What do you like to do to relax? Would you rather hike, bike or ride your own horse to upper meadows where wildflowers grow in abundance? Is bird watching or wildlife observation enticing or would you simply prefer to relax on your cabin’s front porch and let the world at Willow Springs lull you into serenity? You choose the activities, you choose the level of involvement. We’ll give you ideas and acquaint you with what is available, but be assured that you’ll find no itineraries or schedules here.
Free-wheeling fun.
With over 2,500 acres of ranch and accessibility to Fremont National Forest, which offers over 200 miles of trails, mountain bikers can cycle to their heart’s content. Because the terrain is so varied in Oregon’s Outback, you can find yourself in challenging rocky areas or forested environments, each of which offer spectacular scenery. Trail information can be found at the Fremont National Forest Supervisor’s Office in Lakeview, where updates and changing conditions of the recreation lands are available.
Mother’s day on the ranch.
Ranch horses, by the nature of the work they must do, are hardy and people oriented. Those on Willow Springs Ranch range from the youngsters that are in various stages of training to the older, more seasoned animals who have “seen it all.” They represent a number of breeds from Quarter Horse to Arabian, to Mustang; we prefer to use mounts that are chosen for their dispositions rather than their pedigree. Our guests are encouraged to bring their own horses, let us know and we can have a room waiting for the both of you!
Real teamwork.
Nowhere is the bond between horse and rider, rider and cow-dog, cow-dog and cow more visible than on a Western ranch. Each part of the team has a specific job, and yet without each other, the team would find the mission of raising and moving and working cattle less successful. And despite the fact that a working cattle ranch is dependent upon how successful the operation is, we still take time to enjoy the team members for what they are -- cowboys who feel kinship with the land, a friendly ranch dog who loves to be petted, a cow that epitomizes motherhood and a soft-nosed ranch horse with a taste for carrots.
Spring rains turn the meadows into carpets of green. You can smell the sweet fragrance of wildflowers and the pungent scent of juniper and pine trees. Our summer skies are smog-free and deep blue. The occasional clouds are only there to add interest. Rainfall is about 15 inches annually, which makes for great outdoor activities from March to October. Riding out across the pastures, it is not unusual to see sandhill cranes, migratory ducks and geese and both bald and golden eagles. But whether you ride, hike, bike or drive to areas around Willow Springs Ranch you are in for a wildlife treat. Have plenty of film to capture memories.
Green meadows, blue skies.

Willow Springs Guest Ranch

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