (Launch)


  • An original orchestral soundtrack by composer Trent Moriarty
    Epic sweeping, cinematic music. Check it out here on SoundCloud!
  • A beautiful, intricately detailed new city to explore
    Discover secrets, mysteries, and relics that are thousands of years old
  • A haunting, non-linear story with several different endings
    It’s going to get dark.
  • Challenging moral dilemmas with consequences
    Whether you play as a saint or a psychopath, or something in between, there will be repercussions.
  • Puzzles that reward lateral thinking
    It will take more than brute force, or blind obedience to quest prompts, to achieve the best outcomes.
  • Over 1200 lines of dialogue from 18 voice actors
    Talented voice actors from around the world deliver striking performances.


Help! I found a bug!
Please see the Nexus forums page for known bugs and workarounds.

Are there any level requirements?
It’s designed for characters at Level 5 and above. However, the story responds to your character’s individual history, so a high level is recommended.

Do I need to have the other Skyrim expansions or mods?
No. Only Skyrim is required.

Is it compatible with other mods?
Yes. It should be compatible with most other mods. One known incompatibility is Death Mountain 2.

Can I bring a follower?
This mod is designed to be played solo. If you bend the rules and bring a follower, strange things will happen.

What's the story behind this mod?
Check out my interview with Elder Scrolls Off The Record here or my interview with Stevivor here!


  1. Copy and paste the contents of the ZIP file to your Skyrim/Data folder. This is typically C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Skyrim\Data
  2. Launch Skyrim. When the splash screen window pops up, click “Data Files”.
  3. Locate “ForgottenCity.esp” and click the check box beside it, then click “OK”. That’s it!


If you're Level 5 or above, you'll be approached by a courier when you enter any city.


Written, developed, programmed and designed by Nick James Pearce - Email - Facebook - Twitter - Blog

Original orchestral soundtrack by Trent Moriarty - Email - Facebook - Web site

Brol, Altrius, Brandas, Habiq, Marius & Ulrin: Patrick Deegan - Email
Jarl Metellus (Narrator of the trailers): James McLauchlan - Email
The Arbiter: Damien Caine - Email
Luki & Maisi: Heather Jane Hogan - Email
Safira: Leara Morris-Clark - Email
Gulvar, Vernon: Stewart Moyer - Email
Cassia, Miranda: Asia Sanchez - Email
Sato & Rykas: Paden "Cassie" Dowdy - Email
Jeshol & the Cave Dwellers: Storm “GigaRat” Watters - Email
Rastasia: Adoxographist - Email
Asanshi: Phoenix Emrys - Email
Ysmar: Jessica Osborne - Email
Deglund & Dooley: Steve White - Email
Dwemora: Elizabeth Plant - Email
Hjormund: Jonny Knowles - Email
Gaia: Naorée - Email
Vitus: Owain David - Email
Domitus: Hamish Hector-Taylor - Email">">Email

Lead beta tester: Storm "GigaRat" Watters


Please take a moment to follow me on Facebook, YouTube, and/or Twitter for news about my future projects!

The Forgotten City mod for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2024)
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