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why choose a sleep number smart bed? can it keep me warm when i'm cold? wait, no, i'm always hot. sleep number does that. can i make my side softer? i like my side firmer. sleep number does that. can it help us sleep better and better? please? sleep number does that. 94 percent of smart sleepers report better sleep. now, save 50% on the sleep number limited edition smart bed. plus, free home delivery when you add any base. shop now at ♪ >> rachel: 7:00 a.m. on the east coast.

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it's memorial day, monday, may 27th, and this is "fox & friends." tragedy in los angeles as a general hospital actor is shot and killed by armed robbers. >> joey: plus deadly tornadoes bring devastation and destruction to america's heartland and millions are still under severe warning as memorial day travelers prepare to hit the road. >> lawrence: billie ray cyrus helps us honor the fall within a special performance called some gave all. the second hour of "fox & friends" starts right now and, remember, mornings are better with friends. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

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♪ ♪ >> rachel: there you go rain or shine, our military performs for us. and that, of course, is the navy band northeast ceremonial band performing on fox square in honor of memorial day. we are so happy to have them and so happy to have you, joey, of course, thank you for your service and lawrence, as usual hello, everybody. >> joey: whatever it is sitting in that seat will got it for two days i don't know what it is. >> rachel: i'm so much nicer to lawrence than i am to will. let's not pretend. >> lawrence: the correct texan, okay? >> joey: ei like that. >> rachel: i think will is on a

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plane. >> lawrence: our military still to be playing even in the middle of the rain, joey says, you know, he goes back and forth should we say happy memorial day. >> rachel: solemn. >> lawrence: i always say we celebrate their life and legacy. some of them prepared for the ultimate sacrifice when they signed up and we honor their life for what they did and we want to keep their legacy going. please send us your fouts of your family members, heroes of yours, that you want us to honor this morning as we do this two more hours of "fox & friends." >> rachel: yeah. by the way, also a day for gold star families. they have also suffered so much in service of this country. and so, it's a day for all of us but especially for those who have lost looed ones. >> joey: those are the heroes today. the navy band out there three days at least since i have been here. every single morning playing. raining on them now.

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happy to be here. spending fleet week getting up way earlier than their peers. been trying to quiz with rachel. i think that was stars and stripes forever by john flips souza who is marine corps composer. probably the most storied military composer. of course i have got make it all about the marine corps. >> lawrence: they say you are correct. >> joey: spent too many days standing in formation for changing commands or something like that is what that means. >> rachel: i asked the guys out there this weekend how was fleet week they said very fun. >> joey: they are not sleeping. listen, at that age they are not sleeping at well. going out after this hanging out all day getting a nap and coming back playing i respect them. >> rachel: we love them. we are grateful they are here. start with a fox weather alert. more than 120 million people at risk for severe weather this memorial day as dangerous storms barrel towards the east coast. >> lawrence: this coming with at least 19 people across four

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states are dead after 38 confirmed tornadoes tore through ten states in the south and midwest. the weekend storm hits texas hard. making the deadliest storm to hit the state since 2015 a at least seven killed. >> joey: check in now with adam klotz he has our fox weather forecast. >> one big area moving across the country. continuing to track it as it makes that move a little bit weaker this morning. still some severe weather out there. now the leading edge of this is pushing across portions of north georgia mountains and appalachian mountains and stretching back across birmingham. some of the areas currently no tornadoes on the ground that does not mean we are done with tornadoes for the day. all of this continue to march off towards the east. you are going to be seeing it run up and down the east coast. the last few day fuss look at the severe threat 4 out of 5 every single day. today 2 out of five. a little bit lower. risk of seeing that be impactful

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weather. some risk includes major cities from new york to filly to d.c. stretch be up towards syracuse and upstate new york down to the south ultimately through charlotte over toward atlanta. all areas big thunderstorms. isolated thunderstorms possible in the atlantic as well. not in this area, going to be eastern beaches where you have a problem. a lot of the folks off towards the west. this is looking good. the central plains, the western states, really nice day to get out and enjoy barbecue and enjoy time with friends and family. those are your headlines for now. being now back over to you. >> rachel: going to move to this. there is somebody in the democrat party who is not living under a bush. >> under a rock. somebody who is just, you know, throwing out some truth bombs. and boy, the democrats aren't happy to hear what he has to say. that, guy, of course, is james carville, is he a veteran in politics, is he getting that age where you just don't care what people say anymore. >> joe: that's exactly right. like in that grandpa mode.

