Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), May 27, 1926, p. 3 (2024)

flkn artottjfrgg ffrggg thursday may 27 1926 its the handclasp ho brother jfa tho handclasp und the tho good word and tho smile that db tlio most and help most to make ttio world worth while its all of us together or ita only you and i a ringing aong of friendship and tho heart ijoatu high a ringing hour of friendship and word or two of cheer then all the world la gladder and the bunding sky la clear its you and i together and wo ore bro there one and all whenever through good fellowship we heav thoaubtlo call whenever in tho ruck or things vfo grip tlic helping hand or see tho deeper glow that none but wo can underatandr then all tho world lsood to us and all is worth tho while ho brother its the handclasp and good word and theiimue wilbur dick nesbit three year rotation for the destruction of weeds in 1912 si threeacre plot of land was allotted at the experimental station pharlottetown for the purpose of demonstrating the efficacy of short time rotation in elimatlngr weeds this land was badly infested with goldcnroc aoudagp sp yarrow ox- eyo daisy yellow daisy or blackeyed susan couch gras3 etc and nod been in common for many years a threeyearrotation r was outlined as follows plrat tear hoed- crop tnib crop received ib tons of manure per acre probably the most satisfactory method to apply tills is on th clover stubhlo tho previous autumn wid plough down second year grain crop seeded dewn with 10 pounds red clover 2 pounds alslke and 6 pounds timothy pfer acre third pear clover hay immed- tis but a step down yonder lane- and the little churcn stands near tijb church where we were wed mary jatclyttf tex-the- removal of ho-hay-op- i ne t tho land was manured and ploughed in preparation for the next seasons hoed crop after ploughing the land was rolled and then topwdrkad during tho balance of the season to prevent any growth of weeds it la strongly recommended that tse land bo ridged up in tho autumn this rotation was- carried on at- the jstatlon untutho season of ig w it was discontinued 3tntho mmhurae it has been demonstrated to a marked degree that such treatment would sup press tho vxtrfouo weeds mentioned the solldalo yarrow oxeye daisy and blackeyed susan had entirely disap peared traces of couch stubs occas ionally would appear and it nadgbt be well to polnf out that the treament vlll not prove effective unless tho land id efficiently topworked after plough- leg the clover seed for hoed crop it might not bo amiss to point out also that where large areas of rough or permanent pasture lands are avail able this makes a fairly suitable ro tation for stock raising as to disadvantages h offers little or- no opportunity for pasturage and jthcre ils relatively speaklhjr too much land under hoed crop for the average farmer but in limited areas it matfbe strongly recommended as a satlafac- tory means of cleaning up land heav ily infested with weeds b f- tlnnoy dominion experimental station chor- lament of the emigrant irish im sitting on tho utile mary where we sat side by aide on a bright may morning long ago when first you were my bride tho corn was springln fresh and green and the lark sang loud and high and tho red was on your lip mary and the lovelight in your oye tho place is little changed mary the day is bright as then the larks loud song is in my ear and the corn is green again qut i nlss the soft clasf of your hand and i still keep llstenlnfor tho words you never more will apeak lottetown p e i the critic confounded a practice to which a large number of men conform is not ushtry to be found fauowitb for it is generally based upoji a ood reason of which tho critic vis ignorant coleridge the poet and philosopher was once floored byrrew a peddler of uid cluthes wham bo ventured to criticise for ab- i brevatlng o word the jew had annoyed coleridge by passing nim several times crying for old clothes in the most nasal tone at last trie- philosopher was so pro voked that he sold tothe peddler pray why cant you bay old clothes as plain as i do now the jew stopped looked gravely at hu ritlctind in a clear grave ac- cent answered sir i can say old clotnes as well aa you con- nut if you had to say so tea times a minute for hours together you would bay ocnnlo as i do nijw he walked away