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't 49 IAAYETTE JOURNAL AND COURIER Thursday Evening December 20 1945 Believelt or Not! ty wplrH a oj 1W contract with Visit Our Toy Section I to help out schools au eynolds Pen Here Is Post War's New Outstanding Smash Hit for To Write Two Years Without Refilling 4 i Tt and Write with a ateady fine unshaded line Write eleAfly through 4 t6 8 carbons Strangia ittnay teem it writes under water eut bi Teachers Illinois 4 MS 520 Main St PhdnA 5036 GIT DEPT a LAAYETTE ND sason and Charley driving in his old These five eagers minutes to whittle half time Louisville tiU TO BLAISE'S CR PARKINS the Methodist the home of their riday even PARKlNG LOT SIGN New Orleans Ll Williams some but has fepxtCity Annij Air Base South Pskofa 13 12 12 11 11 11 When the score was something like 22 18 in favor of Louisville we: turned to a friend and basket ball critic' and asked: "How In the name of everything in basketball are we that close to that Within a few seconds we got our answer the score was 31 18 before we could figure what had occured Pardue players stood ab solutely still while at least six of those points 'through the nets' rather lengthy span of organized offensive and defensive basketball Will not smudge 6r? smeSr Dries instantly No blotter needed Reynolds International (Pen writes And write writes without annoying interruptions We need to prove that all through the first half Purdue was going over PVX Ewth Coulter WorwferMsw DISLOCATED HER SHOULDER SALUTING A2B? LIEUTENANT! Two Heat Element Three Terminal Plug! Easy To Clean Sanitary TAra (2) 10 9 8 7 or Home Travel or and independents the center line and then losing the ball through one acrobatic stunt' or another without getting a single shot at the basket 'In the mean time Louisville was playing much the same kind of basketball that famous Boilmaker teams of the past have displayed A Purdue Book' and Supply Store 308 State St West Lafayette Sea These and Many Other Toys at Turner Approached CHICAGO Dec (INS Clyde Turner the Chi cago All American center has been i saries of the ference American said today is reported to have in formed agents of the new pro league that it would take at least $20000 to budge him from Elm er which ended that the Hearald Amerlcan said Writes fine medium 6f heavy atArding to pressure and responds to the lightest touch jJrttetJ'wieJ Tourney Drawing SEYMOUR Ind Dec Drawings for a New day Invitational high school basket ball tournament here match Mad ison with Seymour at 1:30 and Bedford with New Albany at 2:30 Losers in the afternoon session will play a consolation game at with the winners meeting an hour 'later 109 30 28 21 21 20 16 11 10 10 No need far a oencil which breaks' Ar run lead Reynold International Pen it your double duty pen 'CV Use Either Left Or Right Terminal With Center Reveals Salary Of Ace Lineman CLEVELAND Dec Charles Walsh gen eral manager of the world cham pion Cleveland Rains declared to day that nhe was willing to dis cuss Riley Matheson the all league guard who has been ap proached by the Cleveland Browns oftheall America con ference Walsh expressed surprise at the report that Matheson was dis satisfied with the contract which according to the general manager was drawn up at Ril own Suggestion last fall Walsh said Matheson would re ceive $4939 for his services from the not including $1300 he received when Cleveland fans staged a special celebration in his honor or the $146974 he will get as a share of the cham pionship game receipts or a total of 120 work Walsh said Matheson will receive a tot al of $766374 Walsh declared that the Rams had the highest payroll in the National league Despite their vic tory in the title game with the Washington' Sunday the club wound up the season with a HO ooo deficit he said L1 INCLUDING STAND OR DESK We wondered what would hap pen in the' dressing rooms Yet we have always made a point of not invading those private hide aways Why Louisville with everything going its way started fumbling the' ball in childish fashion and why Purdue suddenly started to put pressure