Step 1: Log Into Illuminate Dna (2024)

Illuminate DnA Quick Start Guide: Special Education Mismatch

Step 1: Log into Illuminate DnA

1.1 Log in Illuminate DnA.

Step 2: If you teach in multiple buildings, make sure to change your Site in the Control Panel:

2.1. Choose the school you wish to report on.

Step 3: Create a StudentGroup

3 From the Students menu, choose Student Groups:


3.1. Now choose Create Group:

3.2. Type in the name of your group (i.e., “Blasy Caseload”) and press CREATE.

3.3. VERY IMPORTANT: In the middle of the screen, check the button for Visibility Group = YES. If you do not do this, the rest of your screens will not look like these instructions. Now click Save Changes.

3.4. Now choose Add Students:

3.5. Set the Student Group field to 2016-17 Special Education Students then click Find Students:

3.6. Now all the Special Education students in your building will appear, with check boxes to the far right of their names.

3.7. Click on the Last Name field to sort them alphabetically:

3.8. Now click on the check box for each student on your caseload, and then press Add Students.

3.9. Really, you should do this at the beginning of each year because you can use this group for a variety of reports. But since this was our first year in Illuminate, we didn’t do this…

3.10. To check on your caseload, go to View Student List, below:

3.11. Now click on the Illuminate Education logo at the top left of the screen to return to the main menu.


Step 4: Entering Mismatch Data



4.1 In the Illuminate system, Mismatch plans technically fall under the category of Summary Assessments. So from the main menu click on View Assessments.

4.2 Filter for the assessment you wish to work with by pressing the CLEAR button then choose the current school year, namely 2016-17. Now begin typing MISMATCH in the Search Assessments Box, then click SEARCH. Then your screen will look like this:

4.3 Under TITLE, click on “Special Education Mismatch 2016-17”. Now choose Responses then NEW Enter/Edit. Do not choose regular Enter/Edit or your screen will look very different.

4.4 Change the Student Group pulldown from “All Students” to the name of your own caseload group, then press FIND STUDENTS. (NOTE: if you have not created your own caseload group in Illuminate you can optionally use “2016-17 Special Education Students”. But it will take longer.)

4.5 In the middle of the screen, choose By Student from the line “Enter Responses by Column or by Student”.

Step 5: Completing the Mismatch Form

5 Then the screen will look like this. The screen will show the data for only one student:

5.1 From the student pull down, choose the name of the first student for whom you wish to create a mismatch form.

5.2 Use the pull downs to enter:

5.2.1 School (current year)

5.2.2 School Year (next school year)

5.2.3 School Next Year (if known)

5.3 Enter your name (last name first) as Caseload Teacher.

5.4 The fields you will see are exactly those that you always used on mismatch forms in the past.

5.5 All the fields beginning with S1 refer to Subject 1, S2 fields refer to Subject 2, etc.

5.6 From this view, you can also expand the any section at the end by dragging the lower right corner of the field:

5.7 When you are done, be sure to press the SAVE button!

5.8 To move to the next, student, just pull down the name of your next student and begin again. And that is it.

5.9 NOTE: This is our first time through using Illuminate for mismatch forms. You will notice that the boxes “grow” and can contain lots of text. We are not sure how this will look on the printed form for any particular field. If any information is truncated on the printed form, it is not lost and we can fix this later. Just enter all your information and email Barbara Heininger if any of the fields are cut off on your printed copy.

Step 6: Printing the Mismatch Form


6.1 Use the Illuminate Education in the upper left to return to the main menu. Then click View Reports:

6.2 First click the CLEAR button, then in the search bar begin typing Mismatch. Then click the SEARCH button.

6.3 Now click Special Education Mismatch Report 2016-17.

6.4 In the upper right corner of the screen, use the Control Panel to set the Student Group to your own caseload group:

6.5 Now press Save Changes:

Now the list of your students in your own Caseload group will appear:

From the top, choose Form Letter/Download. In a few minutes, a file called Special Education Mismatch will Download, containing a completed mismatch form for each student in your Caseload group.

K:\Illuminate\Documentation\Documentation created by SLCS\Special Education Mismatch.docx Rev. 05/11/2017

Step 1: Log Into Illuminate Dna (2024)
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