but coleridge was so moved by the justice of the mans retort that he followed him and save him a smulnk the only pne he had useful teeth many different reasons are assigned by people for their unwillingness to submit to the extraction of teeth but it was no fear of pain which was up- petmost in the mind of miss mehitable lamson of vtjllowby when told by tho- dentist that she would too much ocnentted by the loss of two of her prominent teeth you say they cant bo flued she said hi evident distress and you couldnt get any others in for me for moren a fortnight the dentist admitted reluctantly that it was so well then x suppose til have to get orr as best as i can and miss mehitable aeated herself in the tor- tuiochairv but i dont- see how i shall make out here i am chamber maid to the willowby inn daring the aoramer arid lta chockfum of folks with lots of transients coming and go ing and those are my pillowcase teeth 111 nqt iv c vr charles v of oprance was surmdned the wise hut ltds duo to his mis take obstinately persisted in that the hour of four isrepresented oh tho dial of a wntth or a clock by four luxa instiend of iv when tho first clock to keep ac tcurate tlnoowas mode it wa carried to charles v- of franco by fts maker henry vick the king looked at it and sold v tea it works well but you have got the fleuros- on tho dial wrong i think not your majesty said vick vtfesrthatcour should hrt font ones j sorely not your majesty protest el the clockmaker vyesjit should be four ones per- slsted jhe king you are wrong your majesty m i am never wrong answered thp king in ankr tako it away and correct the mistake- rpho clockmaker did as ho was corh- manded alnu so we have u1l instead of tv on the dials of our clocks but the grave ilea between mary and my stop might break your rest for ive laid you darling down to sleep with your baby on your breast im very lonely now mary for the poor make no new friends button they lovo the better still tho few the father bends and you were nil t had mary myblebaitt and royp theres nothing left to care for now since my poor mary died tours was the good brave heart mary that still kept hoping on when the trust in god had left my soul and my arms young strength was gone there was comfort ever on your hp and the kind look on your brow i wcss you mary for the same though you cannot hear me now i thank you far the patient smile when your heart was fit to break when the hunger pain was kn awing there and you hid it for my sake i bless you for the pleasant word when your heart was sad and sore oh fm thankful you ore gone mary where grief catat reach you more im bidding you a ions farewell my mary kind and true but ill not forgy you darling in the land im going to they say theres bread and work for all and the a sh nhyny but m not forget old ireland were it fifty times aa fair and often in those grand old woods ill sr and shut my eyes and my heart will travel back again to the place where mary lies and ill think i see the uttlo stile wb we at aide by sid and the springing corn and the bright may morri when flrat you were my bride pcojrto for thlsioldtlnio poem vtub tho fact that it was written by tho moth er of earldufferln whp was our gov ernorgeneral from 1872 to 1878 lord duftcrin was greatly beloved when lie wafs tho viceregul rcijrouontativu in canada lie and his wife lady iuf- ferin lived in the hearts of cunadianh during their htay hero i do not remember that lord 1 f- ferln ever emulated bis talented moth er in writing poems but lie wui an author of note in ida day ho wi ic tenuro of land in ireland tnd contributions to an enquiry into the stto ot ireland ho also wild the author of letters from high lati tudes which ho wrote in i860 v lien on a yacht voyage to iceland nd spitsbergen mr cunningham wondora if wo in canada ever used ltidyjpuffei na poem ill ay wo did and ye t- led it all the whole eight verses the copy abovo i took froip marys scrap- book where she had placed it over fifty years ago the copy mr cunningham sentn to our editor only had tho flrat second fourth and seventh verses of the poem i presume this busy maaa memory dropped out the other four vcrsen but it- has always seemed to mo that every line of the poem is needed to give a true conception of this heartbroken but very loyal irishman who lived during the famine