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and why don't we play a little bit. because he is really upset at how the democrats are strategizing on issues to win certain demographics and he says you guys are missing the boat. listen. >> we keep wondering why these young people aren't coming home to the democrats, which -- why blacks are not coming home to the democrats? because democratic message something full of [bleep]. that's why. and talk about cost of living. and we're going to help deal with this and don't talk about gaza and student loans. >> lawrence: you know, here's the deal. he doesn't live in washington, d.c. he doesn't. >> rachel: louisiana, right? >> lawrence: new orleans with the people. he has a mix of black folk, hispanic folks, working class folk. and he is not far away from joe biden's age. he is 79 years old. he is one that is in tune with

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the base of the democratic party, the -- what the democratic party used to be. >> joey: that's the key. it's not blue dog democrat. it's not sleepy democrat. it's a version of the democratic party maybe from the clinton era. obviously that's a big part of his career. but i think what you point out he is from new orleans. he represents that personality all day long. as a guy that's from the south. i know what those southern democrats are and what they prioritize. it's not identity politics, it's working class people. and there was a time where democrats in the south felt like that the government was against them, not the only way for them to make a living. he understands that, still. i stop shy of praising the carvilles and the bill mahers, it's like where were you four years ago? where were you six years ago. >> rachel: always a little late in the party. >> joey: in that same interview he dogs trump in the most ridiculous way there is still that trump derangement about

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them. somebody speaking out within their ranks saying this is not the direction of the country. >> rachel: if do you have a memory of when democrats used to support the working class or used to put forward policies. you would scratch your head what the heck are you doing saying i know i'm going to get young people. i'm going to give them student loan forgiveness. that's going to tick off another group. that's part of the problem. we had governor sununu on yesterday. on "fox & friends weekend." and he was like why are they doing this? like they are just ticking people off by, you know, taking on policies like that. and, of course, james carville says let's talk about the economy and inflation. well, if you start talking about it, you have to get to the root of it, which is your energy policies. your green new deal that is raising prices. so, they are in a bit of a pickle. >> joey: you asked the question why are they doing this? two schools of thought. trying to buy votes. the people in the white house are radical and want to change the fabric of the country maybe

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lose this next election to do it. what do you think? i don't know. >> lawrence: you wonder why james carville, who doesn't like trump, but is trying to warn the democrats about it. and this is what he is saying. >> this is the polling right here that is getting them when you look at black support. back in october 2020, it was 79%. now we're at 72%. you got hispanic voters back in october 5 #. now it's 55. suburban women. >> rachel: hygiene drop. >> joey: that's a big one. >> lawrence: these are the people that are supposed to make it happen. october 61% now 54%. moderates 61% and now 53%. young voters october 2020, 63%. now 49%. the question is does joe have enough time to turn this around? does he have time to change border policy? >> rachel: no.

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>> lawrence: does he have time to change his economic policy? i think the answer would be no. >> joey: does he have the will? that's the bigger question. >> lawrence: what's he going to does a result of that? they are going to scare the voter. if you have been watching your television and social media. the biden administration along with the biden campaign and the super acts are doing attack ads saying listen, going to put you back in chains approach. they hate the color of your skin. george floyd, everybody should walk in the street. they have no economic policy. scare the voter. >> rachel: you are right. such a dumb strategy. if you look at all the different demographics, moderate voters, women voters, young voters. hispanic voters, black voters, the one thing they all have in common is they want a better economy. lawrence lawrence that's right. >> rachel: missing the message on young people. looking into a very dark future, trying to figure out how they will ever have enough money to own a elm who.

