Forgotten Dungeons (SSE) (2024)

Forgotten Dungeons adds 50 new radiant-quest enabled + 15 extra dungeons in game.

Thanks for the video: DonProtein

Forgotten Tomb Forgotten Cave
- Size: Medium - Size: Medium
- Location: Near Ranggveig’s Fast - Location: Near Twilight Sepulchel
- Enemies: Draugrs,Bandits - Enemies: Bandits

Forgotten Crypt Forgotten Lair
- Size: Medium-large - Size: Medium
- Locaton: NearBruca’s Lean Redoubt - Location: Near Valthume
- Enemies: Draugrs - Enemies: Warlocks

Forgotten Barrow Forgotten Tower
- Size: Large->Small - Size: Small
- Location: Near Fort Fellhammer - Location: Near Whiterun Stormcloaks Camp
- Enemies: Draugrs - Enemies: Bandits

Forgotten Station Forgotten Hideout
- Size: Medium - Size: Medium
- Location: Near OldHroldan/ Soljund’s Sinkhole - Location: Near Riverside Shack
- Enemies: Dwarwen Automations - Enemies: Vampire’s

Forgotten Den Forgotten Hollow
- Size: Very-Small - Size: Medium
- Location: Near Broken Oar Grotto - Location: Near Meeko’s Shack
- Enemies: Snow Bears - Enemies: Bandits

Forgotten Forest Forgotten Cavern
- Size: Small - Size: Medium
- Location: Near Steamcrag Camp - Location: Near Stendarr’s Beacon
- Enemies: Spriggans - Enemies: Trolls

Forgotten Bastion Forgotten Crevice
- Size: Large - Size: Medium
- Location: Near Bleakcost Cave/Winterhold - Location: Near High Gate Ruins
- Enemies: Draugrs - Enemies: Falmers,Chaurus

Forgotten Redoubt Forgotten Retreat
- Size: Medium - Size: Medium
- Location: Near Reach Imperial Camp - Location: Near Stendarr’s Beacon
- Enemies: Forsworns - Enemies: Ghosts,Bandits

Forgotten Hole Forgotten Ruins
- Size: Medium - Size: Medium-Large
- Location: Near Hillgrund’s Tomb - Location: Near Pinewatch
- Enemies: Draugrs - Enemies: Draugs

Forgotten Darkhole Forgotten Hagnest
- Size: Medium - Size: Small-Medium
- Location: Near Cragwallow Slope - Location: Near Northwatch Keep
- Enemies: Draugrs - Enemies: Hagravens

Forgottenzel Forgotten Temple
-Size: Medium - Large-Size: Medium-large
-Location: Near Fellglow Keep - Location: Near Cradlecrush Rock
-Enemies: Dwarwen Automations - Enemies: Draugrs

Forgotten Sanctum Forgotten Cairn
-Size: Medium-Large - Size: Medium-Large
- Location: Near Twilight Sepulchel - Location: Near Ansilvund
- Enemies: Draugr - Enemies: Draugrs

Forgotten Rathole Forgotten Rivertomb
- Size: Very Small - Size: Small
- Location: Near Ansilvund - Location: Near Treva’s Watch
- Enemies: Skeevers - Enemies: Draugrs
Dungeon will contain 12 separate Extra-dungeons

Secret Factory Secret Sanctuary
- Size: Medium - Size: Medium
- Location: Near Fellglow Keep/Forgottenzel - Location: Near Drela's Cottage
- Enemies: Dwarwen Automations - Enemies: Draugrs

Secret Hideout Secret Nest
- Size: Medium - Size: Small
- Location: Near Deep Folk Crossing - Location: Near Dragons Bridge
- Enemies: Bandits - Enemies: Spiders

Tripleway Dwemerland
- Size: Medium - Size: Large
- Location: Near Dragons Bridge - Location: Near Reach Imperial Camp
- Enemies: Draugrs - Enemies: Dwarwen Automations

Bearland BloodSucker Den
- Size: Small - Size: Medium-Large
- Location: Near Reach Imperial Camp - Location: Near Cradlecrush Rock (Forgotten Temple)
- Enemies: Bears - Enemies: Vampires, Death hounds, Cargoyles