days when hia wife and baby died perhaps from lack of food his lament la really a soliloquy as ho contemplated crossing the aea to cunada then tho land of proirise his loyalty to tho old home t tho memory of bygone days to the wife of his bosom all unite in contributing one of the moat pathetic pictures of that day glad to hear from you again mr cunningham n dickens the reporter whpn lord derby was beginning his brilliant political career ho was then niey charles dickens was one of the corps of reporters who were de- talled to follow him and with the utmost expedition to forward verba tim reports of all his speeches to the morning chronicle in london sirs james t fields tells in her diary pub lished in harpers magazine how mr pickens often went by post chaise to edinburgh and after listening to a speech transcribed his notes fever- lbhnlr-the-wny-bnek- to london at each station a man on horseback would stand ready to seize the bheets that he had prepared- and to rldo nheadsvlth them often and often the work would make dickens deadly sick and he would have to plunge his head out tho window still he con tinued to write he used- little slips of paper that ho had held in front of him he would rest his body on the edge of the seat and his paper on the frcnt of the window underneath the lamp as tho coach reached tho sta tion a sudden plunge into a bae of sovereigns that he kept handy for tho purpose would pay the postboy an other plunge behind him would gather up the completed pages and a a third plunge into a bag on the other aide would glve him the fresh paper to carry forward the inexorable unre mitting work one parliamentary speech of mr stanleys that ho was particularly an xious to have taken down verbatim proved on publication to bo all non sense except the beginning oxid the endrwhlch were ll5 reportsthrat mrr- dlckens had reported stanley sum moned dickens to his room and said to him that ho wished to go over ho whole speech l told him that we would begin at once said dickens ho tried to induce me to sit elsewhere or mora comfo but at that time in the tranquility what otrikea you first wherf you think about it la tho charm of the more wonj peace jalm repose they ar ullvery suggestive and ver ugrccublo when you can get thcmimjt trnmiuiflty tho very utterrfncom soothing and like a caressing toueff luictu nerveb that are all of a quiver and when wo have felt tho charm of thn word wo rogrot the rarity of tho thlnf in theso rustlings days wo arc anything but tranquil whether wo are in an automobile or out of ono tranquility la the lust thins wo think of thoro was onco n world yhero tluie was no telephone no wireless no newspaper no steam power just tho humo old aun and stars rising and setting on tho same old quiet hfo and tranquility was the name of it to be hure there were the passions of menand women which ure tho mortal fees of all tranquility but a- least it was possible to fight the battle with a certain measure of external repose it miiy hslve been tranquil says our quick spirit of the present but it must have been deadly dull they do not desire tranquility movement dfc- ughts them change hurry diversity the eager suggestion of some new ob- jeetsomc new effort some piquant stimulating undiscovered sourco of excitement which in the constant ih- vadjng progressof decay and dissolu tion ehuirutmuro them convince them that they arc alive j what is tranquil ity they soy in scorn but sloth and indolence and sloth and indolence arc spiritual death but tranquility is not sloth or in- dclence but something far different ic- is serene pauenvtrlumphant ad justment of powers and- efforts to con ditions on avoidance of useless hurry and stir and fidget for tho calm ac complishment of what is really- worth endeavor a steady untroubled pro gress toward u definite endt and there s a tranquility that is inborn- how we envy those who by a sort of dlvlno endowment seem to accept the good and tho ill of- life and by- ac cepting them to suck the inmost sweetness from tho good and let tho 111 pass by feut oven finer and noblor 4b tho tranquility thnt i ncnulred that comes from a thoughtful study of your own powers and your own- des tiny from beginning early to use those jowers for directing that des tiny so far as it may be directed by mortal man the greatest- of human achievement