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many are not getting married because they are afraid -- you get matter when you are optimistic about the future. have babies when you are optimistic about the future. they look at where their parents are at. >> joey: they think it's unattainable. >> rachel: the american dream has never felt farther away. so much of it comes to our energy policies. this has been -- this didn't have to be this way. and so they are in a pickle because if they talk about the things people care, about they also have to talk about what they did to cause inflation. >> lawrence: to break it. >> lawrence: exactly. >> lawrence: just being at that bronx rally, it lit a match. i have never seen some brothers and sisters at a rally to support a republican candidate there is something different about this moment. >> rachel: i couldn't agree more. >> lawrence: if i'm donald trump. i'm replicating this in every major city. >> rachel: i agree. >> lawrence: your voice is heard. >> rachel: showing up is the first step.

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but they also experienced a good economy just a few years ago. >> lawrence: under his administration. >> rachel: going to move to this. a former general hospital star is dead after being gunned down during an armed robbery in los angeles this past weekend. >> joey: todd piro is here and he has details on this story. >> todd: 37-year-old johnny wactor who appeared on the general hospital shot and killed after confronting three men stealing catalytic converter from his car. this happened 3:30 when the actor was leaving a side job at a bar with a female co-worker. he apparently thought his car was being towed. when he went to confront the three men they shot him. paramedics arrived shortly after but wactor was dead when he arrived at the hospital. did not try to stop them from stealing the car. they are walking to their car when they get there, johnny's car which was parked in front of the co-worker's looked like it was jacked from one side from

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what i understand he said hey man, you towing my car. the man looked up and had a mask so i guess he knew they weren't doing that he stepped in front of the co-worker and backed up and put his hand up or both and the person shot him. the agent remembering him as quote not just a talented actor committed to his craft but a real moral example to everyone who knew him. standing for hard work, tenacity and never give up attitude in the highs and lows of a challenging profession. he always kept his chin up and striving for the best he could be. according to police, those three suspects still have yet to be found, back over to you. >> rachel: thank you, todd. that's the other issue that came up when i went to the bronx it was crime. it was especially women who were telling me i don't feel safe walking down the street. i want donald trump to come to the south bronx. i want him to know what we're dealing with here. and i will tell you this story hit really hard for me. i have a son, very recently married. living in los angeles. i listened to that story that todd just said, that could have

4:15 am

easily happened to my son. going to his car. seeing somebody there oh, oh you towing my car that happens a lot in l.a. someone shoots him. crime is out of control. and that, again, hits across all demographics. >> lawrence: there has not been enough conversation about enforcement. i mean, we're prosecuting all these nonsense criminal cases, targeting political opponents across the country. but we have real people that are committing crimes on a day-to-day basis and d.a.s that are letting them back out on the street. not normal for people to be carjacked in all the major cities or pushed into the subway or riding on scooters ripping ladies' purses away from them. they feel comfortable in this climate because they have been getting away with it and because we are not prosecuting it. and when you have a criminal justice system that does not put victims' needs first, then have you situations like this.

4:16 am

they don't -- you think these criminals care that you are rich and have you money and you have a nice car? they don't care. we don't have an equal justice system in that way. they are targeting everybody. >> rachel: when i was in bronx, joey, they were saying why aren't they prosecuting crimes in the south bronx? they got donald trump just down the street tying up a lot of, you know, city. >> joey: just position never more obvious. people not interested in politics are concerned about this. we talk about the economy a lot. the other side of that is crime. and i think that that brings in voters that maybe are nontraditional to donald trump. because that is his platform right now. secure the border. the rule of law, and a good economy. i think that's enough to win. >> rachel: the border the people in the bronx told me illegals coming in seen a rise in crime because of it. all of these policies are tied together. >> lawrence: when i was at the rally to that point they were