Necro Sanctuary Wolf Valley
- Size: Small - Size: Very small
- Location: Near Ustengrav - Location: Near Chillwind Depts
- Enemies: Necromancers - Enemies: Wolfs, Werewolfs

Three Connives Deadman Place
- Size: Large Size: Medium
- Location: Near Bthardamz Location: Near Ranggveig’s Fast
- Enemies: Draugrs Enemies: Draugrs

Ghostdream Bandit Cave
- Size: Medium -Size: Medium
- Location: Near Orotheim - Location: Near Orotheim
- Enemies: Draugrs - Enemies: Bandits

Three Guard Barrow
- Size: Large
- Location: Near Treva’s Watch
- Enemies: Draugrs, Spiders


Solstheim Dungeons --------------------------

Forgotten Cavity Forgotten Triplethreat
- Size: Small - Size: Large
- Location: Near Tel Mithryn (Solstheim) - Location: Near Glacial Cave/Solstheim
- Enemies: Ash Spawns - Enemies: Reavers,Draugs, Spiders, Dwarwen Automations

Forgotten Hopperland Forgotten Beastden
- Size: Small - Size: Small
- Location: Near NcHardak/Solstheim - Location: Near Frossel/Solstheim
- Enemies: Ash Hoppers - Enemies: Werebears

Forgotten Pit BlueSkin Hideout
- Size: Meium-Large -Size: Medium
- Location: Near Raven Rock-Bloodskal barrow /Solstheim - Location: Near Glacial Cave/Solstheim
- Enemies: Draugrs - Enemies: Rieklins

Reaver Mine AshSpawn Land
- Size: Medium - Size: Medium
- Location: Near Bujond's Retreat - Location: Near Haknir's Shoal
- Enemies: Reavers - Enemies: Ash Spawns

Rieklins Nest
- Size: Medium
- Location: Near Broken Tusk Mine
- Enemies: Rieklins


Extra Dungeons --------------------------
(not radiat-quest enabled)
Underneath Barrow Skeletons Sanctuary
- Size: Medium - Size: Medium
- Location: Forgotten Rivertomb (inside) - Location: Forgotten Rivertomb (inside)
- Enemies: Draugrs,Mistmans, Wrathmans, Bonemans - Enemies:Skeletons, Mistmans, Bonemans, Shades
Requires a Key to entry, The key can be found from ”Deadland” Requires a Key to entry, The key can be found from ”Deadland”

Darkside Cave Undead Paradise
- Size: Medium-Large - Size: Large
- Location: Forgotten Rivertomb (inside) - Location:Forgotten Rivertomb (inside)
- Enemies: Falmers,Chaurus,Spiders - Enemies: Draurgs,Vampires, Cargoyles, Death Hounds,
Requires a Key to entry, The key can be found from ”Deadland” Skeletons, Ash Spawns
Requires a Key to entry, The key can be found from ”Deadland”

DeadLand Jumble Dungeon
- Size: Very Small - Size: Large
- Location:Forgotten Rivertomb (inside) - Location:Forgotten Rivertomb (inside)
- Enemies: Draugrs - Enemies: Draugrs, Dwarwen Automations
Includes keys Underneath Barrow, Skeletons Sanctuary, Note: Made by combining other dungeons. Some are new.
Darkside Cave, Undead Paradise Dungeons

TrapLand Darkside Barrow
- Size: Small - Size: Small
- Location:Forgotten Rivertomb (inside) - Location:Forgotten Rivertomb (inside)
- Enemies: No enemies (Traps) - Enemies: Draugrs

Boneland Unknown Mine
- Size: Medium - Size: Medium
- Location:Forgotten Rivertomb (inside) - Location:Forgotten Rivertomb (inside)
- Enemies: Skeletons, Mistmans, Bonemans, Wrathmans - Enemies: Dremoras

West Side Dungeon Unknown Place
- Size: Medium - Size: Medium
- Location:Forgotten Rivertomb (inside) - Location: Blackreach
- Enemies: Dwarwen Automations - Enemies: Falmers, Dwarwen Automations

White Skin Cave Big White Nest
Size: Medium - Size: Small
- Location: Forgotten Vale - Location: Forgotten Vale
- Enemies: Falmers - Enemies: Frost Giants


Forgotten Dungeons in ( XB1

Forgotten Dungeons in ( PS4

- Use NMM
- Extract the file to a temporary location.
- Copy file to "Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim Special edition/Data" folder
- Open Skyrin Launcher and activate Forgotten DungeonsSSE.esp
(Note! If any quest leads to the dungeon of this mod at the time of removal, run these before removing the mod.)
- Delete "Forgotten DungeonsSSE.esp" file from (Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim Special edition/Data) folder

Special thanks
- DonProtein - Video Preview

My English is not very good, so a description is translated directly from Google Translate.