on its foe and hit the why we write sports and coach it Bud Ritter and Howard Will iams added the necessary spark it seemed to us yet neither has flashed as well any time this sea son as we think they can Ritter was an All State center for two years on the Bosse of Evansville team which won the Hoosier 'title those same two seasons He has looked both good and mediocre at time this season but we think he is a cinch fit Race Meet Cancelled CHARLESTOWN WVa Dec The Charlestown joc key club today cancelled the fi nal three days of its scheduled racing tomorrow riday and Saturday xe President Albert Boyle ex plained that the track was cov ered by snow which still was falling He added that train ser vice to Baltimore and Washington was discontinued Several days ago by the CDT which took fiver the railroad equipment for military purposes All Available cars are needed to transport service men home for the holidays The profits of the last three dayA of were to have' been given 'to Boyle ex plained that under the present circ*mstances it was feared the track would suffer a deficit $1987 $149 $1095 198 $198 $1195 $1195 $179 CIIRISTMS PARTY BATTLE GROUND Dec 20 Modern Marthas of Christmas party at church will hold Mrs loyd Garrott ing Dec 2L Write on quality of paper doth and other material i Will not leak or drip in cap or pocket center by emis aii America con the Chicago Herald and then cheered madly for next 20 ANDERSON LEADS Rd 15 points Purdue were matched by the 15 i chalked up by Ed Kupper who got 13 in the first half George Hauptfuhrer was the outstanding performer for the visiting Sea Cards the big center being 4 tough hombre to handle around backboards biggest test of the season comes at South Bend Sat 7 urday night when the Boilermak ers take on the star studded Not re Dame quintet coaching and Purdue's reputation showed up at this stage The be fuddled Boilermakers began to take quick advantage of their errors and Louisville started to feel the ancient basketball pan ic pressure Actually we think Purdue looked any better in its comeback effort than the Boilermakers should look throughout an entire game against anything but the toughest opposition But for the first time on the home court thfi locals Seemed to put together 4 I HILL SHOE A IN STOCK SO H6 SOLD HIATUS PAIR OPHISOWNgET Cub Bowling Team CHICAGO Dec 19 The Chicago Cubs alumni bowling team is back In this season and has entered Ray 10th annual holiday sweepstakes Jan 5 and 6 Pat' Pieper Wrigley field announcer ha assembled his team for final drills Tony Kauf man former Cub pitcher heads the team a 200 average fol lowed by Bob O'arrell with 195 and Gabby Hartnett and' Billy HAlm each with 190 All wsre Cub catchers Open Until 9 Thursday riday and Saturday Nights 5PERB HARDWARE comeback i Dykes' Infield Set Chicaga Dec (INS) Man ager Jim Dykes said his 1946 In field problems were virtually solved today with the announce ment that servicemen Bob Ken nedy and Don Kolloway would re turn to the Chicago White Sox Dykes would have a pre war veteran infield with Kennedy a marine lieutenant at third aging but able' Luke Appling at short stop Kolloway now stationed in at second and Chet Najduk at first base Kennedy was awaiting sepera tion at Great Lakes naval center and Kollowoy advised the Sox management he would be dis charged shortly after the first of the year Life Time Service Guarantee or Repatror Replacement Guarantee Policy in each carton Baked Enamel Two Tone inish Office $395 Complete Purdue 22 ree Throws Missed Miller (2) Haag 3 Lawson Williams Kinker (4) Hauptfuhrer (2) Gat ti wltz Johnson Referee Nick Kearns DePaul umpire Glen Adam Boy Robs Child INDIANAPOLIS Ind Dec Police are searching to day tor the boy who knocked down ninc year old MArle Schrod of Indianapolis and took a billfold containing $3222 4 Little Marie said she could iden 7 tify the boy We Still Have a Good Selection of toys for little girls and boys I 3 ourtoy department fa not large find many ideas for every child: on yodr shopping list Come in and look around IT HERE Just in Time for Christmas Giving! may be a newcomer