4:17 am

chanting send them back. >> rachel: i know. this is a latino district. it's really -- i'm so glad we went because you had to see it to believe it. >> joey: all right. we're going to turn now to some headlines to top hamas officials and dozens of civilians are reportedly dead after an israeli airstrike in rafah. the idf confirming the strike saying they targeted a compound where the terrorist group was operating. idf sources tell fox news digital that the strike killed two men responsible for several terrorist attacks against israelis in the early 2,000s. a seattle museum was forced to shut down after nearly 30 staffers stormed out to protest a new and semitism exhibit. the staffers are unhappy with the type of language used in the exhibit and they are vowing to remain on strike until their demands are met. and the displays are changed. one of the display displays that they are protesting has taken -- they have taken issue with says,

4:18 am

quote: anti-semitism is often disguised as anti-zionism. the museum's website says the exhibit was supposed to run through june. transportation secretary pete buttigieg is defending the biden administration's ev electric vehicle strategy despite only building 8 federal charging stations that's crazy with $7.5 billion investment from taxpayers. >> now, in order to do a charger, it's more than just plunking a small device into the ground. there's utility work 2030. 500,000 chargers and the very first handful of chargers are now already being physically built. >> rachel: why isn't he embarrassed by that interview? >> joey: i don't know. buttigieg going to be say the ev revolution will happen with or without us. i vote for without us. in arizona high school biology teacher is retiring thursday after 11 years on the job.

4:19 am

he says he was just fed up with his students. never putting their smart phones down. he says i have been struggling with mental health this year mostly because of what i identified as basically phone addiction with the students. this year something shifted and it's just like they are numbing themselves. they're just checking out of society. they are just like they just like can't get rid of it. they can't put it away. opioids, obviously, a huge problem. cocaine, heroin, all of those drugs, alcohol, it's all a big problem. but like sugar, even greater than that and then phones, even greater than that. >> rachel: wow. >> joey: those are your headlines. >> lawrence: do i know children. i know the way i was raised and the way my grand parents raised my parents. everything has become a negotiation. and like when my mom and dad said phone, it was phone. when they said turn the tv off,

4:20 am

it was turn the tv off. there was a respect for authority. i don't know if it's the change in laws and everybody is considering everything child abuse. but i think the parents need to take the power back and take these phones. >> joey: i have a 14-year-old son. finished his freshman year in high school. he lettered in six activities at freshman at pretty competitive school. is he on his phone a lot. i never feel like i have to tell him put the phone away. he knows when the phone goes away rare. >> rachel: that's a very rare child. >> joey: he has another friend let's his phone die. he doesn't care about the phone. a school invest in the arts and sports. he needs to go out and run 5 to 7 miles a day my son does in order to be competitive and is he not on his phone during that time. he gets gratification somewhere other than on that phone. do you know what it is? something as simple as getting them involved in something.

4:21 am

takes time from parents energy. we are all selfish people as parents we're on this phone. and so it starts with us. it really does. >> rachel: also starts with the tech companies. a lot of us i have kids who range from 24 to 4 years old. those older kids we have learned lessons since then. we gave a phone when they were in 8th grade. now we keep moving it up. now my 16-year-old still doesn't have a smart phone. >> but she going to start to drive here soon. >> joey: she has to have something. you want to track her location. >> rachel: this thing is actually designed for addiction. >> joey: yeah. >> rachel: i don't think in the early years we knew that we know that now. and so i think it's about getting information about that. but, also, what i think he said that was fascinating. he said there their mental health is about the phone addiction. we need to start to make that connection. and understand that when we hand this over. we're actually starting to not rewire our kid's brains.

4:22 am

we're altering childhood as we know it. so taking away the phone is important. and i think a lot of parents feel bad. if i take the phone away, they won't have those social connections because so much of their social connections is communicating through snapchat, through whatever, you know, text messaging or whatever. the point is you got to have some strategies. you got to work with other parents to say i'm not going to give joey not you joey, joey jr., a phone. you don't give your phone a kid. you don't give your phone a phone and key will stand together so our daughter can't say i'm the only kid without a phone. that's one strategy. but the other strategy, as you said, is about parenting as both you said, and that's recognizing that taking the phone away is actually opening your child up to other opportunities that we all had growing up. like riding a bike and climbing a tree and doing things outside. these phones are dangerous. we need to start talking about them as to what they are. they are zapping childhood. they are robbing children of

4:23 am

childhood as we know it. >> joey: blackberry picking season. there is stuff to go out to do. >> lawrence: we to know what you think about this. send us a tweet or facebook or sticker shock memorial day cookout cost skyrocket as inflation makes the holiday more expensive. our next guest isn't hiding his frustration. >> my car insurance in the last two years went from 2 220 to 270 to 320. i paid to slightly bald. $20. the 20 went a long way. es 2 shah and 24/7 sensitivity protection. be i think it's a great product. it's going to help a lot of patients.

