Cross-progression is coming to Overwatch 2: Account merge FAQ (2024)

Blizzard Entertainment | August 16, 2022


Cross-progression is coming to Overwatch 2: Account merge FAQ (1)

With the launch of cross-progression, players can merge multiple Overwatch accounts to carry progressionand in-game cosmetics into Overwatch 2 on a single profile. Starting August 16, every player with a linked console account will be prompted at login to identify, select, and confirm the accounts you want to merge. Once you approve, we will prepare your accounts to be merged during the release of Overwatch 2.

All players will need a account to play Overwatch 2 regardless of platform. Progress from linked console accounts will be stored on your account, which will share in-game cosmetics and progress across the linked accounts.

There will be one opportunity to merge console accounts, so make sure you double-check which accounts you are merging before you confirm!

We’ve anticipated some of your questions, and we’re here to provide answers on the upcoming account merge in Overwatch 2.

How do I merge my accounts?

How do I link my console account to if it wasn’t automatically detected?

Here are the steps you can take to merge your console account to a account:

  1. Login to Overwatch from your console account.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts to scan a QR Code on your mobile phone.
  3. Enter the code displayed on your console to connect to or create your Blizzard Account.
  4. Once complete, you will be prompted to confirm your account upon the next game login to merge your accounts.

You will only have one opportunity to merge the correct account.

Once you merge a console account with a account, you will be unable to link to a different console account on the same platform. Double-check to make sure you are linking the correct account to your account.

If you encounter errors while linking your accounts, follow the instructions on the Account Link Common Problems support article.

Check out the Account Link support article for more information on how to merge your accounts.

To setup from PC, you can visit the Connections webpage.

Which platforms are included in account merge?

The platforms included in account merge are Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Can I link multiple accounts on the same platform?

Only one account per platform can be linked together. For example, if you have two accounts on PC, you will not be able to merge those accounts. The same goes for multiple accounts on Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch.

Yes. It’s incredibly important to take care that the correct account from each console you plan to link is associated with your account.

The Account Merge screen in-game will show all accounts associated. You can click on “Switch Accounts” which will prompt you to scan a QR Code from your mobile phone, or you can visit

Once you confirm the account merge, you will be unable to immediately link a new console account to that account. Progress will be stored on the account you merge with, so you can’t carry over progress from that console account to an additional account.

How does account merge work?

Why do I need to merge my accounts for Overwatch 2?

All players will need a account to play Overwatch 2 regardless of platform. Players must confirm their account merge to carry over progress from Overwatch into Overwatch 2.

This includes players who linked their accounts during the Overwatch Cross-Play release.

What happens to my console accounts after I merge with a account?

After merging your console accounts to a account, all the progress on those console accounts will be stored on the account.

Can I change which accounts are linked together after merging is complete?

You can unlink your console accounts from your account at any time. However, there is a 1-year cooldown for linking new accounts to your account.

When you link a new console account to your account, it can access the progression and in-game items from the account. However, the new console account will not transfer its progress and in-game items to the linked account.

What happens if I don’t merge my console account to a account?

Players from all platforms will need a account to play Overwatch 2.

For console players, account merge is also the only way to access and carry over progress into Overwatch 2.

For PC players, progress will automatically carry over into Overwatch 2, and you have the option to merge any console accounts to your account.

If you don’t confirm your account merge in-game, you will continue to be served an in-game screen that identifies your accounts and prompts approval to merge. You can check to see which accounts are linked to your account here:

How do my in-game items and progress merge?

How will my in-game items be merged?

All items in the Hero Gallery across platforms will be present in the merged account. This includes all sprays, emotes, skins, and everything else in the current Hero Gallery tab in-game. Duplicate cosmetics across platforms will be merged into a single account.

How will my skill rating from multiple accounts be merged to my account?

Competitive and skill rating will be separated by PC and console input pools. The highest rank will be taken if players merge multiple console accounts.

How will my statistics be merged?

Gameplay statistics are separated by input pool.

A few things happen for players who merge multiple console accounts. Total values, like playtime or number of wins, will be summed. Best values, like hero accuracy or kill streaks, will take the highest value from the merged accounts.

How will my Endorsem*nts be merged?

Your highest endorsem*nt will carry over to your merged account.

How will my Achievements be merged?

All in-game achievements earned across each platform will be present in the merged account. Console-specific achievements will remain on their respective platforms.

How do my game settings and data merge?

How will my Gameplay settings be merged?

Gameplay settings are kept per-platform and will be kept that way when merged. Gameplay settings across consoles will be kept separate from PC Gameplay settings.

How will my Custom Game options be merged?

The custom game options in each account will be present in the merged account.

How will my links to Recent Custom/Workshop Games be merged?

You will keep your most recent links across all platforms up to the maximum limit.

How will my Overwatch credits be merged?

Overwatch credits will be summed after merging accounts.

How will my Overwatch League tokens be merged?

Overwatch League tokens across accounts will be summed up after merging. If you don’t merge your accounts, Overwatch League tokens from console accounts will not transfer into Overwatch 2.

Overwatch League tokens purchased on Nintendo Switch will not be merged and will remain on that platform.

Mark your calendars to merge your accounts starting August 16. Combine your accounts and get the freedom to collect and progress in Overwatch 2 from platform to platform.Before you merge, please remember to:

Double-check that the correct console accounts are linked to your account before confirming your account merge.

This is an exciting year for the team, and we look forward to sharing more information with you in the upcoming weeks leading to the Overwatch 2 launch this October 4!

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Cross-progression is coming to Overwatch 2: Account merge FAQ (2024)
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