to not to anybody who watched th4 Boilermakers practice more than a couple of times during the past two weeks We can verify the fact that we se lected him as the best looking new prospect on the entire squad long before Purdue played a game we bragging because almost everybody else did the same but the boy has been ill with the flu for more than ten days and had the proper chance to adjust himself fronX New Ross that ing metropolis in Montgomery county not too far from Craw fordsville and we know sev eral real experts including co*kch Lambert who claim he may go farther in four years of college basketball than many hava any right to hope In winding 1 thing Tupi we might say that Louisville plays fast tough aggressive basketball for at least a half the kind we like to watch and when ever the Sea Cards can go right down to the gun with that style of play beat more teams than you can count with ashort pencil 1 compete during the indoor track season Wilson stressed that another new Big Ten rule banning ath who completed three years competition prior to the confer emergency period was not affected by the mall vote 1 Dozens of uses Remove grill for perfect electric stove Make coffee Boil or fry using grill plate to make hot cakes bacon grill steaks toast etc Stainless Removable Grill Plale With Handy Handle! Basketball Scores COLLEGE Purdue 51 Louisville 45 Notro Dame 60 St Louis '45 Hamline 60 North Dokota 24 Evansville 44 Southern Illinois Normal 43 Carleton46 Cornell (la) 37 Camp Grant 46 Northern Illin cis Teachers 45 7 Illinois State Normal 58 kansas State 45 Warrensburg (Mo) i 42 Wichita 38 Concordia (Ill) 41 Tech 38 Guaranteed GREENBERG TOP COMEBACK STAR Hankls Blazing Return toTigers Runs Away With AP Voting Honors (BY JACK HAND) NEW YORK' Dec Hank Greenberg a 34 year old in spiration to every returning GT staged the biggest come back In sporta in 1945 with a grand slam home run that won the pennant for Detroit on the last day of the season and hil slugging for the victorious Tigers in the World Series 1 Hailed by a majority of the 74 sports editors participating in the annual associated press year end poll the discharged air force Captain picked up 29 first place votes nine second place ballots and four thirds for a total of 109 points outdistancing all Oppo sition Second plice went to Ben Hog an another ex serviceman who earned 30 points by cleaning up in the pro golf circles at Nash ville Montgomery Portland and Orlando afty his discharge Sarah Palfrey Cooke who re turned to Competition after three years of inactivity to defeat Paul ine Betz and win the national tennis championship and No 1 ranking placed third with 28 points and received five first place nods INDIANA OURTH Next came Bo In diana football team that won the Big Ten championship and Tony Chicago White Sox veteran infielder who led the American League in batting all yar until the final day when he dost out to George StirnweisS of New York by one point each had 21 points The outstanding comebacks de termined on a basis of three points for each first place two for Second and one for third (first place votes in parentheses) Hank Greenberg us) Ben Hogan (3) Sarah Palfrey Cooke (5) Indiana ootball (4) Tony Cuccinello (3) Washington Baseball (4) St Kootoan to? Hank Borow Bobby eller (1) Cleaveland Pro ootball Chicago Cubs (l)4 Happy Chandler 2) Mcryll rost (2) Columbia ootball Claude Passeau (2) Royal Exclusive! ELECTRIC COOKER AND GRILL Rdcking Chairs Straight Chairs red Red Leatherette Rockers Doll and Baby Beds Hobby Horses Steel Wheel Barrows Desk and Chair Set Table and Chair Set Tourists Tableland Bench Set 'Wood Milk Truck kiddies Plastic Dinner Set Eleven Of NEW YORK Dec' It will come as no surprise to the nine teams that got in the' way of the Army steamroller that the mighty West1 Point? combination has been named the outstanding "sports team of the yeari The big speedy invincible cad ets from the banks of the Hud son won the annual 'associated press poll in? about the same man ner in which they flattened their opponents The outstanding teams determ ined on a basis of