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>> lawrence: so americans are fired up about higher costs. >> my car insurance in the last two years went from 2020, 20270 to 320. $20 slightly bald and fashion. when i was growing up $20. it went a long way. >> lawrence: $20 definitely doesn't go far especially for your memorial day barbecue as the cost of food for your cookout jumps 10%.

4:29 am

one of those to react you heard. >> joe: scar lotto, unfortunately nikki is under the weather. jo jo. beef is up 6%. hot dogs are up i think 71%. i'm 7.1%. condiments is up. soda is up 4.1% is this normal? >> lawrence, great to see you my friend. >> lawrence: you too, brother. >> no, it's not normal. let me tell you something i went to a little italian markets in staten island. brazilian lobster tails $40 a pound. >> lawrence: how much are those same lobster tails normally. >> i got to be honest. i spoke to my father about it around the holidays usually it's around 26, $27 a pound. now it's at 40. >> lawrence: wow. so you when you see the current

4:30 am

president it looks like he is hurting now even when it comes to our generation. what do the young people want to see in a presidential candidate? >> i think young people want to see somebody who will make the price of living go down. getting out of control. i'm 25 years old. at this rate i don't think i will ever buy a house. it's out of control. it's unrealistic. i think we all just want somebody who is going to make the price of living go down. >> lawrence: it's so true because, you know, that buying the house, i bought my first house when i was 30. 31,000. 331 now. you want to own something, right? >> it's the american dream, right? >> lawrence: that's exactly right. well, jo jo thanks so much for joining the program. we hope your brother feels good see you soon in the studio. >> any time. lawrence, enjoy the weekend, my friend. >> lawrence: you too, brother. new york hotels now less

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it has superior hold plus keeps us comfy all day with it's pressure absording layer. time for a bite! if your mouth could talk it would ask for... poligrip. >> if you are visiting new york city, be ready to shell out more for a hotel room. if you can find one. some being used to house illegal immigrants. the "new york times" finding, quote, the conversion of hotels to shelters has sharply decreased the supply of rooms. about 135 of the city's 680 hotels enter the shelter program. not a single one has converted back into a traditional motion. and it seems like much has changed since last year when the next guest a former hotel worker reveals the shocking chaos as

4:37 am

inside the room where migrants or illegals are staying on the taxpayer dime. carlos joins us now. carlos, thank you for joining us, it was so fascinating last year when you came to us. and as a whistleblower kind of telling us what was going on in those hotel rooms, obviously a lot of chaos, you saw drunk children. now these hotels haven't converted back from shelters into motions, it seems like it must be pretty lucrative for the host have to have illegal immigrants there. >> definitely forks for many reasons, when you walk into hotels to work at them, the main hotel staff is not doing anything, they are standing around but yet they still charge the city for any legal thing they can. and when you see 10 workers on the first flood watch of the lobby of the hotel only two of them are really working, meanwhile the hotel are charge the city for all 10 staff members.