in every field falls tp those who hav6 first achieved the tranquil master of their own hearts bores he umoert8tood there li naore than nno vray of an- swering cl auestion s6 asjto give people an impression of your funda mental intelligence the toy rofcrr- ed to in this story from the argonaut knew it and wo re cenfldent tils on- ewer got him the job hat he wanted after a ruthless sifting there were five applicants for the post of errand boy loft ffor the head of tho flrm to interview it was one of his flip pant mormlnas and he nought to amuse hlrnne1fby asking the eager bays puxxllnb questions to tent their general knowledge how ft nwayffotn the earth is t n s wa t mifmitlnn hn r u fired nt the third shiny- facod young- ster i im sorry i cannot give you tho ex act figure hv was the reply but on a rout esilntat should s i u far enourh away not to interfre trhhmvhmjjjnrirranda the irish emigrant now i must explain to you why 1 have published this pathetic oidpoem of lady duffexln the other day the editor handed mehe following letter frocn his friend and relative in belfast tho right hon samuel cunningham p c and said that inasmuch as it re ferred to articles which have appear ed in xhy column it should properly go tome now r think mr cunninghams letter is so interesting that i am tak- inst the liberty of publishing it just as it came from across the sea and here it is fernxtlll belfast may 4th 1826 dear mi moore i greatly enjoyed twilight apringtlme and the enlarged school grounds whlcharmearcd in the old mans column the latter has brought back memories of my own school days lost week a friend brought me a book slvlng all the names of tho boys who attended my edinburgh boarding school and it was won derful the interest 1 took going through tho old names i intend when next in edlntoursh to visit tiiq old school again 1 remember reading of a scotch judjcc who migrated to london in his old ngehe came back to edinburgh oh a visit and went to tho clone where he had been brought up and hokedout a hole in the pavement where he had in hln yqung days been accustomed to bulk marbles just think or it after fifty or sixty years with all the excitement of a judges career the school memories camo back to him r within the last few years a friend was going for a few days o scotland his old father to his surprise requested to go with him and they visited the old mans ntome3teadthe father took tho soti around and pointed out to him alleys and doorways where he had hidden- when- playing hi boyhood game it was imthellc especially as a few months afterwards tho old man passed away have you ever thought how early bno could remember back i bavc been rather interested in this i have not sufficient proof to show thnt some mnmorlen will carry back to tho second year but tottcedwheri reading duouit tlio breat marquess of duffexln that he could remember his mothers coming of age 21 when he was two years old at the time when speaking of the dufferlna lndy dufferin composed tho en closed which was very popular in nay young days i wonder is it uiiod with you 1 am sending youk a whig in which you will nee a picture of glcncoo bridge this is a few miles from ijotjio and yourgrand- fiilhcr would have known it well with kindest regards i ntn yours sincerely a curniriaham mr cunningham enclosed in his letter a type written copy of the irish emigrants lament in answer to mr cunninghams query respecting whether we use ttuj lkent the irish emlgmunts lament i arn glad to assure him that it has been a classic whn us for tlie past fifty years it was in our school render when i wns at school ovor hltfv yrarti ngn wn valued it then house tof comrmons there was nothing but ones knees to write on and i had formed the habit or it without any further pausothenhejbegan and went on hour after hour to the end often becoming very much excited bringing down his hands with violence upon the desk near which he stood and rising at tho end into great eloquence poor aaron the devotional- character of church mualc is more apparent now than it was tho days when the service of song was made tedious and ridiculous by such vain repetitions as ch turn myfl ob turn my pi oh turn myplous soul to thee rean holstells in his new memories how one of these repetitious anthems an- noyed the first bishop of tho e pal church of connecticut