three points for each first place vote Two for second and one for third: (first place votes in parentheses) Army ootball (71) 223 Detroit Baseball (1) 66 Cleveland Pro ootball (8) 39 Oklahoma A and Basketball 16 Indiana ootball ort Wayne Pro Basketbatl Montreal Hockey DePaul Basketball Iowa Basketball Alabama ootball (1) Others nominated: Illinois' track 1 Indiana polls Giri Swimmers Cancel Games CRAWORDSVILLE Ind Dee 19 (AP) Coach' Dale Davis of Wabash 'college announced today that basketball game scheduled with' Stout ield tomorrow night and Jan 4 have been cancelled at the request of Stout ield? Davis said the cancella tion was requested because most of the air would be on Christmas furloughs The Wabash coach said a return' game with Crape Naval Ammu nition depot Originally scheduled for eb 1 would be played Jkh 4 at the depot 1 1 Mrs? Charles Herbert Stuart has returned from a two viiit with her sister Mrs' Camp bell in Logansport Tour of Japan Camp Lee' 'Dec' Coach (Hooks) Mylln Camp Lee traveller football coach said today he is heading for a 60 to 90 day tour to Japan and the Philippines with four other Big name football coaches early next month Mylin said he will leave for the South Pacific Bob McMil lin coach of Big Ten champions and recently selected of the Jeflti Crav ath university southern Cali fornia Mentor Henry rank coach of Tulsa university Hur ricanes and Tad weiman form er Princton' Columbia coach and now director of athletics at Maine 5 PURDUE'S RALLY NIPS LOUISVILLE Rousing Comeback Over comes 33 32 Haltime Lead for 5th Win 51 45 basketball' (gam choose the hard way again at the field house Wednesday night and came churning through to its fifth 'straight victory a 51 45 affair ov er a scrapping Louisville quintet Events took such abrupt turns during the 40 minutes of skirm Ishing that some 5000 fans were almost constantly bewildered rom the depths of despair came the Boilermakers to overcome a tremendous Louisville advantage hand the Sea Cards a defeat which matched the 55 51 setback suffered by the latter at the hands of Purdue some ten days bgo Two freshmen netters Howard Williams of New Ross and Bud 1 Ritter of Bosse of Evansville de serve a great deal of credit for the sudden change which came over Coach Ward un predictable five Their spirited floor work and clever passing set tied the' befuddled Boilermakers down Captain Red Anderson soonstarted playing his brilliant offensive game Rudy Lawson quickly hit his best all around formof the Haag 'began time fashion? took just six down a 33 22 Uead and knot' the count at 35 35 Sea Cards toughened up for a few moments but the Boiler makers carried on well enough the stretch to retain fairly fired GREAT STARTERS The visiting array looked en sational during the first half and extremely ragged in the second George Ed KupperDon Kinker and Carl Johnson made some of the Purdue veterans look like novices during many 'lengthy spans of the first half ButI in the second stanza Kupper and Kinker in particular hit lapses of ft erratic play which aided the fight ing Riveters in their surprising speed and aggress iveness built up an 8 1 lead and is after Purdue pulled up to 11 10 4 the Sea Cards rushed out in front 31 18 with one fine play after an other The half time margin was 33 32 and Purdue appeared to be a thoroughly trounced outfit THE TURNING POINT Captain Anderson ppened the second half with a fairly long set Shot and followed with a free throw Louisville suddenly seemed to the jitters' Kupper Kink er and Johnson juggled passes and let the ball go out of boundsLawson hit long so did Williamsand then Anderson took a neat' pasS from Ritter to dash for a basket Kupper finally scored for Louisville for a 35 31 lead but Williams scored under neath on long pass and Haag stole the ball and tied the score at 35 35 with only six min the period elapsed two free throws were matched by charity shots by Hauptfuhrer and Kinker and thescore was 37 37 ree throws by Ritter and Williams and baskets by Williams and Anderson came in (juick succession taking the last sign of class away from the invaders