4:38 am

and you really don't know what's going on in there until you work in one of these plays, but but the costs keep being driven up by the hotels. i like to tell people when you see someone like a politician on the news saying oh we regret, this we wish this wasn't happening. it's all lies. everything from the politicians to the owners of the hotels, everybody is loving. this because the money is just going around and around. and they are not going to want it any time soon is. >> rachel: they are not like regular hotel customers comagedding things get done right away. they got all these workers there and they don't have to sort of operate to the standard that a normal tourist would want. plus, people are having to pay for higher costs because supply is down and so the hotel rooms cost more they are getting prepaid debit cards, laundry service, legal service, metro

4:39 am

cards, health insurance, what else do you want the taxpayer to know about this situation, carlos? >> well, people like salvation army and the red cross, are all -- they are all inside of these hotels. >> they are in on it. >> yeah. you see salvation army, you will see them on room 315, 215, depending on how the hotel is structured. and they will be in there handing out vouchers, each voucher will be worth $25. but when it comes to the city they will sell it for $50 to the city but the migrant can get up to $25 worth of stuff per voucher. so you -- all these rooms are being used for migrants but is being used also for different companies who are charging the city and only person left out on this is the taxpayer who is funding all of this. but you think it's just the hotel staff, no. it's about 8 to 10 different companies, that are working

4:40 am

together oolt of them providing city way too much for. >> rachel: you make such a great point. not just the holts making money. there is a network of ngos, network of companies all profiting off of illegal immigration. if our government was really proud of what they were doing, they would be fully transparent about it. we would know exactly how much money, which companies, and they would show off all the good work they are doing. instead we have to find out what is happening through good citizens and whistleblowers like carlos. carlos, i want to tell you, you know, i don't know what kind of grief you have been getting for being a whistleblower. i think you are a hero. i think you are incredible citizen to this country and i just want to thank you for shining a light on this. too many of us are in the dark about what is happening and our government is keeping us in the dark and it's only little flashlights like yours shining a light on what is happening that is letting us know about this big scam. this big rip-off that's

4:41 am

destroying our country, destroying the conditions in the city. making it harder for tourists and businesses to operate here while a few are getting rich off of this. carlos, thank you for bringing us. >> thank you for having me. >> rachel: thank you. that's a good man right there. billie ray cyrus joins us next with memorial day message and rendition of some gave all. here is the navy band ceremonial band performing live ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

4:42 am

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justin: i surrender, i surrender! dad: alright, pal. get ready for the day, buddy. justin: hey, dad. hey, dad. do we have a gun? dad: what's that? justin: do we have a gun?

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♪ >> rachel: on this memorial day it is important that we all remember the sacrifices by the men and women of the armed forces. >> joey: country music legend billy ray cyrus has written songs including tribute debut song some gave all. billy ray cyrus joins us now. good morning tell us make your

4:47 am

art and livelihood something that's patriotic and honors others? >> good morning. thanks for having me on the show. >> joey: yes, sir. >> i wrote this song about a vietnam veteran i met in 1989 at a little bar i was playing in huntington, west virginia. and wrote the song that night driving home about 2:00 in the morning. and that's why it is so important to be here with you all on this memorial day and just saying thanks to our veterans and veterans' family, thanking them for our freedom and for their great ache fight. >> rachel: we love that artists like you take your talent and put it toward such a wonderful thing. i know it means a lot to the service members and that song is awesome to boot. so, billy ray, you also have been involved in raising money to help those who have served our country. tell us about that foundation. i believe it's called the you were worth it foundation. tell us about it tell us about

4:48 am

your work with it? >> talking about a couple great heroes work with normandy. two of the last surviving members of the great war want to go back and one more time and honor the fallen. about seeing their dream come true. they are 95 years old. and want to go back to normandy and it's all i can do to go to the gas station. so i'm really proud of these guys and want to see them make it back there. it's a real cool foundation and we're going to try to help them reach that goal today. >> rachel: yeah. if you want to help billy ray and others with that foundation you can go to you were worth it to donate and help that wonderful cause. >> joey: it's the 80th anniversary of normandy, i have heard they are not going back it

4:49 am

again. >> rachel: billy ray, you have got that song for us and we would love to hear it. take it away ♪ i knew a man, called him sandy cane ♪ few folks even knew his name ♪ but a hero, yes was he ♪ left a boy, came back a man ♪ still many just don't understand ♪ about the reasons we are free ♪ i can't forget the look in his eyes ♪ or the tears he cried ♪ as he said these words to me ♪ ♪ all gave some, some gave all

4:50 am

♪ some stood through for the red, white, and blue ♪ and some had to fall ♪ and if you ever think of me ♪ think of all your liberties and recall ♪ s you recall ♪ some gave all ♪ if you ever think of me ♪ think of all your liberties and recall ♪ yeah, recall ♪ some gave all ♪ ♪ some gave all >> joey: wow, that's beautiful.