dr samuel scnbury the bishop was visiting the parish of mjd die town and an anthem com posed by a local musician was sung the words were those of the 133rd piuilm and eight times the slnbcrs re peated the phrase that ran down upon the beard at a dinner of ter the service the bishop was asked at the suggestion of the composer what he though t of the music toh ho replied i daro say it was very good but i sympathixod so with aaron that i could not attend prop erly i thought that the runntngdown of the ointment eight times could hardly have left a hair upon his head no more piles thousand bins dr lnonhardt the phyaiciwn who discovered this common sense fternedy if you thlnk that the surgeons knire is the only method of escape from tho misery of piles its because you havent heard of the new treatment known as dr leonhardts hbmroid this doctors treatment is internal by experimenting for years he die- covered the exact cause of plies and then went further and compounded a remedy that wftuldrcmove the cause- dr leanhordt wants every eufferer to benoflt by- his discovery and so thnt- thoro will be no doubting btdej lay e j ilassnrd and all druggists are authorized to sell hemroid with guarantee thatlt will do as statad or money hack on that honorable basis every suf ferer should secure a package of dr leonhardts hemroid today a real spring tonic early rhubarb which dietitians con sider so healthy is now to be seen lit most green grocers and should bo ser- ved once or twice a iveck while in season it can be stowed plain with suar and a little water and eaten for breakfast or as n sdddbhjbtdirner or in pics or other desserts the hpuaowlfe wvhose family docs not euro for it plain may bq able to include a little of it in tho familys diet by combining it with other fruit and tapioca thua toning down the hhurp lasto of the rhubarb wtilch honm peoplefind oujcotlonable j iplaco one cup of prune juice one- half cup hot water and two cups of rhubarb cut fine into an enameled waro double boiler which has a vit reous surface and will not be affected bv- the fruit acids cook slowly add ono cup sugar the juice of an q range and ono halfcup of the kind of tapi- ocjithatlten notneedhoaklnef sur- frequently for twenty minutes or un til the tapioca is soft and than add twenty stewed prunes from which the stcnes have boon romoved cool and sex ve with cream dean hole of rochester cathedral england in his lecture on bores and impostors did npt refer to the man who is a vbore because he will talk when you wish to speak but to those social mosqultoea wjio annoy and ir ritate said the dean the bore always talks to you about what you dont understand or dont like one or them wrote to 4ne some time ago stating that he had heard that many years ago tho danes stretched tho skins of their dead on the cathedral doors and asked for some information on the subject i rcpllcdthat i vas too much occupied with the bodies and souls of christians t3 give- much thought to tho epidermis of the early danes another wrote me that a man in roohestcr owed him money and asked whether i could not collect it for him i replied that i was a dean not a dun then hherela the idle bore he is n torrlhle nulwancc i kne ono of them an idle farmer who used tp call upon an industrious farmer and talk and talk and talk once after wasting a wholo afternoon he got ready to so his horse was at tho door v going through tho village tho industrious farmer asked barnums little secret j i t barnum contended thnt more persons arc humbuggou hy believing too little than by believing too much by jfey of illustration says mr 31 it werner in hi biography of tho great hhowmun- he told of a yankee in dy who visited the museum to soo the whales ilarnum know the lady personally and after nhc hud watched tho whales she called al his office mr barnum sht said with a httln mllc its aston ishing to what n number of purposes tho ingenuity of tlie yankee has ap plied india rubber in her opinion barnum had con structed the whales of india rubber and compelled them to rise to the sur face at regular intervals by means af jt bellows that puffed air into their bodies barnum realized that it -would- be usoleshio argue ngalnst sucha con viction andne therefore beggpd his friend to keep the secret to herself ho usturcd her thnt she had been tho only person