Forgotten Dungeons (SSE) (2024)


What is the hardest ruin in Skyrim? ›

1 ​​​​​​Skuldafn

This dungeon is easily the most difficult dungeon in the entirety of Skyrim. Skuldafn is where you find the entrance to Sovngarde, a Nord's best possible afterlife. Dragons around it will even tell you, "Skuldafn fen kos dinok," which translates from dragon language into this: "Skuldafn will be death."

What is the hardest cave in Skyrim? ›

Considering scaling, however, the Skuldafn dungeon is arguably the toughest encounter in all of Skyrim. This is due to Skuldafn being the only dungeon in Skyrim that replaces all draugr with a level-scaled variant.

How many clearable dungeons are there in Skyrim? ›

There is a total of 198 clearable dungeons.

How to reset a dungeon in Skyrim? ›

Somewhere in Skyrim, a tear in time exists. Accessing this tear allows you to reset most dungeons by spending a dragon soul. To reset a dungeon, the player must travel to Labyrinthian and time travel via the Wooden Mask. Upon first returning to the present, the Time Rift will appear within the dilapidated barrow.

How to get 1 million damage in Skyrim? ›

In order to make a weapon that does a million damage, players will need to make three kinds of potions for the exploit. They will need approximately 30 Potions of Fortify Restoration, 6 or 7 Potions of Fortify Enchanting, and an equal number of Potions of Fortify Alchemy.

What is the deepest dungeon in Skyrim? ›

Blackreach is an ancient city buried deep underground that belonged to Skyrim's ancient Dwemer civilization.

How many dragonborns have there been in Elder Scrolls? ›

The only other two confirmed dragonborns are Reman and Hijalti Early-beard (Talos). Wulfharth may have been one, and Alyssia was something different. The Septim and Reman empeors had dragon blood, but didn't have a dragon soul.

How many ends are in Skyrim? ›

Skyrim doesn't exactly end, in the traditinal sense. There is no one last hurrah, and then a credits roll. Some quest arcs have varied endings, such as the Civil War, but the Free the World from Alduin main quest arc only has a single outcome.

Do Draugr respawn? ›

Draugr or Skeletons are seen in groups of 1 to 3 in the vicinity and will respawn after normal Draugr spawn time. Rarely there are Body piles or Evil Bone Piles in or near the forts. These forts have a chance of containing a chest and Moder Vegvisir.

Do dungeons repopulate in Skyrim? ›

Most dungeons respawn, but not all of them. It can happen in as little as a week if you didn't completely clear out the dungeon, or over a month if you cleared the dungeon. Even if a dungeon is marked as 'cleared' on your world map, that dungeon can still respawn.

How long is 30 days in Skyrim? ›

10 days (240 hours) of in-game time. This is the default time period used before a dungeon or any other game location respawns. 30 days (720 hours) of in-game time. This is the time period used if a dungeon has been cleared.

What is the deadliest weapon in Skyrim? ›

  1. 1 The Dwarven Black Bow of Fate.
  2. 2 The Drainblood Battleaxe Lets Players Become Skyrim Draugr. ...
  3. 3 Skyrim's Ebony Blade Comes At A Bloody Price. ...
  4. 4 Dragonbane Makes Killing Skyrim Dragons A Breeze. ...
  5. 5 Miraak's Sword Is Skyrim's Strongest Sword. ...
  6. 6 The Dragonbone Mace Is A Craftable Menace In Skyrim. ...
Mar 15, 2023

What weapon in Skyrim does the most damage? ›

The heaviest of heavy weapons, warhammers are the slowest to swing but deal the greatest amount of damage per hit. Volendrung is one of the Daedric artifacts, obtained for completing the Daedric quest "The Cursed Tribe".

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