4:51 am

absolutely. >> rachel: beautiful, absolutely. bill hey, you were watching our show. i wants to bring in lawrence. you have a special message for lawrence. go ahead. >> there he is. lawrence, they gave you some bad advice on learning to ride a motorcycle. you do not want to learn on a harley on the blacktop. i'm inviting you down to my farm in tennessee. i'm going to teach to you ride a motorcycle on a dirt bike so if you fall, you hit the grass. okay? >> lawrence: i'm in. >> joey: solid wisdom there probably from someone who has learned it the hard way. >> hey, just like a bicycle with a big engine but it's great to learn in the dirt. like it's way better than asphalt. >> lawrence: would love to come down, my brother. invitation accepted. we'll have a good time. the drink is on me though. >> all right. ice tea. >> lawrence: all right. i will take it. >> thank you to our veterans.

4:52 am

thank you so much. >> lawrence: all right, meanwhile this memorial day our next guests are on a mission to craft the american flags worthy of the nation's colors. allegiance flag is a supply company founders katy and wes lion join us now. hey, guys, how are you all doing? >> hi, lawrence,. >> lawrence: i see your commercials all the time i love it because you need a big flag to fly in front 6 your house. tell us about the mission. >> we started the company because frankly we were shocked to learn so many american flags are being made overseas and that didn't sit right with us. we really feel the american flag deserves to be made by americans on our soil and that's what we're doing. >> lawrence: what makes -- i mean the american flag is the american flag, to have one made in the u.s. it seems only right, right? >> it does. especially our symbol of freedom. we are so passionate about supporting american jobs from every thread to every customer service agent. we're dedicated in supporting those modern jobs along the way.

4:53 am

especially this memorial day, we're reminded our freedom is not free. and we think about that all the time at allegiance flag supply as we work along not only just military family members but also the gold star family members at allegiance. >> lawrence: one of the things i learned when i was in school, i think it was just customary when we were in elementary school is who how to fold the american flag. how to preserve it, how to take it down and i feel like that's kind of loss. but you are going to teach us today. why is that important. >> it is foreign know how to fold the american flag. not only honoring our country but in respect and remembrance of those who have given all to serve our country. >> lawrence: that's right. freedom isn't free. let's do. this the first thing you need is a good partner so katy. >> it would be an honor. >> great. katy is going to hold this left-hand side of the flag right here. lawrence, i'm going to get to you hold the right-hand side flag of the flag. y'all fold it one time in

4:54 am

lengthwise and half. come together like that. want this bottom star field to be facing underneath here. fold it one more time in half lengthwise. okay. fantastic. now, lawrence, start from the licensed corner here fold up this way, okay? >> okay. >> now you are going to fold up here. all job, awesome job, now come this way here. you are going to follow that pattern all the way up. awesome job so there is 13 folds on the american flag representing the 13 original colonies, each and every fold has special meaning i would encourage the viewers to go and check this out, especially on memorial day. >> lawrence: what does the flag represent to you? >> the flag represents freedom to us. it represents opportunity, it represents america the fact that we live in the greatest country in the world. there is no doubt about that. awesome. now we're going to finish it off

4:55 am

here. >> look at that you are a pro. >> there we go. how can people get a flag from you guys because i think that's important? >> visit us at show that's our website order online 50-plus american employees soggy theseee flags. >> lawrence: first time i have folded the american flag since the fifth grade. >> welcome back. >> lawrence: now i'm going to be doing it more now. >> did you a great job. >> join the allegiance mission to keep the american flag truly american. get your flag at show i want to thanks matt, katy and wes for joining us today. >> thank you. >> more "fox & friends" is coming up on this memorial day as the navy band northeast ceremonial band plays us out ♪ ♪

4:56 am

[america the beautiful] ♪ ♪ ♪ ...

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