acute enough to discover it whenever ho met tjie lady in lator years she told him that she hod never revealed his secret and never would ai long as she llved hear both sides every new reporter joining tho jour nalistic staff of tho marion morning star the paper of tlie late president harding- of the united states was fctven a set of rules of which the flrat wns remember there arb two sides t every question get them both other young peoplo would do well to keep the suggestion in- mind quar rels grow because people forget that simple rule do not champlon-our- aggrieved friend unreservedly till you have heard tho other side and then perhays- you will see that he instead ot being altogether tho aggrieved party is dujybound to go halfway toward a reconciliation there are two sides to every question hear both- trusteed s of valuable freehold 1 property 4 know the coopers shop yans follow who makes barrew well just stop thoro find have two hoops- nut around your waist or youll bust with selfimportance notice to creditors the creditors of mary storey of the village of acton wfdw who died on the 17th day of- april 1928 at number 61 rushbrook ave toronto and of eltxaboth storey of the said village of acton spinster who died on tho 25th day of february 192 are re quired to send to tho undersigned so licitor their cull nntnesi addresses and descriptions full particulars of their claims and the natmo of the security if any held by them and this notice being given in pur suance of sec l of the trustees act r 3 x chap 121 and amending acts- notlco is hereby given that on and after the 24st day of june 1926 tho executor and administrator will proceed to distribute tho assets of the said deceased persons among- the par ties legally entitled thereto and he wlli not be responsible for any claim of which ho has not then- received no tlco 3ated at acton this 20th day of may 1926 jorcmlah sell executor of mary storey estate and administrator of elisabeth storoy esute by h k parmer acton ontario his solicitor 473 there will be offered for bale by public auction on thursday 27th day of may 1926 at tho hour of three oclock in the ftf n residence pnthe premises herelnatter described in the village of acton in the county of hcal- ten tlfe following dcsirablp property namelyjc about f acres of hand bejnk parts of the westj halves of lots 28 nnd 2d in tho 3nr concession of the township of esqueslng now in the village of acton known as the syd ney smith estate property on the said premises are situated a large twostorey curt stone residence containing 12 laree rooms and 4piece tiled bathroom and soparate toilet oq ground floor this residence was re built and modernized about two years ago and is in first class condition throughout has large central hall panelled in gunvwood with teraaxa floor nnd stairway hardwood floors heavy slab gumwood doors with cut- elass knobs electric lighting heavy scrvlcet- electric wiring for electric grates and cooking range hot water heating five large bedrooms cut strne porch 14x30 there is also a large brick garago and fourroomed bungalow for servants quarters bountiful wooded groundswith spring water stream making ideal gentle mens residence- r feronto way also on motorbus i4ne london to ttbronto and canadian national radial and steam service terms ten fr cdntu of thtf chase money to opald down at the time of sate balance to be paid in thirty days without interestr for further particulars and condi t4ens o sale a t mftsars n farmer barrister acton starr spence frascr and hall barristers 302 bay street toronto arnold i earry and canirbrt1barrlsters yoage street toronto or to tlie un dcrsigncd dated at toronto the 3rd day of may 1926 chartered trust and executor co at king st vesj toronto ont- n trustee rj kerraote 4c2 acton ont a consolation for its pathos and for- the ftplrlt of trutf devotion by which thin lonely trlsliman revered the memory of his departed wife and sweetheart of bis young manhood ajiother incident which later inten sified the hklng tof oui ci nnllroadlng in tho south not so very long ago was attended with con sldcrabte uncertainty and whenever a difficulty arose the passengers were in the hnhlt of rushing o to os- certnlnthe onubo- on ono such occa sion when the train- had come to an unusually sudden atop after repeated warnings from tho whistle