Purdue was in front 43 37 and the Boilermakers had little difficulty remaining there the of the way Some of the Purdue plays In theSecond half Wen just as good as the first ones ifrere bad The thous ands of Boilermakers follower groaned for about 20 minutes and and then cheered madly for the BREAK OR BIG I TEN ATHLETES Official' Mail Vote Gives Several Stars Short Stay Of Eligibility CHICAGO Dec (AP A half dozen Midwestern athletes who already have completed three years of varsity competition to day were handed a stay of eliig ibility execution by the Big Ten Commissioner Kenneth (TUG)Wilson said the conference had reconsidered' in a mail poll recent legislation which would have made Immediately ineligible 'such basketball stars and George Mik an 6 foot 9 inch De' Paul univer sity center and Ned Postels guafd on champlonship team aculty representatives of all league schools Wilson said agreed that the legislation should) not be come effsctlve until the end of the current winter sports season The new rule provides that ath letes who have completed three years of competition during the war period excluding play as freshmen or military trainees are not eligible for further' compe tition The poll was requested by mem ber schools and independents which operate under the Big Ten code They contended immediate application of the rule was unfair to coaches and athletes who al rradyhad started the winter sea sen The eligibility extension also ba lefitted basketbailers Max Mohr of Minnesota and Bob Rosendahl of Marquette and Big Ten track sta: Bob and Ross Hume Michi ace distance performers and Bob itch of Minnesota who May Krause Returns i To Notre Dame NOTRE DAME Ind Dec (UP) Edward Krause Notre Dame head basketball coach who took a leave 'of absence in 1944 to join the marines reurned to ths university today after re ceiving a discharge from the service Krause he would not re sume his duties as coach of Notre basketball team until the end of this season Elmer Ripley on leave of absence from George town university to coach Notre Dame this season will remain un til next March Krause who served 13 months overseas with the marine corps alio will resume his job as as sistant football coach next sea son He was appointed head basket ball coach at Notre Dame in 1943 after the death co*kch George Keogan KSS5SSSSS5S5SSm It may have looked like the two teams changed shirts between halves at the Purdue fieldhouse Wednesday night but we have checked into the matter and all officials "claim that Purdue and Louisville came up atrthe dressing room after the intermission in much the same manner as they went down or more' years than we would care to admit we have seen Pur due teams behind at the half and some of them by imposing margins ''even in championship games But seldom if ever have we watched Riveter combination apparehtly quit cold during a first half enemy barrage then scramble back to come out on top with considerable room to spare The i of suddenly gripped the invading Louisville team as the second half started We have heard Coach Ward Lam bert talk about that phrase for years but seldom have we seen? a better example of what he was trying to get across Purdue will have to realize that Louisville had that game in its hip pocket and tin did everything in its power to give it back ThTee times in the first minute of the second halO the Sea Cards fumbled nerfcct oasses td let the ball go out of bounds basket never know LINED LWHEtPON MWI4ATOR 'USS HUGH HAQUTV (J RECEIVED 900 MUR LEA CLOVERS RdM HIS MOTHER IN HOLLVlMOODClIif AND IMMSMrfL't Hit SHOT DOWN XIMPMUUMUS EBL IHASIWISMTIOM LIKE A tiElt TAhJMS ThMI 8 AV i ism MuHli Ilf 1 wy a xQ A lliiRtf1 MM I JTritc By S5RSL'r'vkn3 fc'SK'S 8 1 a' anr 1 a a mtB U' Esh 4 Sm 5 4 Summary: PURDUE (51) BP Anderson 5 5 1 Hoffman 2 1 1 Williams 4 1 1 1 0 2 Ritter 0 2 "2 Haag 16 3 Lawson 5 0 3 18 15 13 LOUISVILLE (45) BP Kinker 4 2 2 Kupper 5 5 2 Garwitz 1 1 0 Hauptfuhrer 3 1 4 Clark 0 2 2 Parker 1 0 2 Johnson i 3 0 4 Knopf 0 0 0 17 11 16 Score at half: Louisville 33:.

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