the pas sengers fobnd the train crew bonding abevo the apparently lifelcsn form of an ofd fanner he had h8en fitruck by the engine- and the crowd- gather ed symputhetlcully about hlih suddenly the victim who had heen unconscious opened his eyes a sympathetic silence met his as he slowly swept tho circle and at tempted to toko in the situation am i hurt he asked feebly they touthirh thnt one leg would have to cqrne off but fortunately thc hc- llrved that otderl n wnhail right for several moments he studied tho remaining sound limb and then turned to the engineer well stranger no said yt might iiavo been worse it is the one with the rhoumatu 120000 lbjj wanted r ft barbour hillsburg will be at the canadian na tional railway station acton on june3yl017 to buy wool for the giielph worsted and spinning co highest market prices paid farmers market your wool direct to the mills executors sale furniture household ef fects chinavare silver ware etc instructions horva been given to the undersigned auctioneer to sell by pub lic auotion tho liouachold effocts tie- lonsink to tho estate ot the late mrs c 8 smith at folrviow place the family resi dence acton on thursday hay 27th 1926 at ono oclock in the afternoon as fol lows beds 2 new walnut beds naat- trosscs springs and pillows simmons steel bed mattress wrings and pil lows 1 cot and xnattrcss walnut bod chairs 6 upholstered drawing rcomwalriut sbi 1 suite complete 4 solid mahpsany chairs 6 solid ma hogany leather bottom chairs 2 chesterfields upholstcreed 2 chairs set solid oalc rocker 3 oak tnpestry rocker and 2 arm chairs solid leather- upholstered arm chair oak mlssloiirocker leather np- tiolsterlns walnut cnlnucoverea rocker- walnut drtsslnk table chair wicker chair 3 walnut upholstered chairs kitchen clioir stools cxocks 2 mantle clocks tabis1 walnut i library 1 walnut dlnlnic rooto table 1 kltclien table 1 hall table chostcrncld table 1 amall lacquered tabarct 2 bedshe tables rugs 1 blue lareei 1 red large lkreeni large 12 small rugs desks etc 1 walnut- desk and utok csso 1 lacquered desk gray 1 oak hhll neat x hall cblnot pressfiks 2 vanity dressers 1 dressing tahle 2 ghcffof obes sofas 2 sofas old and upholst ered- linen 23 pillow cases 8 taatn towels- 9 hand towelb 3 bed pads 3 bedspreads 10 sheets 10 canton flan nel aheets 6 pairs blankets 3 dresser scarves 9 dish towels 4 lunch cloths 4 small centre- pieces 1 silence cloth dining room 1 iloren linen napkins scottonnnpmns dishes bed sot 1 soup touroon 2 vcgetablo dishes 1 gravy dish s dinner plates 6 largo plates 1 snnau plate 2 platters 8 green bread and butter plates 1 largre white platter 7 aoui plates 1 lanjo blatter 2 plates 1 gravy dish 8 cups and saucers cofld red tea set- 6 red plates 1 small dish 1 celery dish 2 bluo plates 5 small platter 4 gflass dishes small glasses 2 pitchers 3 bowles 6 fruit plntes 1 cikt dish and b cake plates xe small cups and saucers 1 teapot 3 sugar bowles 3 pieces out glass 2 jardinieres 1 laas cake dish 1 graen dish various odd dishes 1 umbrella aland 2 masonic swords x big square mirror 2 brass tray x bookstand 1 masigle 2 brass jardin ieres pictures 7 shakeapearo pictures 3 olla family portraits 1 etching llrnmlfathor smith 2- water colors 3 oil landscapes heavy frames 4 surbu oil landscapes plain frames x crayon unbn blankets pillow slips 2 table cloths towels sheets 3 bed pads silver a number of pieces books small library kitchen electric atovo electric iron pans terms of sale ca8h 41 uesin come in and pick the blossoms tlie blossoms are all hand picked values in summer mer chandise and we ask you to compare prices we cant show you in this ad just how good these prices are youve got to see the goodst we believe that you cannot do better elsewherecome into the store and judge for ydurself 98c house dressesmade from heavy quality gingham as sorted styles colors and patterns each canadian pjunts a good assortment of light qc patterns per yd scijc as0kh ilnghams a high quality gingham show ing all tlie latest stripe plaid and check patterns per yard 25camt28c cheese cloth a canadian made cheese cloth 32 in wide guaranteed qlialityi 3yard8for 25c 9c bleached cotton yard 15c and 20c table oilcloth white withbluematkingso tja wide a square design ydl white elastic in a gouil quality bloomer elastic per yard thanks to the cood-aunility- of this koeiery we are having a steady demand for it 5 the d a nqnrustable corsets and brassieres are very popular 7hey support without compression or dis tortion and give the latest outline and are truly econom- ical because they- combine- style fit apd wear withjlowest possible prices r in dress goods we have polka dot voiles which are becoming very popular be cause of their very sheer juality and willnot cling to undergarments because of the dot several colors to choose from at per yard 50c or dress lengths 150 broadcloth three pieces of mercerized broadcloth used princ for making qc underwear atjrper yd qc a few vodle dresses all made up to sell at 700 to 850 each ch1ldbens cotton a wests 4iwc faye gloths niade- from a heayv terry material a sixitw2 x i0y each 1c prracess slitsa gotltlt quality dimity- in as- f7qkg sorted colors each i3fc childrens pantte dress es made from good quality girls crepe bloomers wtiite and irurcd pair 69c and 75c middy suits heavy quality of khaki at per 01 ojj suit plescl9 clover xeaf cups and saucers at 15c or 7 for l stock dishes blue willow at greatly reduced prices stock dishes english din- ner set also reduced dishes must go ljiese wearwt isall that uie name implies i why think of bnybur away from home when bueh values are piocurawe hoe 7 that the name implies ive have re- ceived another shipment of this hosiery which includes the cahitaitt cotton hose and half hose rj3- wearwell pure silk stockings are woven with 12 strands of puro sillt and ore of servlceablo wolsht andmne inhtaahlon- ablo colors per pair wearwetl pureshk thread over rayon a bis wearwoll leader trim fitting re- g0 enforced heel too and 5ffc sole our special irice wearweu art sik over mer- tcrliffl a very rv1rpnhtp stocking and our iirico per pajr 75c we also have tlio cunknitv cot- ubstandards of the regular ion hose whichlla sold toy all the bi stores from coast to coast anch cannot bo surpaaed aa f tli sixes to siilt at per pair in childrens hose we have the celebrated cunknlt lines in cotton and mercercd also a pojiular line of golf hose in different airos and are off excellent value e sl at per pair mems half hose in pure ailk of- wearweir quality 75 lines which are giving splendid satisfaction tp our cus- totmera at a considerable vrsavintf inpricer p 45c also women3 art silk hose of kochi quality double heel too and nolo in the a ikpular shades ah 4c these at per pair tv mens half ruaaettlclln- knll auality made by the wearwll people at per pair 25c lifcivtf heres your opportunity to buy summer goods at prices that will lvulll show you an actual saving all fresh clean goods overatas bluo 8lri lafle from nedlbm vrelnht denim 1 front liilp iiockfit wltit ahouldtcr straps blffh tllb pair work ehirts bluo ami 98c khaki made from high- ixf srradechanibray each vuv khaki pants heavy weight of khaki drill belt loops m inch cuff and g pockt per pair actons variety store 159 mens silk tie8-four- inhand stylo bach mens bow ties assdrtect patterns each 49c 39c mens police braces 39c i memsjpure linen handker- cmtefsrso mens colored bord- ered handkerchiefs mens white lawn hanokerch1ef8 10c mens fine reduced shirts groatly a mens linen collars oc 3 for -u- v men8 worsted d6 cai trousers res m6 qoov 1 c men8 boston garters ion aol j regular bpc for phone 69 i i m go into caucus th entir invantory will t sold r j kerr auotionwr c o pank clorlc for further particulars apply to h- n fnrmflr u a- barristor or to h- i mooro and whllami oowdy execu tors of tho baurt and ask yourself frankly if you are using advertising space in line jvith the volume of business that you would like to do what about it are vou do you know that the big depart ment stores set aside from three to five per cent f their gross sales for newspaper advertising are you utilizing f ron three- to five per cent of your gross annual business to put the great force of tisengto work for you and your busi ness if not you are overlooking an im- portant factor tkat makes for success advertising in the acton free ress is the cheapest and most efficient way to reach the residents of this com munity it is at ypur service e week use it it ft jss f 4 jg- ixji- j tefcjl ajk mk wk lisjisi t



Acton Free Press (Acton, ON), May 27, 1926, p. 3 (2024)
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